lol at boromir

For your consideration:

Boromir would have been so proud of Rohan for showing up to help Minas Tirith.

Boromir, who spends the whole first book speaking out about his friends and allies the Rohirrim.

Boromir, who defies the rumor that the men of Rohan now pay a tribute of horses to Sauron.

Boromir, who advocates that they travel through the gap of Rohan because of the kindness he experienced there on his way to Rivendell, when even Aragorn suspects the Rohirrim of treachery.

Imagine for a moment how proud he would have been to see the forces of Rohan cresting that hill, to hear their horns blowing as they mounted the charge to save Minas Tirith.  A battle which, honestly, Theoden knew he might not return from.

Boromir would have been honored and proud to know that Theoden held his oaths to Gondor in such high regard.  That he was worried to think that Denethor might not expect his army to come to the aid of Gondor 

please just think about this for a moment and be sad and excited with me

  • Legolas: SON OF ARADOR
  • Aragorn: Legolas stop
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGONUI
  • Legolas: SON OF ARATHORN I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARASSUIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAD II
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVORN
  • Boromir: is this really necessary
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGOST
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAD I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGLAS
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGORN I
  • Gandalf: this could take a while
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVIR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANUIR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAEL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANARTH
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVEDUI
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAPHANT
  • Elrond: good god man calm down
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVAL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVELEG II
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVEGIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGELEB II
  • Frodo: *falls asleep*
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAPHOR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVELEG I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGELEB I
  • Legolas: SON OF MALVEGIL
  • Gimli: this is ridiculous
  • Legolas: SON OF MALLOR
  • Legolas: SON OF BELEG
  • Legolas: SON OF AMLAITH
  • Aragorn: Legolas
  • Legolas: SON OF EARENDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF ELENDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF VALANDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF TARONDOR
  • Aragorn: Legolas it's fine
  • Legolas: SON OF TARCIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANTAR
  • Legolas: SON OF ELDACAR
  • Legolas: SON OF VALANDIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ISILDUR
  • Gimli: finally
  • Boromir: anything to make you shut up

“Talk dirty to me”    *blows horn of Gondor*


But it means that they have the ability to deal with it.

For boromirs.

Everybody Lives: [Yet Another Completely Necessary] Tolkien Crack Mix (by birdiescage and moggiepillar)

Everybody lives, no one leaves Middle Earth, there are absolutely no tears, and The Company and The Fellowship throw a joint reunion party! (and Denethor’s not invited)

AU? What are you talking about, that’s what happened, right?!

Cover by birdiescage, who spent a lot of time on it and invested so much of her soul in creating this masterpiece, it’s basically a Horcrux now. (Wrong fandom?)


we’re all in this together. hsm cast
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best song ever. one direction
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i’m on my way. the proclaimers
i gotta feeling. black eyed peas
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watching gravity falls tonight was like being shot with many poisonous arrows to the heart. Everything great comes to an end i’m glad it ended on a happy note.  LOL  Boromir reference.😂😭

anonymous asked:

So re: profs LARPing, if this takes place in modern Middle Earth, wouldn't the Silmarillion be like... A real religious text? So it could be like, they have to do a project or do it to get extra credit in their religious studies class, so they do a LARP of it with some of the adults? And the religious studies professor could be Celeborn, which is how ppl at the uni know Galadrial cause she like comes to all his afternoon lectures to sit in and sometimes (flirt subtlely) make pertinent comments.

omg i love this. I LOVE THIS. literally perfect.

lol what if like the lord of the rings adn the hobbit and whatnot actually happened in the third age (thats when it happens right or am i remembering it wrong??) but its now like idk the fifth?? sixth?? age how even does time work in middle earth. Wahtever okay so its the future and all the people are just like the great great great great graet.. . grandchildren of the original characters lol and aragorn and boromir are just sUPER into history as well as LARPing