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Thick Thighs~Namjoom{Rap Monster}{M}

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Part of my BTS X chubby9Thick) Reader series Part on is right here {Jimin} All of you

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Warnings (if you call them that): slight daddy kink, metion of breath play and smut lots of smut

An:I was once a child of god you know

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It was a bad day.

A really bad fucking day.

It was full of yelling at your parents, and then tripping spilling your lunch all over you. So now you and your best friend had left your apartment dressed in tight black pants, and a tight top. Your body was jiggling just the way you like it as you walk in. Your confidence made eyes trail over you as you walked into the club. The bass of the song making ypur smile grow aa your best friends small hand holds onto your arm dragging you to the bar. Laughter filled you as the bartender eyes you,his tongue running over his lower lip as he gives you a smile.

“So what do you two beautiful women want to drink?”

“Three rounds of shots..and keep the comming!” Your friend yells over the bass making you smile. The base of the sing made your hips nove side to side as you felt two pairs of handsnon your lower back. Jumping you turn around to see more of your friends making you smile as the jump at youarms wrapping around you as you laugh. The bad flowing off of you as you turn back to the bar and down three shots.

One after another you felt your body lighten as you drag your friends to the dance floor. Hips moving to the beat as your friends smack at your butt, making the boys who were around you let out groans. The way you jugglied in all the right places caught their eyes and the fact you had alcohol in your system, and you brain was clouded your confidence was above the natural shyness you had while dancing. You were having fun, droping to the ground and snapping back up with a slight hair flip you roll your lip between your teeth. You friends cheered, one even going as far to stuff your bra with ones. You eyes lock with a boy standing with his friends. Several eyes on you, you throw a wink when your friends grind into you making you toss your head back in laughter. Your best friend hands you another shot glass from the bar, throwing it back you cough a bit as you hand the now empty shot glass to someone.

Your eyes met the group of guys again. Noticing you looking most looked away, all but one. You raise your eyebrow at him as he winks at you and gives you a smile. You couldve dropped you panties right then and there, the dimples and the way his lips rolled against his teeth made you freeze for a split second. But another set of rough hands touch your hips making you roll yoy head to the side as you to sway to the bass. The strangers  hands staying at your hips as yours wrap sround his neck, you back flushed against his chest as your eyes stay locked with boy across the room.

But you pull away as Bebe Rexha song Bad Bitch begins to play. You slolwy walk to him with a smrik on your face holding your hand out to him, he looks you up and down. He watched you through his lashes as he bites his lips, one of his friends takes a step as if to claim you from this boy when he  placed his cup down he walks away from his friends and pulls you against his chest. When you finally hit the dance floor he was rapping the lyrics into your ears as you grund his lips trailling against your neck making your roll it to the side.

As Bebe begins to sing again you tubr around you ass facing him as you grind your hands twrilking around his hair his groan echos in your ears as you truly grund against him. Not some light rubbing like the other guy who was now onto another girl somewhere.

His hands didn’t stay at your waist, but ran up and down the curves of your side over the slight lift of your belly to between your thighs making you moan as he cups your heat. You buckle into his hand as he presses harder, making your body slightlt shake. You turn around again your hands pulling his face against yours at the last note of the sing. Lips pressing togther into a tight mess of teeth, and sliva being passed around.

“Y/N.” You breath out as the next sing plays he gives you a smile and slides his hand over you ass, you raise your eyebrow at him.


“Nice to met you…hopefully I’ll see you next time.” You mumbled pullig him back into a messy kiss. You pull away as your friends grab your arm, he stood there with anger in his eyes but also need. He needed you, so bad.

You had tasted  so sweet with a soight twist at the end due to the Vodka, it made his toes curl at the thought of where else he could test how sweet you were. You ass felt so nice in his hands, and every time you buckled  into him had made him wanting to make you beg. Beg for him between your legs, begging for his fibgers, for his dick. He wanted you. He needed you. He eyes stay on you, and he realizes how much he truly wants to be between your thick thighs. When you left hus sight he had groan and walked back to hus group of friends.

“Where is the fucking hotty?” Yoongi asled his friend making the table spike into conversation.

“Did you two fuck in the bathroom?” Jimin piped in making Namjoon roll his eyes and shake is head.

“One song…she dance with me for one song and left with her friends…but god I fucking want her.” He speaks making the tablw grow quiet as the lisent to him. “She tasted so sweet…and sounded…fuck.” he was lost for words as he thought of the soft wines you had let his ears be blessed with.

“Dude.” Jim spoke nodding over to see one of your friends.

“Namjoon?” The small girl askes making him nod as she smiled. “Okay my best friend,Y/N, needs to get laid. A good time. But she won’t ambit it because she has this thing about hooking up. But I will fucking kick her ass if she turns you down….shit sorry I’m drunk.” She mumbled rubbing her head as she looked to the guy her friend was speaking about, he was god like. “Anyway, I aporve of the dirty  shit…just…I don’t know follow me to find her. Talk her up take her home.” She was blushing realizeing the others she turn around as Yoongi and Tae nudge him.

“Follow her.”

He didn’t have to be told fight as he pushed past people to fin you standing another drink in your hand as his hands wrap around your waist making you jump. “What you did back there wasn’t that nice…you should make it up to me.” She turned her head to the side with a small smile on her face.

“How so?”

“Kiss me again.” His words made your friends cheers as you turn to face him. You cup his cheeks and pulls his face to yours, his hands on your hips as you kiss. His tongue slides over your closeed lip making you psrt them. You moan as he grips you ass, his lips koving from your mouth to you neck.

“Boy.” You mumbled sarcastically when you felt his teeth pull at the skin, he smiles up at you as he pulls away slightly. His eyes on the mark, even though it probably looked less dark in the poorly lit room.

“What is it baby?” He questions making you flush as you felt your ubderwear grow uncomfortable at the slickness that was between your legs.

“You are testing me.”

“Is that a good or a bad thing?” He mymbled his arms trapping you against the table. You roll your eyes making him growl, “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Okay daddy.” You snap back making him shudder as his head falls to the croke of your neck. “Really…daddy. You like being called daddy?”

“Call me that one more time and Im taking you to my house and fucking your brains out all night long.” He growls in you ear as you smrik. Sliding you hand down his chest, over his tight stomach making him flinch slightly. But when you run your fingers over his belt buckle you couldn’t help but smile at the noise that left his lips. Aa you tug him closer you hand drops to the tent in his pants. He let out a groan as you nibble at his ear.

“But what if thats what I want daddy. What if I want to be fucked by my daddy, be fucked right by daddy.” He pulls back as he rips ypu hand from him and drags you out of the club. Hearing the cheers of your friend the seriousness of the situation hit you. Well more like it hit you when you got into the cab and his hands were running up and down your very large thighs.

Just because you look like ypu feel sexy with the clothes on doesn’t mean with them off you do. Infact you don’t. But tonught you wanted him, you wanted him so bad so you grabbed his hand sliding it up further up your thigh makimg him cough as he got the hint. “You can wait a moment baby.” He whispers in your ear as the can pull over, the apartment complex was huge, he paid the driver as you dragged you into the outside elevator and pushed you against the wall after pressing his floor number. “Now what did you want in the car again?” His question made you groan as he have you hus hand.

You trailed his hand down your neck pressing it slightly making him grip you neck. His breath caught though when you hand pushed his over your breast, he starts to needs his hand over it till yoy run it down past your stomach making him frown. He wanted to touch you everywhere, but he the remembered you have all night. So he let you sticl his hand down your un-done pants. Expecially when he felt how wet you are.

“Shit baby.” He groans as h runs his fingers over you slit through your underwear. As the elevator door open he doesnt full pull away from you his hands put of your pants but on your hips. He gives yoy a smile as he picks you up over his shoulder making you panic till you notice he wasnt struggling.

He has the muscle of a god.

When set you down you were pushed through a door and a slam exhos your ears when lips slam against yours. Skight pain eneters you when his lips cut at you lips but you push it away aa he cups your face and begins to walk you down a hall. You almost trip when the florring chages.

“Shot sorry. Theres a step to my room.” His lips still agaibst your as he dall ontop of you. Your back against soft sheets aa you laugh.

“Could’ve told me before.”

“Where the fun in that.” Letting out a laugh he lifts your shrit over your head and his lips are all over you skin. His lips were soft, and plump as he let them roam over you. Arching your back he undoes your bra and you throw it across the room. You fears washing away when you see his eyes roaming you. The moon lighting the room. His lips fall at the top of you jeans and pulls them down. Only groaning at your strap on heels. “I want you pants off but your fucking shoes.”

“I feel the same way.” You snap back as you finally get the both off and yanks them down your ubderwear alsong down with them. With in second his mouth was on your core, his plump lips took you in making you moan. The feeling alone made your legs shale as his hands move up and down your thighs. Your jucies fall ilonto his tongue as he let out a groans. His own his rubbing agins the edge of the bed to get himself so sorr of relief. “Fuck!” You mumbled as he take you clit into his mout and his teeth lightly run along the nerve. You hands run through his hair as he lets your thighs wrap around hid beck as his slides one of his figures into you.

“Baby you taste so good..and look at that.” He mumbled pulling away making you legs drop, he watches his fingers move in and out of you so easily. “You are so ready for my dick baby girl…but ate you going to be good for daddy and cum in my mouth?” His words made you squirm aa his lip attached to you ince again making you your back arch as his hands run along you thighs and you belly. The bump between you pelvis and stomach made him groan as he reached for on of your hands. As you lace your hands togther his hair was tugged on as you scream his name. The jucies flow into his mouth as he licks and licks. Trying to get all of you but he couldn’t. He pulls away with a small groan, his mouth gapping open aa he looks at you.

“Baby you ready?” His voice was raspy as he took shrit shrit off. He hands pull the belt buckle of his jeans and he groans. “Why do we have to wear shoes?” His words made you lift your hand to you face as you giggle.

“Is this you being drunk or you being you?” Your question made him look at you as he pulled the rest of his clothing on as he climbs back onto you.

“A bit of both.” He mumbles with a smaller smile then you. His hand move to the side of you head as he smiles. “Ready?” Nodding he pushes into you making both of yoyr groan, you back arching into him. His lips fall onto you chest as he waits for a moment. His hips pull out as he pushes back into you. His hips moving faster and faster, his moeans moc with you small wines. Your hands run into his hair making his eyes roll back into his head.

He oulls out making you wine as he sits down he brings you waist up to his and he pushes back into you. You felt his hand run down you thighs and wraps them around his waist as his hand guide under your back. You felt you body shake as he hit the spot you’ve been waiting for.

“I’m about to cum. Faster please!” You cry out as he looks at you.

“Say it.” He mumbledas one of his hands moves around your neck. You vision slightly burned as you let out a gasp when he lets the pressure up. “Say it. Come on say my name.”


“Not that one!” He growled making you cry when he stopped moving.

“Please daddy keep moving please!” He smrik as he starts moving back into you. He was moving faster and faster, his lips on your neck when your eyes rolled back. You felt him spill into you as he slow and stops he pulls out and falls down next to you. His arm wrapping around your waist his face burying into your neck as he let out a soft breath.

“Backwards …but go on a breakfast daye with me tomorrow.” His voice was soft as you turn your head to look at him.

“Im still drunk ask me in the morning.” You voice was soft as you turn into him, your face pressed to his neck as he lets out a breathy laugh and look down at you.

“Maybe I can wake up up with me between you delicious thick thighs of yours.”

“Boy, let me sleep.”

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Thoughts on nae/gami and nae/giri?

Naegami is probably my DR1 OTP; it used to be my primarily DR ship before I fell into Komahina hell and later Kamukoma hell. I generally really like rival dynamics - and Naegami is probably one of my favourites? Though honestly, I don’t really think Naegi sees him as a rival at all, lol.

They have a really interesting dynamic - I like how in chapter 2, Togami trusts Naegi with all that information, and gets really huffy when someone tries to stop them from investigating. I also like how Naegi hesitates greatly to accuse Togami in CH.2, before coming up with the more logical assumption as to why Togami couldn’t have done it. (It’s obvious that at first, though, trust was a factor, and I think he really did trust Togami.)

I like how Togami does seem to see Naegi as a weird sort of rival, but also someone who genuinely has a good perspective on things - like in CH.3 when Naegi notices details that even he doesn’t, and he takes them into consideration.  It’s an interesting pairing. I especially like the scene from the anime ver. where Naegi actually has to cheer him on in Ch.6 and we see what he said to him.

I like Naegiri a lot too, though less as a ship - I think it’s more powerful as a friendship, and honestly the three of them are a really solid platonic OT3, I think. I like how Naegi gets her to open up more, I like their FTEs, I really love the end of CH.5 and beginning of CH.6. I like how as Naegi helps Kirigiri to be more emotional and hopeful, she helps him to be more logical and reasonable (though, without completely changing each of their personalities or values - I like that they help each other grow as people without really fundamentally changing who they are or what they hold dearly to themselves.)

They’re both really good ships, and like I said, I really really like them as a BrOT3, though I do like Naegami romantically, haha. 

kittygamer29  asked:

I was sure if you take request or not, cuz from some people it seemed like you did and from others it seemed like you didn't, but I was wondering if you could draw me a cute, small picture of all the ipliers (including Mark) from markiplier Tv and draw them all as adorable kittens. Also, I have never done 'fangirling' once in my life... that is.. until I saw those Wilford & lil yan pics.... O M G!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I’m…not really sure if I do requests, but I try to answer every ask that I come across. For this week I haven’t answered some asks because I’m focused on the 10DaystoMarksBirthday thing and also, school is draining me ;;;;

But I’ll PM you the drawing once I do it! Please understand haha I’m interested in drawing cats lol

Also, thank you!

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The Persona 5 boys doing Peel off face masks. (Heard they're really the worst think ever because they hurt but they leave your skin flawlessXD)

I ended up including Mishima and Akechi LOL


He was invited over for a “spa day” by his S/O and was really confused by what they meant. But when he gets there, he sees the face masks and looks at them puzzled.

He picked the charcoal face mask and he’s surprisingly into it! He likes the way they dry on his skin because it tingles a little bit.

He walks sits like an excited child on his S/O’s bed, waiting for the alarm to go off so they can scrub it all off and he can feel how different his face feels.

When the alarm rings, he’s the first one into the bathroom and oh man, he’s already ripping it off. But then the intense pain hits him as he’s taking it off. But he isn’t a quitter so he keeps going. 

S/O is just there like, “Babe chill otherwise you’re really going to regret it” and Ryuji is just like, no no i got this. I can handle this! So S/O just sits there and watches him take off the mask and just kinda stands there and snapchats the entire thing.

After it’s all off, Ryuji stands there rubbing his face, grinning because it makes his face feel so fucking good! But his face burns a little bit.

S/O promises that next time they’ll use a simple one.


S/O came over to Le Blanc with a bag of facial beauty care things, and he looks at the bad and just kinda wonders why they have it with them.

Akira chooses a simple mud mask, puts his hair in a shower cap and puts it all over his face and asks what’s next. S/O just tells him they have to wait for it to dry and then they can rinse it off.

Sojiro brings them snacks and stuff and tells Akira how funny he looks with it on and jokingly asks if he wants some cucumbers.

S/O invites Sojiro to put one on as well, taking out a package with mangoes on the front of the package. He considers it, and finally just kinda joins in on their little party in the bathroom. (his beard has it’s own shower cap) 

The timer goes off and they all take off the masks, Sojiro having some difficulty and Akira making sure that every last drop of that face mask is off his face because he really hated the feeling of it.

It was an overall family bonding time for the three of them, Akira still uncertain about how he truly feels about face masks.


S/O invited him over to hang out for the day. 

They went to the store and bought things for lunch and dinner, when Yusuke sees a facial paper face mask and asks S/O what they do.

They ask him if they want to try it and he responds with a nod. So S/O adds it to the basket and they go back to their house.

While the food is cooking S/O puts the mask on Yusuke, putting his hair back with a headband  and giggles at how silly he looks and tells him to keep it on for the set amount of time while they go to finish cooking.

S/O comes back with Yusuke staring in the mirror with his sketchbook. S/O asks what he’s doing and he responds with capturing the alluring and artistic image of the face mask on his face. S/O just takes a picture of him.

After the time is up, Yusuke takes the mask off and remarks at how fresh and soft his face feels. S/O just smiles and is happy that he enjoyed it and isn’t surprised that he asks for another one as their eating. S/O is also surprised at how little dirt and grime was on his face.


Is a little apprehensive about it because he doesn’t want it to hurt at all. S/O reassures him that it won’t and that it’ll be a lot of fun. So he reluctantly agrees to it.

 S/O has him put on a korean face mask sheet and he kinda shivers because it’s reaaaally cold and wet against his skin. S/O just kinda laughs and agrees because they’re wearing the same mask. But tells him that it’ll make his face smell really good.

They keep it on for the appropriate time limit and peel them off. Mishima is actually really surprised at how silky his face feels and he’s just this cute little ball of sunshine.

He tells S/O that he’d really like to do it again sometime.


He was actually the one who approached S/O  about doing face masks. S/O agrees because they actually enjoy doing it and didn’t expect him to want to try it 

He bought two that both smelled like cherry blossoms and were easy to peel off.

They both start talking and completely forget to set a timer for the masks,and don’t really touch their skin to see if they’re dry because they’re just so invested in talking to each other. When they finally look at the package and see they went past the time suggested, they both kinda looked at each other and rushed into the bathroom to take them off.

When they finally get them off, Akechi apologizes for being so careless and says he’ll remember to do it next time. S/O suggests that they just do the facial paper ones next time and kisses him softly.

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Our bff Dan Wootten and Ed in that video haha I'm looking forward to the video interview with them! Knowing him maybe he'll bring up Taylor.

i hope Ed has a new adjective for “happy” ready LOL!!!!!!!!!

Dan gets all the interviews i admit his articles have flaws and misinformation, some of his sources are FOS and he needs better fact checkers - i am willing to relocate if the price is right and he is reading - but celebrities would NOT keep going and doing interviews with him if he was completely non-credible. They wouldnt!! He is really one of the a main celebrity / interviewer person in the UK, i am telling yall the choices suck, he’s one of the least worst options!  i mean look at his interviews the last 2 years: Taylor, Harry and Ed both have more than once, and Ellie did a guest reporting thing with him, he just interviewed celine dion, carrie underwood did a sit down with him, shawn mendes just did, zayn has, lady gaga has, Britney, Niall, …. i am just saying i think it would be a mistake to write this dude off completely. 

btw i found this (yes this is Dan - not when she interviewed with him later that year in June, but at the Brits) 

miss-arlert-orihara-watanuki  asked:

For the ask meme: Ouran High School Host Club!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE YOU. OH MAN. But it’s been quite a long time, let’s see how I do. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  • Favorite character: Haruhi Fujioka!!!!!! My princess~

Originally posted by ukiina

  • Second favorite character: Kyoya Ootori…? I love them all really. :D
  • Least favorite character: I didn’t dislike her, BUT Renge’s laugh, WAS THE WORST THING EVER FOR ME. OMG IT WAS ANNOYING. 
  • The character I’m most like: Haruhi probably. Its hard to be like any of those Host Club boys. lol Although I am probably a drama queen like Tamaki ahaha. 
  • Favorite pairing: I MEAN.

Originally posted by jolynecujo

  • Least favorite pairing: N/A
  • Favorite moment: ANOTHER ANIME THAT’S A GOLD MINE OF GREAT MOMENTS. Host Club was so funny too. OMG. I am smiling just remembering it.
  • Rating out of 10: 10/10 FIGHT ME. 

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Send me series and I’ll tell you my:

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Passion fruit and Papaya please? (Or all of them, because I wanna knoooow)

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?
I’m not really sure what is meant by style but it’s probably 

Salt. Shitpost. Sass.

-Sapphiresoulmate’s Sinister Trinity

This is how I roll.

[edit I forgot the second one lol]

papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?

I LOVE SONGS. I can’t just choose one.So I’ll choose 6.

Moira dela Torre - Malaya

-It’s in Filipino but all time fave. Really sad song but somehow it always gets me in the mood.

Glaiza de Castro - Dust ‘til Dawn

-Wanna be hella inspired with some angst

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man - Arrow

-just please listen to this masterpiece

Gabrielle Aplin - Night Bus

-buses and remembering stuff is one of my fave shit ever

Imagine Dragons - Levitate 

-but frankly any song from them

Taylor Swift (Cover) - Riptide

-y’all won’t stop me from loving this song

Yes, my song aesthetics is basically edgey sad bittersweet songs.

Nao Tsukiji Indie Letter Paper Art


It’s done in 2005 and this is the 2nd reprint! I really enjoy this sort-of medieval manuscript art! But I’m kinda questioning the functionality of the letter paper right now LOL! It’s either too pretty to write on or the lines allocation is kinda weird. I guess they are meant to be kept~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Adekan 11 is releasing on 25th June! You can get a copy at AmazonJP! I just ordered 5copies to collect all the postcards and freebies! I will post them once I get my hands on them! (disappointment to family.jpg)

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All i want is a LQ pic of them hugging or just standing together really lol if they do go people better get those cameras out

I would literally accept anything at this point lol i just really want them to go together it would be so adorable if anyone saw them.

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Yooo anthony kept adjusting his tighty whities-boi be getting all turned on..he was so close to emilio,like just pressed up against him and gazing at him

(similar) Tony had his panties in a constant twist..what’s up there? 🤔

Lol I know right? And he was very eager to finish the video and go in their room to “sleep”… And in today’s vlog (17:25) he grabbed and hugged them so tightly, he really likes them.

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HELLO GORGEOUS QUESTION How did you get into bts? And who is your ultimate bias?

Actually Jen and I (along with some other friends) were at a friend’s house. This friend (we’ll call them Sunshine) watched KPop Star with her dad all the time. So when we were at Sunshine’s house she showed us a clip of her favorite contestant from that season. Then Jen was like “hey I know there’s this really popular guy on vine (she used to be really active on Vine) i think his name is Hansol??”
so we did some digging and found he was Vernon from Seventeen and everything sort of snowballed into a KPOP frenzy and yeah lol

Best day of my life tbh 😂

UPDATE: I just realized I never answered the bias part smh

My ultimate bias is Min Yoongi 💜 And my ultimate group is BTS

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Does anyone in the band use social media?

Till has an official Facebook page, he rarely posts anything tho. I’m sure basically all of them (well.. except Flake lol) have some private instagram or Facebook accounts. ;) Unfortunately they’re all not really into sharing their lifes, which is - of course - their right. Sometimes I wish they were a little more open, but I completely respect their descision. Btw, sorry for the super late answer. I totally forgot about your message tbh. 😳🤦‍♀️

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Hiiii, maybe this is a stupid question but I can't seem to easily find ur fanfics through all your other postst (or I overlooked or didnt searched far enough) could you send a link :) really d like to read them bc pple say they're good!

This is not a stupid question. When my kid is asleep sometime I need to come up with a more organized, less shitty blog layout (recommendations anyone?) it also doesn’t help that I’ve given each part trolly titles referencing other anime LOL.

Here’s a link:

I hope you like it!


Jumps on this Megane!Prompto train—-because I really love him in glasses as well! Albeit thicker frames are always gonna have a place in my heart, I’m gonna take a gander and say he looks good in just about anything as well lol 

Fun doodles to pass the time!

ever seen those themes with beautiful and unique fonts as titles or accented text? welcome to 666rps’ font page! insert a code that is below each of these free fonts into your theme’s css and you will be able to use it to your design’s content. this page was inspired by hailthehelpful’s & galaxias-themes’ font pages, so check out those too in order to find just the font you are looking for. please message me if you have any questions on how to use these fonts, and click here or on the image to visit the page with the codes. please reblog this if you’re planning on using any so as many people can get use of them as possible.