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Man I just need a fic of reddie being super gay and full of pda (making out against lockers, lunch tables, bathroom walls) all of that shit,, like they’re seniors in high school and everyone’s used to it but their friends are like really again you can’t keep your hands off of each other for 5 minutes??? And reddie is just like no lol

its a hc list but still!!! 

  • first of all don’t even try to tell them to keep their hands off of each other reddie isn’t having any of your shit
  • the begs go to deaf ears
  • these boys will be HUGE on pda
  • not a surprise with richie
  • lowkey surprise with eddie but then again what do u expect like if he starts dating someone like richie then there r probably things u don’t know about him so
  • they’re that annoying couple that will suck each other’s faces constantly and forget there are other people around
  • like they’re at the diner and it starts off as a small kiss but eventually eddie’s on richie’s lap and they’re basically grinding and everyone is so fucking bOTHERED
  • “can you gah-guys s s s sTOP IM TRYING TO EAT MAH-MY FUCKING BUrGER
  • bill is so done and hungry
  • like me every day!
  • whenever they’re hanging out with the losers richie is gonna murmur dirty things to eddie’s ear and eddie’s gonna blush and giggle and the losers try to ignore them and pretend like they’re not there ,, maybe with some eye-rolls ,, and they all try to focus on the story ben’s trying to tell
  • and then eddie bursts out in a chuckle and slaps richie’s arm and he’s like oHmyG00SHhhh riCHiEeehh!! in a ‘stop it silly’- way
  • and richie smugly smirks
  • “pls continue,,, ben….” one of them goes with a glare at reddie
  • ben is a little upset bc he’s trying to tell them this real good conspiracy theory like what the fuck guys and so he continues like “so then there wa-”
  • and it’s cut off by eddies laughter again
  • cAN YoU GUYS fuCKinG NoT!!!!” -stanley probably
  • just imagine plenty of scenarios like that because you damn well know there will be them
  • even when they’re not together
  • *beverly and eddie r at the mall*
  • “,but then again i don’t know if i wanna wear a blue or a—”
  • “hhhAAAA!!!”
  • beverly turns to look at eddie bein like wtf and sees him smiling wide to his phone as he texts
  • “are you serious right now" 
  • “what”
  • “you literally saw richie 15minutes ago”
  • “yeah so??”
  • “so why r u texting him”
  • “im not texting him” eddie says as he texts a contact named 💞💖💘💞RICHIE💗💖💘💕💖
  • “….right”
  • richie and stan were supposed to walk to class together but reddie is just making out against a locker
  • and stan is like “so are we gonna go”
  • *richie and eddie keep on kissing*
  • “…richie”
  • reddie: sMOOCHhhh
  • “….”
  • mmmWWAAhhhmmmhHhhhhh
  • “…rich-”
  • reddie: 💋💗💖👅💖💋💘💗💋👅💖💋
  • “RICHIE!”
  • richie and eddie straight up act like he’s not even there and stan just groans and walks away
  • they’re also that couple that will reenact the whole notebook kissing in the rain scene and then be like “see u next period babe”
  • mike shuts his eyes and inhales slowly through his nostrils because he is done
  • they’re so fucking whipped for each other man

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Saeran+V+Vanderwood+Jaehee+Jumin with a MC that tries to make thanksgiving dinner by herself and fails horribly :V

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^^ sorry for the lack of posting, but it’s just been a crazy stressful month and it’ll only get more stressful lol. Also I don’t write for Vanderwood so if you’d like another character, lemme know and I’ll add them on

-when you first offer, she is through the roof
-she is so excited to have you cook for her for the first time
-it’s also nice to not have to do any of it herself
-but she really appreciates the gesture
-and when she sees all the food you made spread out on the table, she was honestly so proud of you
-she thought it all looked so great
-it wasn’t until she had her first bite that she realized looks can be so deceiving
-everything tasted so salty, she wondered how you could have so much salt on hand
-“How is it?” you asked as you noticed she hadn’t said anything yet
-when she saw the look on your face and how nervous you looked, fiddling with your fingers in he process, she thought about how hard you had worked on this
-she just didn’t have the heart to tell you the truth
-“It’s great, MC,” she said, “you did a really good job.”
-she saw the smile spread across your face and knew she made the right choice
-she just loved you too much to see you sad over that
-although, as soon as you suggested making dinner more often, she offered to help

-he was so excited to spend his first thanksgiving with you
-he hadn’t truly had a traditional thanksgiving meal so when you offer to make it for him, he makes sure you have everything you need and more
-he stays in the kitchen to watch you do your magic
-anytime he offered to help though, you assured him that you had it
-he was kind of amazed to see you go to such lengths for him
-as soon as it was done and in front of him, he didn’t waste time on taking the first bite
-he wanted to try what his love worked hard on
-he didn’t expect it to taste so burnt and dry at the first bite
-he thought he was mistaken so he went in for another and it tasted even worse than the last
-“MC, have you tried this yet?”
-“No, is it bad?” you asked with a sad look that made him immediately regret his words
-“N-No, it’s amazing,” he stuttered, trying to find the right words, “if I could, I’d fire our chef and have you cook instead.”
-“Really?” you said, perking up with a smile spread on your face
-“Really,” he lied as he took your hand to give it a quick kiss
-at least now he knew to get you couples cooking classes for Christmas

-he offered to help with cooking, but you insisted on showing him what you had up your sleeve
-and he admired your confidence and was willing to lend a hand, if needed
-but he completely trusted you and was actually excited to try your cooking
-at one point though, he heard the fire alarm go off and ran into the kitchen only to see smoke
-“It’s fine! I’ve got it under control,” you assured him
-he questionably let you handle it, staying on standby in case you really needed a hand
-but he saw how hard you were working, especially since it was for him, and was just so touched
-and after a few hours of the fire alarm going on and off, you were ready to serve it
-he looked at his plate and expected it to be a little more burnt, but it looked perfect
-and as he eagerly took a bite, he thought it tasted odd
-he saw that you were eating it just fine so he just kept eating, not wanting you to feel bad
-he just saw how much love you put into it for him and he couldn’t tear you down like that
-he even asked for seconds, boy was committed
-but at least he knew to at least try to sneak some help in next year

-when you tell him you want to cook thanksgiving dinner for him, he was actually so happy
-he got to spend his first thanksgiving with you and you were going to put in an effort for him to make it good
-he sat in the kitchen with you as you cooked and just admired you
-he was too distracted watching you work to notice that you were putting too much seasoning on things and burning some dishes
-as he watched, he got more and more impatient, just wanting to try your food already
-so he decided to distract you in order to distract himself from his grumbling stomach
-at one point, he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you as you stirred some mashed potatoes, kissing you until you gave in and kissed back
-you didn’t realize how long you had gotten distracted until you heard the fire alarm and saw smoke erupting from some of the pots
-you felt your stomach drop as you realized that a good majority of your food was burnt
-“Should I see what’s open and order takeout?” he asked, wrapping his arms around you again
-“Yes, please,” you sighed, accepting defeat


Last batch! The rest are all close ups on eyes or have my hands in the way too much! The second picture isn’t one of my babies but is a daughter of the snake in the first picture!

tbh your pics alone could probably take care of this entire project lol I’m loving all these photos of such pretty animals! And I really appreciate you sharing them with me!

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Hey!! :) I really miss all your Derek/Stiles fics. Do you have anything planned for those two anytime soon? Don't get me wrong, everything you write is amazing, but that pairing has a special place in my heart ;) Thanks for continuously being awesome.

this is like the third ask I’ve gotten about this sort of thing and I’m LOLing because it seems like y'all feel I abandoned Sterek and haven’t written anything with them for YEARS AND YEARS! Forever We Strive was just finished in August, lol! Does it not count because it was part of an existing series?

don’t get me wrong I’m flattered that y'all are so thirsty for my Sterek XD

I do want to return to Sterek and it’s definitely going to be part of the fic where Peter raises Stiles (see posts here and here) but it is definitely going to be a while as I’m in the middle of a lot of stuff right now. I’m making better progress on TLATF (wrote 1400 words in the past week, woot) and once that’s finished I am free to write new things! But I am also moving across the country at the end of December and going to be finding a new job and a new place to live so real life is going to have me hella swamped for the next couple months. But never fear, my friends, I won’t be gone forever.

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Your comp het tag is really reaching out to me! I'm still not sure what I am, I've id'd as bi for years but never actually like/want to date any real men lol. Every man I like is either famous gnc or fictional. I figure maybe I just have high standards but I always hated it when I realized men irl were attracted to me, I try really hard to make them like me and then I go away thinking "wait why did I do that?" I feel nervous around men all the time but because I'm scared they'll hit on me lol

that sounds like comp het to me! actually it sounds exactly like my own experience with comp het. you could also check out my questioning tag if you’re looking for more help

….to do?“

Lol I really don’t.

Here’s the long and short of it. You are reposting and stealing other people’s art. Destiel and Supernatural creators. Both on this blog and your Destielvines blog. Usually I try to ignore reposters, but this really got to me.

If it wasn’t about the attention your blogs receive from doing that, why would you go to all of the trouble of doing it? Why not reblog from the source?

You are reposting art and blogposts that still exist in the goddamn highlights even, without permission. It’s not even like you’re just pinning them, or capping for twitter or something. You are literally capping and reposting posts in the exact same platform, and expect people to believe it’s not so you will be the soul recipient of the attention?

If you steal from fanartists like this, for a thing they are literally giving for free, what makes you think they will want to keep doing it?

So I turn the question back on you. Don’t you have anything better to do than steal from content creators?


Conversation starters you get late at night from your camp animals:

1) “If I snack before bed, I’ll definitely get fat, huuh?”

2) “I really wanna eat ice cream before bed! ….but, because it’ll make me fat, I gotta resist”



every time i think about the future and university i end up making really elaborate plans.


im gonna start a discord group chat with the people in my dorm. im gonna introduce myself to them as luca and they’ll all call me by my preferred name and not question it. im gonna delete my fb account, make a new one and update it regularly bc i’ll have a social life and friends worth talking to. i’ll keep weights under my bed to work out with every other day. i’ll go to the hairdresser and have my hair cut short and dyed blue or pink or white. i’ll wear beanies. i’ll wear suits to formal events even though i’m a girl. i’ll put a gay pride flag on my wall, or in my window so everyone can see it. i’ll give people the finger if they call me a dyke. i’ll decorate my room with fairy lights. i’ll buy a cheap microphone and record all my lectures and keep them saved on my hard drive, and send the files to my friends when they’ve missed class. maybe i’ll go to class in pyjamas, or wearing a rainbow scarf. maybe i’ll find my best friends. maybe i’ll fall in love. and maybe i’ll even graduate with a first honours degree

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44 58 78

44. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

*counts* … um… 9. <_<; Some of them were repeats, so if we were going chronologically it’d be higher. LOL!  I am still friends with all but 2.

58. What are five ways to win your heart?

  • Never lie to me. I will find out. and I will ruin you never trust you again
  • Be intelligent. I need to admire my love interests. I am impressed by smarts.
  • I need to feel like I can let down my guard around you. I have a REALLY high wall. 
  • Be a charmer. I never really got flirted with by anyone other than skeezebags when I was in the dating scene, so acting like a prince will definitely work. Being a prince in behaviour is even better than acting. <_<;; I would hate to find out none of it’s true (hence that lying thing again)
  • Uhh… F**k I dunno’. Being able to talk me down from my full out panic attacks is probably a big thing, because Jeez, if I don’t feel safe with you, who do I have to feel safe with? Being alone in my head is an awful idea.

78. What’s your dirtiest secret?

The trick to not having to answer things like this is to not keep dirty secrets to begin with. TA-DA!

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Idk about your opinion but for me it's how bloated and "mascot"-like the fursuits always end up being to function. It's unrealistic to expect we'll get close to actual furries in proportions but it still weighs my opinion. Still: I respect the craft and some people make it fun! I love them all the same.

i totally understand the whole mascot-like feeling it has, that’s why i think partials look the best bc nothing is more human than y’know.. human body proportions LOL

i dont care about furry proportions tho, I don’t really like that sort of stuff (i mean u can tell from my art I draw them all humanoid except feet n hands)

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I love your "pirate" AU idea. I was wondering if others with ut au's can make their own sans designs for it. Not canon unless you make them of course, but for funsies

Oh, well I mean I’m hardly the first person to make an Undertale Pirate AU, lol, so go hog wild making your own pirate Sanses X’D

Honestly (and this is just a fun aside for people interested haha), not all of the boys are even pirates, lol. I mean the Fell bros definitely are, and I’m still debating on the Swapfell bros. The Tale, Swap, Machinatale, and skeletons grim boys are not, however. Sans is shady af cuz really what is he collecting so much magic for, the Swap bros are gainfully employed by their government (even if it’s a step down from where they used to be…) and Q…well, Q’s from the far side of the moon but he’s currently rooming (against his will) in an empty bottle of peach rum, sooo…

Yeah I need to come up with a proper au name to tag this with…

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"Ink: Stuff with mango makes me homicidal." ... lol well that escalated quickly! Um, is there a story involved there? Cause there feels like there may be one. And I can only imagine him saying that with the most straight face ever so no one can tell if he’s exaggerating or being 100% serious. That and with paint/colors giving him emotions when he eats them and all *shrugs* Just making me wonder about color shades now a bit, heh.

Ink: I was only sorta exaggerating. I really just dont like mango, but orange does tend to make me more likely to do stupid shit. Like straight up murder someone. 

I love girl groups so much but i also hate loving girl groups. Like they embody feminity and totally play into the male gaze and mostly sing abt how they love boys and looking pretty for boys and it’s something that irks me. But at the same time they are so precious and kind and nice that i just feel drawn to them nonetheless. I know it may seem like i’m looking too deep into this, but they get sexualized constantly and as a girl it really pains me to see that. I feel like all their hard work and dedication is hogged by their companies to fullfill their sexist vision. It just makes me sad. Anyway i love girl groups but loving them can get pretty painful :-(

@mapleymood, @illbeoutofthewoods, and @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey all recently sent me the “say five things you like about yourself” and I know I’m supposed to send it to ten people but I never get around to that so I just wanted to thank you three for sharing this <3

1. My plaid flannel collection. I own a lot of flannel shirts and they’re all great and I love how I feel when I wear them.

2. My capacity for insight. I feel like I am actually really skilled at analyzing complicated situations and figuring out what is *really* going on.

3. My love for my friends. 

4. My writing. I do believe that I have talent.

5. My eyes. They’re kind of pretty! :)

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Have you seen that photo of Michael spending his birthday with his friends? I was shookt to find out Nia was invited there and not the whole Hey Violet. Plus, Nia is beside Calum

1. No, i have not seen the photo. It’s not really a secret that they hang out with one or all of HV, nothing to be “shookt” about lol.

2. If by saying that “Nia is beside Calum” a way of insinuating that they are dating then, man, by that logic, Nia has been slumming it with a lot of peeps… Exhibit A:

Seriously guys this whole “omg Nia is breathing the same air as Calum! hashtagnalumisfucking” thing is tiring. Aren’t y’all tired of them? I am. That top photo of Nia and Iian hugging is more incriminating than that of what nalum stans provide. Hell, that one photo of Rena she posted a while ago with Ashton is more incriminating.

Tbh, I forgot about 5sos and HV. I don’t check this blog as often anymore and no one out in the real world talks about them, let alone knows them. Are 5sos and HV even bands anymore? When’s the last time they actually spoke about their band?

Friends hang out, they take photos and they post them. They’re no different. They’re not conscious about who they’re standing next to… or you know, maybe they are because they know that if they’re spotted together people will immediately start with that nalum bullshit and if people search 5sos or calum, nia will be a related search and then they’ll find out about HV because they’ll be a related search and that’s how they’ll get noticed. Evidently, 5sos are doing their job and they’re helping HV get what they want. And that’s how PR works.

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Bucky is like Monica Geller, he hides presents because Peggy always tries to find them before Christmas. Steve tries to stop Peggy from the crazy hunt, defending the emotional value of waiting for Christmas Day, but lbh she talks him into helping. Bucky comes home to find all the cupboards opened, furniture moved, Steve holding Peggy up as she tries to peek into the vent.

LOl and Peggy scrambles down from Steve’s shoulders and is all like ‘it was Steve! He hypnotized me into helping him find the presents!’ And Steve looks so betrayed but really how did he not see her throwing him under the bus?? And Bucky’s also betrayed because they found his presents for them…which turn out to be stuff he likes. His present for Steve is a bulletproof knife proof vest and Peggy’s present is a new combat knife with an amazing shiny sharpening stone. And Peggy and Steve are just ._____. ‘we spent that whole day tearing up the apartment for nothing’. But they apologize to Bucky anyway and say they loved their christmas presents. 

Later that week Bucky has coffee with Sam and thanks him for keeping the real presents at his condo. Because of course Bucky would get his bf and gf amazing presents tailored to them personally!!! And OF COURSE he would hide it elsewhere not in their apartment!!! xD