lol at all of them really

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When skaters post selfies of them eating in the onsen, the fans think they were there to visit Yuuri when really they all came to visit his mom haha, she practically adopted all of Yuuri's skater friends and they all love her lol~ Hiroko is the mom of all moms, Mom of the Year, A++ parenting~ She probably sewed them all those custom-made Yukatas so "Yuuri's friends will feel welcomed" haha

yasssss!!! hiroko for best mom 


Harry Potter x One Piece!

It’s Harry Potter 20th anniversary!

I’ve been wanting to draw Hogwarts AU ever since I saw artworks from @jijibaobao. You guys should check out her works! She’s a good artist and her works are all really cute!

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Heya! Sorry to bother and this is kinda stupid but, do you remember me? I was on a Livestream a long time ago and we talked about How people draw "jaltoid fanart" when it's only emi? And I also asked to be your guys's friend and you said your a package deal

I think I remember? And yeah, that’s a thing that still happens even now.

People draw “Jaltoid Fanart” and then draw only Emi, it sucks! Some people say “Well I’m planning to draw dalton later” and then never do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emi hates seeing fanart of only herself, so it doesn’t do them any good anyways. (She hates it because in turn it just makes Dalton feel bad)

If you’re gonna be a fan of Jaltoid and you want to show you like Jaltoid, then you should draw both of us. Not saying we don’t appreciate fanart, but it’s something that’s really important to us. Too many people still give Emi all the credit and that’s just not right and all it does is discourages Dalton from even wanting to participate. Without Dalton, there is no channel lol, some people don’t seem to realize that.

But Emi’s The Girl™ and often seen as more relatable or the funny man to the straight man shtick and so people latch onto her a lot more. (Especially when she has a dirty mouth)

We will always be a packaged deal. Idk if it’s like this so religiously with other internet duos, but it is for us. We’re inseparable in real life, so we’d like to be seen that way online too.

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plus doesn't akaashi love bokuto like unconditionally? like not even in a shippy sense but like akaashi thinks so highly of bokuto and isnt even done with him when bokuto starts moping, he knows what to do to get him back in his groove and theyre just so close? like obv hes a human being and a teenager at that so hes not happy 100% of the time but bokutos his friend and he treats him as such lol

YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT (honestly did I ghost write this ask because it’s legit my thoughts)

Like… if that ain’t something……….

He also knows all of Bokuto’s weaknesses (nerd even has them numbered) and knows what to do to get Bo out of every funk he’s in. They just have a really great relationship, not even in a shippy way, like you said THEY’RE GOOD FRIENDS. Akaashi loves Bokuto. Bokuto loves Akaashi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m so over seeing “akaashi is so one million percent done with bokuto lul bokuto is a burden and akaashi endures him lululul save akaashi”. Like, did these people even watch the same show as me? NEXT TIME I SEE THAT SHIT imma spike those people straight into a trash can :)

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Your art style is so beautiful, I really admire it! Thanks for sharing your talent with us and for all the great OP art you bless this fandom with :) I originally ship ZoNa because I love the both of them and I imagine Nami with a bad boy kinda guy, but all the SaNami moments have always made me swoon, there's no way someone can't like Sanji! So, your art is giving me feels and I'll blame you if I end up shipping them as badly as ZoNa! (I kinda ship ZoSaNami but that's for another time lol)

Hahaha yes! You’re right! Like why not? They’d totally look cute together! Let’s SHIP THEM ALLLLL(?)

And thank you so much my dear! I’m blessed with a follower like you! ^_^

Here, have a ZoSaNami!😆

is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

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I took a closer look at those clones last night and some of them don't look like Prompto! They look like an older guy.


Okay I’m totally going back and playing that part again tonight lol. I wonder if they were in different stages of growth? Verstael said he started with them all as babies, and since Prompto aged normally one can assume they all did. Those older ones might have been an earlier generation? 

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hiii!!!!! do you know any blogs with a similar aesthetic like yours?? i just love your blog so so much

ahhh thank you so much!!! <33

i don’t even know what my own aesthetic is lol but here are some aesthetic blogs i really like ((i’m not mutuals with everyone though i hope no one minded me tagging them???)) all a++++ blogs though

@shyubi @delium @umaio @lovguk @sulqis @sugyo @kotikjoon @shykooks @solasm @pamilku @sukooks @valuekook @czevny @caitc4t @entrytrash @milktu 

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Yesssss! Kick ass protective Thor is fucking awesome! (Sorry for the language, but I'm just really feeling it) Actually laughing at the ridiculousness of the team's complaints and Thor intimidating them lol. They are lucky and should recognize and appreciate everything Tony has done and is doing for them. I'm so glad Thor is there to help him remember that he doesn't need to fix everything or take all the blame and that he is amazing and wonderful:) such a good chapter! You rock ❤️❤️❤️


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Do you have any favorite OTPs or BROTPs or just pairings that you enjoy? Mine mainly consist of Daisuga, Iwaoi, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Kagehina and here recently I've been a huge slut for BokuakaKuroken bc that OT4 is adorable. (Not to start shipping wars or anything of the sorts omg)

I…. love them all. My standout faves though are Bokuaka, Iwaoi, Ukatake, Kagehina, Kinkage, Tensemi, Sarukomi, Matsuhana, Kurotsuki, Asanoya, Daisuga….

I have a soft spot for Iwakin and Akakage thanks to @karasunovolleygays lol IT’S HER FAULT TBH GO READ HER FICS THEY’RE SO GOOD

I know I’ve said before too that I don’t really like poly ships but lately I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Bokuakakuro…… :’)

These are just my favourites but if you’ve been following me for a while you should know that I sincerely like every Haikyuu ship lol

\( ̄▽ ̄)/

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your cats get along so well!

It could be because they are brothers!!! Though i know they don’t entirely look like it since their coloring is different lol

but if you really like, look at them side by side, they do have pretty similar facial features and nose color and markings (also… i watched them be born lol…so… origins: Confirmed) ,, I think it’s just that Noodle possibly has a genetic mutation or something that makes him gray (since no other cats in the area or the litter were even a vaguely similar color, and his tail is also possibly deformed lol)

But anyway!!! they get along and hang out with each other all the time because they were raised together ! Though they still play fight and will like… attack each other to steal prime property (such as…. the computer chair that they both want to sit in all the time…), but overall are nice.. well behaved boyes… thmank you for noticing,, they appreciate it lol 

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How do you keep your blog organized? Like do you write down what kind of posts you need to make and then make them? How do you find all your pictures etc?

Tagging things really helps. I have a page full of everything ( HERE x) I have a lot of pictures that I’ve had for years tbh. There have been multiple fansites that I saved thousands from years ago. (x) (x) (Okay so I went through a hardcore obsessed phase lol) But newer photos usually are spread on Insta/ Twitter first. But I have queue filled will tons of posts, some things I queued years ago tbh.. but I try to keep a little order!

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((Now that you've been a mod for a while what are your first impressions of all the mods and how they play their characters? -- it's not mod hour so i don't know if you'll answer this))

((No it’s okay!! I really like all the mods! They’re all so cool and nice! I’m kind of a spaz and talk A lot and they don’t seem to get annoyed with me??? So that’s nice lol. And I really love how they portray the characters. Before I was running the Alana blog I used to follow all of them on my main blog (I still do) I fell in love with their blogs right away. I feel like they get the characters personalities spot on and I just hope that I’m able to portray Alana as well as they are able to with their characters. ^^))

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terry said that jennifer's over cole romantically now. so your reasoning that she can't be his mom because shes in love with him is wrong.

He also said immediately after that, that Jennifer being Cole’s mom would be WEIRD. Just because I don’t say anything in the FB group anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t see all the posts and read them lol. Try again next time anon.

Also, just because she’s over him doesn’t erase the fact that she was once in love with him. So, Jennifer being Cole’s mom would still be gross and weird and creepy. 

20 Questions

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Tagged by @akirakurusuimagines thank you so much!! ^^

Name: It’s a secret ~

Nickname: You can call me Swan!

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius sun (Capricorn moon and Gemini rising if you’re curious lol)

Height: 4′11

Orientation: Pan Asexual

Ethnicity: Half Hispanic and half Italian

Favorite fruit: Watermelon, especially with tajin! +_+

Favorite season: Winter because the heat kills me.

Favorite book series: This isn’t really a series, but I ADORE Agatha Christie’s books.

Favorite flower: Foxgloves! Look them up, they are beautiful! ;A;

Favorite scent: Coffee. ~

Favorite color: It’s generally mint, but it varies from day to day.

Favorite animals: I love ‘em all!

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Y E S to all!

Average sleep hours: 4 am - 10 am don’t follow my example lol

Cat or dog person: Both are blessings.

Favorite fictional characters: Don’t do this to me lol. Right now it’s all of the Phantom Thieves. ^^

Number of blankets you sleep with: I have one (1) big comforter to snuggle with ~

Dream trip: Anywhere, really, as long as I’m with good company!

Blog created: About a month ago and wowie we’ve come a long way!

Number of followers: Right now it’s 1,058 and I am baffled??? Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me!! ;A;

Everyone I was going to tag has already been tagged RIP but uh @imaginedeliciouspancakes @hono-kingyo @phantomthievesofwriting @yourbestmasks @rip-off-masks @rosesandpersona5imagines and anyone else that wants to do it!! ^^ Let me know and I’ll add you!! ^_~

@youfoolishlyfoolishfools I like aa5 and aa6 as well!! esp aa6 tbh. honestly im one of the ppl who would still be playing and enjoying ace attorney games if they kept cranking them out for 30 years lol

the reason they aren’t considered as good is that?? it just kind of changed direction for the whole series. the art style, the values, the themes, the lore, the way the plot was developed, the characterisations, and the difficulty level are all just. completely different. it’s kinda just the mechanics and the most basic interpretation of personalities that are completely intact

honestly a lot of people have discussed this better and more critically and I do understand people’s criticisms but I still find the games really fun, if not always for the same reasons that I used to. like, I was LIVING for the over the top melodrama of aa6, even if it’s, shall we say, not quite something that would’ve happened in the original trilogy lol

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HC still going on? If so, may I please have logical female Eevee with an aggressive Charmander partner? :)

yup! slowly doing them still lol

1- it takes quite a while for the pair to work together nicely, since eevee wants to know all the facts and be organized, but charmander just wants to set things on fire…they eventually work things out

2- charmander is basically a jerk for some time, sometimes they just can’t help it, but they do settle down enough over time, at least enough to control their anger

3- eevee likes to go around town and ask everyone questions about things, about anything and everything really, never know when something simple could help in the future

4- the two of them actually do pretty well in dungeons, they don’t communicate too well, but somehow just doing what they want they do perfect attack combos, eevee thinks it’s weird charmander loves it

5- despite their differences, they’re just a good team together, once they learn how to work together properly that makes them both happy (wow i ship these two? like wow i’m sorry lol)

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Do you know about the photo when the ham was holding some chick with one hand and she was like balancing on it. Like in a romantic yet drunk way. He's wearing white. I can't attach the photo sorry. A private photo I think. Do you happen to know when it was? And do you follow his sisters, I wanna see recent wedding photos but I can't

For a moment I thought some girl was holding a leg of a pig lol

Wait, so you saw the photo but you can’t show it, what’s the deal?

Wasn’t paying attention to the gossip really, but he was at Pixie Geldof’s wedding in Spain recently, that’s where the white outfit is from I guess…but what do his sisters have to do with it all? I don’t get it. I do not follow them, but I’m curious to what you are talking about.

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👀 tra babies, would y'all do something like thigh riding or dry humping?

“Well, we already kind of did…” Jungkook trails off.

“Yeah, when you basically came onto me on the beach.”

“Oh, you fucking liked it. Don’t be a liar since we’re being honest here.”

Ignoring him, you say, “We haven’t really done any thigh riding, though. Dry humping we do a lot since he can’t keep his fucking hands off of me.”

“More like you can’t keep your hands off of me.”

“Anyway… Next question.”

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.