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Boyfriend Series; Dino/Chan

- chan always tries to act cool so that you’d think of him as a man and not a kid
- for your first date, he takes you to the aquarium
- you both walk around admiring all the sea creatures when chan sees this funny-looking fish and makes the same face, making you laugh really hard
- for the rest of the date, you both walk around imitating the different fish you see
- at some point, you come across a fish with puffy lips, and when you turn to chan with puckered lips to copy the fish
- he catches you off guard and kisses you right there
- it’s pretty short and quick, but it really is such a memorable first kiss
- he thought what he did was cool, but the other members all teased him for a whole week after he told them LOL
- asks for advice from his hyungs, and unfortunately listens to junhui because he can’t tell the difference between being greasy and being smooth
- like once you both went on a sushi date and chan asked “do you know what my favorite sushi is?” and you replied “what?”
- and he said “uni because it puts u n’ i together” “…chan that was terrible.” “what??? i thought it was cool!!!”
- but sometimes he listens to the other members and gives you his jacket when you’re cold, opens doors for you and all those cute actions
- he asks the other members to help him pick an outfit so that he looks nice when meeting up with you
- asks if he can hold your hand before doing so
- also asks if he can call you a certain nickname
- “can i hold your hand?” “can i call you darling?” “can i—”
- you guys have matching shoes and chan likes to show them off to his hyungs by not taking them off even when he’s in the dorm
- “chan get your shoes off the table now
- runs up to you and tackles you when you guys haven’t seen each other in a while
- a huge fan of outdoor dates
- ice cream dates, arcade dates, shopping dates, anything as long as you both go out exploring the city and just walking around holding hands
- kisses on the lips are quick little pecks because he gets shy, but sometimes he does initiate long kisses
- he loves kisses on the cheek more though, and you like to give him kisses after a concert or a long dance practice, a little reward for all his hard work
- his lock screen is a picture of you striking a michael jackson pose and he LOVES it and finds it adorable
- always trying to make you laugh because he loves your laugh
- he’ll hug you whenever he can, and he especially loves giving you back hugs
- messages you about everything that happened throughout his day
- the type of person who spam-texts instead of making paragraphs so your phone’s always buzzing
- compliments you all the time!!
- actual sweetheart lee chan, he just wants to make you smile forever
- he puts your hood on for you when it’s cold out, and you tie his scarf around his neck for him
- when you’re watching a movie together, he likes to rest his head on your shoulder
- chan hums exo songs sometimes and you like to join in, and you both just hum along to some kind of exo medley while walking around holding hands
- you both like to play video games together!!
- you’d think these kinds of dates would be cute and cuddly but no. you’re both so competitive and you’re both just screaming and pushing each other and blocking the screen to see who can be the last one standing
- the type to hold onto you and fake cry when you have to part ways
- pouts when he sees another member get too close to you
- when you leave, he walks up to the member and says “hyung, leave (name) alone!! they’re MINE”
- the members like to tease him a lot about you
- like once chan was daydreaming and didn’t hear the instructions of the game they were playing so when he messed up, they were all like “chan, stop thinking about (name) and play seriously” and he was like “I JUST DIDN’T HEAR YOU”
- and whenever he doesn’t want to share any candy he bought, they all go like “oh i see, sorry we’re not (name)”
- and if he refuses to get the juice from the fridge, they say “wow ok you won’t get it for your hyungs, but you’d get it for (name)??? and after all we’ve been done for you???”
- when you’re mad at him, he turns into a koala
- he literally wraps himself around you and refuses to let go until you forgive him
- “chan let go of me” “are you still mad??” “yes” “then no”
- goes on his tippy-toes when you take pictures together so that he looks tall standing next to you
- he likes sharing ice cream parfaits with you with lots of fruity toppings and whipped cream
- it takes a while for him to say “i love you”
- chan always blurts out the most random things when saying he does because he gets shy and then panics
- “(name), i love you…. even more than i love michael jackson’s songs and dances. oh and fried squid in spicy sauce!!” “thanks, chan”
- but he does try really hard to say it because he wants you to know that you mean the world to him
- so this once, he overcomes his shyness and tells you
- and you’ll never forget it
- “don’t tell me you’re going to say another one of junhui’s pick-up lines”
- “no this one’s from the heart i promise!!”
- “alright, let me hear it”
- “(deep breath) i love you, (name).”

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are there any fics where one of them plays the piano? i don't really mind about the plot i just want musical ereri lol

You bet there are! I actually want to direct you to a specific author, who has written so much pianist!Levi that you might die a little inside. These are all by them:

Self Indulgence
Summary: Levi plays Bon Jovi and Journey and Michael Jackson, and actually mumbles along to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” with a wry smirk at the corner of his mouth. He’s halfway through it when he hears someone outside singing along, loudly but not awfully, and if he hadn’t been playing piano professionally for years now, his hands would have stumbled. As it were, he finishes the song, and then sits at his piano, staring blankly before him as the applause, once again, trickles in through his window.

Heart and Soul
Summary: “It’s, you know. Heart and Soul. Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da?”

Summary: “So Eren is the name of the boy you play Taylor Swift songs about.” 

 In a Straight Line
Summary: Levi’s never been good at saying sorry.

A World With You
Summary: Eren’s voice transforms when he sings, but Levi’s stays the same. Then again, he was born with music in his hands, not in his voice.

And Simply Be Mine
Summary: There’s no attempt at convincing Levi that this practice is just like every other one.

Something Greater
Summary:Fucking christ, Eren. It’s already after two in the afternoon. How long did you plan on keeping me on this couch?”

Summary: “Is this your weird way of trying to ask me out on a date?”

The Minor Fall, The Major Lift
Summary: “You can’t just ignore me until I go away, I’m not— ”I’m not going away, is what he no doubt intended to say. Except that he is. He is going away.


Dating Dan would include...

really bad jokes. like, really bad

switching his fringe all the time to see how different he looks. “oh my god, you look terrifying.” “well gee thanks Y/N.”

you bugging him a l l the time to play the piano for you and he eventually agrees just so you’ll shut the hell up lol

oh my god his singing in the shower gets you mad sometimes but you secretly have him recorded

stealing his shirts and hoodies (because they’re comfortable af)

the amount of selfies you have is unreal

but half of them are just selfies he takes on your phone when you leave it alone for five freakin minutes

instead of going to his flat for a visit, the flat would come to you. seriously as soon as you get through the door Dan just made himself completely at home and Phil is just staring at you apologetically

while you were at work or school or running errands or something you’d see you have like a million new messages but it’s just 5 d i f f e r e n t selfies that he’s debating posting of instagram

“just pick one they’re all literally the same thing”

“No they’re not Y/N, jesus sometimes i wonder…”

you randomly getting twitter mentions when he’s sitting. right. next. to. you.

incredibly passionate lip-syncing to Adele

getting a good nights sleep? psh think again dude Dan is nudging you awake at 1 AM because he’s hungry and wants mf cookies

“go get them. there is no way in hell i’m getting up Dan” …15 minutes later you’re both in the kitchen looking for a damn mixing bowl.

Scenes leading up to Reylo

I can’t stop thinking about how Reylo will (possibly) spend more time together in “The Last Jedi” and Episode 8. Because they didn’t interact much in TFA - and previous SW-movies have always showed us a good amount of development before making couples canon. Just look at Anakin/Padme and Han/Leia, for example. That’s why this really excites me about the upcoming Reylo scenes that keeps me up at night (lol).

We all have our theories but I think in order for them to spend more time together (and fall in love), Rey will either join the Dark side (temporarily - to save Ben, or because she goes dark) or The Resistance will capture Kylo (making Rey visit him in their prison) OR (what’s most likely to happen perhaps) - Reylo will get stuck on Ach-To together (hating/wanting to kill each other at first, until they go all Mr&Mrs Smith ;). Or it could be a mixture of everything - shared dreams, finding out about their respective tragic pasts, connecting and so on…

But I’m more interested in what you guys think…so what are your theories?=)

I was tagged by @nerdforestgirl to make a mood board of pics from my mobile device, existing pics only.

Difficult because I delete all my pics after download them on my laptop, and almost all I had now were WIP of my drawings, the ones I do to document all my work. I can’t put that now lol, but I had some other pics or screencaptures. I didn’t take new pictures, this is really on my camera roll now.

- My little budgies, my moms send me photos of them

- My skating quartet team, I used to be competing with them, after 10 years, this time I had to see the competition via streaming, they are the best! I was one of the founders of this quartet, with 3 of my friends here.

- My drawing planning sticker post-it on my wall, it’s real, I have that, so I don’t forget what I have to do

- a picture I took of the promo photo of tbbt I wanted to do via my live session last saturday, But I changed my mind and I did Zelda and Bernie chibi

- Mayim pic with her cousin, I posted the pic here, so I had it in my phone. Love her jeans.

- And of course Jim’s arm porn lol. The screenshot is from @tbbt-mosaics stories :D

I tag @linda6788 @stellina2a @anicez-shamy @majimforever @bigbangenthusiast @missshc (only if you want to) and everybody is invited to do it anyway.

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Curious. Because your sith headcanons state that pregnancy is much shorter than that of a human, are the offspring less developed and thus much more vulnerable than a human's? How are their children raised?

Well, I have Sith pregnancy being shorter mostly for “whatever” reasons lol.

Keep in mind everything that I write for headcanons is literally me just making things up as I go. xP

But I did have some line of thought as to why their gestation period is shorter:
Sith are more “naturally” inclined toward violence and fighting and competitions and everything that makes the Sith order “dysfunctional”. Therefore, they can reproduce faster in an attempt to make up for the fact that they keep killing each other.

(It’s a rough life being a Sith, pureblood or not lol)

As for how the kids are raised, my general thought is that (despite Sith supposedly being 100% evil and cruel) the parents are actually really nurturing?

I could see them being strict in some regards bc after all, bloodlines and legacies are important and you don’t want your kids to grow up into incompetent shits. Sith wouldn’t be against… you know…. discipline. (smacking the kids around, which is something I do NOT condone obvs) But I don’t think they’d be tormenting their children ALL the time. That just seems…. comically ~evil~ and kinda stupid?

Plus in canon we have people like Darth Angral and Lady Grathan who (although humans) clearly cared for their kids. So it’s not that far of a stretch to think purebloods would be the same. (Though I kinda see them as being more protective in some cases).

In the end, you do you :3

I hope I answered your questions? >,<

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23 pretty please

“do you really need all those sweets?” (i changed it from candy because candy is very american lol)

Aaron raised an eyebrow as Robert put another bag of jellies into their basket, adding to the mess of chocolate and crisps. They’d gone into Hotten to go to the big Tesco there, stocking up for a lazy Friday night in.

“Do you really need all those sweets?” he asked, the slab of beer he was carting around starting to feel a bit too heavy, his arms aching. They’d been in Leeds for a couple of meetings that afternoon, and Aaron was feeling more than uncomfortable in his suit as they wandered the supermarket.

Robert nodded. “If we’re having a lazy weekend in, I want sugar.”

“You remember last time you ate that amount of sugar you were too sick to move for about a day?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, I’ve got plans for you tonight Mr Dingle.” Aaron smirked, looking at the basket. “And that second bag of jellies might put a spanner in the works.”

Robert’s eyes darkened, and he chucked the sweets back on the shelf. “Lets go then.”

Aaron grinned, delighted his plan to get Robert to leave Tesco quickly worked. A little more bribery, and he’d have Robert cooking dinner without so much of a protest.

He loved how easy it was to push Robert’s buttons sometimes. 

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Can you explain what attraction feels like? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what I am feeling and it would help a lot

sorry for the delay! this is a tough question and honestly everyone experiences attraction slightly differently but some general things i’d say are

-if you’re staring at a girl for a while or you just enjoy looking at girls and appreciating how pretty they are or whatever… you’re probably gay or bi lol

-also, if you find that there’s this certain Girl (or girls) that you just Really want to be around all the time and you think about a lot and want to be her friend/Best Friend… you probably have a crush on her

-if said Girl makes your stomach drop or your heart beat really fast when you see her… you definitely have a crush on her

-writing poems/songs/etc about girls you’re friends with, or thinking of them when you hear love songs, is also a pretty good indicator that you like them in a non-heterosexual, non-platonic way

i hope this was helpful! being sapphic and figuring out who you like can be difficult so good luck to you and ask us if you need anything else!!

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing blogs you’d like to get to know better!

@sad-ghxsts and @kloudbby both tagged me so thank u!!

name: phoenix

nicknames: phe

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5′3

orientation: pansexual

favorite fruit: grapes, apples, raspberries 

favorite season: summer

favorite book: hmm… probably imaginary girls by nova ren suma

favorite flower: pink lady slippers

favorite scent: i dont  really have a specific one but i really like that someday perfume that justin bieber put out years ago

favorite color: black, grey, purple

favorite animal: any breed of dog or cat,(including big boys like wolves and pumas and shit) snakes, bears, lizards

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? how about all 3 thx

average sleep hours: LOL bitch if only i knew, my sleep is so jacked up

cat or dog person? dogs more so than cats but i love them both

favorite fictional character: im not really That Bitch that has a fave character 

number of blankets you sleep with: two

dream trip: i wanna go back to spain but if i was to go somewhere new itd definitely be somewhere in italy

blog created: im pretty sure it was october 2012 but i deleted all my old posts cuz it was just really bad

number of followers: 2247

u dont have to do this if i tagged u but ya

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Just read that post and ur right lmao. I really should care anymore. But it's still hard to get over it though (at least it is for me). But I need advice and this problem had been bothering me my whole freshman year. How can I speak up, be myself, and be a lot more comfortable when I see people who I hate there with me? Like, I'm doing a presentation and theres like a million of them staring up at me. I tell myself not to care but I just stutter and get all quiet. Sorry this is way too long lol.

everyone’s different and not everybody can handle their issues the same way, so i don’t expect all of you guys to follow in my footsteps because this is what works for me.

you mentioned people you hate? if you’re still in high school, FUCK those people. nobody in high school matters but you and your friends and maybe a s/o if there is one. they’re not important, and unless you’re living on the same block or you’re going to go to the same college, they mean nothing. just filled space. and even if you do see them in college, or on the street? fuck em. who are they to you?

anyways, if you’re doing a presentation, remind yourself to project. like you’re trying to tell someone something from across the room. don’t yell, but be just loud enough so if you were standing in one corner and someone else the opposite corner, they could hear you without straining their ears. be casual with it, but hold poise. almost like an interview! if you’re simply trying to talk, remind yourself that your voice is just as important as anyone else’s. you have a right to speak, too. if you hang out with people who won’t let you talk, maybe it’s time to find a new group, or be by yourself for a while. there’s nothing wrong with being alone.

take care of yourself anon!! you are important!! life may not be great but YOU are!!

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OC profile for Raya

okie dokie :)

Full Name: Nuruodo’raya’sforia

Gender and Sexuality: Female, pansexual

Pronouns: She/Her (royal highness) XD 

Ethnicity/Species: Chiss, Csillan/Naporari

Birthplace and Birthdate: Csaplar, Csilla. 3624 BBY or 9BTC

Guilty Pleasures: all of them. lol jks. she really likes carbs and fatty food but she resists to keep her figure in shape but sometimes…

Phobias: being bored to death, other shadow operatives coming to kill her

What They Would Be Famous For: probably a really good sex tape or just being a hot celebrity that kinda exists and people give her money. if she applied herself, maybe as an athlete.

What They Would Get Arrested For: everything. arson, fraud, larceny, tax evasion, murder, second degree murder, third degree murder, conspiracy, battery, blackmail, bomb threats, extortion, espionage, hacking, harassment, hostage taking, embezzlement, torture, theft, vandalism, war crimes, stalking, illegal immigration, assault, bribery… I can’t think of any more right now.

OC You Ship Them With: Soren, and everyone else in the galaxy

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Kreis, her old ex

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Horror, she thinks it’s funny and points out all the gross medical errors

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Romance, she gets really angry at people who have really loving, well-thought out relationships cos she can’t have one herself but she still reads them religiously

Talents and/or Powers: Super strong as a result of Chiss super stims and genetic modification. Minor precognition and enhanced reflexes thanks to limited Force sensitivity.

Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s fun and loves to have fun and will drag you in and force you to enjoy yourself even if you think you’re too depressed to do so. She knows exactly what someone needs to cheer them up and if she’s in the mood, then she’ll happily oblige.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s awful. Has no sense of loyalty or morality when it comes to making big decisions. She’s entirely selfish and will only act if it’s in her best interest.

How They Change: Raya continually forces Soren to be with her when his duty tears him away. She loves him but in time she learns that even though they love each other, it may not be in the cards. He’s his own person and its one of the things she loves about him. He technically doesn’t need her and she realizes that her selfishness is just hurting both of them.

Why You Love Them: Raya can do anything she wants which opens up a lot of avenues creatively speaking. There’s no thinking about who she answers to or what people would think, just what would Raya do and the answer is usually - something fucking awesome.

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Hello, sorry if you have heard this before but, how do you do those animations where it blurs and refocuses while moving? I've really been trying to figure it out, maybe it's just the art program you use, but I cant get anything as amazing and talented as yours! (Prolly because you're 10 times the talent I am but yanno, I'm getting there... prolly) Also I am so in love with all your art, I worship your art, ily!!!

I just manually blur them frame by frame cause I’m dumb lol;;; You can use Adobe After Effects. I’m still trying to figure it out myself since i can’t get the focus right when using it. That’s why I always end up using Photoshop. Sorry I’m no help;; and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3 <3

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Hi!! First of all, I really enjoy this blog: it makes my day :) Secondly, I noticed an earlier ask sent by an anon talking about being ace and enjoying reading sex scenes and I just wanted to take the chance and add on that! You can be ace and/or aro and you can still enjoy reading/writing about sex. Doesn't make you any less ace or aro, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise (I'll duel them for you). Heck, you can be a sex-repulsed ace like me and still enjoy reading/writing porn Lol

thank you for supporting the blog!! & good add on

i spent all day visiting my hs and talking to old teachers and it was so nice… i really miss my hs but it was nice and esp talking to two of my humanities teachers bc im close enough to them to be like “yeah i love my profs and classes but i don’t have a ton of friends” and the teacher who now has my little sis in his class was so nice to talk to just. idk i loved my hs a lot and im glad i got to talk to BASICALLY every teacher i wanted to