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theresawholeinthiscake  asked:

Just cause I know we'll be blamed but Fizzy's friend didn't allow comments on Freddie's pic so just remember that when we're blamed

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The comment section under the pic was turned off. If she still blames larries then ….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:But wait did the larries of IG harass her post? Or she deleted without a reason?

To answer your question: her comments were disabled so no one could have commented anything 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Watch Briana going “always in my heart, Freddie Tomlinson. Yours sincerely, Bria” and she won’t be fast enough to catch these hands.


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:This is all so fake lmao in what world does a celebrity wait for a specific time of day so all the press will be on on their business to post a picture of their children like how do people believe this shit ….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:THIS IS ALL SO FAKE LMAO… other celebrities like John Legend and other famous dads do not go through this like what the actual fuck how do people believe this

and yet

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I find it weird that not even Tammi posted a birthday wish

She only posted a snap is super weird 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:So Louis is online following EDM people and liking Steve’s posts but isnt posting a pic for F’s bday? Okay lol

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Oh look, our anthem again. youtube*com/watch?v=Gpx5u1Ua-ZM


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What would do you think if Louis doesn’t post anything today ? (lol right) but what would you think about that ?

I mean, I wouldn’t complain but I rather they just pull off the bandage yk 

swede-out-of-water  asked:

can i join the family too? and how do you make a fursona? i haven't really thought about it before (and yours is really awesome i wanna try and draw it sometime <3, if you dont mind that is)

im glad i’ve influenced y’all into wanting to make sonas omg,,!

the easiest way to make a fursona i think would be to pick your favorite animal and your favorite color/palette

and if u cant draw theres plenty of free to use furry bases that u can color in and adjust some features :3c 

also if u drew my sona i would crie ;; im still so emotional that people think its cute aaAA

anonymous asked:

a few days ago i discovered i have esports and i was like wow cool and then i accidentally stumbled on your blog and now i have around 10 ships while knowing at least 5% about everything happening im so lost

Welcome!  ❤️   

Yeah, I got in a few months ago and am still trying to catch up. I would recommend getting a good base on one of the regions before branching out (I am complete NA trash. I ship everyone it is a problem )
If you have anything or any ships, in particular, you want to know about I would be happy to answer and help you out. (I know it can be pretty confusing, and I am by no means an expert.)

But yeah, welcome to the fandom. :D

(Also, there are some really awesome other blogs if you want any recommendations, although from what I’ve seen lcs blogs in general are pretty amazing ❤️ ❤️ )

anonymous asked:

Do u think that they maybe dont want to relase the break up statment bc could overshadow the JHO promo? But that doesnt make any sense the media are talking mostly about the bbay do u think they wanna relase the statment till the JHO promo is done??

I think they’re waiting for something. The question is what


bunny smile!!!