lol as if i knew before

Oh man~! An animation I created a long time ago has recently come out so I tried editing it down! lol 😅😅 This is over 30 minutes you know!!

But how can you not laugh seeing our current state of world affairs?? 😳😳 Perhaps..

I’m thinking of also creating an animation short with the ipad!  😁😁👍👍

(NOTE: Translation for the video:

[If you push the button
a happy life
is waiting for you]

On this planetstar
before they knew it…

“Your delivery order~~”

It had been dominated
by the button


Peace had continued far too long
The planetary leaders have already
stopped thinking with their heads

Everything was dependent
on the button

“The button…”





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Imagine Dark with an s/o who knew/liked him before, when he was Damien, and they're lying in bed and s/o is mostly sleeping, and Dark wraps his arms around them. Hardly able to process it while they're asleep, s/o says something incoherent. The only coherent word is them addressing him as "Damien" ~Joan (sorry if this didn't make sense I can try again lol)

He’d tense up and probably growl quietly, reign in the spike of anger he feels. But he lets it pass because his s/o is sleeping and probably won’t remember their mistake in the morning.

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Hello! I just wanted to ask if you had any theories/ Headcanons on Keith's parents? I'm betting that Kolivan Knew his mom. He seemed exasperated yet fond of him.

YEAH. man i don’t have any except that i won’t believe either of them are dead until we see it in a dramatic flashback sequence. i don’t think his mom was full galra. i think if that shack was his dad’s at some point, it’s really suspicious that it’s so close the garrison lol. that’s one big indication to me that the garrison has known about the galra long before the series. going on what you said, yeah, i’d love to go back and check kolivan’s expression that scene. like he had to be aware that one of his Blades had gone missing somewhere and Wondered when keith showed up with the knife. also, kind of off topic: i don’t know how acxa is related to keith, but i’ll be genuinely surprised if she isn’t.

Prompt: Friends to lovers (part of a requested set) // Non-idol au
Member: Seungkwan (svt)
Genre: angst and fluff,, this was gonna be cute and a lot shorter and then before I knew it I was taking it in another direction and got super carried away wOW I’m so sorry lol

  • You and Seungkwan had met at a rather young age in the middle of autumn 
  • You guys were going to this local festival and they had this big corn maze and you both happened to run away from your moms and got lost 
  • But you bumped into each other somewhere in the middle and he started crying but you got lost all the time so you were chill about it
  • So you wiped his tears and held his hand in yours and told you that you guys would get out together and find your moms 
  • Eventually some park security were sent into the corn maze to find the two of you because you had been gone too long and you promptly delivered Seungkwan to his mom while your mom scolded you
  • But then Seungkwan made his mom get your mom’s phone number so that you guys could have playdates 
  • And then boom from age six and onwards the two of you were the best of friends 
  • You guys were typically in the same class, and even if you weren’t whenever one of you guys were upset the teacher would have to call the other in to make it better LMAO
  • It was pretty cute to be honest,, you guys made up games together on the playground and all the other kids in your grade would be like >:00 what’s this
  • You guys wound up starting all these popular games that everyone in your level would get super into lol 
  • And you would always spend time afterschool together, going over to his house when your parents had work 
  • His mom was always so sweet to you and it became a second home to you 
  • Seungkwan would always sing along really loudly to songs on the TV but you were one of the only people who didn’t seem to mind, hell you sang along with him
  • And you guys had little friendship bracelets you made with this kit you got for your birthday and it was SO ADORABLE 
  • You two really grew up together in elementary school
  • The teachers and older kids would always coo that maybe you two would be married one day,,,
  • And like. Little you was pretty into that idea. Like sparkles by the heart filled eyes and clasped hands into it.
  • But Seungkwan would always be like “EW NO WAY” and so little you’s heart eyes would disappear like psh yeah what ew we would never
  • To be honest though, you had a crush on Seungkwan ever since the day you guys met in that corn field
  • Clearly Seungkwan didn’t feel the same, but yanno kids are young and durable so you just silently crushed on him until middle school came around 
  • And then puberty hit
  • Audience gasps in disgust at the very mention of it okay anyways 
  • You two were enrolled in a middle school that only a small percentage of kids from your shared elementary school were going to 
  • Which meant you guys got to meet a lot of new people!! But,, 
  • Suddenly Seungkwan wasn’t so “ew” about girls anymore
  • Quite frankly,, he had fallen head over heels for this one girl
  • And she was cute, super shy and quiet with a little bunny-like grin and outrageously perfect hair 
  • She liked a lot of the same music and books as Seungkwan did and she was always really friendly to him and had, as he said, “The most adorable giggle ever”
  • She essentially was nerdy but also super pretty like wtf you’re a middle schooler Chill
  • He wasn’t the only one in line for this girl’s heart, and he knew it too, so he always tried to be the most earnest and genuine with her 
  • All throughout the first year of middle school, she was like his favorite topic
  • In fact he loved that topic so much he talked about little else
  • At school he was always dragging you to wherever she might be hanging out so he might have a chance to talk to her 
  • And he was always whispering about how cute she was 
  • He asked her to join your guy’s group and always shooting you puppy dogs when you had to work in pairs so you’d back down and go work with someone else
  • Even when you guys hung out at home, he’d find himself going on and on about her and asking if you would help him come up with some plans to get more face time with her
  • And it really hurt to be quite honest,, here you had been crushing at Seungkwan for like years and he didn’t even glance your way and was always talking about this new girl 
  • Plus it was really really annoying to hear her name be the thing coming out of his mouth most of the time 
  • You even started rolling your eyes when he would bring her up but he was oblivious
  • What really sucked though is you couldn’t even hATE HER because she was so NICE and gave you a cookie on your birthday 
  • You, bitterly eating a damn delicious cookie as Seungkwan goes on and on about how sweet it was of her to do that for you: 
  • One day when you had done your reluctant wingman duty and stepped down as his partner, you wound up getting paired up with this one girl named Hyojung 
  • And she was super duper friendly!! You knew her from the elementary school but you only had one class with her and you hadn’t really interacted with her much back then 
  • It turns out all her friends had wound up going to a different middle school with her but she had a small little group of new friends with another girl and this one guy 
  • You guys wound up bonding pretty quickly through the project because it lasted a week,, you told her about how Seungkwan was basically ditching you for his crush and she was like Dude That’s So Lame 
  • She also happened to have math with you, the one class you didn’t share with Seungkwan, and you guys started sitting next to each other in there 
  • You guys exchanged home and cell numbers and wound up bonding a lot through that too
  • But despite the fact that you had this really cool new friend, it didn’t really change the fact that you’re best friend was being well,,, to use Hyojung’s terminology,,, Lame
  • Sometimes he was okay and everything was like normal, just the two of you with no talk of his crush, having fun and eating his mom’s cooking in their sunny yellow kitchen and laughing over some stupid thing one of the other kids did 
  • But,,, those day were few and far between 
  • One day, you decided you had about enough 
  • Seungkwan told you he wanted to go to the library to study and you were like alright sounds lit
  • But when you got there,,, you won’t guess who was also there
  • That’s right it was Seungkwan’s crush and he was like !! OH what a COINCIDENCE 
  • You: Not really we go to the same school and she’s here like half the ti-
  • Seungkwan: Do you mind if we sit with you???
  • And of course Miss Nice said yes and she and Seungkwan wound up talking all about a new episode of this one show he had started watching for her 
  • After like five minutes, you could feel a ball of red hot irritation growing in the bit of your stomach so you shut your textbook and stuffed it back in your bag 
  • And seungkwan looked at you with these big innocent eyes like ??? 
  • Even though you were mad you couldn’t find it in you to be mean when he was shooting you those eyes
  • So you faked a smile and said “I just remembered I need to talk to my math teacher about some missing assignments”
  • And they’re both like oh go ahead we don’t mind!!
  • You can’t help but mutter “Yeah I bet you don’t” under your breath how middle school 
  • Instead of going to your math teacher (because please the old man was an angel he would never do such a thing) you walked over to where Hyojung once mentioned she hung out with her friends 
  • You walk up to the table outside and say her name a little shyly and she’s just like “!!! (Y/N hey!! Wanna sit here?? :D”
  • It doesn’t take very long for you and her friends, Yooa and Jinyoung, to warm up to each other and soon you’re all laughing and talking like no tomorrow
  • You even realize you share a couple classes with them as well and promise to group up with them for the next project 
  • Towards the end of lunch you spy Seungkwan looking around for you and make eye contact from across the quad
  • And he looks a little confused as he walks over and goes “Hey I thought you were gonna come back???” 
  • You go “Oh I was but I wanted to ask Hyojung about the math assignment and we all wound up talking,, I figured you’d like some alone time with your crush anyways!!”
  • And he nods a little but he still looks a little surprised to see you hanging out with three people who he only vaguely recognizes like,,, when had you made other friends??
  • For as long as you two can remember it’s just been the two of you and you’ve never even mentioned these three people?? He knows you worked with Hyojung on a science project that one time but he didn’t know you talked to her and her friends other than that 
  • But instead of pulling you aside he just goes “Oh yeah thanks,, she had a dentist appointment so she left a little while ago and I’ve been looking for you”
  • You apologize and offer to let him sit and he does,, and just silently observes you talking so happily with these people and he’s still like ???
  • He’s happy for you yeah but it’s just surprising because you seem like you’ve known them for years not just a short time 
  • The bell rings and the two of you head to your next class after saying goodbye and he doesn’t bring it up until you’re sitting in his kitchen after school and eating some instant ramen with toppings and his mom’s kimchi yum
  • And he’s like “I didn’t know you were friends with Hyojung” and you smile and go “We started working together in science when you were working with that girl and we have math together too, plus we exchanged number for that project so we text sometimes”
  • And he’s like “Oh,, why haven’t you mentioned her then?? She seems nice” and you shrug and go “Just didn’t think to I guess”
  • It gets kinda quiet after that and it’s a little awkward so you change the subject and reluctantly ask about how it went with his crush because you’re sure he wants to talk about it
  • Just like that he’s back to normal and rambling on and on about her and you nod along politely just like always and Seungkwan thinks everything is fine 
  • But when the next week rolls around, he shows up to school without his friendship bracelets on and you’re all ready to tease him for forgetting 
  • Cause in the past that’s what you guys had done,, you both wore them all the time unless you forgot and you’d poke fun at one another when they did,,,
  • It’s different this time though,,,
  • You go “Hey where’s your bracelet loser??” and he’s like “Oh,, I decided not to wear them today”
  • And you can feel your heart just drop into your stomach and you go “Oh,, uh,, why?”
  • And he’s like “I dunno, we’re in middle school now, it’s kinda dorky to still be wearing them right? I don’t want to look stupid in front of her yanno?”
  • You just kinda nod and don’t say anything else and just look down at your hands and Seungkwan barely notices because he’s waving his crush over to sit with you guys 
  • You find yourself asking to use the restroom and slip off your own bracelets in there, stuffing them into your pockets and take a moment to collect your emotions
  • After a while, the echoing of his words gets to you and you find yourself making an excuse to not go over to Seungkwan’s house like you normally do every Tuesday
  • You tell him your aunt is visiting and she wants you to come hang out with her and like the first part is true but your aunt loves Seungkwan and wouldn’t mind if you wanted to go hang out with him
  • It’s just,,, you’re tired of hearing Seungkwan talk about his crush, especially when a part of you still likes him and gets hurt when he says that her eyes are prettier than the moon and stars combined 
  • So you walk home with a bit of guilt on your shoulders for lying and a pang of heartache in your chest and barely say a word when you arrive, just a quick hello before you’re racing up the stairs
  • You can hear your mom muttering to your aunt about how it’s weird because you’re normally with Seungkwan today but you don’t care, you just wanna lay in bed and do homework or something 
  • You’re only like halfway through your math homework before Hyojung calls you
  • And you pick up the phone and she’s like “I’m really sorry, I know you’re usually with Seungkwan on Tuesdays but I completely forgot to write down the homework!!”
  • She’s surprised when you tell her you’re not hanging out with Seungkwan and she asks if you want to talk about it
  • And like,, normally you wouldn’t have said yes,,, like Hyojung knew that Seungkwan had been kinda bothering you lately but you had never gone into detail about it
  • But she sounded genuinely concerned and the only time Seungkwan had asked about you recently was when he was asking about Hyojung a week ago 
  • So you shut your bedroom door and let everything out and tell her everything that’s been bothering you, from Seungkwan to your crush on him to the friendship bracelets to how you just felt neglected and like a sounding board more than a best friend and how you missed how things used to be and how it was breaking your heart to hear him talk about that girl all the time and how you hated to admit it but most of the time you dreaded being around him these days
  • Hyojung is really sweet about it though, she listens politely and encourages you and says it’s okay when you get a bit choked up and emotional
  • And at the end she doesn’t try to defend him, but she doesn’t say it’s all his fault either, and she doesn’t say it’s all gonna be okay
  • She just says “That really sucks, but I hope you know that Yooa and Jinyoung and I all really like you and we’re happy to be here for you if you need it”
  • And honestly that’s exactly what you need to hear so when she invites you to hang out with them this weekend, you say you’ll ask your mom 
  • When you do ask,, she’s a bit surprised and she takes you aside and sits down with you on your bed and asks about Seungkwan
  • And you explain that he’s become really wrapped up in his new friend/crush and you’ve been kind of drifting apart because of it and she’s like Ah Yes Sounds Like A Tween Boy Alright 
  • But she sees how happy you are when you tell her about your new friends so she agrees 
  • And then next day you find yourself arriving at school early to tell said friends that your mom said it was okay and you guys start working out the details 
  • And when you and Seungkwan sit down in your history class and he asks if you want to have a sleepover this weekend, for the first time in forever you’re turning him down 
  • And even then when you had turned him down in the past it was always because you were sick or your mom said you had to go visit family???
  • You tell him that you already made plans with Hyojung and he’s like “oh,,, that’s fine,,,”
  • To be honest he feels a bit jealous but he doesn’t say anything,,, he wants to be supportive of you after all and you had been so supportive of his crush 
  • But when you come back on Monday he can’t help but frown when he sees you and your new friends sporting these matching sweatshirts you got at an amusement park Hyojung’s dad took you all too 
  • And he can’t help but feel annoyed when you wind up leaving him whenever he goes to talk to his crush so you can hang out with them as well 
  • As the year starts to draw to a close, you rarely come over anymore as well,, like it was just a silent thing that happened, most weeks you would go home by yourself and Seungkwan found himself pouting whenever his mom asked where you were 
  • You felt a bit bad yes,, but honestly you felt a lot better emotionally,, 
  • You had been torturing yourself by forcing yourself to stick around while your long time crush pursued this girl,,, hanging out with Hyojung and Yooa and Jinyoung felt so easy and fun and didn’t hurt you the way hanging out with Seungkwan did 
  • Hanging out with them felt a lot like how hanging out with Kwannie used to,,,
  • It wasn’t until you guys were in English and his crush paired up with her friends instead of him that he got annoyed
  • Because when he left from where he had asked her to go back to your guys’ seats, Yooa and Jinyoung were sitting there with you and you were all already discussing the project
  • And you say sorry but you already promised to team up with them and Seungkwan’s like “??? but we’re always partners”
  • Normally you would feel bad but this time you just frown and go “Not really Seungkwan,, you mostly ditch me to team up with your crush”
  • And his jaw drops and he starts to defend himself,,, but he realizes that he really can’t
  • It doesn’t stop him from acting angry though as he grabs his things and storms off to go find someone else to work with 
  • When lunchtime rolls around, Seungkwan is grabbing your arm and telling you that you need to talk after school before he’s storming off to the library 
  • You’re feeling some pretty mixed emotions tbh and you head to your new table to tell your friends about what’s happening and they tell you to call them after and give you encouragement and say that it would be good to finally talk things out with him!!
  • But that’s not exactly what happens,,, you guys are halfway to Seungkwan’s house and cutting through the park when he goes “So what was up in English today?”
  • And you wanna stay calm and talk things through but,,, you’re young and your emotions are running high and you’ve kept things repressed for so long so you find yourself saying “I just wanted to work with them is all, what’s the big deal Seungkwan?”
  • He gives you a Look and goes “It’s not just today though, you hang out with them an awful lot lately, you’ve even begun ditching me for them”
  • And you find yourself snapping “Oh, I’m surprised you even noticed that while you were busy making goo eyes at your stupid crush”
  • Seungkwan is stunned for a moment but then he stops and goes “Don’t talk about her like that, and what the heck is that supposed to even mean?”
  • And you stop too and go “You cannot possibly be this dense Seungkwan! All you’ve talked about since like November is your crush, you haven’t cared about anything I’ve done at all” 
  • And it just, escalates from there, the two of you arguing in a corner of the park, him not wanting to admit any fault and your long hidden emotions finally spilling out 
  • Your words are harsh and belittling,,, the two of you had argued in the past but not like this because this one is just full of so much anger and heartache and jealously that you both can’t help it
  • Before he finally snaps “Well maybe I just enjoy her company more than yours, god you’re so clingy and annoying!”
  • And you gasp a little and you can feel your heart breaking and Seungkwan knows he’s gone too far when he sees the tears well up in your eyes 
  • But before he can apologize you yell at him to never speak to you again and you’re off running to your house 
  • Surprisingly he doesn’t talk to you the next day,, or the day after that,,
  • Hell you two are avoiding each other altogether and don’t speak at all
  • Once summer rolls around you find yourself making plans with your new friends and find out a couple weeks before school starts up again that Seungkwan and his crush had finally begun dating
  • And it hurts you’re not gonna lie,,, the fight hurt and the news hurt almost as much because after everything you still had a crush on him,,, but you knew that it was time to try and forget about it now because he had made it clear that he just didn’t care about you anymore
  • Luckily you only shared one class with him and were able to avoid him for the most part
  • Seungkwan and his girlfriend broke up a week before school ended because she was going to a private high school in Busan but even then you guys didn’t speak again
  • When high school did hit though, he found himself joining a group of friends that had transferred in from a few different middle schools and had all banded together
  • He didn’t talk to you and tried to avoid even looking at you if he could,,, but honestly found himself missing you from time to time when he’d pull his friendship bracelets out from his memory drawer or his mom would offhandedly mention to his father that she missed you and wondered what you were up to when she thought Seungkwan was in the other room 
  • Seungkwan knew that he had fucked up and he didn’t even know how to begin to apologize,,, even if he did he wasn’t sure you would forgive him
  • So he listened to your wishes and didn’t bother trying,,, but then the final year of high school hit 
  • The two of you were paired up for a history project together and you were,, cold to say the least as you two discussed the topic,, but like he knew he deserved it 
  • You were reluctant to give him your new cell phone number but you did it anyways for the sake of your grade and agreed to come over during the weekend to work 
  • He made sure his mom would be out of the house so he wouldn’t have to deal with that round of guilt and awkwardness and found himself,,, nervous??
  • Maybe it was the fact that it was you coming over,,, but maybe it ran a little deeper than that,,, if you catch my drift 
  • A few months ago his good ol’ buddies ol’ pals had been talking about who the attractive people around school were,, and well,, your name had come up
  • Because, dear reader, during the first two years of high school you had a Glo Up 
  • And there was no doubt that you were attractive,,, like there were rumors you got a confession nearly every week and your locker had been overflowing with chocolates on both Valentine’s and White day 
  • You were pretty popular but you always turned everyone down, content with just hanging out with your three friends you had made in middle school
  • Seungkwan had found himself glancing at your more since that conversation,, and he had to admit his friends were right: you were attractive, exceptionally so, really
  • And he had all these fond memories of the two of you before he had messed things up so bad,,, and if he was honest his heart had fluttered when the teacher paired you up
  • When you showed up at his door and sat down in his all-too-familiar yellow painted kitchen, he promised himself he wouldn’t act on this budding crush,,, but Seungkwan really couldn’t help himself
  • “I’m so so sorry” he suddenly said a little too loudly as the two of you had been silently taking notes on things you would need for the assignment
  • And you looked at him all surprised like ??? but he just kept going 
  • “I’m so sorry (Y/N), you gotta believe me. I was an idiot in middle school, I treated you so badly, all over a stupid girl too-” you almost snorted because you had called her the exact same thing the day the argument happened “-and I pushed you away and got jealous because you found people who actually deserved you and and I’m sorry for not apologizing sooner like I should have and just oh my god I’m so sorr-”
  • Finally you’re just like “Woah Seungkwan chill” because you have a feeling this would go on for a while 
  • And because you know it takes two people to fight and you’re not entirely free of guilt, you say “I’m sorry too, I should’ve talked to you earlier instead of just blowing up at you” but he’s shaking his head and trying to tell you to not apologize until you’re giggling and telling him to shut up already 
  • And he snaps his mouth shut and has to look away because you look really,,, good when you laugh wow when did that happen,,,
  • You decide to finally come clean and go “There was another reason I was so upset,,” and he’s like oh no and then you go “Well,, I had sort of a crush on you at the time and yeah,,,”
  • Seungkwan looks like a deer in headlights and then he goes “oH MY GOD THAT MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE I’M SO SOR-” and you’re like “SEUNGKWAN I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU APOLOGIZE ONE MORE TIME I’M DUCT TAPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT”
  • And he gets quiet for a moment before softly going “I really am sorry though” and you’re like “I know, it’s okay, I forgive you. It was in the past and I’m sure we’re both very different people now” 
  • Seungkwan finds his heart fluttering again because wow you’re so forgiving what an angel and he clears his throat and goes 
  • “Is it okay if we start over,,??” and before you can even nod he goes “Maybe this time, we can slowly work to being something more?”
  • You freeze and look at him in surprise and you’re trying to see if he’s lying but,,, he’s blushing and he’s looking at you with honest and hopeful eyes and you smile because he’s clearly being truthful
  • And you barely get the word yes out before his mom opens the door and sees you and starts freaking out and the moment is rUINED 
  • But Seungkwan doesn’t even care because you just forgave him and agreed to trying dating him and he’s just holding his cheeks and blushing super hard as you and his mom catch up all happy 
  • The first date goes surprisingly smoothly,, like it’s a bit tense at first but soon you guys are sitting in the back and huddled close together as you share a big tub of popcorn and whisper corny jokes that have you giggling like crazy 
  • And he finds himself gazing into your eyes halfway through and gives you a quick peck that leaves you shook and he’s like hfsjhef that was too early I’m so sorry and you’re like nO I liked it I promise,,,
  • And he walks you home after and you tug him into your side yard and he’s like ??? but then you’re giving him little kisses over and over and giggling and suddenly you’re the only thing in his mind and he couldn’t care less that your side yard smells vaguely of weed killer
  • And then you’re going to his house after school again and you have fridays reserved for date nights and you’re holding hands at school and wearing your old bracelets (which had to be resized) and you’re both switching off visiting each other groups and,,, you get the picture
  • Hyojung is just like I always knew this would happen
  • You’re like shut up no you didn’t and Yooa is just like uh sorry she did she told me about it and you’re like WOW 
  • Honestly you get along with his mom and you’re a wonderful and forgiving person what more could he want,,
Bias Tag

Rules: Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions.

I was tagged by @ame-0nna

  1. Eunhyuk
  2. Seungcheol
  3. Minghao
  4. Heechul
  5. Amber
  6. Joshua
  7. Jeonghan
  8. Mingyu
  9. Ga-in
  10. Rap Monster

1. Between 1&4: Who would you rather kiss?

Eunhyuk and Heechul, obviously my first husband eunhyuk

2. Between 2&7: Who would be your best friend?

Seungcheol and Jeonghan. I’ve said this before but if Jeonghan and I knew each other in real life we would spend every hour trying to kill each other so im gonna have to say cheol on this.

3. Between 5&10: Who has the better voice?

Amber and rapmon…lol both rappers….umm i guess amber

4. Between 1&8: Who is the funniest?

eunhyuk and mingyu…um mingyu is funny unintentionally and eunhyuk tries to come off as lame as a joke so i guess eunhyuk 

5. Between 6&9: Who would you date?

(Joshua or Ga-in) I love Joshua but Ga-in hands down would 100 percent date her.

6. Between 9&10: Who would you do a collaboration with?

(Ga-in or Rapmon) Ga-in just to do a feminist soundtrack 

7. Between 4&8: Who is the best dancer?

(Heechul or Mingyu) Mingyu, heechul is too lazy

8. Between 3&5: Who would you most likely marry?

(Minghao or Amber) Amber is a dudebro so I would marry Minghao. Two alphas ready to rule the world. 

9. Between 1&7: Who would you nurse when they are sick?

(Eunhyuk or Jeonghan) Fuck this is hard cause I would choose neither lol. Like Eunhyuk I would be like don’t exaggerate you’re such a baby and for Jeonghan I would use that moment to steal seungcheol from his clutches, but I guess Jeonghan since he does spend a lot of time taking care of the others and deserves to be pampered

10. Between 2&3: Who has a better smile?

(Seungcheol or Minghao) HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!! minghao….

11. Between 6&8: Who would you vacation with?

(Joshua or Mingyu) Joshua seems like the type to be like i dont wanna look like a tourist i wanna live with the community in that white girl voice whereas mingyu i feel like im guaranteed good sights and good food. 

I tag:

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i went on a tinder date today. just for the lols of it. my friends were all very excited for me. but i was honestly bored out of my ass and i just wanted dinner. i was already in town, and he had to run some errand. so he asked me nicely, and we met two hours later for burgers and beer. our conversation topics included the weather, past travel stories, music, and masturbation lol. we already chatted for a few days on tinder. so we already knew the basic things about each other. masturbation wasn’t one of the basic things hahaha. 

apart from this guy, i’m only chatting with one or two others on tinder. the majority of my conversations die within a day. thanks to me lol. i can’t be fucked to reply properly if the conversation is honestly dead boring. or generic. or if they’re just openly wanting to hook up.

i’ve met a couple of people before from tinder earlier this year. one was just to drop by at his ice cream shop. another was a coffee date. neither of them i kept in touch now. to be fair, the ice cream one just straight up said a few days later that “i’m not his type” after our brief meeting LOL. but it is also clear to me that i don’t really care for a relationship right now. and then there was the other tinder date lol. 

i don’t know if there will be a second date lol. we split the bill and left separately. i specifically requested him not to send me back too. but i enjoyed dinner. 

petrichordiak  asked:

can i hear more about the class you hijacked? (this doesnt have to be private)

I actually got out of bed just so I could go full rant about this on my  computer, so y’all buckle up (thank you for giving me this opportunity lololol)

Okay, so this happened about a year, maybe a year and a half ago. I’m gonna go ahead and make this one public for the benefit of those that didn’t follow me back then, if that’s cool.

Let me preface this by saying that I had taken literally every one of the professor’s classes before then. Partly because they were the only anthropology style class the uni offered, and partly because halfway through the second class I realized that literally everything was the same, except the books, which we never used. Even the assignments were the same, and I had perfected a system of how to do those quickly, easily, and last-minute, lol. So it was pretty much the definition of an easy A, and the prof liked me bc I was nice, actually listened to her even though I’d heard it all before, and didn’t rat her ass out for not actually teaching what she was supposed to, lol.

I should’ve known right there.

So when there was an opportunity to take a Native Americans in North America class with her, I jumped on it. I needed the hours, I obviously knew a lot on the subject already, and it would be another easy a, if history was anything to go by. 

It became one of the most frustrating classes I have ever taken.

As always, the class started the same as the others. We started out learning about vocab and models. NBD, we’d get to specifics eventually, right?

Now there are about 16 to 18 weeks in your average semester.

By week 6 we had yet to learn anything about Native history. She’d assigned some reading about the moundbuilder’s archeological sites, but nothing about the modern day. Maybe she was just taking it slow, I thought, though I was bothered by her only talking about Natives in the past tense. But she’d told me in the first class I’d taken with her (years ago by now) that she was enrolled Native, so I didn’t call it out immediately. 

We get to week 8, halfway through the semester, she hadn’t covered anything. No mention of treaties, modern movements for civil rights, AIM (American Indian Movement), the illegal overthrow of Hawai’i, buffalo kill offs, smallpox blankets, Chicago museum’s bullshit, NAGPRA (a law protecting grave sites and demanding the return of remains to their Nation by museums and sites, if the Nation will accept them (sometimes they allow the remains to be housed by the museum bc they’re typically more secure there, but that’s very rare)) beyond how it affected archeologists, the different regions, the language families, ghost dance, the flooding of lands by companies illegally, human zoos, RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, THE FUCKING TRAIL OF TEARS, NOTHING.

Like your 4th grade history segment, as racist as it probably was, probably was more informative than this bitch was being, okay? And I was getting mad. Y’all know me. Native activism is a huge part of my life, and has been for years. Students were being allowed to say really racist shit unchecked. The prof wasn’t teaching jack. Misinformation was being spread, even by the prof.

It felt like even in a class dedicated to us, we didn’t matter. Our history didn’t matter. 

I was fed up.

Then, she pissed me the absolute fuck off. She proceeded to spend the rest of the class talking about South America.

Now, our Indigenous family below the equator absolutely deserve to be discussed. They have so many issues that really, really need to be boosted and respected. We do not raise their voices often enough. But this was a class specifically about North America, and her reasoning for making it otherwise was racist in so many ways.

First, she changed the curriculum outside of its scope because she was “MORE INTERESTED IN SOUTH AMERICA, AND WOULD HAVE TO DO RESEARCH TO TALK ABOUT” the issues I was publicly demanding to know when she would cover. As if her personal interest and ignorance were more important than our lives. 

(side note, it turns out she was lying about being enrolled and Native. Her white supremacist brother (not even kidding) had said that a Cherokee woman chief in Minnesota or some shit had enrolled them. I asked her if she meant Wilma Mankiller, the first modern female Cherokee chief. She said no, it was someone else, and in the late nineties, after Wilma would’ve no longer been Chief. I publicly called her out, and even another student jumped in to help, because there was no other woman Chief then, and there was no recognized Nation that far North. Her white supremacist brother had lied bc he felt othered while working near the Din’e on a job site, bc they didn’t include his racist ass, lol. So she’d lied her way into being allowed to teach a class she didn’t even know or care about. So at this point, I was fucking done with her, lol)

She also was showing us old propaganda films, and literally every group she discussed was being painted as ignorant, warlike savages by her and the materials. She even defended a man that intentionally exposed Indigenous peoples with no immunity to certain diseases to said diseases ‘just to see what would happen.’ She recommended his books, including ‘Noble Savages’ to us. I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s racist, lmao.

All of this is to say that I was VERY fed up, she (and the class) was VERY racist, and she was going down.

Then her foolish self decided to assign a massive project where we were supposed to ‘teach the class’ about a Native subject (y i k e s, esp. since the class was full of non-Natives). Since I was Fed Up, I decided to skip the usual schooling on cultural appropriation to instead teach everyone (including her) about just a smattering of the important things she hadn’t even mentioned in passing. :)

What followed was a 33 page powerpoint.

Apologies for any inaccuracies, and blanket tw for slurs, racism, death, csa, torture, child abuse, etc etc etc

(I added all the regalia pics bc they made me happy and calmed me down, which I was gonna need. I set the presentation up as “Man, I sure had trouble deciding what to make my presentation about. Should I talk about X? Y? Z? This? That? This? And so on until I reached residential schools and Reconciliation as my discussion topic.)

I hope those gifs work. If not, they should be under my “Oka Crisis” tag, or “n i fn a history” and “n i fn a protests” tags. I also had decided early to use the Nations actual names where possible.

Oh look, a quick and easy way to make people realize THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T FUCKING REFER TO US AS SLURS, and here’s how to discuss the issue without being additionally harmful.



Getting progressively angrier at this point. The class is smart enough to stay silent.

#MMIW #NoMoreStolenSisters. Please bring them home. Whatever it takes.

Stayed on this slide juuust long enough to stare each person in class down.

Oh look, we’re finally hitting my actual topic. Again, shit’s about to get very heavy. Please read only if you can. I will not be glancing over these to check them rn, bc I can’t. I’m sharing just for y’all to see, and hopefully reblog to educate people.

I honestly wept as I worked on this part. I can’t read it again.

Calling it out.

AYUP. Canadians are so nice and their government isn’t problematic at all

There are survivors that are my age, and younger.

Not letting them forget that this isn’t just in the past. It still wounds us.

It still hurts. We’re still recovering.

I included resources for them, including the prof, to actually educate themselves, since our school sure as shit wasn’t going to do it.

A handful of my sources.

Anyways. I was done. So fucking done. She (the prof) still tried to guide the class back and pretend that it was acceptable that she hadn’t taught them anything. I didn’t let her. I reminded them all that the only reason that this was Canada focused was bc they’d just had the Truth and Reconciliation reports, whereas the US government hasn’t put any effort into assembling data on their atrocities. Go figure.

Anyways, happy #Canada150 everybody :)

OK to reblog.


Venus in Aries: I heard your laughter before I saw you. And then I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And after everyone had gone home we were still running around, or you were running I was just trying to keep up. You work hard, play hard and love even harder, but you like to try on a couple of sizes before you find the right fit. It’s the way you make me laugh at the most ludicrous things, the way you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to go and get it. You make me feel like anything is possible. Our love was like a tickle war turned makeout session, and I still remember the heat when our skin touched. There will never be anyone like you. 

Venus in Taurus: Being with you is like coming home. Like a perfect dream. Like lavender candles and cuddling up to a marathon of our favourite show. You kissing me between every episode. You don’t like playing games and you don’t like being rushed when falling in love. You take your sweet time, worshipping my body and my mind so my heart can’t help but follow. I remember those lazy Sundays, strolling through the furniture store, your hand in mine and we would pretend to decorate our future house. But all we came out with were more lavender candles and a burning lust for each other. You turn the mundane into something truly magical. 

Venus in Gemini: You drive me crazy, I never know where we stand. We spend the most incredible nights together and then I don’t hear from you in forever. Maybe that’s your style, you wanna look me in the eyes and not read my words on your phone. We sit for hours and people watch, making up backstories for them. When I’m with you I have no sense of time, all I can think about is your mischievous smile and the way you play with my hair. Your love is all-consuming, like nothing in the world matters to you more. With you my sense of reason is completely clouded, I’m yours for the night and every other night. If you’ll have me. 

Venus in Cancer: My hero, my sensitive babe. Your heart on your sleeve, that look in your eyes and I was yours forever. When you kissed me I could see our lives flashing before my eyes. Sitting on opposite sides of the sofa. Your nose in a book but your hand on me, like you needed to be connected to me or else you’d die. Every time you catch me staring at you I can’t help the grin on my face. You are fragile and strong, creating this protective space around us where we can just be together. I love how you’re not afraid of your feelings, and how you already named our kids even though we need to discuss it lol. You make it feel so real, like you are the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Venus in Leo: I remember the first time I met you, it all happened so fast. At a party, my friend introducing you and before I knew it your arms were around me. I remember melting into your hug, and the electricity in the air when we finally let go. Everyone else thought it was weird but we both knew, there was no turning back. Being with you feels like running through a field of flowers, faster and faster. Your laughter and your moans echo in my head. My legs feel like giving out but your hand refuses to let go of mine. It’s that smile after you say something clever, and they way you make me feel like it’s just me and you versus the world. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this loved. 

Venus in Virgo: You make me feel whole. Driving down the freeway blasting our songs, I can’t sing but you don’t care. Your hand on the stick shift and for some reason I got all hot inside. It’s the way you wrap your arms around me at the checkout line, like I’m yours and you don’t care who knows. You’re thoughtful and observant, you make me feel like I matter to you. And it’s not an act, you are actually that kind. I’m trying so hard to describe you, but all I can think about is that night when my family fell apart. You drew a bath with bubbles and you held me until the water went cold. Then we ate raspberries (my favourite) and watched Modern Family. And then you loved me until I didn’t feel like I was falling apart anymore. I think that describes you more than words ever could. You’re the one I see sitting next to me on our porch doing a crossword puzzle, in our old bodies. But it doesn’t scare me because your spirit is forever young. 

Venus in Libra: Being in love with you is so easy. Our first date was to the movies. You gave me a red poppy and held my hand the entire time, gently playing with my fingers. My heart was about to beat out of my chest but somehow I was calm, because you were. I love the way you talk so easy, with that breezy confidence. Like you’d never tell me a lie. The way you were charming and kind to everyone from the bus driver to the server at the pizza shop. After talking to each other all night in the park, it was the only place that was still open. My mum still asks about you. I think she loved you more than I did, and that’s saying something. 

Venus in Scorpio: God, the way you tear me apart and then put me back together. Over and over again. You of all people know that life isn’t always chocolates and roses. You’re not afraid of the ugliness of human nature, instead you try to find the silver lining, the beauty in the madness. You demand that I’m honest with you, and in turn you trust me with your own secrets. It created a bond beyond love, or maybe it was love. It just felt different, like it was based in reality and not a love story. You’ve seen me at my worst and still think I’m beautiful, because you see people’s souls. Nobody can hide their true nature from you for you are an expert of reading between the lines. Your animalistic passion penetrates deep, and everything becomes a haze of lust and obsession. Because if you’re not obsessed it’s just not worth it. I would trust you with my life, because you would sacrifice your own for the one you love. 

Venus in Sagittarius: We had just gotten comfortable on the top of the mountain we climbed when you hit me with “Do you think out of seven billion that some people have the same personality?” And you packed my favourite sandwich, tomato, mozzarella and basil. A moment of breathless kisses and triumph. Your strength made me feel strong too, and your devotion made my heart swell. You never stand still but it doesn’t matter, because you take me with you and always make sure I’m alright. You make me feel included, showing me off and introducing me to all your friends. I’ve never felt more proud than when I’m standing next to you. When you told me how much you loved me I knew it was true. 

Venus in Capricorn: The true romantic. What drew me in was that calm stare, you looked like trouble I swear I was gonna faint on the spot. You could keep up with me, and when you took my hand and said “Trust me?” I somehow believed you. But what made me fall for you was how you kept all your promises. Your presence is honest and true, the way you make me feel like I would never be alone, like I would always have a friend. I love falling asleep in your arms to your heartbeat. You’re gentle with me, I can feel your love in every touch. Your love made me believe I could do anything, because I knew you would stick by my side. If I asked you to. 

Venus in Aquarius: Keep it cool, that’s how you roll. Almost untouchable, but you let me touch you. It was like the seasons changed in seconds. You finished that last drop of champagne and said “Let’s get wet”, then we jumped in the pool. And then you kissed me. It felt like breathing underwater, I don’t even think you live in the same world as the rest of us. I texted you at 2 a.m. and you didn’t hesitate. Trapped between your body and the wall, your lips on my neck and I was already in heaven. I never thought you loved me back, until you showed up on my doorstep, whiskey on your breath and tears in your eyes. After that I never doubted you, because I knew then that your love was more than words. 

Venus in Pisces: With you it’s all about the moment, and moments with you are plush and whimsical. Like sitting on a cloud. You are still the only person to ever write me a poem. And when you asked me if I liked it, how you let me see your vulnerable side even though the look in your eyes was sheer terror, you were brave. I was at loss for words so I just kissed you deeply. You see the beauty in the little things, like asking me about what I dreamt last night or giving me cupid earrings so they could whisper sweet nothings in my ear when you’re not around. Your love is poetic, you actually think of me and what makes me happy. Whenever you see something that reminds you of me you always let me know. I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be so cherished.

Everyone’s saying they wanted to see how Lance would have reacted when Keith told the group he was Galra (and so would I LOL) but if you think about it, I’m pretty sure he already knew Keith was Galra

Do you remember their first mission together?

Lance was having trouble trying to figure out the Galra’s technology 

Then Keith came over and helped him out, putting his hand on the hand print, allowing them to get through

Lance was confused, wondering how he’d done it, but he’s not dumb, I honestly feel like he put two and two together eventually, probably realizing that Keith is probably Galra or has some Galra in him

And then I bet when Keith told the team, Lance was probably the first one screaming: “I knew it!” or he just wasn’t surprised at all, but knowing him he most likely bragged about knowing his secret before anyone else did

I find it so cute though that he was probably the first one out of the group to find out Keith was Galra, and that if he did know, never said anything about it but kept it to himself, so Keith wouldn’t become uncomfortable 

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

Lust & Errors 05

Rated: M

Warning: Excessive graphic smut, age gap, recreational drug use, angst, slight dub-con.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: well, well, well…. look what the fuck it is. lol this was over 25k but i removed an entire scene because it completely threw off the flow and i wasn’t happy with it but here’s 19k anyways :))))

Words: 19.7k

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05.

Seven twenty-three.

The clock taunted you, reminding you that this god foresaken party had hours left to go.

Amongst all of the sharp-dressed men and elegant women, you were the only young person in the vincity, no one being under the age of thirty five. It was awkward and boring because you literally had no one to talk to, on a casual-level that was.

Jimin would usually come to the parties just to save you from dying of bordem, but he had other plans tonight. Like almost every teenager on a Friday night, save for your stupid self.

Slowly, you made your way to the staircase and looked around, checking to see if anyone was paying any attention to you so they wouldn’t call out or question your departure. After failing to notice anyone paying attention, you sneakily made your way up the stairs - to your freedom.

On the way up, you couldn’t help but to feel like you were being watched, eyes trained on your back, but you figured it was just paranoia and continued upwards with quick steps.

Tonight your father was hosting one of the parties for his work, which at one point in time used to be glamarous in your eyes. Back when your mother was still alive, you looked forward to the parties because you and her always went shopping for new dresses and got your hair done, pampered yourselves for the special occasion.

Now, they were simply boring and quite honestly inconvenient.

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Its midnight and I need to fucking talk about Damien from Dream Daddy.

Before the game came out, I was on that bandwagon of people who were like “lol goth dad what a goofy goober”, I totally didn’t take Damien as a serious character and honestly was considering not even playing his route, or at least playing it last.

But when the game came out and news spread that Damien was trans, I knew I had to play his route first - primarily to see how the game creators treated a trans character. I was hoping to be impressed by the representation, but never dreamed of actually liking the character.

But low and behold by the end of the first date I was smitten. Why, you maybe thinking? Well kids buckle up.

The game goes about Damien very well. They casually show that he is a trans man through natural dialogue, making it very matter of fact. This is so refreshing for in my experience, people are very blunt and notably uncomfortable when explaining that someone is trans - either just straight up saying it and things becoming awkward, or saying it and having transphobic but “light-hearted” jokes follow. Both these reactions highlight how uncomfortable the presumably cis people in the conversation are, thusly making it weird or out of place that the trans person is trans.


By being casual about, and not have any characters whisper about it or seem uncomfortable, it shows how comfortable the cast is with trans people and how accepted Damien is as a trans man! And to even have his son be comfortable and use the correct name a pronouns, as well as recognize that Damien’s life has been rough? Iconic.

Another note about Damien is I love that the cul-da-sac clan seems to just accept how passionate about Victorian era culture he is. They may say he is a little eccentric, but they still invite him to parties and obviously value him as a friend!! Its so refreshing for the “weird” character to just be accepted.

And I really like that they made Damien, the eccentric character, trans because as a trans and queer man myself, I have used passion behind hobbies to occupy myself. Being trans in our society isn’t exactly easy and it sounds like Damien had a rough go of it. So for him to find happiness in something, such as Victorian culture, makes sense because its a way to distract himself from the negatives. I can honestly say that my passions have saved me really dark times, and its apparent to me that Damien’s passions have saved before as well.

Its also so great that (SPOILER) on his third date its revealed that there are more sides to him then just his main passion. Often in games and media, the eccentric character is never really given a character or enough development - they are purely the one sided, flat, eccentric character. But for a character to succeed they have to be like real people, and real people are multifaceted. Allowing Damien to have strong passion, but also other hobbies and routines was really amazing.

I just super fucking appreciate this character. He has touched my heart so deeply and represents so many things that I am and that I want in media. I can’t thank the game creators enough for this beautiful character.


The first time they hear each other’s voice in two years.

Lavellan stops dead in her tracks and actually almost spasms. It takes her a moment to process what she’s hearing and then she runs to him.

Solas hangs his head, pauses, and blinks a couple times before turning to her. He knew she would come but I think it still took him a moment to gather the strength to turn and face her.

Captured with the Dragon Age Cinematic Tools.

Random piece of information from the Mitsurou Kubo autograph session

Translating PASH is taking some time so in the meantime have this. I didn’t go to the autograph session because of course I didn’t win the lottery for it (it was only about 120 people out of 30,000 applications, and still reports say that over 10 people didn’t show up, aaaahhh give me your luck if you don’t need it seriously). However some people are sharing pics of the drawings they got at the event, and one person also shared one piece of information which I’m sure you want to know.

I’m translating this person’s tweets exactly as they are but I decided not to post her name because she’s a normal person and maybe she might get scared and erase the tweets if she starts getting replies in lots of languages (and I don’t want to be the source of that lol). It’s one of the most retweeted posts about the session even though it has no pic attached so you might spot it if you’ve been looking at them…

By the way I think “AOI” is “Art on Ice”, the ice show that was recently held in Switzerland. Kubo was in Switzerland with Yamamoto until the other day and she posted pics of her with Deniss and he and Lambiel’s manager, so I think she went to see it.

Translation in bold:

What I earned at today’s autograph session was, beside of course the autograph, that I could directly thank her, that I could talk with her about AOI, and that I found out that Victor knew Yuuri from before the banquet & was aware that Yuuri was his fan.

(another person asked her “oh I guess it’s because of when Yuuri ignored him?” and below is the reply)

He didn’t notice him because Yuuri ignored him, it’s that sometimes one person’s performances might have some elements that resemble the ones of the skater they like, and apparently Victor, watching Yuuri performing, thought “oh, he’s my fan ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎ ” .

Now, it’s not clear how long “before the banquet” means, because it wasn’t specified whether she’s referring to Yuuri’s performance in the GPF or in general (though well, unless Yuuri has never been in the same tournament as Victor I guess Victor might have had other chances to see his performances), but still it’s cute that Victor would notice that. I wonder what would Yuuri think if he knew this, lol.

P.S.: The emoticon is Victor’s “official” emoticon, lol. She used it in the tweet so I used it too.

Territory (Dogboy Hybrid AU) | Taehyung x You

Rated: M 

Warning: Graphic hybrid smut. Please don’t read this if you’re not into it because I don’t want to scar you

Summary: Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.

Note: Ah, okay, so this is my first time ever writing about Hybrids and stuff like that, so please bear with me. The idea came to mind while I was surfing the interwebz, so I just thought I’d write it up. What a thing to be my first post lol, but oh well.. Idgaf. I’m pretty much uneducated on “Dogboys” but I’m giving it my best shot.. HUZZAH!!~ 

Words: 2,932

You were driving him insane. The intoxicating scent of you calling out to him, begging for him to mount you and claim you as his own before any other male could get to you. It was hard to fight his natural instincts, but he knew better than to force you into anything and you had told him you didn’t feel well, stating you had ‘cramps’ or something along those lines. But your body was crying out for him to dominate you, your body needed him, he could sense it, and it was taking every ounce of his willpower to refrain from mounting you whenever he was in your presence. And that was quite a lot.

It was already hard enough not to mount you, so he really couldn’t help his need to follow you around everywhere, his possessive nature having to make sure no other male could get near you, his precious bitch. Just the thought of it made the hair on the back of his neck raise, his hands clench into fists and a snarl appear on his lips, slightly revealing his canines hid beneath. 

He was in no mood to be tested today in particular. He could sense you were at your peak of ovulation, which was when it was most hard for him to suppress his feral desires. It was so strange to him how humans were so unaware to what their bodies needed. Couldn’t you sense even a little bit how badly your body was yearning for him? He could only shake his head, perplexed by your utter oblivion. 

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