lol art if you could even call it that

“Washed up at 14… so sad.”

“Ha ha Shiro, at least I’m still older than you.”

How great is it that Shiro is 6? :D I love it. (in this au probably even younger lol) 

also more bh6 vld crossover  cuz BROGANES  and thank you for all the f*ck you s/ how could you s on my last one LOL it made me so happy haha xD

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i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or you truly don't know what i'm talking about lol. anyway i'm not holding your white hand i literally just explained this to you as nicely as i could. bye whitey

i mean ok but i never mentioned anti-blackness or even had a conversation abt it? i just reblogged a post calling out whitewashed art 

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Ooo fancy! I hope you had fun running the blog! So, uh, can i have a matchup please? I'm a 5'2" girl, prefers boys but i'm fine with anyone! I love to sing the most even if i could do much, such as cooking, writing and drawing, well i don't master the rest tho. Some says i'm pretty damn motherly even if i don't see myself that way? I had 6 people calling me mom and idk why but i make dry and bad jokes, likes memes, and games! Pretty reclusive but will put my heart on the sleeve when i know them!

I’d match you with best boy Yusuke Kitagawa! Your motherly charm and memes are the perfect storm for the enigma Yusuke has and will continue to try and decipher as you two are together. You’re practically his wife at this point, cooking and looking after him to make sure he doesn’t accidentally starve himself or do something else (that time he drank his paint water and fell unconscious is not a fond memory you look upon). He loves learning about “me-mes” and the cultural implications that come with it, but he’s still trying to figure out when to use them in conversations (“Is there where I’m supposed to dab, [Name]?” “Uh, well not really.” “Will a whip suffice?” “Just don’t, Yusuke.”). You are his muse and pose for him quite often, but he enjoys going out with you to doodle the scenery. He gives you advice on certain drawing techniques and you bring him new drawings every day to marvel at; His heart just swells up with joy to see you so interested in his trade. Also sleepovers where you’ll play games all night? Hell yeah. Your dates are pretty low-key and you two prefer to be isolated somewhere together rather than a place packed with people. The fact that you two became an item before Ryuji got his S/O makes him a little grumpy when you’re all together, but you love teasing him about it. PDA gets Yusuke really flustered though, so watch out before he explodes like a volcano.   

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I really love your pregnancy aus and I mean I get why you can't do a "love scene" but can I ask what ur canon is for how it happened? On her birthday? Was he drunk and couldn't stop himself? Was she? One night stand? A one night only, and they pretended it never happened after? A desperate need kinda night? Does he remember? Does she? Did it start as a fight? Need the dets lol Cause they haven't mentioned it at all in the sets and don't act like they've had sex

While I do have a future set planned where they will finally talk about how baby Gecko came to be (because they are mastering the art of avoidance right now), I do have quite the headcanon about it. In fact, my headcanon is so developed that you could even call what you’re about to read….okay yeah it’s a fanfic that’s what’s happening here I’m sorry but just remember that you basically asked for sethkate smut okay? I’m also running seriously low on sleep so let’s blame this on that because I am perfectly aware of how ridiculous it is.

How the unplanned pregnancy au came to be.

  • It was really fucking hot. Like burn yourself on the metal of the seatbelt, all of your clothes are sticking to you, you just want to shove yourself into a freezer hot.
  • Their motel room, one of the worst yet, had no air conditioner because the thing had probably been broken for months and the manager didn’t really seem to care about it.
  • They’d been traveling for a day and a night trying to get away from a pack of culebras that spotted them so they were both too tired and done to find another place.

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This is so hard for me, honestly. I usually don’t take gymnastics as seriously as to reach the point of being sad and very bad emotionally, at the end this is just a sport, there are things more important and serious in life, but when I read these sad news I honestly almost start crying. Some of you really know how much I love Vika, for me she’s exactly what gymnastics should be: execution, difficulty and presentation. A true all arounder that also could make you feel that you were not just watching a sport, but art. I don’t lie when I say that I became a gymfan because of her. I remember vividly being at home watching the London AA on TV, and how impressed I was with her flawless floor routine. How she fought for that routine. I didn’t know anything about gymnastics, I didn’t know about scores or CoPs, I didn’t know about her story, actually I didn’t even know how she was called lol, but that floor routine made me jump of excitement. The landings, the music, the performance. Like seriously, I really wanted her to win. She didn’t, but I was so obsessed with that routine I had to look for it on Youtube and watch it again and again and again. Queen, flippy jumps and perfection, what could be better? After that, I started watching more gymnastics routines, reading every Wikipedia page about WAG, and, at the end, I got “caught” by this great sport, until now.

Since then, I also have learnt about her story, about who she was, about her junior career, about the Tokyo AA, about her injuries and about her disappointments. Because of that, I really, really hoped she could overcame all of this, all her past failures, her illnesses and injuries, and finally have her moment of glory. I deeply in my heart wanted to see her going to Rio, winning that gold medal and being at the top of the podium, where she deserved to be. Sadly, that won’t happen. But life is unfair, isn’t it?

I would truly like to express exactly how I feel, but… Jesus, I just can’t find the words. Seriously, I’m so fucking shocked I almost feel stupid. I knew she was having health troubles, and I lied to myself saying she would be in shape for Rio and that everything would be ok, even if inside of me I knew something was not going well. But I REALLY wanted her to be successful, to have a fucking Olympic stadium chanting her name, to watch the Russian flag ascending, her hymn rattling my heart and the arena while I fucking cried and shouted “I KNEW, I ALWAYS KNEW”. It was like I personally needed it to be happy. Damn it, I can’t believe this is happening.

So, even if these last four years have been a rollercoaster of happy moments and disappointments (way more disappointments than happy moments), I will always be glad I was not doing any other thing than watching the TV that 2nd August 2012. Not only because I ended up finding this great, awesome sport - and perfect excuse for procrastination -, but mainly because I discovered VIKTORIA ALEKSANDROVNA KOMOVA. I’m so glad I took that trainwreck rollercoaster and I will never regret it.

I don’t want think about this as a good bye, but as a “see you soon”. At the end we will always have Youtube lol. But, whatever happens, for me gymnastics will always be a synonynm to Komova, and Komova will always be a synonynm to gymnastics.

And, as her floor music, the show must go on :’)

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Where should I live in nyc?

how much money do you have?

just kidding, doesnt matter - noone in new york has any money anyway. drinks are like $17 here. 

but a lot goes into living in/around nyc - i lucked out being in the east village, i love it. but its small and minimal. friends in brooklyn are probably better off in terms of overall living quality, but i have convenience on my side. 

or, you can live a nice quiet upper manhattan life. very sophisticated like. museums & bars that close at 11pm, bad deli’s and department stores.

or you could live in hells kitchen and eat cheap sushi & and curse times square.

or you could live in murray hill and wear a backwards hat and wide chinos.

or you could live in the financial district and never be able to catch a cab past 6pm & have noone know the streets you live on. but i think you have to wear a suit all the time, like to bed & stuff. i’m not sure. some people call it “FiDi” but  those people wear suits to bed.

or you could live on the lower east side & buy drugs from your neighbor and smell sort of funny. not bad, just funny.

or you could live harlem & have white people be impressed with your commitment to live in NYC and say things like “wow, 121st street? do trains even go up that high LOL” (but they actually verbalize the acronym)

or you could live in the west village & have a hip cool job in fashion or art and try to maintain the idea that the west village is a “neighborhood” and “so nice” (it is, i’m just lime green jello)

fuck it, live near me - in fact, move in with me. we can split the cost of drinks.