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Freezing Body, Burning Hearts

@voltronwhumpweek2017 here’s Writer Nonnie’s fic for Day 2: Hypothermia

((I uh… I tried okay. I don’t have much experience writing Pidge. Or female characters in general. I blame this site for making me pessimistic about any attempts at writing female characters. Anyways, enjoy the suffering!))


It was just supposed to be a training exercise.

Yet somehow, he and Pidge were stuck on some icy planet mostly consisting of equally icy cold water with a broken Lion. Repairing the Green Lion would mean leaving a shivering, blue lipped, barely conscious Pidge to defend for herself. If he stayed by Pidge’s side, he would have to trust that the Green Lion had enough energy to send a distress signal.

If he could get inside the Lion’s cockpit, that would open up some new solutions. He could fix up Green and keep an eye of Pidge at the same time. Walking would prove a problem with the stinging pain in his leg.

The presence was stronger than ever, gripping his stomach and throat.

“W-w-w-w-w-We n-n-n-ne-n-ne-nee-ed t-t-t-” Pidge pawed at Ryou’s chest. Both were still soaking wet, and the Green Lion laid on the shore unmoving.

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