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Describe how you met your girlfriend

goshhhhh ok so

back when i was a wee little blogger with like, <200 followers, i knew a couple of the wonderful people i’m friends with now, i knew paula bennyslegs and a few others, and i’d followed mia for a long while like maybe a couple years, before she was into sherlock anyway, but then she and julia and grace started tjlc and i was like GOSH she truly is the sweetest person i’ve ever followed!! then in march or so?? i saw her post about probably not being able to afford to go to london to see richard iii bc of how expensive hotels are and i was like, um, hello, ah, i live near london, you’re welcome to stay with me if you like!!! while inside i was like ‘i think i like her like her help help’ and mia was like ‘hello becca that would be cool!! i’m maybe staying with a couple of other people too, like anna nondeducible’, and i was like ‘ah ok!!’ but inside i was like ‘DARN she can’t stay with me the whole time’ dsakjhfdjkSFDJKSA THINKING ABOUT THIS NOW IS HILARIOUS ANYWAY

so i started talking to mia online more once she’d followed me and we talked about stuff and sherlock and tjlc and our homelife etc and i pretty much realised i was falling in love with her when i would sit refreshing my dash waiting for her to message me and obviously she was SO beautiful i was like o.o and this was also around the time she cut her hair from long to mid length and she would show me 100s of pictures of guinness and i loved it and we would comfort each other if we were sad and it was wonderful but i was like, ive never had a bf or gf, don’t get excited becca it’s not like this will turn into anything she’s probably just being nice gfjkdhgkj ANYWAY so then i drew her and her pup and SHE DIDNT EVEN REALISE i was in love with her, THEN she was like, we’ll have to video skype!! and i was like fhdjkshfdjfhsdjfs i have to tell her i have to say something or i’m going to be stuck in gay hell forever and basically my friends were like STOP TALKIGN ABOUT THIS PERSON WE DON’T KNOW YOU JUST TALK ABOUT HER ALL DAY fhjkshfdjksahfdj

SO i was so excited about skyping her for the first time, i was playing in a violin concert all that day, and it was a pretty chill fun concert and mum said to me after ‘you literally looked the happiest i have ever seen you on stage, you were smiling so big and you looked like you were having an amazing time!!’ and the whole time it was bc i was thinking about skyping mia later that night fghdjfghjdskghkjfd im so gay

ANYWAY so we skyped FOR LIKE 7 HOURS until it was 8am in england and i sort of told her i liked her and she was like ‘gosh im flattered, im a bit overwhelmed but thanks!’ and then we would skype quite often as ‘friends who are both aware one has a massive crush on the other’ lol

then a little while later she let me know it wasn’t something she wanted at the moment, now she’s always like REMEMBER WHEN I REJECTED YOU LOL’ AND IM LIKE YES IT WAS HORRIBLE AND HURT LF!! fgdhjshgfjdskghfjdsgfhj but i totally understood, like, long distance relationships are a big commitment and they’re painful as hell and i would never have wanted to hurt either of us

so we continued skyping and it was so lovely, by the time it was time for mia to come to london we were close and skyping a lot and i was soooo nervous to meet her irl, i had to travel all the way to london and then the airport hfjdkhfdj which wouldnt be a big deal now but at the time was!!!!! AND THEN WHEN I SAW I WAS LIKE ‘SHIT’ and we were both nervous and cuddled all the way back on the train fghesgfjdhfdjkshfjs

ANYWAY the first day was wonderful, whatever it was it felt like more than friendship hfjdkahfdjkds anyway so that evening she was snuggling up to me so much i was like maybe!!!! she’s!!!! changed her mind!!!!!!! but i didn’t want to get my hopes up so i didn’t assume anythign and internally i was just like ‘im in love with u i love u im in love with u hellp  heLP’ BUT THEN later we were in bed watching the ricky gervais show of course, and she leaned in so much and was smiling and she’d been being so flirty and cute and she was just so soft and lovely and i felt like i could tell her anything in the world and she JUST KEPT LEANING IN and I WAS LIKE INTERNALLY O.O’ and so i mustered up all my gryffindor courage and asked ‘can i kiss u?’ in SUCH a [drunk sherlock voice] hgjkfdhkf and mia was like YES and then we KISSED and now 5 months later we’re so happy and we’re going to spend forever together!!

so i hit another milestone! and it seems a little too soon to be making another follow forever, but here i am… i don’t follow a lot of blogs (still) but all these people are amazing and i love them a lot:

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