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Would like your assessment on a certain part of the TWD fandom that perpetuates a vicious cycle of denial regarding a non-existent relationship & recently, a deceased character's survival. I'm confused as to how does one validate thoughts borne out of defense mechanisms like projection, justifications, rationalizations as evidence of reality ? Sounds more like deflection, a subconscious acknowledgement of baseless postulations. Look forward to your insights. ♡♡A graceful fangirl ;) :*

Hi Anon! Thank You for your message! I’ll try my best to answer this as well as I can, but the truth is that I could seriously talk for hours and hours about this, and it’s hard for me to summarise, so please note that this will be a rambling mess. 

Anyway, I assume what you are referring to is the “B” Ship and it’s truly terrifying fans most of whom are a scourge upon the TWD fandom, and in my opinion, have largely contributed to it’s recent descent into a dark pit of doom in the last year. To anyone else reading this, I would just like to point out, that despite my being a shipper of Caryl, my opinions on the “B” ship, or rather, it’s fans, are mostly unbiased, because I’ve never considered it to be of even the slightest concern as far as the actual show goes. It’s essentially non-existent, so when I’m talking about this part of the fandom, it’s not petty jealousy or insecurity, it’s just me pointing out what I see as the blind obvious.

I find myself rather confused as to how this ship ever begun, for starters, it concerns a barely legal teenager, and a 46 yr old man. That’s right, I’m not even going with the fact that said 46 year old man is a gruff, bearded, filthy greasy, angry, unstable and emotionally complex man, or that said barely legal teenager is still a child, has been very sheltered, and has just seen her own father decapitated and is therefore extremely traumatized. No, all we need to know is 46 YEAR OLD MAN & BARELY LEGAL TEENAGER. That alone should be enough to tell any normal person that B*thyl=BIG FAT NOPE. There’s also no canon evidence, and the fact that writers and EK have all said the potential of romance was never considered or scripted, so how shippers can take these facts, ignore them and continue to misconstrue the show into their own little fairytale whilst claiming to be the intelligent, sane and “soooper awesommmeeszzz guyzzzz lol :) “is baffling.

But wait, actually, it isn’t, because I’ve even already said the word………..FAIRYTALE i.e fantasy, dream, delusion, etc. In my opinion, this entire thing boils down to one thing.The fantasy of riding the golden peen……..that’s right, it’s fangirl drooling over Norman Reedus himself. Never mind Beth, or a meaningful relationship, or any of that………just forget it, because what its all about is using Beth as a VESSEL for each individual to substitute themselves into that position and play pretend, whether that be concerning long time fangirl icon Norman Reedus, or just the “surly kinda hot broken redneck hearthrob” fantasy.

Go look at, or AO3….there’s a REASON that so much B*thyl fanfiction is AU, or about Bethy being a singer in a country bar where she meets the elusive DD, or about her giving birth to the Dixon twin babies Daryl has always longed for but never knew where they live happily ever after in their house with a white picket fence and 2 dogs and 3 cats and a sparkly shiny unicorn………’s all about projection of one’s self into a fantasy through the medium of the easiest character to do so with:i.e the least developed, the one with the least character features, or the one whom has done so little within the narrative,that you can rewrite them altogether in your head and stick in the features that you want. Think….TWILIGHT…..all that’s going on here is essentially what happened there with Bella, except the fangirl rabbidness is a gazillion times stronger for NR/DD.I have no idea just how “fanatical” these people are about him,I’ve personally never been very invested in fangirling male celebrities, but if I had to take a guess I’d say they were pretty deep into the delusions, meaning ANYTHING which keeps their brains happy via clinging onto the possibility of using Beth as a fantasy will do as a valid and acceptable theory. Bethsus, secret limo filming, rewriting scripts, SG having secrets with EK about a comeback………etc.

Until there comes a point where there is another young little thing whom they can use for the fantasy projection, they will cling onto Beth/Bethyl for as long as possible. I feel sorry for those few genuine Beth fans, and in some ways for EK and Beth herself……….because whilst I have never connected with her, I don’t hate her, and even warmed up to her in S5, and it’s just a shame that the B shippers couldn’t be as genuinely (key word being GENUINELY, not falsely claiming to be more invested in Beth than the ship…..We can all smell the deception a mile off! )passionate about HER, as they have about the ship. I mean,have we even seen many properly grieve for Beth yet, other than non-b*ethyl fans? I know that there were a few shippers who did, yet some have yet to even contemplate the POSSIBILITY that she is even dead, let along begin accepting it and doing what a normal fandom does….tribute posts, videos, celebrating her time on the show etc. Of course, some have, but a significant number are still holding onto these silly theories.

As soon as another suitable candidate comes along for the NR/Daryl fantasy projection i.e someone that IS actually ALIVE, it automatically becomes 10000% easier to substitute yourself into that characters position, and thus it’s 10000% easier to fulfill the “riding the peen” fantasy. No need for “bethsus” or Morgan, or “climbing out of graves” justifications……you just start another crackship, and VOILA! Here we go again! It’s also easier for them when the candidate is young, and is considered beautiful by Hollywood standards…….and I’m not even sure it’s to do with shallowness about looks, I think it’s more to do with the fact that Hollywood Standards=popular=the thing we see most in society=the quickest and easiest thing for someone to replicate. Therefore, it’s easier for someone to imagine that they too can look “Hollywood” pretty and get that internal validation that they would ever have a chance of fulfilling their fantasies. It’s all insecurity in themselves basically and this “following each other like lost sheep”  principle which people have today….I feel sorry for them.

So what I’m basically saying here anon, to try and answer you, is that the fangirls have gone a bit OTT in their adoration for the hair-dyed redneck.

If I’ve understood the term correctly, it’s come to such a point where they are so detached from reality, that they think calling themselves “Team Delusional” is meant to be funny, as I’ve heard some think it’s a retort to the hastag#teamtheymad. What’s ironic is, that whilst they think they are being clever, funny, and taking the piss outta #teamtheymad, the name is actually extremely fitting for their current state of mind.

I’m not sure how some of them (and this only goes for a few of them, as not all are this bad) justify the constant hate, death threats, misogyny,ageism, intimidation,racism and general fuckery, just to name a few things. I guess their delusion runs so deep in their brain it’s struggling to get near the blood to breathe, and has warped into a tumorous blob of anger. I have no problem if someone wants to ship something (even if I hate it), and they do so nicely without causing trouble, but I’m sure the rest of the fandom are with me when I say that the fandom has become an absolute hell hole lately. We never had even 10% of the problems we do now just over a year ago. I’ve not even been in the fandom that long and I’ve noticed it, so I really feel for all you long term fans who have had to witness the destruction. Maybe some of the nicer shippers of B need to give the angry ones some hugs.

I’m confident that by the end of S5, most B shippers will have fully got the message about Beth meeting her demise, and will either leave the fandom, move on, or just shut up. However, like it or not, this is probably not the end of shipping bollocks. Until the show either makes Caryl canon, sticks Daryl with someone else for good, or just outright says they aren’t giving Daryl a romance, we are going to continue to endure bullshit. The ends people go to all for the sake of Daryl Dixon is confusing to me, but I am in no doubt that there are more crackships coming our way.

The only good thing that can happen is that once they move onto the next female, at least they will stop harpering on about “Bethsus” or “Malala Yousafzai survived a bullet to the head though!”, and they can stop embarrasing the fandom and themselves, and stop offending human kind with their totally insensitive and unreasonable theories which even the biggest idiot would fall off their chair laughing at.

*I hope this answer is satisfying enough for you anon, it’s quite possibly the most assumptive and potentially offensive (to B shippers) thing I’ve ever written, but seeing as you asked, I thought I might as well just get it all out. Seriously, I’m not normally this mean!! Thanks for your message, and feel free to ask anytime :) *