lol and when we get to say my name and basically s5 in general

5x04 ob review - 5x05 thoughts

oh boy oh boy oh boyy…what an episode…so much information, pure mythology arc..many questions were answered and a lot more were created after that…so let’s see what we’ve got here:


well it was kinda foreshadowing from the previous episode that kira would cut herself..i like the fact that the writing team took advantage of Kira’s adolescence..she couldn’t have a passive role anymore..after all she’s her mother’s child, curious and radical to learn and to know about herself..

2.this episode was about famliy,family,family

it felt more like a Manning episode rather than a Sarah episode….

Your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you

now THAT is a very powerful line, and for me it sets the core of Sarah’s developemet throughout the whole series…

and to be perfectly clear i am really REALLY  worried about Sarah cause she began as a wild self-centered con girl that tried to  take advantage of the situation for her own good and look how far she’s come

she’s gonna sacrifice herself for her family it’s crystal clear to me..that’s what Ms S would do and that’s why their relationship was so important in this episode, apart from mythology and storyline reasons…


the twins will be the center of the mythology, this photoshoot wasn’t random at all

Kira and the miracle babies…the monkey stuffed animal and the scissor..the heart connection

they feel eachother

sarah, helena and on the background pictures and paintings of what it means to be a family

Apart from how beautiful this scene was there was a lot of symbolism in it

-miracle babies

-like you& me

oh god i really wish i wouldn’t worry about Sarah so much but it’s painfully obvious where all of this is going…

Helena was ‘killed’ once and i don’t think Sarah will let her get hurt ever again..Rachel and PT are after the babies..there’s possibly gonna be a confrontation in ep 7 (the rachel episode)

(i can’t get out of my head that Helena will name one of her babies after Sarah cause…you know why)

Helena writes her memoirs (which i do believe now that this is what Sarah is reading after Fee’s art exhibition in the 60secs teaser cap)

Also Felix said that his exhibition is in 3 weeks so we vaguely have a timeline for this season…s5 events happen during a month more or less

4. PT, Virginia,Susan

or the old fashioned story of Frankenstein’s monster 

PT Leda Castor and moral choices…Virginia was an interesting addition to the storyline even though her survival from the explosion is a little bit absurd..

i liked the fact that Leda Clones were less dehumanized in contrast to the Castor programm..the freaky mansion (the bloody props in the laboratory gave me Bioshock vibes lol) set the atmosphere and got me hyped about the story.. the ‘monster’ on the other hand….well i was underwhelmed from the bald dude, they could have done a better job imo

PT is oblivious about Virginia , he’s not gonna be happy about it when he finds out…i wonder if Ira is gonna protect Susan or not when the time comes..the Rachel episode is gonna be chaotic that’s for sure

5. Cos-Charlotte

i love them SO much…Cosima is always so protective, she’s a natural with kids - and people in general, definitely the most extrovert clone of the basic 4- (also Tatiana is a PRO with kids, seriously i melt everytime)

i hope Charlotte survives all this mess cause i’m gonna be devastated for the poor kid :(

so all in all that was a pretty straightforward episode that was much needed.

-Some things about the MUCH ANTICIPATED episode 5

1.A lot of us (including myself ) have made theories about cosima’s parents and had the Alison centric episode as a guide to how the Cosima one will be. Having seen the 5x5 trailer and teaser i‘ll have to say:

-This episode is gonna be much more heavy case related than we imagined so what i’m gonna say is

2. lower your expectations guys.Have in mind that at least 4-5 scenes will be with Sarah/Kira, Rachel/Susan,Ira/Susan etc…there’s no time for a lot of flashbacks now that they decided to interlace plot with character evolution…Alison was the clone that was the least engaged with the mythology arc that’s why her episode was more standalone-ish. Do not expect the same now

3.Expect angst. The teaser made it clear.We knew that in relation to Delphine/Cos there’s always angst but my estimation is that now things are more tensed  than ever.

4.the fact that we didn’t get to see a lot of cophine scenes on the teaser is a good thing.They keep things unseen on purpose. They have already overexposed this episode (-especially the cophine scenes) so it  make sense not to show a lot of things now.

5.Be prepared for strong performances.Keep in mind that a sex scene might be unlikely to happen.Trust me the less you expect the more rewarding the experience will be in the end.Especially if you have a wild imagination.It is way too easy to underwhelm yourself with what if scenarios.

enough with the rambling now let cophine rise XD