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1776 (New York city. Pardon me, are you Aaron burr, sir?) (Im a nerd lol)

Hunk: what do you MEAN you don’t know what Hamilton is?! 

(This is talking about Hamilton right?! I’m not creating another “What is Love” incident, am I!?)



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Get to know me 🌻

Was tagged by some punk with the url @chacerath lol dont know em but thanks for the tag :)))))

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Stef and Stefano

Gender: female

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 5'5

Time Right Now: 12:45 am, just got back from Mexico

Last Thing I Googled: selena mac lipstick, i lost mine while i was in Mexico and im so fucking sad :(

Favorite Bands: my chemical romance, led zeppelin, the red hot chili peppers, no doubt, f(x), exo, shinee, bts, the beatles, dead kennedys, ramones, gorillaz, coldplay, the killers, queen, the clash, the doors, joy division, sigur ros, the smashing pumpkins, daft punk, the xx, the cranberries, fleetwood mac, sonic youth and others

Favorite Solo Artist: Ummmm I have a lot but Christina Aguilera has been my queen ever since I can remember, but I also really love Selena, Michael Jackson, and Utada

Song Stuck In Your Head: Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

Last Movie I Watched: Stars Wars Episode VII in spanish lol

Last TV Show I Watched: its been a while but I think Teen Wolf? (but that was years ago)

When Did You Create Your Blog: My first blog i created about six years ago but I remade I think last week? I already forgot wow

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: anything i like but mostly aesthetic posts, clothes, makeup, kpop, and sometimes anime

When Did Your Blog Reach its Peak: ummm what?

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: no

Do You Get Asks Regularly: nah

Why Did You Chose Your URL: its a mix of two legendary albums, shinee’s odd and f(x)’s pink tape :)))

Following: idk

Posts: idk

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Pokemon Team: as long as I have Meganium and a good water type like Empoleon i’ll be ok

Favorite Colors: any shade of blue, pastel pink, black and mint

Average Hours of Sleep: idk i think 6??

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, and 9

Favorite Characters: sora from kingdom hearts, rei from evangelion, ed from cowboy bebop and juuzou from tokyo ghoul (there are others too but i cant remember any right now)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: a black and white striped long sleeved shirt, high waisted black skinny jeans, and white adidas

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: one or none

Dream Job: A writer/screen writer/novelist

Dream Trip: Go to Paris or Japan with my family

I’ll tag: @xiumo @jjonghyun @gushikens @jooheon @mcxican @huey-newton @dangerousfx @ofmoondust @keyvictim @chonyeol @pristi4 @oilyho @lcuroo @putojimin @milky-waee @pinkoceanmp4 @aff-able @jihoonlee @celes-tae @taeminwhenisthecomeback

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-nickname: C, CC Moon Beam, Monkey
-zodiac: Scorpio
-height: 5′8
-last thing i googled: iron lotus tattoo
-favourite music artist: idk I like 5SOS I guess and also SoMo
-song stuck in my head: What They Want by Ross something 
-last movie i saw: Atlantis
-what am i wearing right now: grey leggings and a sweatshirt in 80 degree (F) weather
-why did i choose my url: I’m a nerd
-do i have any other blogs? my HP imagines blog, @imagining-potter
-what did my last relationship teach me: can’t relate, N/A
-religious or spiritual: not really either ? 
-favourite colour: grey
-average hours of sleep: 5-6 if I’m lucky
-lucky number: 33
-favourite characters: so many but I talk about alex summers and jon snow a lot
-dream job: lol

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I wish I was more like my friends (better at making friends and acting confident) I'm very bored of my own brain, is this an infp thing, and can I teach myself to be more extroverted or deal with being introverted better?

Hello Fellow INFP, 

Well I can agree, I wish I was more forward and sometimes more extroverted. I would say that if you are determined, you can train yourself to be more extroverted by hanging out with people like that. Though I must say I am Ambiverted and honestly I can hang out with as many people as I want, it really all boils down to what makes me feel recharged. I think society has it pegged that if you retreat into your room (as I am doing now lol) that you are not conditioned to be socially right or like “everyone else”. There is nothing wrong with being introverted. I would think especially if you are one that needs their down time, learning to deal would be a better alternative. It really just takes time to get to know yourself. That would be my biggest suggestion. :) Get to know yourself more, maybe go out with your friends you do have an see how that effects you. If it is too draining cut back. You are who you are and it is best to embrace it than try to fit a mold where you will be truly unhappy. Plus INFPs really don’t do well with conforming… yea not our thing ;) 

I hope this helps! 

-Best Love <3 

probablymuse  asked:

your voltron headcanons give me life, seriously. if it's not a problem, could i ask if you have any with platonic allura/lance?? :)

absolutely my guy

  • “so allura, if you absolutely had to choose, and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings here, who’s your favorite pala-” “it’s hunk”
    • lance can’t even be mad bc. same.
  • one fateful day, the Great Ear Debate finally happens. round ears are insulted. food is thrown. feelings are hurt
  • “princess, can i just say that you look awfully alluring today??” “lance
  • allura keeps tabs on lance using the mice to make sure he doesn’t lock himself in a cyropod again
  • lance learns altean swears secondhand from allura
  • *allura voice* “it is, as you humans say, lit? did i say that right? lance?? why are you laughing”
  • they’re both card carrying members of the Would Die For Coran club
  • lance is so jealous of how pretty allura is
    • like. her hair. her eyelashes. her skin. do you think allura has ever worn a face mask in her life?? no
    • lance’s skincare routine is now driven by allura-fueled spite
    • one time lance asks her what type of conditioner she uses and she deadass looks at him and is like “what’s conditioner?” and he screams
  • “hey, lance, what are you doing tonight?” “more like who am i doing tonight lol” “……..” “………….no one. i’m free. what’s up?”

anonymous asked:

You have a mostly adult fan base. Why do you keep everything so G rated? You don't cuss, talk about sex, your love life or anything. Do you think we can't handle it?

Yup! That’s what I think!

Lol no!! I do talk about my love life to an extent, only to the point I, myself, am feeling up to talking to you all about it. And as much as you may think I have a mostly adult audience, I do have lots of kids who follow me, and it is a great opportunity to keep my videos accessible to them, while also discussing things that may not get to be talked about a lot in school (Black History, women’s rights, gender identity, body positivity, etc.). Future topics will cover other things like sexuality, gender identities, possibly even safe practices, but my channel is still relatively new. And it’s not just kids, a lot of people of all ages would prefer not to watch something with expletives or sexual content. It’s not that they can’t handle it, but that they would prefer not to have it, or that they would like to watch something while there are kids around. I’m not even a big curser myself, although I’m never offended if anyone were to curse around me. I’m just a big believer in keeping my videos accessible to all!


Seen undertale sans design a lot on Twitter…. freaked me out at first, but learned to love it.. I didn’t know who they were and wanted to know more?! (apparently just sans in pain. sans x pain = otp lol)

it is not my design, got permissions from @Ebott_UT on twitter here: [link]
Seen a lot of fell sans from @withtheworms and @illegalsekrit … Vapetale?! (content creator can be/will be nsfw be careful!) (but so good so good…)

Swap sans and swapfell sans just made up myself to play with

…. i have lowkey trypophobia, unsure why i am simultaneously freaked out and love this… 

a girl in my class: *runs up to me in the library* hi! You’re in American political thought right? Of course you are, you’re like the genius of that class, I’m always scribbling down what you say.

me: *glancing at the lesbian fanfiction I am writing instead of studying for the Big Midterm I just looked at the study guide for this morning* yes?

her: *asks me questions*

in my head: 

OtaYuri Band!AU

((I am bad with writing synopsis so bare with me TvT))

Yuri.P is a son of a famous prima ballerina and he is continuing his mom’s legacy as his mother told him to do so. 

One day while he was practicing (secretly) at school in a right wing music room that are supposed to be haunted (to prevent anyone from going there), a new transfer student with a guitar case at his back came across the room and stumbled him…… 

((a new little project that I’ve been thinking for awhile lol))


Brb I’m calculating how smol Yuuri is against Victor on skates. If Yuuri is 5'8, daddy nikiforov is 5'11, and blades are about 3,14 inches; then he’s now ~6'2 or around 185cm WOW almost the height of NBA players

Also sweetener:

Victor : Our baby will be a great skating star and we’ll be so proud! Oh and imagine that he’s blessed by being born with skates!

Yuuri : Victor. Victor, that’ll haunt me to my nightmares.

Victor : The world will be surprised! First child in history to be born with knife shoes!

Yuuri : …

Victor : Yuuri, why are you silent?

Yuuri : .. I was just thinking

            History sounds like a good name, right?

fun psychosis things

- *having fun* oh shit am i real

- *wakes up and its quiet* looks like im the last one on earth 

- the Bugs

- googles “red bumps on legs”

- i need to do something with my life like… rob a bank

- googles “red bumps on arms”

- kill them. you gotta.

- hidden cameras

- someone in here can read my mind

- googles “red bumps on face”

- #yolo

- sits on bed and dissociates for 10 hours 

- i have No Feelings, i am no weakling

- im so emotional why doesn’t anyone love me *cry*

- kill the cat (why?) you gotta


- *someone does something that slightly annoys me* “kill them”

- googles “red bumps on back”


- relating to things that aren’t even close to what i feel ever why do i do that

- my posters are watching me get dressed

- the government is watching me

- something around the house is… Not Right

- my family has been replaced