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late nights //john l.//

“Three more minutes,” John said, jumping in his shoes. The two of you, well, John, was waiting for the opening of the new art store. John’s been waiting for this moment for months. And apparently, the long line of people behind you have been too. You just tagged along. If it made John happy, then it made you happy.

He continued staring at his phone, his hands shaking from excitement. You nudged his arm, pointing towards the man about to open the door. John looked at you, his cheeks pink from the cold night.

“Shit, it’s about to open. I’ve never felt this excited in my entire life!” He exclaimed, reaching for your hand. You placed yours in his, knowing he’d run full speed into the store.

The man turned the lock, and opened the doors. John took off, almost full speed into the store, dragging you along. You had to admit, they did a fantastic job on the inside. There were several sections, all dedicated to different types of art.

Even with John about to pee his pants from his hyper activity, he still held your hand throughout your journey. He pointed at the assortment of oil paints on display, his eyes wide with happiness. He told you of the different artists and people he admired, and you listened patiently.

“You’re bored, aren’t you?” He asked, seeing you cover your mouth to yawn. You shook your head, resting your head on his arm. He was warm, and you felt all fuzzy inside.

“Of course not. I could be in here all day with you.” You mumbled, “But I’m just tired. Don’t rush though, you’ve been waiting forever for this.”

He pressed his lips to your forehead, chuckling softly, “We can go home if you want. I love art, but I guess I love you just a little bit more.”

You rolled your eyes, and he squeezed your fingers, laughing.

“You’re such an asshole, Jack,” You grumbled. He gathered his supplies, and the two of you waited on line. This old couple was in front of you, playfully arguing about something one of the men was carrying in his hand. His partner complained about the abundance of supplies that he always left around the house.

You grinned, listening to them argue, “John, we’re going to be like that. You always buy things and forget about it a day later, you know.”

John looked away, “Whatever. At least I don’t forget to press the button on the dishwasher, and you probably forgot to do it today, too.”

You frowned. “No.”

He raised his eyebrow at you, and you sighed, nodding.

“Okay maybe I did.”

For Love & Money Pt.7


Words: 4512

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

The wedding completely becomes a complete blur in your mind, everything like a fast forwarded film. It’s as if you’re not really there and only your body is. One moment you’re at the reception, smile cracking because of your numb jaw. Another moment you’re cutting the cake and the next you’re following Jin’s steps for a first dance as the guests hoot and holler.

All you hear for the next hours are congratulations and cheers. People applause and beam bright smiles towards you. You nod and thank each one of them, though most of them are strangers.

After the sun has fallen and the moon has risen, finally you find silence. You’re in the car that’s driving you and Jin back home, finally the wedding is over.

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