lol alibaba


I was serious when I talked about those Not Sinbad shirts.
Because bless Kouen and Muu for being good ojii-sans, unlike Sinbad who makes all our faves cry.

@ohtaka-sensei let me help u write magi pls


alakou… is so cute… too cute… their first impression was so terrible and it’s still so strong on my mind that I never considered the ship, but now… I want to see more in canon!!!! to know what kind of dynamic these two actually will have ^^;; But who knows what will happen in Magi… (;ω;)

(SIGH i messed up the resolution for the last page, sorry!)

  • Aladdin: I sense something
  • Yunan: Lol same?
  • Alibaba: Omg should we be concerned what's it mean fam?
  • Aladdin: Idfk man but it's bad
  • Yunan: So bad
  • Alibaba: So bad? D:
  • Aladdin: Real bad
  • Alibaba: Real Bad? D8
  • Aladdin: It's like the worst thing ever
  • Yunan: Too bad to even describe
  • Aladdin: Literally that
  • Judal: Ya'll motherfuckers bein too dramatic I'm out

i wish the girls in magi were more relevant to the plot, esp morgiana. she’s a main character ffs and she’s still treated like a minor character. ohtaka could’ve easily made her as op as aladdin and alibaba :) (: (and as relevant too..)


A Whole New World for Alibaba

Priceless reaction to the dramatic changes of the world in two years. (≧ ヮ ≦)