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White tears are so funny, your feeling so empty inside your straigyt cis white body that you invent yourseld an oppression uwu

okay, you’re trolling. congrats, you’re pathetic. btw I’m not crying - actually I’m laughing at how pathetic you sound - and I said that I wasn’t oppressed fifteen times, but what do I know.


For Aomine, it’s common to use some of your roommates’ (personal) stuff.

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incorrectknb once again! Based from this post here~


i actually wanted to post this for Aomine’s birthday tomorrow but I decided against it looool because i think you guys would kill me for it OTL

Oh, additional bloopers:

Momoi couldn’t stand the bad haircut Aomine did for himself and took matters in her own hands *slow appreciative clap XD*

urata and pancakes

@uratasama:  うらた「明日パンケーキたべよ」 さかた「LIVE終わるまではむり!!!!!」 うらた「お願い致します」 さかた「むり」


urata “Let’s go eat pancakes tomorrow”

sakata “Until the (USSS) LIVE ends, it’s impossible!!!!!

urata “I humbly request”

sakata “No”

@sakatandao: うらたぬき「一緒にパンケーキ食べよ」 ってライン攻撃されてる!!!女子か!!!!!!!!!!!!


uratanuki “Let’s go eat pancakes together”- is what I’m being attacked on LINE by!!! Are you a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

@uratasama: @sakatandao パンケーキ食べない?

urata: You don’t want to eat pancakes?

@uratasama: パンケーキを食べる旅にでそう

urata: It is likely that there’ll be a trip taken to eat pancakes.