lol adorable dork

  • keith, about to confess his galra heritage: there's something i need to get off my chest
  • lance, without thinking: is it your shirt?
  • lance, internally: oh my god why am i like this now he knows i like him this is the worst thing to ever happen to me oh god what is he going to say back oh no he probably hates me i cant ever show my face--
  • keith, unphased: no ??
  • lance, internally: of fucking course he didnt get it honestly its like hes from a different planet or something i swear
First Try

Here, have this quick and dirty speedwritten and unedited drabble/one-shot/whatever in response to @pozolegirl’s beautiful scribbly sketch which is in response to this small piece of sin that was supposed to be a one-shot. 

CAROLINE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. After this I must repent and write some safe fluff or something.

Post-reveal Adrienette/Ladynoir, aged up a handful of years.

First Try

He’d like to think of himself a gentleman.

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I find the fact that Mikorin and Hori senpai literally had a penpal thingy except through dollhouse building incredibly amusing. Like look at these two dorks xD

And why the heck does Mikorin carry a miniature dollhouse teaset around?!


Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)