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Mood Board Challenge: Gemma Winters

Anddddddd here’s Gemma’s! I was going to say it’ll be the last one, but eh you never quite know with me. It’s the last one I had specific ideas for anyway. Hope you all have enjoyed them ^.^;

what up it’s vampire rick


The big four react to the stereotypes and bullshit! Also a tribute to a pesky co-worker who denounced Rapunzel for “being the reason everyone hates Disney,” Hiccup for being too “ugly” to even watch HTTYD, Merida for being “too bitchy to be feminist”, and Jack for his “bad boy/playboy princess pimp” persona (he didn’t even watch ROTG, I don’t even.)

iamterra  asked:

So... Think Amen Ishtar ever doesn't have time to do a 'proper' punishment and just locks Mariku in a closest or darkened place for a few hours? I kind of really like the idea of him doing that and Mariku getting used to the dark and that starts to make him feel minor comfort in it.

I’ve always headcanon Mr. Ishtar locking his children in a basement (could be after beating them up or an alternative if he doesn’t have time to beat them up.). Also, he blames stuff on his children even if they weren’t necessarily at fault especially Mariku ‘cuz that kid has some “serious” issues and he’s the “most problematic” of the family…so blame all the bad things on him or Rishid, lmao. 

With Mariku, I headcanon him finding refuge in darkness, opposite to Marik who fears darkness. (nothing far from the manga, lol. ) 

Uh… You guys? I think I fell in love with punk!dean. Like, I might be a little obsessed? I think I might write a fic/series with punk!dean?? *laughs nervously*

im gonna actually paint this properly at some point (i hope) bc i rly like how the lines turned out, but this feels unfinished. i dont have the patience to rn tho ://

anyways yeah this kid is powerful af and ppl tend to forget that

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