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gerdavonrinnlingen  asked:

Hesitant Kiss for SW/Quinn :3

I know I keep asking for prompts and then take a fucking age to write any kind of response I’m sorryyyyy

( send me more prompts anyway they are my lifeblood

Anyway, this takes place riiiight after Taris. Is it first kiss time? OH YES. 

The whole thing had started simply enough. An effort to work off some of the boredom that was starting to seep in as they took the long journey from Taris to Hoth - Hoth, of all the kriffing places in the galaxy, why did it have to be that particular frozen shithole - saw her inviting Jaesa to practice her lightsaber technique. Nothing out of the ordinary for a master and an apprentice traveling literally across the galaxy together.

Don’t hold back, she’d told her apprentice. Act as though I am a real opponent out for your life.

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tell you something, sweetheart, you were one hard woman to track down. faking your death and s***? gotta say, arlie, you just about broke my heart doing that. i’m here for your head, the boy, and two small payments of £500,000. you okay with that?

this is james. james is what is commonly known as a total b******.

When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.