lol a girl can dream right

Today I struggled through one of those rough days. Like I’ve made no progress at all. One of those ‘not enough’ days. It’s hard to feel like you’re not doing enough; like you’re just not enough. But I put these pics side by side and compared the difference a year makes.

-the girl on the left wouldn’t dream of running a mile. the girl on the right can run obstacle runs and 10k’s.
-the girl on the left was quick to take a rest day while the girl on the right doesn’t know what to do with herself if she doesn’t make it to the gym.
-the girl on the right is confident. AND has quads!
-the girl on the left never dreamed she would be the amazingly strong and capable woman on the right. 💜


Exo Cup Fanmeeting in Japan 170514

Wow were we blessed today

Japan has now become my second favorite place for CB moments~ 



They were the same team (the blue team) and look at how our royal couple absolutely wrecked the other two threesomes wowowowowoowowowow we always knew they had great chemistry :D they just work well together


WOw. Such a lovely view of their backsides :,)

Mmm yes Park Chanyeol demonstrate some more please (Lol I’m that girl having a seizure in the right corner)

If y’all already don’t know, this is the ballon popping game they are demonstrating (y’all can already smell the fan service can’t you?)

Lol. Me being the evil fangirl grumbling “Seriously? The ballon is such a cockblock”

(Chants: “kiss kiss kiss kiss”)

Lol I love that the ballon is a heart. It really accurately represents what’s about to happen. 

Now…let the games…begin

Bless. I love how Baekhyun is just low-key hugging the man’s Park Chanyeol (I KNOW IT’S FOR THE GAME BUT LET ME DREAM. THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE OTHER THAN OTHER CB MOMENTS)

Now a backside view. The games haven’t even started and Baekhyun is already putting his arm around Chanyeol’s waist ahhhhhhhhh

MM they look like they’re on a honey moon

Lol even closer please

Baekhyun’s so ready for this

And here’s a closer view

“Ah yes we are Korea’s number one coup- I mean pair ahahaha.”

Awww Baek looks so fond I can’t

Ah yes Height difference


What an aesthetic couple

Aw Chan looks like a kid XD Showing off his prize

Baek: “We may have won this trophy but we already won each other’s heart”

Oh look at that eye contact. Wowowowow did you see how Baekhyun leaned in slightly looking straight at Chanyeol? Hmmm why did Chanyeol look so startled. I wonder what he thought Baekhyun was doing. What if he thought it was…a kiss? AHH LET ME DREAMMMM. But honestly that eye contact and the way Baekhyun kinda just instinctively leaned in. I mean yeah Chanyeol could’ve been surprised that Baekhyun was staring at him but really I feel (or it looks) like there is some tension. Sexual tension maybe? Just the way Baekhyun is looking at him like that really gets me slightly suspicious

Lol I wonder. Isn’t it uncomfortable for Baekhyun to lean on Chanyeol like that since Chan is taller? XD

That looks so awkward XD

And ending with some creepy synchronization XD



110317 JAT 2017 Yoyogi

all accounts below by: fodfran

Key’s shoelaces came undone during MTTM so Onew kneeled down to tie them for him.

During YN Onew: will you eat with me? Later in the ment Taemin said that he wants to have a meal with Onew

Key originally didn’t like/dislike do me right but fell for the live. Said it’s his personality to be honest
Taemin: yes, your personality 😏

Taemin revealed that Minho gets oil all over his face when he eats chicken so Minho quickly covered Taemin’s mouth to shut him up

Minho: we’re at yoyogi so is anyone here named Yoyogi?
*no one*
Minho: Yoyogi-chan ogenki desu ka?!!! (Famous movie line)

Q&A Onew: yoyogi is closing for remodeling and will be used for the Olympics. Who here will compete in them?
1 Jshawol: swimming

Onew got the lyrics wrong during DTB but key panicked because he though he was at fault. He was relieved when Onew claimed the fault lol. Taemin made Onew feel better about his mistake by praising his baby blue adlib and did so again in the next ment

Onew cutely dropped his dream girl mic 5 sec before the end of the song and then went on to give us all goosebumps with his baby blue solo

all translations below by fantaemsie

Key: For me when Minho eats things like curry or something with a strong color to it I can tell right away when looking at his face.. If he eats curry it all turns yellow in here
Taemin:When Minho eats chicken his lips become oily..
Key: You and I maybe we should just eat..
cr: majingi525

(after Onew’s let’s eat together tomorrow line in your number)
Taemin: I wanna eat together with Onew too
Key:You just ate together yesterday!
Taemin: However lately, not that much… ㅠㅠ
cr: majingi525

all translations below by mredwardsanders

Minho:This place is Yoyogi so Yoyogi-san
Jinki: Your question is hilarious!
But there was no one named Yoyogi-san
Minho: Yoyogi-saaaaaan! Are you doing weellllllll!
Jinki:Please contact us~
Jinki:Please (contact) SMJAPAN
cr: 268242356

And!!! During the last MC!!!! When Taemin was talking, Jjong!!! was sending winks to Onew one after another the whole time!!! Onew too was going like “You got me~~”
cr: r_kkk88kkk

When Minho and Key forced their lightsticks on Taemin and tried to make him put them away, generous Onew took the lightsticks for him. Taem-chan said as he glared at Minkey:
Taemin: Just you wait and see (prepare yourself) at the dressing room!!!
Minkey: wwwwww (lol)
cr: aionee_51

During the MC, Onew told jjong that jjong had something in his eyes. Jjong got it out of his eyes &wiped his finger on Onew’s jacket. Onew accepted it without changing a single expression.
cr: halu_taem

During the beginning of YN, on the stairs, Taemin closed in on Onew’s face just slightly, and used his fingers to push up Onew’s glasses
cr: wkyonn

all translations below by SWEETGRAVITY

Jinki:Winter is ending soon right?
Key: But it’s still cold.
Jinki:Then everyone please take care in the cold.

Onew’s last line in YN
Why don’t we eat [together] tomorrow?

Dirty Laundry Pt.4

So sorry for the wait, but rest assured we’re coming to a close soon! Then on to the next twisted storyline I get from a dream lol. This is inspired from a dream I had last night that Happy was my baby daddy. *sigh* a girl can - literally - dream. Hope you enjoy!! Comments/feedback welcome!!


For the last few days, Happy Lowman couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. Truthfully he thought he was getting sick at first, the way everything in his body felt like something wasn’t right a tell-all to impending illness, until he realized he was symptomless. Sure, he couldn’t sleep. Never had been able to get a moment of resolute peace, but now it was worse. He paced and tried to ignore the gnawing feeling in his gut that told him something wasn’t right, tried to ignore the dull throb in his chest that made him feel like all the air was being sucked out if his lungs.

Heartache. He missed Y/N.

He never thought he’d be the type of man to cheat. Honestly the only reason he’d even considered it was that he felt he was lacking care at home. He’d been trying to get Y/N pregnant, and after that proved a struggle for the couple, all their actions were more mechanical than emotional. Vanessa had chased him, said what he needed to hear, and next thing he knew the bitch was hanging off his arm at the club every chance she got. And he wanted to stop it. But Y/N had been avoiding him. And he had needs.

Little did he know all that alone time was simply her dealing with morning sickness and trying to come up with a good way to let him know they’d finally done it. He was going to be a father. He wondered if she’d even give him a chance at this point.

He scrubbed a hand over his face before rubbing at his sternum, trying to take the edge off the throbbing in his heart. He looked to the open clubhouse door and groaned when he saw Vanessa come through.

“Not up for it today bitch,” he grunted, looking down before she turned to face him.

“ I just need to get my shit from your room,” she stated quietly. Her words sounded slurred, and when he looked up at her he audibly gasped.

Someone had broken her nose. Badly. There were dark bruises covering her eyes and her lip was stitched up on one side. Looked like it had been a huge gash. He fought back a smile.

Y/N had done this. He had taught her well. Maybe a little too well. He walked her back to his room, opening the door and gesturing her to clear her stuff out. She scurried quickly, keeping as much distance between them as possible. He then walked her back to the clubhouse door.

To his dismay, it opened right as they reached it, and Y/N stepped in. God, she looked gorgeous. Tight fitting top, short shorts and a scuffed pair of combat boots.

“I was just getting my stuff, I swear,” Vanessa squeaked, hesitantly making eye contact. Y/N glanced at her briefly and nodded.

“Good. It’s a shame what happened to your face. Gonna make it hard to find work for a while, huh?” Y/N smiled cheerfully, a hint of amusement in her voice. Vanessa scurried out behind her, leaving her and Hap alone.

“You crazy bitch,” he couldn’t help but murmur, grinning. “You’re the one that did that to her.”

Y/N sniffed disdainfully in his direction. “Yeah. I did. Sorry if it ruined getting your dick sucked or whatever you had planned today. Bitch had it coming.” She flicked a black card at his feet. “There’s her number though. For when she heals up.”

“Y/N please. Just give me a cha-”

“Not your turn to talk. My turn. So shut the fuck up and pull up a seat,” she grated out, hopping up on the pool table. He moved to a barstool and perched, giving her his full attention.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“I’ve been thinking. About everything that’s happened. I’ve got to say I was completely surprised. Despite all the hours you’ve been logging here I never woulda guessed that meant you were cheating. I guess the jokes on me, but after what your dad put your mom through I never would’ve pegged you for a cheating bastard. People change though. I thought you wanted to settle down with me. Have a few kids. Get married. Do right by each other. I just hope it was worth it.

"I’m sorry you felt like you had to stray. I was trying to spend time with you, but you just kept pushing further and further away. The night I caught you I had planned a dinner. To give you this,” she paused, pulling out a picture. A sonogram.

“I wanted to wait until I had physical proof. That I was pregnant, that I wouldn’t miscarry. So I could show you instead of just telling. And instead I get home, start the laundry and find little miss Vanessa’s calling card. I’m guessing you didn’t realize she slipped it in there.

"But that’s over and done. You made your bed and you can lie in it,” she paused to wipe a stray tear, the only indicator of her pain as her expression remained stoic.

“ I won’t keep you from your child. My baby will never have the chance to say that mommy was the bad one. The balls in your court when it comes to that. But I ask that you give me some time before you come around again. So I can get my head on straight. I think you owe me that much, Hap.”

The throbbing in his chest turned into a burning, white hot flame. It felt as if his heart strings were snapping one by one. She’d let him be a father, but she was done. He took a deep breath but nodded his assent.

“I can do that for you. But I’ll always love you. And I’m hoping one day you might give me another chance to really prove it,” he rasped, throat thick with emotion. She let a few tears fall and nodded. Then she hopped up, gave him a long kiss, and walked to the doors.

“See you around, Hap,” she whispered, sending him a watery smile. Then she was gone, running across the parking lot and into her car. It was only then that she broke down and let herself cry. Long, heaving sobs overtook her as she buried her face in her hands.

Inside, Happy put his head in his hands and did the same.


An update from my “Birthday Dinner” story time. I was suppose to send this sooner, but I was back and forward on if I was going to make a story time video or write it out, but then when I made up my mind and made a video story time, my camera decided to be a hot mess! I’m saving for a new one asap! I kept trying to make it but was having audio problems while editing! I was so excited to make the video too smh, but thankfully right after the party I wrote everything down on my phone, so I copied and pasted what happened! so I wouldn’t forget NOT one detail! sorry for any errors and screaming in caps! I was excited! here it goes (reminder this is RIGHT after the Birthday party, so I was very excited and in a rush, so sorry for the curse words and caps lol! I felt like i was writing in my diary, so it got personal) :

Keep reading

I was tagged by @taekwoonsprettyboy

Name: Claire
Nickname: clairebear, bro, clarence
Star sign: scorpio
Gender: girl
Favourite color: blue
Time right now: 10:50pm
Average hours of sleep: 6 on a uni night, like 9 when i have nothing to do
Lucky number: 7 it’s gay
Last thing I googled: gay songs lol
Favorite fictional character: um can anne bonny from black sails kill me with her swords thanks
Dream job: professional gay (but seriously, something in psychology jdkflfhg)
What I am currently wearing: pyjamas
Height: like 5ft4
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

When did you create your blog: like last year at some point

Current amount of followers: 941
What do you post about: bein gay, bts
Do you have any other blogs: i have some gay ass urls saved but i don’t use them
When did your blog reach its “peak”: when there was maybe yoongi is an asexual or a furry drama  
Who is your most active follower: idk y’all are active
What made you decide to get a tumblr: I had my old one for years and remade this one because I wanted freed from my dark dark history
Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope 
Why did you choose your URL: because i’m gay and i love jk :(((

i tag @wlwhob @thatfluffyjeanjacket @taeplatonic @lesbianjimin @hobshine @ilysmjhope @angelsuga @dkyeom @lunahobi @bimyg @namgii @n4ms

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OMG Cole is in London??? I live in London!! Where is he at? It's 1am here but I'll go and politely knock on his hotel room door and ask if he wants to hang out lol. (I would never but a girl can dream!)

If only I knew where he was I’d grow wings and fly my ass to London right now 😂


Okay so a lot of people are talking about how they met Dan and Phil and I thought I’d share my story too.

It was Saturday morning and I wore this Sharknado shirt and a red blazer just for the ironic YOLO and so Dan and Phil would laugh because they were in that youtubers react episode. And I met up with my online friend and we were three hours in advance and about 40 people from the front of the line. Keep in mind this was a four hour meetup so we knew we were guaranteed in. All of a sudden the security guards started telling that there was a fire hazard and everyone had to evacuate the building. I didn’t want to lose my place in line so me and my friend went and hid in the bathroom. We came out 5 minutes later and the security had formed a barricade around a group of girls that were to meet Dan and Phil and no one was allowed in. I was extremely upset because they were the main reason I went and I had just been waiting two hours all to be literally shoved by huge guards out of line! I was crushed and everything seemed hopeless. I knew Dan and Phil didn’t walk around because of the mobs of fans and I wasn’t staying in their hotel so I couldn’t even try to catch them in the lobby. I tried three different things on Saturday and nothing worked. I truly believed I would never get to see my heroes. Then on Sunday night, by means I am not allowed to say ;P I got into the hotel lobby that was all top secret! I was talking to another of my favorite youtubers, craigtdillon, when I spotted dan and Phil’s figures. I quickly said goodby to Craig (I had met him 3 time already) ad rushed towards dan and phil as they walked out the door. Then it happened. I heard phil say “where are cat an Joey?? We are supposed to be meeting them for dinner’

I tapped on Dan’s back and said rather quietly "dan?”
He turned around quickly in surprise and looked at me. I was suddenly very embarrassed because I was not looking my best but he then broke out into a huge grin. “Hi! He replied and without me asking pulled me straight into a hug. I was so happy that I just started saying things. After Dan hugged me I went straight to Phil and got a hug from him. Then I said "I’m so glad I met you guys! I lost hope after the security thing happened.” I assumed they had already heard about how crazy it all was but oddly enough both of them looked confused. Dan came closer and urged me to to go on and Phil half confused and half angry said ‘what security thing?’ I explained to them what happened but then a huge crowd of girls found us. Even thought they were all screaming phil still looked me in the eye and dan was giving me his full attention even as girls were brandishing phones and sharpies. After I finished phil said “oh that’s awful! I’m so sorry! I’m so glad we met you!” *btw I had already taken the group selfie*then the other girls pushed me aside and started taking pictures with phil and he kept looking over like he was sorry so when I asked for a picture with him he went straight to me and hugged me. Then I noticed Dan kept looking back and I asked for a selfie really quick and he came over to me too. And before I lost my courage I asked Dan for a hug because I had to go because the girls were crowding me against the wall and security was coming. And then Dan looked surprised that I would actually want a hug from him on my terms and then he blushed and giggled I REPEAT DAN HOWELL GIGGLED and said 'well of course you can!!!’ And then he bent down and gave me an extra long hug and it was the best hug I have ever had.

Dan smelled so good. Most youtubers didn’t really smell like anything but Dan smelled like angels and chocolate not going to lie. And they weren’t as huge as I imagined. I was surprised Dan was so shy and cutesy while phil was confident and mature. (Lol a girl can dream that Dan was acting nervous because he thought I was cute, right? ;P) an Phil is so like attractive and so honest and down to earth and ahhhh.anyways they are so down to earth and loving and kind to all of their fans and they made everything better. It was great meeting them and even though they probably don’t remember me I’ll remember them forever.

PS their hair and eyes are even better in person

amazingphil danisnotonfire


replied to your post

“I was curious about your Timeless plagiarism tag and I looked it up…”

actually there was a powerpoint post around explaining it all. Also, timeless got cancelled ;))))

OMG you are right! I forgot about that post lol! But I reblogged it back in the day so here you have it

And I think Timeless got uncancelled. NBC decided to give season 2 a try. But at the end of the day this could be good for El Ministerio del Tiempo… I don’t know exactly how these things work but if/when Onza wins they’ll have to pay for the rights, and maybe more episodes could mean more money…I don´t know, a girl can dream!

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70, 71 and 72

70. What turns you on? - Teasing, dirty talk, grinding, girl moans, biting and scratching but nothing too crazy, someone who knows what they want and goes for it.

71. What was your kinkiest wet dream? - I honestly don’t remember? Sorry lol.

72. What words do you like to hear during sex? - I mean, any kind of affirmation is nice, right? And like I said, I enjoy dirty talk so there are endless combinations… swearing is hot though. Especially “fuck.” And alright I guess I can admit to liking “good girl” because WHO DOESN’T HAVE A PRAISE KINK? Lol.

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Oops I just read the actual sleepover prompt thing!!!! I guess I'll tell you something about me now. I'm currently in Disney's Animial kingdom rocking with my dinosaurs as Tsukki would love. But I guess my dream right now is to go to Japan with my little sister we've been saving money since I started my big girl job in January. What's your current dream?

Haha it’s all good!! The cool thing about this is really that you can just send me whatever you want! That sounds like lots of fun! I hope that you can make your dream come true soon! Having a “big girl” job is tough lol (I feel) but you’re on your way!! Make it happen! :D

I’m kind of figuring my life out right now so I’m not too sure on what my dream is lol. SO! I think I would say that my dream is to travel around the world and meet all the cool people I’ve become friends with!! I’m really excited actually, I just booked my flights today to go and visit with @frenchibi this summer which is gonna be rad as fuck!

Sleepover Saturday


LOL so this is basically how I design my Oc’s/ Characters. :) This is my concepting process. <3 I am currently in stage #3 of compiling and creating my Shingeki no Kyojin OC Whinnifrie.  

(UGH. Forgot my pencils when I went to visit my dad. I could only find a ball point pen so was not able to erase mistakes >< so BLAH yeah big heads, messy hair, random shit lines and far apart eyes lol)

I have always dreamed (ever since I was a wee lil’ girl!) about becoming a concept artist!!! (I know, wierd right? most kids dream about becoming firefighters, cops and doctors! NOT ME lawl) 

I first begin with 3 simple questions: Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they get here? Then build from there their pieces of the puzzle and bring the story together and ultimately the character themselves to life.

The process is often sometimes very long - and I put a lot of thought, detail and hard work into my characters. (as you can see here, each design and concept of Whinnie is dissected to find just the right traits.

anyway, just thought I would share :P


I love your blog *o* can I request a text scenario where you’re trying to shop for [member]’s Christmas gift, but you don’t know what they would want and start dropping subtle (or blunt lol) hints on asking them what they might want?

req by: anonymous 

jimin’s is like my own personal fantasy lololfalisfhhlsdhlisfd a girl can dream right ahahahah

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If the girls receive their first win from this (a girl can dream right lol) I'm going to sob for all the members who reasonably moved on but put all their heart and soul into this group while they were active, it's been such a long time coming and every single member, past and present, has/had been through hell :(....a first win would be bittersweet at this point tbh

Yeah I know what you mean, they should have won years ago, so if they do win this time around then I’ll feel bad for the ones who left before getting what they deserved…

But, I figure a win for 9muses in any form is a win for all past and present members! And I’m sure the former members will be happy for the current lineup :)

Either way, I’m saving up my money starting now!

Name a Mike Pence musical


Annie Get Your IUD
Rent: But Not to Those People
How To Succeed In Winning An Election Without Having A Majority Of The Votes
Anything Goes…If You’re White, Male, Cisgender, Straight, And Christian.
Little Shop That Won’t Sell To LGBT People Because They Think It Violates Their Misguided Religious Beliefs
Joseph Isn’t Allowed To Wear His Technicolor Dreamcoat In Public Anymore
The Grand Wizard of Oz
The KKKing and I
A Racist in the Sun
Snow White and the Seven Clansman
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Muslim Registry
Deporting Miss Saigon
My Fair Lady (Has No Right To Choose)
Don’t Dream, Girls
Grab My Fair Lady By The Pu$$y
I Don’t Have to Ask if I Can Kiss You, Kate
Thoroughly Modern Misogyny
Les Déplorables
Man of La Mancha is a Bad Hombre
Right-Wing Horror Picture Show
The Fascist of the Opera
White Guys and Dolls
The Book of Morons
The Lyin,’ the Bitch, and the Whiterobe
Putin on the Ritz
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Succeeding
The Pirates of Pence-ass
Hitler On The Roof
Jesus Christ: Super Scared

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What's your dream girl

my dream girl is someone who compliments my fly. she doesn’t have to be perfect because dammit her flaws will make me love her even more. my dream girl is a girl that’s motivated and has goals… I’ll support hers just like she’ll support mine. she’s funny and has a great sense of humor. she’s also patient because sometimes I’m a little difficult. she’s intelligent so we can have deep conversations right before we fuck. she’s true to herself and firm in her beliefs… because stubbornness is so cute. my dream girl is someone who’ll help me do my hair and offer me arms to run into on my bad days. she’s also hella freaky because I’m trying to break head boards and shit lol. I didn’t point out anything physical cause idk what my dream girl will look like and I care more about how beautiful her heart is.

honestly I’m at the point in my life where I’m just trying to grow and I’ve had so much success recently. whoever that girl is i can’t wait to share it with them (: I’ll love them forever and do my best to give them the world