lol a girl can dream right

Today I struggled through one of those rough days. Like I’ve made no progress at all. One of those ‘not enough’ days. It’s hard to feel like you’re not doing enough; like you’re just not enough. But I put these pics side by side and compared the difference a year makes.

-the girl on the left wouldn’t dream of running a mile. the girl on the right can run obstacle runs and 10k’s.
-the girl on the left was quick to take a rest day while the girl on the right doesn’t know what to do with herself if she doesn’t make it to the gym.
-the girl on the right is confident. AND has quads!
-the girl on the left never dreamed she would be the amazingly strong and capable woman on the right. 💜

Rebecca Bunch vs. Internalized Misogyny, Heteronormativity, and Fear of Rejection: An Essay by Someone in Way Too Deep

“I can’t find anybody to love me. Like, real love. Like, boy-girl love. I mean, that’s okay, that’s gender-normative. But you get what I’m saying, right?” Rebecca laments to her dream-ghost in “Josh has No Idea Where I Am!”. Rebecca understands heteronormativity in theory but she can’t apply it to her own life. She views “boy-girl love” and romantic love as one-in-the-same because she’s been taught that heterosexual love is the holy grail of fulfillment. Pre-series her relationships with women were always defined by competition and anxiety and so, Rebecca sticks to the heterosexual mold, unable to understand her latent attraction to women.  

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Since today is “Decades Tuesday” during Spirit Week at the girl’s high school, I let her borrow the magic bell bottoms. *sigh* I always get nervous when they leave my possession. My mom made them back in the 60′s & they are the most awesome pair of pants to ever exist.
I call them “magic” because everywhere you wear them, people are always instantly drawn to you. It really is like magic. They want to ask you where you got them & in some cases, offer you insane amounts of money when they realize they are one of a kind. lol

My plan is to take them with me to Korea and wear them to art museums. hehehe Maybe I’ll catch someone’s attention…
Although, with these pants, I’d probably be more likely to ensnare Jiyong rather than Seung Hyun. But… he’s my bias wrecker, so I’d happily take him as a consolation prize. :p


I love your blog *o* can I request a text scenario where you’re trying to shop for [member]’s Christmas gift, but you don’t know what they would want and start dropping subtle (or blunt lol) hints on asking them what they might want?

req by: anonymous 

jimin’s is like my own personal fantasy lololfalisfhhlsdhlisfd a girl can dream right ahahahah

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Fandom would probably have a meltdown if it was 2D lol

u are absolutely right anon the fans would lose their shit
and in fact, it probably isn’t even any of the guys
(but like,, a girl can dream i guess 😂)

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i actually like the fact they aren’t straight up giving out champions’ sexualities. It ain’t important and leaves room for personal interpretation. Imo the right decision

[ Yeah I mean, some actual “hey character X is LGBT or falls on Y spectrum” would be nice but I understand where they are coming from. From a legal and economic stand point… not to mention how bigoted the mainstream community is. ]

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alexis id think youd be the best disney face character!!! (THATS WHAT THEYRE CALLED RIGHT) if you couldnt get that job i think youd be a great disney store employee (yknow those.. Stores in the malls. i wish i still lived in the city bc that seems like a fun day job)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is the kindest thing anyone could ever say to me aaaaaa~!!!
Being a face character (yes, you were right!) has been one of my legit dream jobs for years aaaa!!! 😭💖😭💖 It would be really hard to get accepted and such, but I want to do that sO BADLY OMG!! Even though I am far away from the parks lol a girl can still dream~

And being a Disney Store employee would be so fun too~!! I wish my area had one bc I would apply so fast!!
Thank you so much omg you’re too sweet~!!!

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im 16 and very short (5'2 haha) i have short brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. I love reading (mosty fiction), photography, watching movies (im a huge fan of indie movies even if its cliche lol), and music of course. I like all types of music. I love animals and when i live by myself i want birds and a chinchilla. My favorite thing in the world is being with my friends and my dream is to share a cute apartment with them which is kinda unrealistic but still, a girl can dream right?

I am a dreamer as well, I think we would get along!

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I don't have a crush right now, but do you have a crush story you can share?

hmm yeah

i would talk about spencer, but i feel like ive exhausted that story, so i’ll just tell you about a guy from school (it’s not really a story lol but whatevs)

i wouldnt really say i have a crush on him, but he’s SO cute and super nice and funny. we have a lot in common and he’s one of the few people that i actually enjoy talking to. in fact, ive been talking to him throughout the course of the day. he doesn’t see me as anything more than a friend though (which is nothing new), but a girl can dream am i right

sleepover saturday

File it under: "scenes I would love to see in X-Men"
  • Erik: *holds the President hostage on international television...again* I told you, Charles! Humans and mutants will never be able to live together!!!
  • Charles: Erik, for the THOUSANDTH bloody time, we can all live together peacefully!!!
  • Erik: Oh really?
  • Charles: Yes!
  • Erik: You're sure about this?
  • Charles: Yes!!
  • Erik: Absolutely certain?
  • Charles: Yes!!!
  • Erik: ... *glances over at the President, then back at Charles* Fine. Then allow me to make it official.
  • Charles: Erik what--?
  • Erik: *walks over to the President and gets down on one knee* Mister President...will you marry me? *pulls out a ringbox*
  • The President: *stares at Erik*
  • Charles: *stares at Erik*
  • Erik: *glances back at Charles* What? It was originally going to be for you, but since you were SO insistent on mutant-HUMAN relations here...
  • The President: ... *looks over at Charles*
  • Charles: ... *looks over at the President*
  • Charles: Yeah, sorry, Erik was right. This mutant-human thing isn't going to work out. *grabs Erik by the back of his cape and drags him off*

Hey taylorswift it’s me, Julia. I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to see you at Nationals Park in D.C. in 25 days!!! I’ll be sitting (not really - more like dancing my heart out) in the 7th row (!!!) and I’m starting to work on my FABULOUS outfit! Maybe you’ll wanna drop by the V.I.P. party and say hi?? Lol I look forward to partying with you and seeing you at Loft 89!! (A girl can dream, right? 😉) It would mean the world to me to meet you, and I’m staying hopeful!! I love you so much and I’ll see you in July!!
Love love love,
Jules ❤️❤️❤️

I will, generously, magnanimously give some advice to the dudes of the world right now: This whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing? It’s bullshit. Utter bullshit. And, deep down, we all know it.

No one wants to dye their hair 9 different colors to impress a guy and appear “cool” and “mysterious.” No one wants to ride around on bicycles.  No one wants to be Zooey Deschanel. She looks too much like Katy Perry, who can’t sing for shit or do anything remotely creative anyway.

Like, seriously, guys. If I’m in a creative mood, the only person I want to inspire is myself. Not some lonely writer guy. 

Why the fuck am I supposed to be bothered about some geeky guy and his typewriter? Why would anyone be? Get your own ideas, dickhead.