lol I hope you like it sis

The cognitive functions - 

I decided to draw the teachers. The cognitive functions.
From left to right: Ni, Ne, Si, Se :)

These perceiving functions are girls whilst the judging functions are boys. I hope everybody is fine with it.
I had much fun drawing Si. Se was the most difficult. I at first wanted to make a warrior out of her *lol*. But I need to be realistic so well~
I hope you like them.
I maybe will paint it. But I still see flaws in this picture, especially in Se *sighs*.

P.S: Ni’s brand is on her back but her hair covers it.
P.P.S: I maaaaybe will change something of them.
P.P.P.S: Ni is an indian girl (but I can’t make her skin darker with pen… I need to colour her skin brown). And Ne is an asian (what a surprise). Se is italian (why do I always see Se as mediterranean human?).


hey! this is my first ever lookbook/sim posted to tumblr, so i hope you all like this~! 

skin detail x,x,x,x,x,x
piercings x,x,x,x,
makeup x,x
clothes x,x

thanks always should go to the wonderful creators: @pralinesims, @leahlillith, @calliev-plays , @kijiko-sims, @ladyhayny, @salem2342, @mmmmeherrr, @alf-si, @aveirasims, @chisimi for these amazing custom content items!!!


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