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Dirty 30. Drabble.

Summary: This is almost smut. But, you know, like fluffy smut. A.K.A. not technically smut but the notion that there was smut is definitely implied. Also, in this fic, Val actually stays in LA for his b-day. 

A/N: Happy Birthday, Val. Enjoy, fam.

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Before You Go: Part I

Summary: Zendaya flies out solo to New York for the Sway 3.0 weekend. And if everything goes according to her plan, she’d be looking at the best next three days of her life. 

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Orlando. One-Shot.

Summary: The cast of the DWTS tour decide to pay a visit to Madame Tussauds before the live show, and they happen to stumble upon a familiar face when they get there. 

Author’s Note: In honor of the unveiling today…here ya go! And for all you Alemma shippers out there as well, you’ll enjoy this one:) (this has been sitting in my drafts for about a week but ya know)

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Guilty Pleasure. An ‘In Another Life’ Outtake.

Summary: It’s the morning of her 16th birthday, and because he won’t make it to her party that night he decides to make a quick stop by her house before he goes to work. He wasn’t ready, though, for what he would stumble upon once he got there.

Author’s Note: I’ve actually planned to work on a few outtakes from this story once I finish it because there’s a lot of things I look back and think ‘oh, dang it! I could’ve written about that!’. But since it’s Sexy Sunday, and I’m feeling inspired lol, here’s your first outtake:)

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