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Okay so I know you were think of having tony have a third child in the regency au but from these last few stories where the kids are older maybe you decided against it! But I was thinking-you totally don't have to do this-maybe have tony go into heat and maybe forget to take their birth control because of the stress of planning Peters wedding. Then Opps look who's having another baby! I think it should be a girl but that's totally up to you if you choose to use this! But you don't have to!!

(I was mostly just avoiding it because I couldn’t figure out how to include her lol)

But I like it! Poor Tony, just wanting his baby to have a nice wedding, scrambling to add in the things Matt wants because he has things he’d like included and people he wants to invite. He wants it to be just as beautiful and wonderful as his wedding. He’d had such a good time. He wants Peter to have a good time. And it doesn’t help that his heat falls right in the middle of planning. “You’ll take care of it?” Tony asks as Steve and Bucky try to usher him into their room. “You’ve got my list of things? Oh! And you need to talk to Foggy about–” “Honey, I’ve got it,” Sarah says, amused. “I planned your wedding.” “No roses!” Tony calls out before the door closes. “Matt’s sensitive to scents!” “Honey,” Steve says, amused, then draws him into a kiss. He breaks it to laugh when Tony keeps chattering against his lips. Luckily Bucky sidles up behind him and rolls his hips against Tony’s ass, cock pressing between his cheeks, and Tony goes limp in Steve’s arms with a moan.

And then a few months later, at the wedding, Tony drags Sarah into a corner and whispers, “Sarah, oh my God, Sarah, I didn’t take the contraceptives, SARAH. The baby’s going to be so much younger than its siblings. STOP LAUGHING.” Sarah does, but only because she knows they’ll be missed at the reception if they don’t get back to it soon. “Oh, darling, does that matter? Aren’t you happy?” “Yes,” Tony answers immediately. “But when can I tell everyone? I don’t want to take away from Peter’s happy occasion. But I want Peter to hear it in person and they’re leaving tomorrow for Stark Castle! Sarah what do I do?!” “Oh, honey, don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.”

So Tony pulls Peter aside before breakfast, so, so nervous. Peter stares up at him guilelessly and oh no he’s ruining everything. “I just–wanted you to know that–I wanted to tell you in person–from me–” “Mama, just tell me,” Peter says, and Tony immediately blurts out, “I’m pregnant!” Peter stares at him silently for several seconds before letting out a scream. Tony rears back in terror.

(“MAMA GOT ME THE BEST WEDDING PRESENT!” Peter shrieks, bursting into the dining room. “THE BEST!” Tony hustles after him. “Honey! Calm down!” But Peter is vibrating, he’s so excited, and everyone looks to Tony curiously, unable to imagine what he could have possibly given Peter for a wedding gift that he’s so pumped about. “What did you get them, honey?” Bucky asks, because they’d all agreed on gifting Peter with a beautiful cream-colored stallion to go with all the other horses they would be sending to fill Stark Castle’s stables. Tony blushes and looks down at his feet, murmuring a shy, “Well…” and puts his hand on his stomach. Steve and Bucky begin yelling, as does everyone else. They’re all excited. This is the best news ever. They’re going to love the new baby.

“Okay but what’s going on,” Matt asks once everyone’s calmed down, because everyone had been yelling and he hadn’t been able to hear what they were yelling about, and all he’d heard Tony say is ‘well.’ “MAMA’S HAVING A BABYYYYY!” Peter shouts excitedly. Matt does not flinch at the volume. He wants to though. “Congratulations.”)

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ugh I saw someone on twitter say Joker hates harley, and I'm like read a freaking comic or listen to the creators and actors who have talked about how he loves her. Tbh i almost feel embarrassed for them if they think thats true.

The only proper response:


“I know anything bad ever happens to me, I hope you’re in my corner too.”

Agents Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons in 1.14 : T.A.H.I.T.I.

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Just watched your blogs namesake ep after ages and DP just really annoyed me, esp given her recent interactions with RK. I remembered it as just the condoms thing but it was way more! She was astoundingly immature, literally made faces when he came on screen. I respect standing your ground, like Ash w Salman but then don't go on to work with him n pretend like you never said those bitter things. Its embarrassing she's like the Bwood Taylor Swift lol, I think I've figured out why I don't like her

I feel like I’ve had this conversation fifteen thousand times already and it never seems to make a difference.

First of all, I have no patience for people who bitch about Deepika sounding bitter and immature on KWK fresh after she was cheated on, but who see no problem with Ranbir’s behavior the very next episode when he spouted his “Low Battery” bullshit. I’m sorry anon, you’re entitled to your opinion but I’m never going to see things from your perspective. She was betrayed in a very serious relationship, who cares if she makes faces at him when he comes onscreen? He made a fool of her, he deserved at least a little ridicule. End of story. Also, please don’t compare their equation to Aish and Salman’s. That was an abusive relationship, it’s COMPLETELY different.

I agree that the way DP and RK milk their past history for publicity is annoying, but people seem to forget that years had passed between the time she made those ~bitter~ comments and the time they decided to work together. Obviously, you’re going to be upset right after a breakup. Three years later, it’s not unusual to be able to look past that and have some sort of cordial relationship with your ex. It’s REALLY not that weird that they’re able to work together.

And I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about re: “that anti-feminist horror story”. If you really are a feminist, you’ll recognize someone’s right to do whatever the hell they want with their body. Do I think it’s dumb to tattoo your boyfriend’s initials on your neck? Yes. Do I respect her right to make her own decisions about whether or not to remove it because it’s HER body? Yes. That’s feminism. I just find it funny because this whole message is pretty anti-feminist?

I do not understand why any of this continues to be an issue, or why Deepika is the one that gets all the hate for the situation even though it’s a two-way street. It is a complete mystery to me. I’m not saying she’s above criticism but all the things you’ve said are so unfair to her. It continues to blow my mind how Ranbir is the one who got out of this situation unscathed while people are still mad at Deepika for something she said FOUR years ago about a boyfriend who treated her badly. I just…don’t get it. Sorry.

I watch the show Nashville and I was just catching up on two episodes from the past couple of weeks.  There’s this storyline with this rising star male country singer who is hiding is sexuality by dating a fellow rising star female country singer.  They have sex for the first time and right away she can tell he is disinterested but she doesn’t know why.  At one point, she asks him to “tell her what he needs?"  And I yell at the TV "WHAT HE NEEDS, YOU DON’T GOT, SWEETIE!"  This guy is so fearful of being outed - which will make his music career go up in smoke - that he actually proposes to her and even though she previously thought that he doesn’t even want her anymore, she eagerly says yes!  I’m like

This whole episode, I was thinking about you know who


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