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Lost Pt. 2 | Michael Clifford

Pairing: Michael & Y/N

Requested: Yes

  • michaelsgirl99-  Part 2 of Michael Clifford Lost? I love your writing!!
  • anonymous- so many feels please continue
  • anonymous- Part 2 of lost pleeeeeeease

(and a couple more! thank you for requesting!)

Word Count: 900 (exactly lol)

Summary: You made your way to a friends house after the fight, and things only seemed to get more complicated than they already were.

Authors Note: THIS PART SUCKS ASS GUYS. Please bare with me!

Part 1

You hung up the phone. What was going to happen now? You got up and opened the door and walked to the spacious kitchen. Putting your face in your hands, you sighed. There was one to many feelings that were taking place in your head and you were having a hard time catching up. You heard footsteps come behind you. Big, warm, and tattooed hands rested on your shoulder and turned you around. Looking up into the big brown eyes, you sadly smiled. “What did he say?” he asked while softly petting your hair.

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