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ok so maybe jzimms comes back from break and he's like acting super weird and shitty picks up on it and turns out jackie may or may not have told his homophobic aunt he has a bf to piss her off but like now she's visiting.. and guess what? bitty's the only one free (not like shitty told e/one to act busy or anything). Like who am i kidding i'm no writer but i just really want a zimbits fake bf fic/hc, do what you will please

i love fake dating omg i went a little overboard (if 2.4k is overboard lol) anyway this is also on ao3 :)

“So…you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?”

Bittle looks confused and worried and Jack feels terrible but he’s kind of desperate.

“I - Bittle, you don’t have to. Of course. But if you could just help me out this one time I swear it won’t happen again, I know this is unnecessary and a dick move but…”

Jack trails off. They’re in the Haus kitchen; Jack had been quizzing Bittle on his notes, trying to pluck up the courage to ask him. He thinks it’s really fucking inconvenient that no one, not even Shitty, was volunteering to fake-date him for one stupid dinner with his stupid aunt. He guesses it makes sense because Ransom and Holster are always off together and Jack doesn’t know them as well as he knows Bittle. Chowder’s with Farmer and Jack’s pretty sure Nursey and Dex are in love with each other and just don’t know it yet. Shitty claims he’s ‘too busy studying, sorry brah, why don’t you ask Bitty?’ which Jack thinks is bullshit but - well.

He’s not exactly averse to the idea of dating Bittle for real, let alone pretending to.

“I’ll do it,” Bittle says, and Jack tries not to beam at him but finds himself grinning anyway.

“Thanks, so much, Bittle,” he says, “I owe you one.”

“You owe me multiple, Mr. Zimmermann,” Bittle raises his eyebrows and points at the oven, “And you’re making dinner tonight.”

Bitty is really fucking nervous because he doesn’t know anything about Jack’s aunt apart from the fact that she was not pleased to find out that he’s gay. Eric didn’t even know Jack was gay until the previous morning, when he was asked to fake-date him. He was a mixture of happy (if Jack’s gay does this mean I have a chance oh my Lord this boy is gay? I’m going on a date?) and concerned (how am I going to get his aunt to like me why are we doing this I have a huge crush and it’s about to get worse) and also completely confused (what about Camilla Collins did Jack date Kent Parson oh my god).

Now, he’s ten minutes away from leaving the Haus and he’s half-dressed in jeans and an unbuttoned shirt. He does up the buttons and tries to get his hands to stop shaking, but honestly, Bitty’s never been on a date before. This is all new to him. Sure, he went to Winter Screw with that guy from the rugby team, but he hadn’t had a crush on him.

He does have a crush on Jack. Maybe that’s a good thing - he’ll be a convincingly infatuated boyfriend - but he thinks it’s pretty clear that Jack isn’t interested in him that way.

Bitty takes a deep breath before heading out of his room, across the corridor. Jack’s door is open and the boy in question is on the phone when Bitty comes in.

“…ouais, j’sais, Papa,” Jack is saying in Québécois and Bitty waits, not understanding what he’s hearing. “Merci. Je dois - ouais. Bye.”

He hangs up and pockets his phone; looks at Bitty. They lock eyes and Eric doesn’t know how the hell he’s going to survive one night pretending to date this boy when he wishes so badly that it was real.

Jack smiles. “Ready, Bittle?”

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