two stories about Fredeachael

#1 Once upon a time, there was a ship called Fredeachael, it was a nice ship. It was great I, completely rad. However, one night, came a scooter driven by his hate of anonymity, was a pink scooter. He saw the ship, he thought “to hell no AW!” He started to write on it all graphity! However, the subsequent night, anon, when he was in bed, he looked up to the ceiling, floating ….. that there was a creeper, a little Jude! It is, after all, because it is a law, Jude creeper, eating his soul, we ship all Fredeachael.

#2 They are human if you scroll through the dash board of tumblr own “The Fredeachael. It fits. In addition, included with, the law it is the law. You when I found the article reading of a sudden people. "shall comply with, even though this is, who were these people, I thought it was stupid? Do you want to assume anything in order to sense Fredeachael? "You are. Do you want to do THOR, I? Know” without some people try to do it, was ignoring the ship. Appeared behind the human voice. “So, do not ship? Fredeachael Do you have me, it’s the law.” People now, in hate, by the presence of an unknown, has been removed from this world. I lived in once after the shipper derpily Frederikke, Rachel, and then all of Fredeachael.

This was translated from English>Japanese>English with Google Translate. Thank you for you time.