lokisteve exchange


And match-ups have been sent! Thank you to the 16 people who decided to participate! If you have not yet received any prompts from us or feel as if there had been a mistake in your assignment, then please get in touch with us, ASAP.

You have until October 7 to make your pieces, and on October 7, you must upload your work somewhere or send it to us to upload and we will consolidate all the entries in one post as well as reveal who got what from whom.

A few Reminders:

  • Do not reveal who it is you’re making a gift for.
  • Do not post your work before October 7.
  • You must use at least one of the prompts, but you can use multiple.
  • You may make multiple works.

The minimum for all the categories are as follows:

  • Fic: 700 words
  • Art: 600x600 pixels
  • Vid: 30 seconds
  • Fanmix: 5 songs + cover
  • Podfic: 5 minutes

If you have anymore question, please don’t hesitate to ask. If this goes well, we will have another go around the holidays. Good luck with your pieces and have fun spreading the LoVe. :D

EDIT: If anyone still wants to join, if we get at least 2 entries before 11:59PM September 17 PDT, we can accommodate to you. :)