This is my first ever follow forever! And I’ve done it at one hundred and ten followers! Have a quick story, because stories are always fun. I made a tumblr on a good day of November fourteenth, I think, and at first I had no idea how to use it and was convinced I’d stay at less than five followers. Time passed on, and mistlemerlin has finally reached a year and a few months on tumblr! During those days, I’ve made a few friends who are so, so dear to me and I’ve followed so many people who are just beyond fantastic. So without further ado, here’s my follow forever! (hover for a hella cute message and mutuals are bolded!)


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HELLA RAD PEOPLE (there’s too many people on here to give a link and a message to but just a heads up they’re all so awesome and you should follow them!)

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I’m pretty sure this is everyone, but I’m also sure I missed a few people! I still love you even if I missed you! Heck, I love everyone I follow!

lokisqueen replied to your post: there’s a poll for the best sherlock h…

I happen to think he is the best Sherlock Holmes of all time.

i… don’t really know why you’re replying to this because i think it makes my opinion pretty clear. i mean you’re entitled to yours as well but i’m going to tend to believe you either haven’t read the stories or haven’t seen granada or you just don’t care that his holmes is not accurate to the original character at all.

again, like i said, think what you want. but he’s not holmes to me. he never will be. he’s a sherlock, and he’s a good actor, but the way his part has been written and played isn’t in the spirit of the original character. he’s far too rude and it tends toward being genuinely mean-spirited at times.

lokisqueen asked:

Once someone gives this to you have to pass it to at least 10 people that are amazing and deserve to know it. Nothing happens if you don't send it, but is always nice to share love ♥

oh my god thank you!! :D

(even though i don’t deserve it since i haven’t been on much lately)