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I keep watching those last two gifs of the coronation scene you posted, and what gets me is how fast he goes from laughing and playing a role to miserable and alone, because when he says that last line to Frigga, he's not laughing. He's not joking. He's looking right at her and saying "what could possibly make me feel worse?" Abandoned. Alone. This is his worst nightmare. His worst fears realized. And if he wants to drown himself in fantasy, he will.

It’s that. Like I said. Loki was in a cell, alone, no one came to see him. He was there for hours and days rehashing and stay in his fantasies and dreams. There was his mother who came to see him and in secret. His mother brought him books to try to pass the time in those four white walls. So, of course after days like this, you lose the feeling of what is real and what is false. So when he said the last sentence, he becomes serious and it’s true. What’s worse? Now, he was in this prison. Alone, abandoned. It is only his mother who still believes in him and she was hope for him. To see changed and see her second little son again as before.

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So I'm thinking about characterization and how do you reconcile an asshole!character to who the end justifies the means, but who still values the relationships of those around him/her?

Mm hmm hmmm…a character in whom two seemingly exclusive traits coexist peaceably with each other…so my favorite kind of character in the whole wide world. (you’ve just described my Hawke to a tee tbh, he’s all about ends with very little attention to the means.)

To be honest, I don’t think the two qualities need reconciliation. A character can like being cared for, and like and care about others, while still performing acts that appear evil (or ARE evil and they know it). Personally I prefer to put my character’s actions out there without any explaining and just let them be taken at face value. My Hawke just is the kind of person who’d hand Fenris right over to Danarius in order have the best possible chance at saving a bunch of people. And then he goes after Fenris when they’re all safe, because he cares about Fenris very much. Those things are both true, and that’s about all there is to it.

You can reconcile the two qualities, of course. A character who believes that their ends are good and that they’re Doing the Right Thing is easy to make sympathetic, and it won’t give your readers pause when they’re shown in caring relationships with others. On the other hand, you can have the character be willfully evil and portray their relationships as selfish and self-soothing. 

(My Hawke generally adheres to the Greater Good and will do anything necessary to get to that point. But of course he has some selfish ends which he pursues with the same relentless methods. He is aware of the selfishness, of course. In conclusion, he’s kind of an asshole.)

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Stephen King once said, when you finish writing something, put it away for a couple months before you start to edit. You see things you wouldn't see when you're in the heat of writing frenzy. That being said, sometimes you have to hit deadlines. as an artist, you know sometimes a single line can make the biggest difference. One scene can take the story from good to grand. We remember moments most of all. <3 (btw I love your work and you sent me a benstiel postcard once and I still have it)

Yes, I would probably do that if I could, but I usually never finish a story before the deadline is just upon me *lol* The good thing about a DCBB is of course that you have some time between when drafts are due and when posting is. I think this already helped the story a great deal, because I did some serious editing already.

But maybe I should just have edited a bit more fiercely.

(Thanks!! A benstiel card? As in Benny/Cas? Aaaah, I don’t remember that card, my memory……..!!)

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Video Games: 1 3 6 23

1:Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs?
Yep. I think I’ve used one once for KQ7 because I stuck at the xylophone in the clouds part and had to look up the tune I needed to play. But that was *it* - other than that i try super hard not to use them. I’d rather figure it out myself.

3:Best game you’ve ever played?
Mass Effect 3 - I just adore this game. There are a ton of things wrong with it, but I love how everything looks, I love the closure it bring to the game, and I love the characters so so so much. Skyrim comes a close second.

23:Biggest disappointment you’ve had in gaming?
The ending of Mass Effect 3. I know, I know, people get sick of the whinging, but I was very let down. So many things didn’t make sense, it felt so rushed, and ultimately none of our choices didn’t make any difference to our choices. I really wish they’d taken the time to make the endings more … well … fitting to the character. And fuck the Star Child. Seriously.

Thanks for the asks! :)