lokisflyting reblogged your post: The best part about studying the Hittites? Figuring out how to pronounce the names.

‘c’s with the hooky things on them, right? And the umlats, and those weird Turkish ‘i’s that don’t have dots?

For the Turkish names. Actually, that’s not so difficult: The “ç” and “ş” (according to my character map, the hooky thing is called a cedilla) are, in Turkish, pronounced as “ch” and “sh” respectively. The undotted “ı/I” is pronounced like a short-“u” in English, while dotted “i/İ” is pronounced as a short “i”. (Pronunciation guide here, if you’re interested.)


“Because the men of Kaška have taken the land of Nerik for themselves, we are continually sending the rituals for the Storm God in Nerik and for the gods of Nerik from Ḫattuša in the city of Ḫakmišša, (namely) thick-breads, libations, oxen, and sheep.”

The names in that quote are Hittite. Searching for “Hittite pronunciation” only turns up how to pronounce the word “Hittite”. :|

Basically, it’s just a really good thing that I like languages.