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Growing Pains, Thorki Oneshot (for lokis-gspot)

Summary: Thor and Loki’s son won’t stop crying, but no one is able to identify the cause of his distress.

Word Count: 1,352

Rating: PG

Pairing: Thorki

Characters: Loki, Thor, OC child

Features: Family, Jotun, Jotun baby

Notes: For lokis-gspot’s prompt: Thor and loki having their first baby and its blue and blonde and like the most adorable thing and thur so happy but one day it starts crying and won’t play anymore and they try to figure out why until it turns out that the bae is growing little horn nubs and like they both panic cause neither of them know what to do about horns since loki never grew them, so they visit Jotunheim and Loki’s brother teaches them how to soothe growing horn pain and then Asgard and Jotunheim have peace. the end

This is unbetaed, so all mistakes are my own.

Growing Pains

Thor stared down at the baby that had suddenly appeared in his arms. Ásleifr stared right back for a moment, blinking his wide red eyes, before his little blue face scrunched up in displeasure and he began to wail loudly. Thor looked up to see Loki, doing what could only be described as seething. Loki pointed an accusing finger at Thor, and shouted, “He is your son! You deal with his crying! I will burn down this entire city!”

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No, I won’t stop with the JOTUNN!LOKI recs! There’s still a bunch I’m totally in love with and I need people to be just as thoroughly gorged on them as I am! So, here, feast with me!

Blue by lies_d, thor/loki, nsfw, jotunn!loki, pregnant!loki, fluff, 1.1k

Thor and Loki are trying for a baby, but Loki has to be in Jotun form to conceive.

That Silver and Gold May Come Down and Cover Me by lexicale, thor/loki, cinderella au, jotunn!loki, 6k

Going to Asgard has always been an impossible dream for Loki, but with some skillful magic and some not insignificant courage, he dares to disguise his form and visit the world of the Aesir for one night. But only one night – because his magic will not hold forever.

An AU in which Loki lives/grows up on Jotunheim, and I try to write a Thor-Cinderella fusion. Or Cindereloki, if you will.

Between the Shadow and the Soul by whimsicalmuse, thor/loki + other asgardians + jane foster, some canon!jotunn!loki, 56.6k wip

Post Avengers slow burn meets trip down memory lane with a side of angst and a dash of gore. Odin’s A+ parenting is at least a B-, Frigga is not to be trifled with, Thor has no idea what the hell to do but he shall provide a valiant effort, and Loki adjusts to see where all the players fall on the board, and what exactly Thanos has planned for him now that he’s failed. Or how a pair of gods learned to stop bullshitting and face some uncomfortable music.

The Die is Cast by ohmakemeover, thor/loki + some thrym/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 14k (at the time of rec, 45.2k total now)

To secure the uneasy peace between Asgard and Jotunheim, Loki is sent by Laufey to aid in Asgard’s war.

untitled by actualmenacebuckybarnes [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW + NSFW artwork, jotunn!loki, 1k

“Tell Loki to be awaiting me when I return from the baths,” Thor said, just the slightest bit savage from his months on the ice, “Tear him from his bed if necessary.”

Silent Lies by CsillaRising, thor/loki + other asgardians, arranged marriage, jotunn!loki, 3.2k wip

The realm of Asgard has been forbidden to all of Jotunheim for eons. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop Loki, armed with his powerful magic and even more powerful curiosity, from going there. But the Prince Regent of Asgard is nothing like Loki expected, and soon he is wrapped up in a whirlwind of quests and adventures that he never asked for. Chaos ensues.

Heavy Petting by Chianine, thor/loki + other asgaridans, jotunn!loki, 3.4k wip

Thor is very amused to learn that Jotuns purr when they’re very happy. He’s less amused to realize he’d never heard Loki purr around him, so he tries to rectify that.

But Summer Does Not Come (to Jotunheim) by Metallic_Sweet, thor/loki, jotunn!loki, arranged marriage, 2.7k

The aim of it–all of it–was to bring peace between their kingdoms. Instead, they got a sorcerer, a changeling, a creature born between worlds. Peace, their voices chanted. But war was in their blood.

relic by leeringsatyrspeeringeyes [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki + angrboda + laufey, jotunn!loki, jotunn!thor, 14k

For the second time in his long life, Angrboda stood before the throne, holding a child, pleading for the child’s life after matters had gone wrong.

untitled by mrhiddles [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, pregnant!loki, arranged marriage, jotunn!loki, ~1k

Loki doesn’t know if Asgard has ever bred a Jotun before, but surely, this is one for the books. Heir to Asgard, impregnates bride won in war. It is laughable.

Pastries by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, fluff, war prize!loki, jotunn!loki, ~1k

So, loki’s-gspot posted this on tumblr: Jotun!Loki is given to thor as a sex slave and anticipates all the horrible things Thor’s gonna do to him because he’s heard of odinson’s reputation with giants but when he gets to Asgard and meets thor finally all thor wants is someone to watch him practice training with mjolnir and eat pastries with The end

Beck and Call by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, NSFW, intersex!loki, jotunn!loki, a/b/o verse, throne sex, 1.3k

Loki does not like being told to wait, especially not from Thor, and not while he is in heat, so he marches right into the throne room and takes what he wants in front of everyone.

Of Exchange by DictionaryWrites, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki + intersex!loki + spanking + rough sex + light dom/sub, 8.9k

Loki is sent from Jötunheimr as a show of trust between two kings, with him coming to Asgard and Balder going to Jötunheimr. The Jötunn is not to be trusted, but Thor has to be civil enough with him, and soon enough he likes Loki far more than he’d ever anticipated.

full details + recs under the cut!

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You know what’s fun? Having sinus infection and being high on strong meds while fucking around on my laptop. Also all the fun you can have while making up a different story for the same pictures. I regret nothing…

I’m Not Asking for a Storm

Thorki AU in which Laufey demands Loki back, causing Thor and Odin to have a big fight over it. And of course they yell at each other totally ignoring Loki who’s just stands there stunned. Having enough of the pissing contest Loki leaves and later Heimdall informs Thor that Loki left.

Thor goes out of his right mind hearing that and rushes after him. He gives Laufey his big middle finger saying that Loki belongs to Asgard and him and he’d slay every frostgiant who dares to think otherwise.

They get into a big fight when Odin shows up to negotiate. Laufey being a dick offers a deal, Loki can stay if he marries Thor, thinking that this would outrage Odin and Thor.

But Thor is just like, hell yes, grabs Loki’s hand and heads home. Loki of course shouts at him the whole way, stuff like ‘You sentimental fool!’ 'You almost started a war over me!’ And Thor just gives him a big bright smile and shrugs, 'For you, anything.’ And Loki kicks him hard but lets him hold his hand.

Back in Asgard they have a big extravagant wedding and shortly after they start making babies 'lokis-gspot’-style.

I really think that I should write Thor 3 also time for more meds and sleep for a century. Carry on.

lokis-gspot replied to your post:What do you think about rare pairing Loki/Fury? …

heimdall prolly has like fish-lids. like he can sleep but his eyes r still keeping watch

my god. He probably sleeps standing up, too, like a horse. I would pay money to have fanart of young Loki trying to prank Heimdall, only to be scared shitless because Heimdall sleeps with his eyes open. Like freezing mid-step, panicked, because Heimdall is staring right at him. And then there’s a snore and Loki is being like, ಠ_ಠ  and then as soon as Loki tries to resume his plan, Heimdall is like “wat do u think ur doing u little shit it’s past your bedtime” and then he picks him up and carries dis little shit prince back to his bed and tucks him in like “step one foot out of this goddamn bed again and ur father will be hearing about this”

I bet that happened like 53859 times, Loki trying to sneak out of bed to wreck shit and Heimdall catches him every. single. time.

Heimdall: Gatekeeper. Watcher. Babysitter.


I decided it was about time I compiled one of these. It’s short and sweet and includes only the blogs and the people I interact with the most. You’re all wonderful! xxoo -Liz

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June marks my third year on tumblr! I thought it was about time I did one of these in light of the occasion. Three years in and I’m still horrible with photoshop.

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