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Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Words: 3166
Warnings: smut

A/N: Request from @lokisgirl5. There is something about having sex in a library. Don’t blame me. Seems like I got a little carried away. ;-)

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Honeymooners Pt 8

I won’t comment on the quality cus I’ve no idea, hope you enjoy. (cus I’ve no idea what happened but fluff)

After grabbing a quick meal, you and Loki made your way to the hot springs. There were a number of stone pools in a small outside area through a massive set of glass doors. The glass doors lined a long hall filled with floor to ceiling glass panes that allowed you to see the many pools that any number of people sat lounging in. Once outside at the pools themselves, the glass panes were darkened so you couldn’t see back inside and felt as though you were in another private secluded room. Each pool was kept separate from its neighbors by several feet of faux dirt paths and the pools were lined with fake rocks.

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A/N: my first Loki fic!

“Loki?” I call walking into our room, he’s been missing all day and quiet from him isn’t always a good thing. “Are you in here?” I call again before the wind blows one of the long drapes that hang over the balcony windows. I see him standing out there, nose stuck in a book, like usual. “Loki?”
“Yes beloved.” His voice is tight
“Everything all right?” I ask worried. It’s so hard to pull him out of those dark moods sometimes.
“I just found some interesting reading.” He smirks at me snapping the book closed. “Learned some things.”
“Is that-is that my journal?” I demand hands on my hips.
“Yes. But you said I could read it.” He reminds me coolly. I’d mostly done that cuz I thought he wouldn’t care to read it. “I learned somethings about you.” He says cupping a cheek before kissing me softly. “Come.” I follow him into the bedroom and he presses his lips to mine frantically pulling clothes off.

His cool hands play with my tits, they slide shivers up my spine. Then I feel a second set of hands and my eyes fly open. Loki has duplicated himself two more times. They’re both as naked as I am.
“What?” I ask as Loki, my real Loki, steps away.
“You wrote you wanted to try more than one man at a time. But I’m a greedy man my beloved. I am the only one who is allowed to give you pleasure.” Loki 2 and Loki 3, what I’m going to call the clones, come closer. Loki 2 spreads my pussy lips and rubs along my slit.
“What- what about you?” I moan as Loki 2 finds my clit.
“I’m going to watch for a bit.” He says sliding his cock out of his pants, slowly stroking it. Loki 3 is standing behind me, his hard cock rubbing my bare ass. Loki 2 drops to his knees and spreads my legs wide, hooking one over his shoulder he swipes his tongue along my clit. My hand finds his hair and my fingers wrap in it. I hear a soft groan from the couch where Loki is sitting, his legs spread, cock in his hand as he strokes it up and down. I feel something wet against my back entrance and Loki 3’s thumb is sliding into my asshole, lubing it up. Loki 2 is still working his mouth expertly on my pussy, my head drops back against Loki 3’s shoulder and I groan deeply.
“Loki.” I moan and the real Loki smirks at me.
“Enjoying yourself beloved?”
“Y-yes.” I pant, as Loki 2 slides two fingers into me. “Oh.” Loki 3 pulls his fingers out of my ass and slowly slides his dick into my ass. My back arches shoving my ass further onto his dick, Loki 2 speeds up his assault on my pussy. Just before I’m about to cum Loki 2 stops. “No.” I whine as he stands and Loki laughs breathily from the couch. Loki 3 picks up one of my legs, keeping himself firmly inside my ass. Loki 2 picks up the other leg as Loki stands and comes toward me.
“Did you think I’d like one of my clones make you cum?” He cups my pussy and Loki 2 sucks on one of my nipples.
“L-Loki please.” I whine, the only motion being Loki’s fingers brushing against my pussy and Loki 2 sucking on my nipple.
“What beloved?”
“Please fuck me. Please let me cum.” I whine. He removes his fingers from me and smirks, “P-please Loki.”
“Alright beloved.” He enters me in one swift movement. Causing me to cry out softly. He thrusts, slowly torturing me as he bottoms out. Loki 3 starts thrusting into my ass again, I’m being held up by all three Loki’s. Two cocks move perfectly in sync inside me.
“Loki.” I groan, “Loki may I cum?”
“Cum beloved.” He commands and I do. Going ridged in the three Loki’s arms. “Ah, good girl beloved.” Loki moans as he continues to pound his cock into me. His cock pulses as he cums with a loud groan.
The two clones set me down gently on the bed then vanish as Loki kisses me softly before magicing me cleaned up.
“Thank you Loki.” I mutter curling into him.
“Anything for you my beloved.”
“Even transforming into Thor?” I tease and he looks harshly down at me until he sees the smile on my face.
“Very funny.” He grumbles before kissing me again.

Written on phone, kinda short, hope it’s ok though


“Got it!” You yelled, leaping high into the air. Mid leap, far too late you registered that you were moving too fast at a bad angle and you were going to land hard.
You caught Cap’s shield, carelessly thrown to the side by the enemy and managed to fling it back still in the air. The mission mattered most, you reminded yourself as you fell, trying to right your angle - failing miserably.
Your yelp of pain strangled out as you gasped in shock, slumping to the ground and clutching your leg. From the opposite end of the city block, you were vaguely aware of the rest of the team taking down the threat, but mostly your world was focused around the excruciating pain radiating from your leg.
Nausea welled in your stomach, rising to your throat as you grasped at your leg, struggling with your breath.
“Excellent save there, darling.” Loki murmured as he strolled over to you. His eyes widened as he noticed your skin had paled considerably, body shaking as you stared at your leg in shock.
“Darling?” Loki asked, terror soaking his voice as he knelt down to look at you.
“I’m, I’m ok.” You gasped through grit teeth. “I’m sure it’s nothing.” You fell silent, trying to stop yourself from heaving all over.
“What’s wrong, what can I do to help?” Loki had his arms stretched out, looking for any place to touch you but terrified to exacerbate the obvious pain. His hand touched your leg gently and you groaned, arching back as your nails dug into the palms of your hand.
“I take it that hurts.” Loki muttered, quickly pulling his hand away.
“No kidding!” You gasped, moaning softly as tears pricked at your eyes.
Taking one of your hands in his, Loki moved your leg, slowly trying to stretch it out as you cried out again.
“Shit Loki! Stop!”
“I fear it’s broken.”
“Oh that’s just what I need.”
Steve walked over, hearing your cries, “everything alright?”
Loki glanced back at him, “I fear my beloved has broken her leg.”
Despite the pain, you felt yourself blush at the sweet name.
Steve looked around, “this is practically a war zone, we need to get her out of here.”
Loki nodded, “I fear the pain moving her but it’s the only way to get her medical treatment,” he swallowed glancing back at you. “My healing powers aren’t the best at mending bones.”
You cried out softly as Loki shifted his hands under you, lifting you easily into the air and holding you to his chest. Your vision wavered, the pain of moving your broken leg sending a fresh wave of nausea through you. Each step Loki took, though gentle and mindful of your injury, still sent a pang up your leg with each jolt. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face and tried to focus on his heady scent mixed with the leather armour.
“We’ll have you mended in no time.” Loki murmured softly.
You tried to nod but thought better of it and simply hummed.
“While you heal, I’ll make sure to take care of you, I always care for my love.”
You smiled, “I love you too Loki, thanks.”
“Of course.”

you and me together riding into the sun
3871 words
By Organization for Transformative Works

Loki was sitting between Thor’s thighs, his back to Thor’s chest and his – at the moment – soft cock pressing against the small of Loki’s back as they watched a local news station’s piece on the oldest woman in the state’s hundred-and-something-th birthday.

“When’s your birthday?” Thor asked, nuzzling Loki’s neck.

Loki snorted. “Can’t wait for me to be legal?”

Thor chuckled. “But seriously, you’ve never told me.”

Loki snatched Thor’s phone off the table, checking the date. He scrunched his nose and set it back down. “Tomorrow, actually.”

“Shit, really?”

Loki nodded, pulling his legs up and wrapping his arms around himself. “Yeah. I don’t really like celebrating it, though.”

(A small sequel to A Poison that Never Stung that’s about 800 years overdue)

Things That Make Me Love Magnus Chase

((Please note that I’ve Only Read The Sword of Summer)) @alexfierrno Thanks for convincing me to read this amazing book and for bringing me into this amazing fandom. I owe ya!!

• Our main character lived on the streets for two years.

• Annabeth literally hasn’t seen her cousin in years (and probably hasn’t thought about him much considering all she’s done since PJO/HOO) but she literally drops everything to find him in Boston.


• Blitz and Hearth. Just…Blitz and Hearth.

• Blitz being a MOC dwarf whos mother is a goddess and who loves fashion.

• Hearth being a deaf elf who taught Magnus ASL.

• Hearth only wears the red and white scarf because Blitz said it would look nice. (he never really takes it off)

• Natalie Chase being an amazing mother who I love and we’ve never even officially met her

• The occupants of floor 19

• Thomas Jefferson Jr’s mother was a runaway sLAVE AND NO ONE WANTS TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?

• Gunilla being Gorilla

• Magnus being genuinely mad when he gets abs

• “A pen sword” (I see what you did there Rick, we see you)

• Loki. I’m so sorry, but I always imagine him as Tom Hiddleston.

• Blitz and Hearth falling out of the world tree.

• Sam being in an arranged marriage with Amir but being in love with. We have a consentual arranged marriage.

• “How many Arab American female pilots do you know?”

• Magnus’ inability to shut the hell up

• Huge ducks being the portal to different worlds.

• Sam turning her swan cloak into a hijab.

• Blitz and Magnus are technical first cousins.

• The fact that the dwarves put so much heart and soul into their creations, even if it’s just a cup.

• Blitz says on page 301 that he’s only 20. He was literally only 18 when he drank from the well. He was just a kid, and he spent 2 years taking care of Magnus.

• Blitz 👏 built 👏 Hearth 👏 a 👏 fricking 👏 tanning 👏 bed 👏 in 👏 his 👏 apartment 👏 Odin 👏 bless 👏 this 👏 dwarf 👏

• Otis is a small precious child who has a therapist oh my God I love that goat.

• Thor is such a fangirl I love him. (SIDE NOTE: In total, Rick has referenced The Mortal Instruments ((he dedicated this book to Cassandra Clare and thanked her for the use of Magnus. Cough cough Magnus Bane cough cough)) Doctor Who, Arrow, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, and Supernatural)

• Hearth is so fricking sassy around Thor oh my god.

• Apparently there are Norse zombies called draugr. Who knew.

• “[Blitz] crawled into the tent and muttered to Hearthstone, “Make some room you tent hog!” Then he draped his over-coat across the elf, which I thought was kind of sweet. “ - Pg.370. HOLY CRAP THIS PART I LITERALLY HAD TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND SCREAM.

• Hearth fucking putting Otis and Marvin’s heads in Thor’s arms. “Never let it be said that elves don’t have a sense of humor. ”

• OK, but how tf is Loki an 8 legged horses mother?? Could someone explain that to me??

•"He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. ” Pg.384: HES SO CUTE AND ACTS SO DRUNK HERE ITS ADORABLE I LOVE HIM.

•Hearth being hella confused since the sign for I Love You looks similar to drinking out a bottle.

•"“Here he is,” Sam called, brushing some rubble off the fallen elf. “I think he’s okay. ” “Thank Odin!” Blitz started forward but almost fell.’ Pg. 406


•Sam, Magnus, Blitz, and Hearth being a family of empty cups 😭😭💗


•Floor 19 letting Magnus go free I cry.

•"I felt as if I were seeing Hearthstone for the first time. He didn’t stumble. He didn’t faint. He strode confidently forward, flowers expanding before him like an unrolling carpet. Not only was Hearth immune to the wolfs voice, his rune magic was literally redrawing the boundaries of Fenris’ prison. “ Pg.450 - This was so beautiful. I cried so hard when I read this. He’s come such a long way and he’s developed so much I love Hearth.

•Frey looks more like Marvels’ Thor than Thor did.

•Frey realizes that Magnus probably isn’t ready for a father figure just yet.

•Magnus is the one to initiate the hug between them.

• Blades before Babes.

•The chapter title for Chapter Sixty-Nine is "Oh…So That’s Who Fenris Smelled in Chapter Sixty-Three”. Did he…Did Rick just break the fourth wall???!?1?!1


• ‘The screen changed. In Sam’s photo, she was standing nervously at the counter of Fadlan’s Falafel, her face turned aside, blushing furiously as Amir leaned towards her, grinning. “Oooooo,” said the crowd of einherjar, followed by a fair amount of snickering. “Kill me now,” Sam muttered. “Please. "Pg. 478.

•Halfborn and Mallory!!!!!1!!11!1

•"To us, the Chase cousins. Here’s to being less messed up. ” Pg. 487


All joking aside, this is a seriously good book and I can’t wait to check out the second book tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet Alex Fierro. This book made me cry, and laugh, and stay up way too late. I seriously recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of myths. Really, this book is a treasure.

Somebody get me an ice-pack because this this thing got steamy! I did not intend for it to go this way - at all, I promise - but sometimes there is nothing I can do. Anyway, you guys really liked Plague and, after uploading it to AO3, it did so well, I figured to ignore my rule of only doing 4 parts and carry on with it. Difficult to say when I will stop but so far you guys seem to like it and I enjoy writing it so let’s keep at it, shall we? I think @summeroffortyfives and @tmntloverxd would appreciate being tagged in this (also @arabella-loves-coffee). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I know its really soon to ask this but could you please do a part 5 to it. About the aftermath of the kiss like if they become a couple or something like that

The feelsssssss from your stories. Anything Loki x reader especially.

Plague (Part 5)

Part 4

“What we did-” Loki began.
“What you did.” You corrected him. He growled a little at the interruption.
“Regardless; what happened yesterday was completely accidental. And moreover, it was wrong.”
“Absolutely.” You agreed.
“We shouldn’t have done it.”
“No, we shouldn’t.”

Earlier that day you had had your fingers tangled in Loki’s hair and your body pressed against him, practically fused together with the heat of passion. It had been the first time since having a cold that your temperature was not a result of your affliction. Since then the two of you had avoided each other completely, neither able to admit the obvious or deny it. Your emotions were a dangerous and toxic combination that you couldn’t fathom. Loki felt the same – the premise of falling for a Midgardian was sickening and strange to the God. He couldn’t be sure it was real, or right. Thus the current conversation was the first time the two of you had spoken since then. Be it through avoiding eye contact or evading dialogue with each other, the two of you had practiced extensive measures to ensure that you need never address the situation.

And that had lasted for a few hours.

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A Perfect Balance

PAIRING: reader x Loki 



Request from @highchu :Hey sugarplum! May I request Loki x reader, where Loki has the biggest crush on her and sees her something pure and completely opposite what he is. Thor sees Loki change in behaviour and wants his brother to confess to reader what he feels for her.

I feel like the ending kinda sucked, but it’s almost 11.30pm and i’ve been up since 6.30am and I need to sleep but I wanted to write this because it’s been sitting in my inbox for what feels like a while and i felt bad! But I did try I promise!


Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Most people didn’t even know you were a part of the Avengers; you had a non-combat roll so to speak. Mainly in linguistics you were the teams eyes and ears during their missions. You where what most people called a computer geek but you didn’t mind the stereotype. Not when you lived with some of the most extraordinary people in the world. The Avengers were also slightly protective of you; you were their heart so to speak. There was never a moment when you were alone, people naturally gravitated towards you. You gave of this indescribable sense of calm. Natasha didn’t trust that someone could be so understanding and positive. Until she told you about your past, you had reached out, took her hand and said

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In The Bookstore

A Wattpad request. My first time writing Loki as a main and I think only my third time writing him in general. I do not own Loki, Tony Stark, or Steve Rogers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader, mentions of Steve and Tony 

Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove

Loki reveled in the one day a week he was allowed out of the Tower without the entire team around him. Ever since Odin banished him to Midgard, Loki had been stuck like glue to at least three Avengers at all times. Then, after a while, they decided that Loki had behaved well enough to deserve one day a week where he could leave the Tower mostly unaccompanied. One Avenger had to be with him, but that was better than having everyone there or staying in the Tower all the time.

               This time, Steve had offered to babysit, for lack of a better word. Of all the Avengers, Steve was the one Loki tolerated the most. “So, where would you like to go today, Loki?” Steve asked him that morning. Loki knew just the place. He’d been eyeing it for months now. “There is a rather small bookshop nearby I would like to see,” he told Steve who nodded when Loki told him the location. “I know just the place. It used to be something else back in the 40s.” Loki fought the urge to roll his eyes. He really didn’t care, he just wanted to get to the bookstore.

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@deviousserpcnt ( continued from here: [ x ] )

Of course she would prove difficult to sway. They were ONE AND THE SAME, etched from the same column of black ice that oozed chaos and lies. Thus, he was not surprised at her presumed actions, her stretching reminding him of a feline. Loki arched an eyebrow ( charm? HIM? ), the flames in the nearby fireplace roaring to life.  

                   "Since when have I ever been charming?“

It was a rhetorical question, of course, and he slid his hand under her silk blouse to feel the cool skin beneath. Yet it remained there, unmoving, as he returned to the heavy tome that hovered a few feet in front of him and above his twin. The only time he moved his hand was to flip a page, but otherwise he returned it to its usual place, his fingers occasionally tap tap tapping on her stomach. Finally:

                    "I expected you to at least torment the
                     woman next door. She has been a little
                     irritating lately.”

runetongued  asked:

❝ don’t you make me put you over my knee. ❞ :^ )

       Oh, I hope that you aren’t just TEASING me when you say that, elskan,     

     Loki’s response came out as a suggestive, deep-voiced purr, his chin cradled between his palms as he rested his weight into his elbows against the dining table. Perhaps he had imbibed too much of Ægir’s famed mead, as his tongue felt particularly loose and his imprudent disposition had reached its pinnacle. As he was unable to sense whether this was another instance of Bragi’s  ( what Loki himself considered )  incessant need for confrontation with him, or whether the poet was actually being flirtatious, the trickster’s intoxicated mind could only think to offer a wily smile accompanied by a melodramatic flutter of his lashes in addition to his words.

     ❝  After all—  

     Leisurely, he extended a limb beneath the the table until the tip of his shoe grazed the Bragi’s shin in a provocative fashion. The corners of his mouth quickly curled upwards to form an even more impish, libidinous expression, though the slow, potentially undesired movement of his foot upward and downward along the other’s leg remained sure and steady.

       —you know how I hate it when I get my hopes up, only to be let down.  


Loki works in a smoothie shop adjacent to some grunge-y, grimy powerlifting/crossfit/strongman sort of gym and literally the only perk of working there is getting to see big muscly men sweat and grunt as they toss around tires and chunks of cement and whatnot. The biggest perk being Thor, whose recently started a bulk(he told Loki… in excruciating detail...) and now comes in after every workout to order his Super Extra Large smoothie which is a legitimately the most horrifying concoction of protein powder, peanut butter, and whatever the fuck else seems to entice Thor that day. (seriously, it’s horrifying… the blender always starts to smoke when Loki makes it… how can someone enjoy drinking CEMENT...)

But the Slightly Questionable smoothie is working and Thor is getting Thick as Hell and Loki starts having a hard time not greeting him with “please c r u s h  m e with your body” and getting an erection.