TUTORIAL - HOW TO REMOVE BACKGROUNDS: In this tutorial you will learn how to take off the background of a image (Photoshop CS6)

#1 - This is my original image. First you must to pick up the Quick selection tool (x) and select all over the person (x).

#2 - Right click on the selected area and select “refine edge’ (x). Now you must  click the smart radius and after that adjust the radius and mess around with it. 

#3 - Afer that you must go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color…(x) and choose the color that you want.

#4 - Now put PSDs and textures and you’re done! Click "Save for Web” and be sure that you change the format for JPEG.

Note: I used Photoshop CS6, but it works with Photoshop C5 too.