• Loki: Enough of this ridiculousness! To think that Loki, Prince of Darkness, should waste his time with defending Asgard!
  • [Loki raises his arms to enact a spell, but Thor stops him]
  • Thor: Nay, brother! We leave together, for you still have much to answer for!
  • Hela: Indeed. You both do. For today Hela has relinquished a soul, and she demands one in exchange!
  • Thor: You may try to take my soul, death goddess, but I will make you fight for it. And your realm has suffered much already this day.
  • Hela: You speak the truth. So I shall take *his* soul instead!
  • Loki: What?
  • [souls break out of the ground and grab Loki's ankles]
  • Loki: Thor! I helped you! Thor!
  • [Loki is dragged into a crevasse]
  • Thor: I could fight you for Loki's soul.
  • Hela: *Will* you?
  • [pause]
  • Thor: No.
  • Hela: He is my father; his stay will *not* be eternal. But know this, Odinson: your soul *will* be mine, and I will keep it forever!
  • Thor: We shall see!
  • [teleports off]