sorry i’m a little late, everyone. i know you can’t possibly expect it to be a real party without moi!

(this is really too messy considering how long it took me to actually do it, but oh wells. the dress is supposed to be bifrost themed, which makes it simultaneously rainbow road and nyan cat themed….thus, the silver colors and mario star clutch. woo!)


((meghan and i were discussing the possible origins of the Other Loki. and i guess this is one of them? baking can be used for much more than just making deliciousness, you know.))

[for those who weren’t there near the beginning of tumblvengers, OL originally came to possess Thorby’s mind through some mischievous magic of Lokilsey’s.]

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Lokilsey is just super jealous of Thorby for finding someone before she does. (( And you don't suck! Sym will give you a cupcake if you RP more! ))

((wrong! Lokilsey gets all the ladies. and the men too. but that’s back on Asgard. she wouldn’t want one of those weak midgardians her sister’s always going on about. or at least, she doesn’t think she does (pride keeps her from really knowing them). but sometimes she does wish she had as many good friends as Thorby seems to when they’re both so far from home…somaybeateenseybitjealous.))

watching from high above using her special brand of sugar-coated magic

lokilsey wondered whether or not she should do something about all the drama llamas so obviously wreaking havoc on the tumblvengers. their tracks were certainly all over the melodrama unfolding before her.

unsurprising that no one else was noticing them. only a very keen sense, honed from years of eating nothing but sweets, gave lokilsey the ability to see them. sweets, of course, were their natural enemy. the light-heartedness of cupcakes and candy…they couldn’t take it. it would dissolve the mood instantly, killing the atmosphere they thrive off.

“perhaps, i should get to work….”


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A wise agent once said, “Don’t leave buckets over doorways.” You’re starting to sound a little too much like your better half. I mean me. I mean other me. I mean us. eheheh

Ok Frosty, so playing a few pranks on my friends means that I’m beginning to have some sort of existential crisis?  Huh, good one.  It does sound like you’re starting to get a little confused on the matter, though.  B)


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✪ Everyone. You rule them all after all, so you kiss them happily.

lokilsey points her staff to the sky. “i declare lokilsey kisses for all!” she shouts in a booming voice as a beam of iridescent pink light flies from the staff’s tip into the atmosphere. pink clouds rumble into formation. bright red kisses rain down upon the earth.

crazykasady said: (( *snaps fingers* Darn. See? Would’ve known more if you jump in and RP more. Please??? I really like Lokilsey’s sass and would love to see it more. ))

((i’d jump in more if i knew how to do it right. XP i was hoping that maybe knowing other’s headcanons could help me flesh out the character, but i only got the one submission. :c ))

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woooow. you ever stop to think how much of a douchebag this spidey guy's being? you don't seriously have a crush on him, do you? i mean, he just shows up out of no where. now he's going out of his way to make you feel bad and then acting like he's some sort of good guy by being all huggy and crap after he caused all this pain? we haven't even tried all the things, and he's ready to let goopy die? huh. yeah. that's the mark of a good guy, right?

He was just doing his job, Lokilsey.  What, did you want him to lie to me when I asked what would happen to Kasady?  I’m pretty sure if he knew of another option, he would have told me. And… Kasady is a monster… If we let him go the whole thing would just start all over…

AND ALSO, since when have YOU had such an interest in MY social life?!  What, did you run out of other people to sass and bully and talk down to and now you’re left with me? Oh, I feel so honored. Why don’t you just BACK OFF and take your bug antennae and go eat a cupcake or something?!