An adventure to remember.


Inside the Winking skeever, a tavern located in Solitude, Tiny-Dancer sat alone, quietly drinking her mead. She had a disheartened look on her face, like she lost something important. The woman growled as she downed the mead and glared at the bottle. But she went quiet after she heard something of intrest to her, behind her sat and Nordic man, and his friend.

“i’m telling you! it exsists!” the nord said as he drank is black briar brandy. “it is full of skeever crap and you know it! that map could be fake after all!” his friend argued as he leaned back in his chair “you dont even know what its for!!” he hissed. “I do know what its for! This map is for an all seeing mirror!! you could use that mirror to find every secret skyrim has! all the treasure!” he boasted as he showed the map to his buddy, then he slips it back into his satchel and went back to drinking with his friend.

Tiny-Dancer grinned to herself as she turned to look at the satchel that sits just a few feet from her… unguarded and vulnerable. She quietly and stealthly reaches over and snatches the map from the small bag. She quickly gets up, leaving a tip on the table and makes her way out of the tavern and into the streets and twords the solitude gate. The argonian quietly squee’s with delight as she held the map close to her “that mirror will be mine…!”

The carriage finally jerked to a stop. Climbing out of the carriage, Rorinil thumped to the ground, ungracefully. He rubbed his legs for a moment, getting the blood to circulate again, he really felt like an old man. By the time he got through the gates of Solitude, he felt recovered and ready for a visit to the inn. This was put off though when he saw Tiny-Dancer, who had just recently met. He fought a battle in his mind, Mead? or Talk? She was blind so he could get away with it but he also knew he would feel like a jerk. He didn’t mind Tiny-Dancer, she was one of the more interesting people he had met in Skyrim, admittedly. Approaching her, he taps her shoulder,

“Dancer, it’s good to see you again, how are you?” He looks down curiously at the paper she is holding. Shuffleing around her he sees it’s a map. He wonders if she realises that she is blind and won’t be able to read it, especially since it seems like she is leaving Solitude.