ok so i saw thor: ragnarok recently, and it was heckin good. but the only problem i had with it was that all of thor’s og asgardian squad were freaking murdered and no one said anything about it. like not even thor himself even asked about them, let alone mourned them. it just makes me so angry that characters like this that were important in the first two films can just get killed and everyone moves on

Odin is the True Villain of the Thor movies

1.Goes on a blood soaked conquest of a the Nine Realms early in his reign, raises his first born daughter to be the perfect weapon, and then suddenly decides “Nah, fuck it I’m bored”. When his daughter understandably is confused by this and doesn’t know how else to react, Odin decides instead of teaching her a new way, he instead tosses her in a magic prison to inevitably fuck over everyone in the future with his naturally upset daughter

2.Raises Thor as a complete dick in the first place then banishes him and then pretends to have planned the entire humility thing with Mjolnir once Thor returns a better man

3.Constantly shitting on his adopted son Loki by playing favorites with Thor. Why the fuck even bring him home then? Just pawn him off on another family.

4.Let’s make this vault filled with incredibly dangerous artifacts really easy to enter with next to no security