Imagine working for Tony Stark and getting along with all of The Avengers, except Loki, who was rude to you when you met for the first time. A month of so after meeting Loki, and just dedicate irritated looks to each other, you are kidnapped by an enemy of The Avengers, who try to find you desperately. Even Thor asks Loki to help them. And it’s Loki who finds you, bleeding and really weak. When he approaches to you he thinks you are dead but you open your eyes. With tears in your eyes, you ask him to hold you because you don’t want to die alone. When he seems reluctant to do so, you apologise for not trying to know him better which surprises him because he was the rude one, not the other way around. Finally, he takes you carefully in his arms and hugs you to his chest, pressing on the wound that still bleeds. You sighed and smiled a bit, whispering a small thank you before closing your eyes at the same time The Avengers appear at the door frame. Would it be too late to save you?

Loki x Reader The Danger You Crave Part Six

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Word Count: 863

Warnings: smut 

Part One Previous

You lunged back from Loki. The world around you seemed to spin as you came to realize the memory had shattered. “Don’t touch me,” you tried to say angrily. 

“You remember that moment as well as I do,” Loki murmured.

“Loki, why are you doing this?” you asked, almost pleading him to give it up. “Just-just tell me. Tell me and I’ll take care of it. We can run away and start everything over. Just give up this.” You reached out to touch his shoulder. Loki sneered at you, moving away. “Look at what they’ve done to you. Look at what Thor’s done to you.” 

“No one has done anything to me,” you seethed. “No one except for you.” 

“I helped you,” he argued. 

“You brainwashed me.” 

I saved you!” 

You were startled at his sudden yell. His eyes softened immediately when he realized and he straightened his back. “I saved you from the wretched horrors of this world. I was trying to protect you from a life of misery,” he argued. “The only thing you’ve done is hurt me. Over and over and over again. And each time you fuck up it’s always me that gets hurt.” 

“You think I do not ache when I lose you?” Loki demanded. “The time I went without you was hell and the only thing that got me through it was knowing that one day you would be by my side once more.” 

Your fists clenched by your side, blood boiling with every emotion humanly possible. “You can’t actually think that I would ever support this sick idea of a dictatorship, do you?” 

“This world was made to be ruled by some as powerful as we,” Loki said, trying persuade you. “The human race was born to be subjugated.” 

“This place is my home,” you responded. “There was a time when you said your home was with me,” Loki disagreed. 

“And then you ran away from me.” It took every ounce of strength you had not to cry or lash out at him. “You went and left me, your brother, all of us!”

“Do you still love me?” Loki asked after a moment. 

The question caught you off guard. Of course you loved him. You never stopped. “Loki, that doesn’t-” 

 He pulled you into his arms and your mouths met. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation between either of you. Your eyes fluttered shut and your brain screamed at you to stop. Loki was the enemy. As hard as it was to see him that way, you were going to have to eventually.

Loki pushed you up against a rock, gently as possible, and kissed your neck. He paused, resting his head on your shoulder. “Do you still love me?” he repeated breathlessly; his voice was warm against your skin, making you shiver. 

You shut your eyes tightly. “I never stopped.”

His hands found the fastenings of your clothes. The slender fingers of his went to work while you leaned your head back, willing yourself make a choice. You didn’t care if that choice was right or wrong, you just knew something had to be done. 

Loki kissed you swiftly once more, the decision making itself. He hoisted your thighs around his hips, holding you up as easily as possible while he fumbled with his armor. You pulled on his shoulders, kissing and biting around his neck. His fingers drummed up your bare legs before pausing at your upper thigh. His thumbs massaged the sensitive area gently while he kissed your shoulder. 

A sudden whine escaped your lips when his finger moved upwards; he rubbed against your wet clit, wasting no moment. 

Your hands tangled in his hair as you bit down on your lip to keep quiet. Loki pressed his hardened member against your thigh and whispered into your ear. “Do you love me?” 


He slammed into you, leaving you with no choice but to scream in pleasure. His thrusts were almost comforting. Since the split up, neither of you had laid with anyone and now that you found each other, there wasn’t any point in wasting the limited time with teasing each other. His hips met your with precise rhythm. Your breath grew heavy. Each thrust he took it felt like we went deeper and deeper into you and you loved it. Your walls clamped around him, making him grunt. You whimpered his name in a high voice, making Loki shudder. “[Y/n],” he moaned in reply. His pace increased. You tossed your head back, crying out as you felt the climax rise up. The warmth pooled into your stomach as you moved your hips with his. 

Loki groaned when you both finally came; the feeling of his seed spilling inside you made you shake. He leaned against you, both of your chests rising and falling heavily. “Do you love me?” he repeated. “Y-yes,” you managed to say.

“Then help me,” he pleaded. The genuine fear in his voice worried you. What he had done to put him in such a state remained beyond you. He peered his eyes at you, hands resting on your hips. “Loki,” you whispered. “I tried.” 

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We’ve seen a lot of stuff coming from the Thor: The Dark World special features (I haven’t seen them yet, my copy will arrive next Tuesday, wheee!), but I still haven’t seen anything about the scene with Loki in furs.






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