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#35 for Loki

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#35. “Don’t get any ideas.” 

“Where were you all earlier?” you frowned at Loki as you trailed after him. “I looked everywhere for you. I heard you all got into trouble!”

“It was Thor’s idea,” Loki ran a hand over his hair, lowering himself down onto a stair. You sat down next to him, waiting patiently for him to explain.

Don’t get any ideas,” Loki warned, shooting you a look. You stuck out your tongue at your elder brother, shoving his arm and he chuckled, ruffling your hair as he pushed you away.

“Just tell me what happened!”

Loki shook his head, his smile fading as his expression went serious once more. “Thor wanted to confront Laufey. To hold him accountable for his men’s attempt to steal the Casket.”

“But Odin said-”

“I know what he said,” Loki cut you off, rubbing his hand over his face. “So did Thor.”

“So what happened?”

“Father sent Thor to Midgard.”

Your eyes stretched wide as you thought of your other brother, “Father sent him away?” Tears pricked your gaze and you wiped them away quickly, staring at Loki helplessly, “Is he ever coming back?”

“If he learns the error of his ways, perhaps. It’s up to Father.”

You leaned against your elder brother’s side, eyes wide and anxious. “But do you think he’ll come back?”

Loki sighed, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “I’m sure he will, [f/n].”

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Finally Found You (Chapter 3)

So this chapter is going to start things off, hopefully after this chapter the rest of the fic will be heart warming and make sense and yeah (hopefully). Thanks for reading. Likes are appreciated and comments are welcome. 

Finally Found You:   

“Are you ready to order, sir?” Caleb asked, avoiding eye contact. 

“Caleb, I need to speak with you.” 

“Mr. Odinson, I’m busy.” 

“But I’m the only customer.” He grinned. 

She sighed, taking a seat across from Loki. “What do you want, Loki?” 

“You look tired.” 

“I haven’t had much sleep, Loki, thank you for noticing. Now, why did you leave without telling me?” 

“Caleb, I wanted to stay, but—” 

“Girlfriend wanted to know where you were?” She raised a brow. 

He shook his head. “No, I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m not married.” 

“So why did you leave?” 

He sighed. “Caleb, I went upstairs to your room, I found the sketchbook on your bed, and I saw the drawings.” 

“Don’t think I’m some kind of creep, because I never saw you before in life until that night you saved me.” 

“How do you know how I look if you’ve never seen me before that night?” 

“I don’t know. Dreams? When I lived in the orphanage house I had lots of dreams about… you? You and some girl named Nina.” 

“Nina? You’ve dreamt about Nina?” He smiled. 

“Yes,” she nodded. “Why? Is it something bad?” 

He chuckled. “No, it’s not bad, in fact it’s wonderful.” He reached out for her hands and grasped them in his hands. “Caleb, you’re dreaming about Nina’s past. You really are Nina!” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“There’s something you need to know, Ms. Parker.” They both turned their heads when someone entered the diner. “You leave at five, am I correct?”

“Yeah, but how—” 

“We need to talk in private, I’ll be at your house around five.” 

He got out of the booth, leaving the diner. Also leaving Caleb sitting alone in the booth. Just as he said, Loki was waiting for Caleb outside her house, sitting on the stairs. He stood up when Caleb came in his view from down the street. She went to the door and unlocked it, leading Loki inside and to the kitchen. 

Caleb gave him a cup of coffee and watched as he drank. “So, what do you want to talk about?” 

“Caleb, a long time ago, I was once in a wheelchair. I was lonely, I had no friends, but my mother hired different people to keep me company, and Nina was the last to be hired.” 

“So Nina’s real? My dreams are real?” 

“It depends, but I would say most of them are real, yes.” 

“Oh, my god.” She whispered, then shook her head. “You said a long time ago, how long?” 

“About twenty five years ago.” 

“Then how old are you? And how are you out of a wheelchair?” 

“Caleb, you need to trust me, because what I’m about to tell you may seem unbelievable, and you cannot tell anyone.” 

She went to the refrigerator and got a carton of eggs, then went to the stove. “Do you want some breakfast?” 

“Do you trust me, Caleb? It’s all I’m asking, it’s all I need to know.” 

She turned around to face him.  “Okay. I trust you. For some reason, I do.” 

“Good. Then I shall tell you about my past and Nina’s past.” 

“Wait. Can I show you something?” She lead him upstairs to a room that kept all her artwork. She went through different painted canvas boards then gave Loki one. “They, uh, call it Asgard in my dreams. Is it real?” 

He looked down at the painting of Asgard, then looked up. “Breakfast would be nice.” 


Loki helped Caleb make breakfast, obviously what he wanted to tell her was going to take forever so the information could sink in. When breakfast was made they sat in the small dining area, which Loki questioned Caleb why it was small but Caleb skipped that question, wanting to get to the whole point of he being in her home. 

And he did. He began with Asgard being real and that’s where he was from, and he’s basically a god that is about a thousand years old. This surprised Caleb. Loki began talking about how he was once in a wheelchair, how Nina came into his life and turned things around, then all he spoke about was Nina.

“You must’ve loved her.” Caleb smiled. “What happened?” 

“My father disliked his son being paralyzed, he said if she and I were together everyone would humiliate her, so I broke up with her. After that I was faking my happiness, I had to go everywhere with my family and the smile on my face was just to please my father. That went on for two months. Then one night I began feeling pain in my legs. Nina went to a goddess for help, she could find and heal love, Nina didn’t have anything valuable to give to the goddess, so she decided to take Nina’s soul instead and she agreed.” 

“You did get to say bye, right?”

“Of course I did. She came back to Asgard, told the king and queen what they needed to hear, then she spent all the time she had with me. Knowing that you only have twenty four hours with someone you love, it’s hard.” He looked down.

“My parents died when I was six.” Loki looked up at her. “They went out. A drunk driver hit their car pretty bad, they died and I was left alone with no one to watch over me.” 

“I’m sorry for your lost.” 

“That was nineteen years ago.” She sat up in her seat. “What happened after Nina was taken?” 

“The goddess gave me chance in love again, she put Nina’s soul in an unborn child, I’ve been looking everywhere for years. I finally found her.” 

“Me? You’ve been looking everywhere for me?” 

“Yes, I finally found you.” He reached over and grasped her hand with a smile. “You have to recover Ni—you’re memories.” 

“Can you help me?” She smiled. “I can tell you everything I dream about and if there’s a story behind it, you can tell me.” 

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?” 

“If I did mind, I wouldn’t have suggested it.” She stood up from her seat, never letting go of Loki’s hand. “What happens after my memories are recovered?”

“When that time comes and if you still trust me, I’ll take you to Asgard, so you can’t see it yourself.” 

It was already seven in the morning, they spent two hours talking about everything Caleb needed to know. They went to the living room and continued to talk, Loki started a fire in the fireplace while Caleb went upstairs for a blanket. 

It was a cozy morning. Once silence fell between them Caleb fell asleep on her side of the couch, which Loki smiled when she snuggled into the blanket more. She was fast asleep when the sun came out, Loki decided to leave. He got his things and went over to Caleb, and leaned down and kissed her forehead. Then he left quietly.

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I Have A Problem

And that problem is that one errant curl in Tom’s hair that seems to turn up no matter what hair style he is currently rocking.

I mean…

What the hell…

Is this shit?

I mean, OK, his hair is on the long side there, but…

Even when his hair is shortish? Dude, really?

Oh no, not the Henry V look with that curl.

Loki and Hal too? Why do you DO this to me?

Coriolanus Rehearsal Tom! AUGH!

I don’t know what’s happening here, but SHIT, son.




Imma beat you and your stupid curl with those shoes, boy.


I hate love him.

We’ve seen a lot of stuff coming from the Thor: The Dark World special features (I haven’t seen them yet, my copy will arrive next Tuesday, wheee!), but I still haven’t seen anything about the scene with Loki in furs.






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