To Love Yourself the Way I Do

Request: Anonymous said: Can you pls do an imagine loki where he comforts female reader when she’s sad\down about the way she looks? Thank you. ♥ 

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 570

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Anon, I hope this is good, I hope you like and enjoy this! <3

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You stared in the mirror as your eyes started mapping out your imperfections. Your brain was easily cooperating when it came to this.

The dark voices from the inside told you to hate every inch of your body. To hate how your legs didn’t look like a Victoria’s Angel’ ones, to hate how your lips weren’t so plump and smooth, or how your belly would stick out a little when you sit down.

Nevertheless, those thoughts did not hurt as much as it hurt to think that the person you loved with your whole heart and soul, would see you as an unattractive mortal and nothing more.

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FrostIron #1

Since Loki’s a shapeshifter I am not saying he would talk with animals but be able to understand their body language really well so can you imagine Loki just looking at some snake and going ‘Oh my, poor thing’s exhausted’ and Tony just freaking out like whAT THE FUCK Loki you fucking PARSLETONGUE what is this straight up salazar bullshit fUcKING SLYTHERINS DAMMIT

You Talk Too Much

Original or requested: Original

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 1.032

Loki tried to take over your city. Again. While you were patiently waiting for the Avengers to come and save the day, the worse happened. You, with a small group of people, were kidnapped. Kidnapped to Asgard. Now, you stand before his throne in a room that seems like a fairytale. It didn’t suppose to look like a fairytale when you’re standing before Loki, the god of Mischief and Lies.

“Is good to see humans surrendering so easily.” With a mean smile, Loki stands up, looking down at you and the others.

“On your knees.”

Immediately, everyone gets down on their knees, not daring to raise their eyes to the Asgardian god.

“You.” He points at you, his smile fading. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?”

Keeping your head up, you take a deep breath to gather courage.

“Not interested.” You say, eyes on him as he slowly walks up to you.

“You dare to…”

“Here, just between you and me. I’m not afraid of you. So let’s skip all this worship bullshit and you can take me back home.” You whisper, trying to confuse him. You’ve always been a talker, and you know how to use it in your favor. You just don’t know if it’ll work with a god.

“Are you mad, mortal?” Loki’s face is like ice, you can’t read it. “Take her to a special cell. Kill the others. ”

“What? No!” Before he could turn around, you hold his wrist. He stops anger and surprise in his eyes. “D-don’t do this.”

“Why should I even listen to you?”

“It’s better to be a merciful king than an evil king.”

“I rather be evil.” He whispers before letting the guards take you.

You yell and fight and try to run away, but those guards tell you to keep quiet and just follow the rules. So, when they lock you in this small cell, with a magic glass that can kill you instantly, you scream again. You scream until your throat hurts so bad you can’t find your voice anymore.

After endless hours, you hear footsteps but you don’t bother to stand up. The cold hard ground finally got a bit comfortable. You hope someone is bringing you food. But no. When you see him, the god of Lies again, you know he brought you no food.

“Are you stupidly brave or completely insane?”Somehow, he opens one of those magic glass and enters the cell. “I wish to know what’s on your mind when you stood up to confront me.”

“I’m not the kind of person who…”

“Who’s smart enough to obey your king?”

“You’re not my king.”

“Haven’t you noticed? You’re in Asgard. And this is a gift for you, mortals.” Loki looks around your empty cell, confusion on his handsome face. Wait. Did you just…? No. You can’t think about these things right now. “Were you sleeping on the ground?”

“Yes. Why? You killed the others, why do you care if I’m sleeping on the ground?”

“You talk too much.”

“I know.” You stand up with a sigh, rolling your eyes at the weird sensation that hits your head.

“What is it?” Running to hold you by the waist, Loki saves you from hitting the ground.

“Nothing. I’m just starving. ”

“I’ll command them to bring you something to eat.”

“If you’re going to kill me, you don’t have to feed me first.”

“I quite enjoy your talking. Maybe you can stay for a while to entertain me. ”

“How lucky I am…” You voice faints when the world spins around again, and suddenly, everything goes black.

A warm breeze caress your cheek, and it feels good to be home. You open your eyes to see a blue sky and a sweet light comes to show you that you’re not at home. Is not that Asgard isn’t beautiful, but you don’t like to feel like a prisoner. Moving a bit to sit up, you notice that you’re laying on a very large bed with comfy pillows.

“A golden cage.” You murmur, smelling something that seems to taste like heaven. On a small table next to your bed, there’s a tray with human food.

You happily eat all the fruits, licking your fingers when you’re done with the strawberries. It’s surprising that they got you human food.

“I hope you feel better.” He declares from behind you.

“Yes. Now I can entertain you with my talking. ” You lay down again, fixing the blue dress you’re wearing. “May I ask who put me into this dress?”

“I did.”

You stare at him, wide-eyed, anger building up in your stomach. How could he do something like that?

“You son of a bitch!”

“What’s a bitch?” He looks at you confused, not sure if you insulted him. You try to keep angry, but you burst into laugh suddenly. You cover your mouth with your hands, struggling to calm down again.

“Oh my God. You are so damn funny.”

“I really don’t know what just happened.” That’s when you notice it, the shadow of a smile on his lips. You keep staring at him until it’s gone.

“You should smile more often. It makes you even more handsome. ”


“Yes.” Cursing yourself for talking too much, you awkwardly look to your hands. “Sorry, I was just saying the truth.”

“I know. I’m the god of lies, I can tell when someone is honest. I miss honest people, there’s no one I can trust here.” Loki walks around the bed, eyes locked on you.

“You can talk to me if you want. As you say, I’m nothing but a human.”

“You say it like it’s a curse.”

“It isn’t.”

“Would you stay if I promise not to kill those humans who came here with you?” He sits on the edge of the bed, uncertain of what to do. You feel his hesitation, even though you can’t understand it.

“I’ll stay. Well, you don’t treat me like a prisoner. ”

“If that’s your wish, you’re not a prisoner.”

“Now, tell me all your sorrows.”

“We may take some hours.”

Sitting up straight, you smile at him. “Go on, I don’t mind.”


Years ago, you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other option. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

Me reading Mythology based fiction:

Greek Mythology: 


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Egyptian Mythology:


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Norse Mythology:


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In the Shadows (Part 9)

In the Shadows (Part 9)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – Bucky’s mind is finally free from Hydra and he moves into the Avengers Compound.  

Warnings – None

Word Count - 772

Notes – So, this is my way of writing about the first long-haired brunette bad-boy that I fell in love with from the MCU!!  Obviously this is strictly my theory on how I think the magic works.  There was just something about that green light when Loki’s Magic dissipates that gave me the idea.  Anyway, I hope you like this part!  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


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Loki took a closer look at you, his head cocked to one side as his eyes squinted in concentration.  “Yes.  I can see the energy you are emitting.  I do believe I can help, but not from within these confines.”

“You will not be allowed out of the cell again, Loki,” Thor explained.  “The three of us will join you as you instruct Lady (Y/N).”

Loki took an exasperated breath as he resigned himself to the arrangement.  He backed away from the energy field as Thor released the barrier.  You and Bucky began walking toward the opening, but Bucky stopped next to Thor.

“You might need this in there,” Bucky told Thor as he reached down and picked up the hammer, holding it out to the dumbfounded god.

Thor hesitantly took the hammer from Bucky’s hand while you looked on in shock. Bucky turned toward you, a look of confusion coming over him as he saw the expression on your face.

“Bucky,” you whispered in awe.  

“What?” he asked, genuinely confused.

“The hammer,” you replied, still too shocked to put a full sentence together.

“Mjolnir is not a common hammer,” Thor explained as the shock finally wore off. “Only those that are worthy to rule Asgard can wield it.  You, my new friend, have been deemed worthy.”

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  • Loki: kneel before me, puny huma-
  • All of tumblr: *falls to the floor*
  • Loki: ...well,that was easy.now-
  • Loki: wha-
  • All of tumblr: look you can see the pain in his eyes even now!
  • Loki: look here, i am trying to control your lives,you insolent little-
  • All of tumblr: jkyigkgkgkgg loki fjckcidsndj

Imagine giving Loki a surprise kiss on the cheek…

“Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that.” Loki murmurs quietly as he looks over at you, causing your cheeks to flush an even brighter pink.

You struggle for words for a moment. “I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries.” You look down.

“Not at all.” Suddenly, Loki’s standing right in front of you and placing his hands on your waist to pull you in impossibly closer. “Though I’m afraid you set me down a path of no return.” He smiles at you as he leans down to ghost his lips against yours. “I don’t believe it will be possible for me to resist you any longer, darling.”


“What if she gets hurt?” Bruce nearly yelled at his team. Even the thought of Loki going anywhere near you was enough to anger Bruce.

“We won’t let that happen, Doctor Banner.” Steve replied in a monotone voice, like the idea of them letting him hurt you was idiotic. 

“Bruce, it’s ok. If it means we catch Loki then I want to do this.” You said calmly. Bruce looked at you as if he wasn’t too sure but he knew more than anyone but when you’ve made up your mind, there’s no changing it.


An Awkward Situation.

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: though not liked much by the avengers, Loki’s brought to the base by Thor to be looked after. You’re the only one he looks forward to meeting; his only friend. Days with you were going fine until you both find yourselves in an awkward situation.

Author’s Note: I wanted to experiment with a Loki fic so I came up with this. I already had the idea in my mind but wasn’t sure how to execute it in a story plus I wasn’t sure which character to pick. I just randomly thought of an embarrassed and flustered Loki and finding it adorable, I wrote this fic. Hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing and violence

Word Count: 1962

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Thor had decided to visit earth to look after some matters and meet jane. He was just about to leave when he thought of taking Loki along with him, though Loki had asked for forgiveness about his actions, he couldn’t quite trust him fully. So, he took him along and decided that he would let the avengers look after him.

The brothers arrived at the base and got in the elevator.

‘can you refresh my memory on the topic as to why I couldn’t have stayed in Asgard?’ Loki looked at Thor with raised eyebrows.

‘because after all you had done, you couldn’t be trusted to have left unsupervised.’ He simply stated.

‘I am not a child; I wouldn’t have done anything. If only you- ‘

‘children, my dear brother, are better than you. when they do not get what they wish, they complain or cry. They don’t just go around destroying cities or enslaving mankind.’ Thor faced him completely and he rolled his eyes.

‘I don’t like this place much. The humans hate me. How do you expect me to spend a week here?’ he asked in an irritated tone.

‘well, after what you’ve done that’s what you must expect, Loki.’ Thor kept a hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off.

 ‘as to how you’ll stay here, hasn’t (y/n) got it all covered? You seem to like her.’ He smiled. ‘do tell me, Loki. Have you, by any chance, seem to have caught what they call ‘the feelings’ for her?’ he grinned.

‘no, she is just much less loath able than the others.’ He said trying to maintain his calm. ‘she treated me nicely and she is very interesting, that’s the reason I like her company.’ He looked at him.

‘and she’s very beautiful’ Thor said grinning.

‘and she’s very-‘Loki stopped mid-sentence and glared at him.

The doors opened and Thor got out laughing while Loki simply followed. Thor had asked all of them to be present at the time of their arrival. They entered the common room and found only you and tony seated there as all others were out for a mission. You noticed them first and greeted them.

‘hey Thor!’ you smiled.

‘hello (y/n). how are you?’ je smiled brightly.

‘I am great! You?’ you chirped.

‘if we do not talk of Loki, I am good.’ He said and nudged him.

‘hello Loki.’ You turned to him.

‘ah, finally you have acknowledged my presence.’ He smirked and looked at you.

‘you always have to be like that, huh?’ you folded your arms.

‘oh he has to, you know maintaining the classic evil, sarcastic character. He can’t help himself.’ Tony walked up to you.

‘stark.’ Loki gave him a sharp look.

‘Loki.’ Tony taunted. ‘Thor, why are you putting us through this?’ he turned to Thor and pointed at Loki.

‘you do know the reason. He can’t be left by himself. I still can’t believe that he won’t cause any harm.’ He explained.

‘well, in that case we will have to babysit him.’ tony mumbled and exited the room.

‘I must leave too. Goodbye (y/n).’ he smiled

  ‘bye Thor.’ You waved a little. ‘be good brother.’ He patted Loki’s shoulder and walked away.

‘I hate it already.’ He groaned.

‘don’t worry, Come with me.’ You offered him your hand.

‘where are you taking me?’ he asked as you as he followed you across the hallway.

‘my room, I have some stuff I wanna show you. even if you don’t want to do what I have planned you can just sit with me or we can talk or read.’ You said and he gave you a genuine smile.

Days with you were spent so comfortably. He loved spending time with you. you would talk about everything with him. you would tell him little bits of things about earth while he would share his knowledge of the universe with you. Even sitting in silence with you gave him a sense of happiness.

On the 5th day, you decided to take him outside dressed as a commoner, which was something he loathed, he didn’t like how the clothes looked on him. it was a very big change.

‘you look so nice!’ you grinned seeing him in an emerald green t-shirt, black leather jacket and jeans.

‘I look like a fool.’ he glared at you and then look hesitantly at the mirror.

‘no! I think, you look rather dashing.’ You leaned on the wall of your bedroom. A pink smudge appeared on his cheeks.

‘thank you for the compliment.’ He muttered and you chuckled.

‘you’re so cute!’ you got on your toes and pulled his cheek.

‘I am not cute I am dangerous.’ He folded his arms and you laughed.

‘alright, Mr. dangerous, let’s get going.’ You grabbed his hand and led him outside. He showed hesitation but you ignored him.

Natasha and Clint were walking in your direction. Clint noticed you and waved.

‘do you ever spend time with us anymore.’ He said.

‘yeah, and what do you do with him all day in your room?’ Natasha folded her arms and gave you her signature smirk.

‘it’s not what you are thinking.’ You glared.

‘okay, won’t mention it again. I am happy as long as I don’t have to see his face.’ She said and Loki rolled his eyes.

‘why the hell are you hiding behind her?’ Clint grabbed his arm and pulled him forwards.

‘have you lost your mind?’ he stumbled forwards and fixed his hair.

‘you got him to wear that!’ Clint’s eyes grew wide.

‘mhm, isn’t he looking nice.’ You held his hand and he tightened his grip.

‘he does look hot. (y/n) I have to say; your choice is great.’ Natasha looked him up and down while he tried to maintain his calm.

‘I know.’ You smiled. ‘now if you’d excuse us, we have to go.’

With that you both walked away. You took him to your favourite café and were walking around a park.

‘you like it?’ you looked at him.

‘the beverage is pleasant.’ He said as he sipped on his drink.

‘how would you describe this?’ you swirled the cup.

‘about the coffee, a nice bitterness.’ He looked at the mug. ‘you, look tempting.’ He stopped and looked at you. you blushed and decided to play along.

‘do I?’ you moved closer to him. ‘you have no idea.’ He closed the gap between you and towered you.

 ‘this dress you are wearing today compliments your body perfectly.’ His eyes fixed on you.

‘so this dress is the main reason of your sudden flirtations?’ you took a step back and started walking.

‘no, it’s actually the change of scenery.’ He followed you. he noticed you two were now alone. It was evening time. ‘is it just me or the weather suggesting something?’ he said in a low voice.

‘it’s just your imagination!’ you shoved him playfully.

‘I- ‘he stopped as he noticed a man who had been sitting on a bench earlier was looking at the two of you. he ignored it and continued walking.

‘cat got your tongue.’ You teased.

‘no, I- ‘he saw the man aiming a gun at you. ‘(y/n)!’ he shouted and pulled you in his chest. He took out his dagger and threw it in the man’s direction. It landed in his throat and he fell on the ground. Everything happened way too fast, he just stayed in the position until you spoke.

‘Loki, take your hand off my chest.’ You said in a small voice. He noticed his hand was on your breast and too make it worse, his grip was… tight.

He immediately removed his hand.

‘I-I, I am so sorry! I just couldn’t think of anything else. I was trying to protect you and my hands just.’ He tried to explain.

‘yeah, it’s okay.’ You squeaked out. ‘let’s get back.’ You kept your gaze low as you tried to hide your crimson turned face. He too had a bright blush on his face. He was too embarrassed to say anything and followed you.

The ride back to the tower was spent in the most awkward silence. None of you said anything. When you arrived at the base, you headed straight to your room and Loki to his.

You got in the bathroom to get changed and wash your face. You could still see how red your face was. When you took your dress off, you could see that the area of your chest where his hand had been was a little red too. Seeing it made you feel more embarrassed. You shook your head and quickly put your night clothes on.

You lay on your bed as you hugged a pillow. You could still feel his hand on you. he had large hands and his grip was strong and…. God, thinking about it was a torture.

  ‘how will I face him now?!’ you groaned internally. You clenched the pillow and buried your face in it.

Loki was in a chaos. What had he done? He was so close to getting his feelings out, everything was going fine, until…. He covered his face and groaned as the memory crossed his mind. If he was feeling so what would you be thinking?

I must do something. I can’t upset her, she’s my only… friend.’ He thought and left his room.

You popped your head from the pillow as you heard a soft knock on your gate. You got up and opened the gate. A heat rose to your face again as you saw Loki standing there with his hands at his back. He was wearing his normal clothes now.

‘oh, Loki, I- I, what- what are you doing here?’ you stuttered.

‘hello (y/n). will you let me in?’ he said softly.

‘yeah, sure, come in.’ you kept your gaze low.

‘okay, (y/n) I am very sorry for what happened earlier.’ He said.

‘oh it’s alright! It was embarrassing and you were only trying to save me- ‘he put a finger on your lips.

‘hush, I know that I am making you uncomfortable, but I insist that you listen to what I have to say.’ He looked at you and you nodded. ‘I was trying to protect you. I was truly frightened when I saw that man trying to kill you. you see, you mean a lot to me. You bring out the best in me. Time spent with you is what I thrive for now. You are one of the very few who have ever cared for me. And the thought of losing you, out of every being made me take an immediate action.’ The words felt like silk when he spoke them. They had wrapped you in the best of feelings.

‘I love you (y/n). please forgive me. Even if you do not intend on returning my feeling, just be my friend again. You are the only close person I have left.’ He brought his hands forwards. He had a tiny box in one hand and a bouquet of your favourite flowers in the other. You took them and set them aside. You smiled at him and he gave you a confused look.

‘why are you so adorable?’ you placed a hand on his cheek and grinned. the corners of his mouth twitched in a smile.

  ‘so, what shall I think this means?’ he smirked.

‘well,’ you wrapped your hands around his neck. ‘it means, I too love you and now you don’t have to apologize for putting your hands anywhere on me.’ You winked and he chuckled. He pulled you in a tight embrace. He pulled back and slid his arms down to your waist.

‘I wanted to do this for a long time now.’ He pulled you closer and connected his lips to yours.

‘I fucking knew it! You owe me 20 tasha!’ Clint ran away after seeing you both.

You both pulled back. He looked at you and then at the door. He closed the door and locked it. He held you again and fixed his eyes on you.

‘now, where were we?’ he smirked.

Are you awake?

Paring: Loki x reader 

Warnings: sad Loki, angst, fluff

Summary: you help Loki when his feelings and thoughts take over him. 

Note: English is not my native language, so if there are any mistakes, don’t kill me please

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You were wide-awake, not able to sleep. Too many thoughts ran through your mind, and not the good ones unfortunately. You turned in your bed, only to find Loki lying next to you.

“Loki for god’s sake what are you doing here.” You asked, looking at his relaxed face. He was sleeping, and you let him. It didn’t happen often, him sleeping. You ran a hand through his hair, and realized how surprisingly soft it actually was.

“(Y/N)…” Loki whispered, taking your hand in his. He opened his eyes, looking into yours. Even in darkness, you could see how green his eyes were. You noticed the tears in his eyes, and moved closer to him. You wrapped your free arm around him, and squeezed his hand. He smiled lightly, but it disappeared again.

“I’m sorry…,” he whispered, face buried in your neck. You tightened your grip around him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” You whispered into his hair. You felt his body shaking against yours, tears running down his face. He let go of your hand and wrapped his arms around you, wanting to be save. You laid a hand on the back of his neck, gently playing with his black hair.

And so you laid there. In silence, holding each other. It was the first time ever Loki had shown the weaker, broken side of himself. Not only to you, but also in general. You were the first to see him like that. And you felt honored. He trusted you with this. He trusted you more than he trusted anyone else.

“Are you awake?” he asked, still shaking a little.

“Yes.” You answered. He pulled away, looking into your eyes, trying to fake a smile. of course you saw through it.

“I-I want you to know that, I’m grateful that you, you-“

“I will always be here for you” you interrupted him. He smiled, a real smile, and you couldn’t help but join him. He pulled you close to him, your head resting on his bare, strong chest. You felt his breathing, his heartbeat. He was with you. You were his, and he was yours. And you loved it.

“I love you (Y/N).” he whispered into the air, thinking you were asleep. “I love you so much. I just, I’m sorry that I’m such a mess. Thank you for being here, darling. I, I really appreciate it. I love you (Y/N).” tears filled your eyes, and you tried to keep quiet, failing.

“I love you too Loki.”





Tricking The Trickster

“God, you’re annoying” Loki laughs and nudges your arm. You shrug and smirk as he rubs his arm.

“You not the only trickster here” you laugh and raise your hand. As you raise your hand, a rock rises from the ground to meet it. You look up at Loki, with a grin on your face.

“Don’t you dare” Loki says, trying to be serious. You push your arm forward and the rock flies, slamming into Loki’s arm. You laugh and he yells.

“Two can play at that game, Y/N” Loki grins and your eyes widen. You’re nowhere near as good at this as Loki. You laugh and started running in the other direction.

You run down the hall as Loki runs after you. As you run, you use the fire from the candles in the hall and throw fire at him. He dodges and teleports in front of you. You smash into him and he laughs.

“I win” He smirks as you look up at him. You pressed your arms against his chest and use a gust of wind, throwing him across the room. He smacks into the wall and groans as you laugh.

“I guess not” You laugh and begin running back down the hall. He pulls himself up and begins chasing you. You notice your room door at the end of the hall. You run into it and closed it. You leaned up against the door as he tried pushing it open.

Eventually he pushes the door open and wraps his arm around your waist. He lifts you up as you laugh and he throws you onto the bed. The two of you laugh as he lies on top of you.

You stare up into his eyes and smile. He tilts his head and leans in slowing, softly kissing your lips. He pulls away and rolls over, lying beside you. You turn over, looking into his eyes.

“I love you” You say as he begins to smile. He cups your face with his hand and leans in, kissing you again. He pulls away and smiles.

“I know” he laughs and you nudge his arm, before kissing him again.

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Imagine: complaining about Loki's yellow cape to Tom

Originally posted by homensdoseculo

You glared down at your phone screen, eyes locked onto the offensive yellow of Loki’s cape in the early looks at Thor: Ragnarok.  Most people thought you would have known all about it, as you were Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend and a rising actress, but you had no such luck.  You were discussing a contract with Marvel, and while you tried to get information about the third Thor movie, Tom made sure you heard nothing.  He wanted the movie to be a surprise for you, as he knew you had a weakness for Loki.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you regularly glanced down at the photo.  Tom looked fantastic as Loki, but you dearly hoped that the other side of the cape was green, or else there was going to be a mountain of angry letters for the costume designer.  You made a mental note to stay involved in the designing of your character, if you and Marvel came to a contract agreement.  You could hear the occasional murmur or camera click as you walked through the light crowd, which drew your attention away from your phone.  The odd feeling of being recognized in the street momentarily distracted you, until your eyes landed on your destination: a lovely little teahouse.

You tried not to storm in, but as you were gracefully seated in the back room, your anger was apparent on your face.  Tom had arrived before you, and when he looked up to your not-so-smiling expression, he knew that you were one of many who had seen the recently revealed Loki first-look.  He chuckled nervously when you sat across from him, huffing lowly when your phone buzzed.  You turned it off, before glaring at Tom, who offered you an apologetic smile.

“My dear, whatever is the matter?”  He asked, ever the gentleman.  He knew exactly what was wrong- you could tell- but he had always been gracious towards you.  The sentiment melted away some of your anger, reminding you why you loved this dorky, glorious man… but you weren’t about to let him get away so easily.

“What’s the matter?”  You began, giving Tom a moment to steel himself for the flood.  “Loki’s cape, that’s the matter!  I love you, but did you say nothing about it?  Did anyone try to stop the fiend who calls themself a costume designer?  It’s… yellow!”  You stated, your hands swirling in elaborate gestures to aid your argument.  “Loki’s signature color is green, and his palette is green, black, and gold.  Yellow is not a part of that combination, and his green cape held so much… meaning!  As the complimentary color to red, his cape represented his separation from Thor as a person… Two brothers, who were very much so opposites.  Is yellow the complimentary color to red?  No!”  You ranted, not even looking at Tom at this point.  If you had looked at his face, instead of focusing on your hands and memories from the MCU Loki scenes, you would have seen his struggle at holding back a massive grin.

“Darling, [Y/N], I am simply an actor.  I don’t make the final decisions for Loki-” He began, but bit his tongue when you sent him a steely glare.  Your nose was scrunched up in frustration, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He let out his signature chuckle, closing his eyes and dipping his head.  His contagious laughter got under your skin, soothing your glare and pulling soft chuckles from your throat.  A soft smile grew on your lips, and you shook your head lightly at Thomas.  “Love, you are a treasure!  I’m sorry you’re upset about his, or rather, my cape, but I must say… your reaction was adorable, and absolutely worth it.”  He noted with a cheery grin.

You pursed your lips, and despite still holding resentment towards the color choice, you melted under that smile.  Thomas could drive you a little crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t have been the man you fell in love with if he had been any different.