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☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

Munday salt meme 

Mostly how fandoms tend to treat villains. Redemption arcs, poor justification of why they act like this (I’m looking at you, Loki). Let villains be evil fucks if that is how they are originally written. Slapping sob stories on them or trying to make them change while they are canonically portrayed as waaaay beyond redemption or simply enjoying being bad guys is just…. boring and so uninteresting to me. Like… it completely takes away what is supposed to make you like the character in the first place! 

That and of course, how tumblr/fandoms in general tend to treat its holy trinity of fluff angst and smut, I really hate it. Even more so when you see those writing memes and when it’s time to bold what genre you enjoy more, the only options they give you usually are these three and cracks. How dumb.

Imagine having been with Loki for 2 years and planning something romantic for the two of you for the day. But when noon rolls by, Loki still hasn’t appeared to spend the day with you making you angry. When Loki does eventually come round to see you, you ignore him for an hour before screaming at him for calling you immature and ending the entire relationship. After a week of soppy rom coms and binge drinking with Tony and Clint, there’s a sudden tap at your window when you go to have a look Loki is standing in your back garden in all black, slim cut suit with a bouquet of (favourite flowers) and your favourite sweet treat holding a sign saying:
“I’m so unbelievably sorry that I forgot about our anniversary and for calling you immature”
When you open the door he picks you up and pins you to the door in a passionate kiss begging you for forgiveness and promising to spend the rest of his days making it up to you and it started that night when he made sweet love to you and all that next day when you both just stayed in bed watching re-runs of friends and Once upon a time together.

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(Part 1)

“Are you serious father?” Loki said trying to keep his temper under control while turning to look at Odin, as he was standing in front of him, a little bit to the right of his mother, who stood next to Odin. You and Thor stood before the three. “Does it seem like I’m joking to you?” Odin looked at Loki. He clenched his fists in anger and bit the inside of his jaw. “Doesn’t the opinion of (Y/N) count as something?” Loki placed Odin under a heated glare fearlessly.

 “This decision was made by your elders Loki, you should respect this decision instead of rebelling against it” Odin ignored Loki’s question. Loki was about to say something when his eyes landed on you, and you looking at him, begging with your eyes to not say anything else knowing that it would ruin the little relationship Odin and Loki had. Odin wouldn’t change his mind, you all knew that. His orders were absolute. And this seemed more like an order to you. 

Thor stared between the two of you and Loki shut his mouth looking away with heavy breathing. Thor got a hold of your hand and reassuringly gave it a squeeze. 

The glare Loki sent towards Thor didn’t go unnoticed by you. Thor and you had been the best of friends since childhood and you two were really close, ironically. Loki got jealous at times, well, most of time. And let’s just say, you two always had quite the night when it came to that. “Father” you heard Thor say. “Can I not choose the bride of my choice?” he let go of your hand. “And what is wrong with (Y/N)?” Odin raised an eyebrow. 

“Nothing is wrong with her. I believe her to be the perfect wife, but we can’t see each other as anything more than friends. Putting our little opinions aside, there are many other princesses out there, belonging to many kingdoms. This could be our chance at forming an alliance with other kingdoms and put it to ours as well as their benefit.” Thor said. You looked at him in surprise at his wise demeanor. Odin got in deep silence and was in a pensive mood. Thor gave you a little wink and a small smile, making you smile nervously as well. 

“Very well”. Your tense muscles and nerves immediately relaxed and you beamed like a child immediately glancing at Loki, who looked in bewilderment at Odin with happiness. 

Loki turned his gaze towards Thor and there was something in his eyes, something that you thought you would never see being directed towards Thor by him. Gratitude. “Dismissed” after hearing that, the three of you left the room. On your way out Loki sped towards the door. You knew he was still angry at Odin and sighed inwardly. You were just glad this issue passed aside. 

Immediately after exiting you attacked Thor in a hug making him chuckle. “Thank you, Thor.” You whispered your words coming from your heart with sincerity. “No need to thank me (Y/N). I didn’t like seeing you down” You looked down with guilt and bit your bottom lip. “I’m sorry, you are a gre-“ “there is no need to explain anything. I already know” he placed his hand on your shoulder. “Yea- Wait what?” you shook your head making Thor laugh lightly. “Do you think you and Loki were so discreet and that no one noticed?” Thor gave you some looks wiggling his eyebrow , making you go red in embarrassment, and your eyes widen. “W-Who else knows?” you nervously asked. “Practically everyone except for father who is still as clueless as ever” he said making you smile. You bid your farewells and you left to go to Loki’s chambers to cheer him up. 

“Loki?” your soft voice called out as you opened the door without knocking. The door closed behind you and your back immediately slammed against the wall, making you yelp in surprise. And there he stood. With his breathing heavy and his eyes boring into your soul as he slammed his lips against yours. Your arms acted on their own accord, wrapping themselves around his neck, pulling him closer, his body flush against yours. You both pulled away breathing heavily, trying to catch your breath. 

His arms slid down towards your waist pulling you even more close if that was possible trailing kisses towards your ear and lightly whispering in it. “I don’t like to share what’s mine” he growled and kissed you behind you ear making your breath quicken, drastically filling you with desire. “Tonight I will make you scream my name so loud, so that all of Asgard knows you belong to me and me alone”. He said attacking your neck with hot kisses making you moan.

Now this will be a memorable night, you couldn’t help but smile.

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Ren looked at Loki as he walked into their quarters. The First Order uniform looked good on him. "Loki, I am curious. Are you able to get pregnant?"

Loki had been looking out the window for only a small minute before he heard the other’s voice. He was silent about the question at first before he turned to look at him. “Why are you wanting to know?”