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I need this Loki as a vampire fic pretty please? 😍 with Tony as his partner?

Ha! Yeah I am 100% feeling loki as a vampire!! However I’ve never written a vampire fi?? And I might be terrible 😫😫😫 I’ve had an idea/outline for one for MONTHS but every time I try to write it, it’s like
“Yes fangs. Blood. Biting. So many years old.”
Like I can’t even put a sentence together???

so I’m kind of a sucker for Redemption Equals Death because it’s sad and I’m a sucker for sad. but I also…idk, sometimes I wish it weren’t such an overwhelming trend, not only because All My Faves Wind Up Dead but also because…I want to see more villains actually going through the hard, messy work of redemption, that it can’t just be done and over with, that it’s not as simple as One Good Heroic Act and everything is better. 

I want the awkward and painful and difficult aftermath.

like, what I really want is the villain seeking redemption who is genre savvy enough to go for a redemptive death, figuring that’s their best way out - and who survives, and has to live up to what they meant to be their last act. 

rather than death as the end of a redemptive arc, near-death as the beginning of one.

I Am Not A Hero

Pairing: Loki x Reader (female)

Words: 670

I need to see the pain in his eyes when I pull his hair back. And, oh those beautiful eyes. So expressive. He is so broken. And yet, somehow, whole.

“You.” He looks at me with a mixture of hatred and arousal as I enter his chambers.

“Me.” I smile. I know that I am the only one that can give him what he wants.

“How are you, pet?” I ask as I move towards him. His eyes track my every move. He angles his body towards mine. I give him the same perusal he affords me. I let a disappointed sigh escape me as I see he is still clothed.

“I gave you very specific instructions, Loki.”

“I am not your slave.”

I laugh and that laugh sounds derisive even to my own ears.

“No. You are my king.”

I reach him and raise my hands to touch him. He is cold and hard but oh so alive.

My hands reach his hair and his pupils dilate. I fist my hands in that dark mane and pull his head back. He gasps in pleasure as the multiple stings register. His throat is bare to me and with one hand I fist it. He is mine. He belongs to me. He shudders in pleasure as I lightly choke him.

“Make no mistake, Loki. I obey you when you order me around but behind these doors you do what I say.”

I pull his hair harder and he falls to his knees in front of me. He wants to touch me. I know because I see him holding himself back with effort.

“You are so beautiful.”

He opens his eyes and I see the same twisted need mirrored in them that makes me double over in jealousy every time I see someone else touch him.

“I saw you with Frey, today. You went into his room and didn’t come out for hours.”

“Jealousy. Tut, tut. You are a king, Loki. You should be used to sharing your lovers.”

He smirks up at me. He knows that he is the best lover I have ever had.

“Did he make you moan as I do, y/n? Did he pet you as I do? Tell me.”

I don’t answer for the longest time.

“Tell. Me.”

I tighten my grip on his throat and he shudders once more. A growl escapes him this time.

“Tell. Me.”


That’s all it takes. He bursts out of my hold.

“You forget who I am, insolent woman.”

“You are one of my many lovers, sweetie and if you can’t handle that….”

I turn to leave but he traps me in an elaborate illusion. His illusions, as always, are beautifully done. He pulls the chains tighter and my arms extend to the limit. He comes up behind me and kisses my shoulder softly. I shiver at the chill his breath sends over me. In that moment, I know, I just know that he has changed his skin.

“Show me.”

“You are not in any position to make demands.”

“Show. Me.”

He circles around to stand in front of me.


The word is breathy. I don’t lose control often but the sight of such beauty leaves me breathless.

“You are magnificent.”

He opens his eyes and they are bloodshot.

“Do not romanticize me, y/n. I know….”

“You are the most beautiful lover I have ever had, pet.”

“I see it in your eyes. You will try to change me.” He almost hisses at those words.

“Why would I?”

“I am not a hero, y/n. I will never be one. I know why you don’t tell your comrades about me. Everyone wants me for a lover but they inevitably mate a man like…..”

“I don’t want your brother, Loki. Blondes aren’t my type.”

He looks at me with shock. I like that I have caught him off guard.

“You said you were with Frey.”

I let the smile break out of me.

“I don’t count myself among the heroes either.”

A Changed God

Summary: Few years after the Battle of New York, Loki goes to the Avengers Tower, with a precise objective in mind.


It was a beautiful night, the kind of night that makes you look up. The sky was so bright, so starry, but not in New York City. Without any hesitation, Loki jumped on the glass window of the Avengers Tower and started running. Not inside the building, no, he vertically ran on it, thanks to his magic stolen boots. If he had wanted to, he could have run on rainbows or waterfalls, but he was here for a reason.

Soon he had reached the floor he was looking for, the 76th. Without a noise he cut a hole through the window and easily entered the room. The also stolen shadow-thread from his coat made him invisible to everyone, but not to any heat detector. Fortunately for him, Frost Giants have a low body temperature.

Nobody was around, the God walked to the third door on the right.

As he opened it, a soft lullaby started playing. He came in and a dim light turned on.

There she was, sleeping in her cradle.


It looked so comfortable it hurt him to pick her up. He slid one of his hand under her head and neck and put the other under her hips and bottom, then lifted her. She didn’t wake up. For a few second he stood there, transfixed. The three-month-old looked fabulous with her big tuft of black hair. She opened her eyes, emerald-green, just like his own, and looked at him. He smiled… She cried. He rocked his baby, trying to soothe her.

“Please don’t cry. Please, my little bird, don’t cry.” He pleaded.

She kept wailing. He decided to put her back in her crib. She rolled onto her side and smiled. He kneeled to be at her level and looked at her delighted face behind the cradle’s bars.

“So you are actually happier when you are caged?” He chuckled “They want to put me in a cage too, you know… Is that why you don’t want me to hold you?” He lamented. She just looked at him and squealed.

“Don’t take it personally, she just really doesn’t like your perfume.” An unfamiliar Scottish voice behind him affirmed. He turned to face a grey-haired man in a red velvet jacket.

“How do you know that?”

“I speak baby.” The stranger replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the Doctor,” He answered before taking a bite out of the hot dog he had in hand. “And you’re wanted for trying to take over the Earth and subjugate more than 7 billion people. Along with other countless crimes.”

“All in the past.” He retorted. “I’m a changed God; I swear I’m here on a purely friendly visit–”

“You’re not my friend.” A familiar voice boomed “You’re my brother.” There were Thor and a suited Tony Stark. “Why are you here? Are you insane?” the Thunderer asked.

“The voices tell me I am entirely sane.” Loki grinned. “I just want to see my daughter and my better half…” He looked behind the two superheroes. “Where is she?”

“Right behind you,” You breathed. “Now, am I here to kick your ass or kiss you?”

“I’ll take the latter, pretty bird.” He answered in a low voice as he leaned forward. When your noses almost touched he stopped and smirked. You seized his wrists, pulling him closer. When your lips met, and your tongues touched, he groaned softly, closing his eyes. His arms circled you. You broke the kiss and took his hands. Click! You had handcuffed him.

“Really? You could have waited until we’re in private.” He joked and Tony vainly tried to hide his grin.

“I designed them, especially to restrain you.”

“How considerate of you.” He replied with a fake smile.

“We’re taking you to your cell. Just don’t do anything stupid.”

He looked at the ceiling of his cell, everything was so white, so coldly impersonal, but he could not care less. Of course he would escape, but not without saying goodbye to the woman who had stolen his heart… Speak of the devil and in he walks.

“Thor and I spoke on your behalf, but Midgard’s laws are as they are. And you did cause the death of 74 people and deeply damaged the city.” You said, sitting next to him, your sleeping baby held against your chest with your right arm. “They want to condemn you to lifelong imprisonment. I thought you’d want to see her before you inevitably leave.”

He lifted your left hand and kissed your knuckles.

“Take care of our little bird.”

Originally posted on AO3.

Thanks for reading! Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome and awaited. Sorry for the mistakes, English isn’t my first language. LLAP

- R.S.

STAY (Loki Imagine - Drabble)

Hello everyone! This is what I think they call a (longish bit of) “drabble.” I was listening to the Interstellar soundtrack and just wanted to test a little idea out. Hope you find some enjoyment out of it! :) xo

“Leaving?” you stared at the group, all their backs turned towards the green knight standing tall and brave before them. His eyes glowing with that same intensity you’d found yourself fall under so many times throughout these past moths. An intensity that had bore upon you once in repulse.. soon in acceptance… later in softness… and then… then, just… in a way that was just for you. Those eyes, that had become for you a signal of home… of comfort, of purpose. Someone who had finally made everything right in you life after everything you’d been through before ending up here. Your mom… how she’d passed. Your dad… how she’d abandoned you and you older brother once he was old enough to cook an egg on his own. Everyone had left. Everyone. And you finally ended up here… here, with a family… and… and someone who you thought loved you the way you loved him. Who you thought needed you the way you needed him. And he was just going to leave… abandon you.… Just like everyone else in your entire life had.

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‘oh, bite me’ ‘Where?’

A little Loki x reader I did, since you guys went crazy for my other ones. Only 218 words. Im still taking requests! Request something original or from my prompt list. Enjoy! 

Summary: Reader has been having a horrible day, made even worse the fact that he/she has no oreos left. Loki interferes and sarcasm ensues. 


Originally posted by lokis--queen

It had been a horrible morning. I was late for training so of course Steve kicked my ass, the shower ran out of hot water, and Sam ate all my Oreos. I closed the kitchen cabinet wincing at the soreness left in my arms. Maybe there were some pop tarts left in the breakfast drawer? Nope. I threw my head back and groaned.

“Something wrong (Y/N)?” I jumped and cracked my head on the oven handle. “Owww.” I rubbed my head. “Loki, hey I didn’t hear you come in.” “I can see that.” He replied reaching over me to grab some cereal. “You wouldn’t happen to know if we have any pop tarts?” I asked. Loki grabbed a handful of cereal. “I do not.” I sighed again. Loki crunched on his cereal. “You know if you want to grumble, I believe Tony Stark is in a mood. Go complain with him.”

I glared at Loki and smacked the box out of his hands. He sent me a threatening look as he bent down to retrieve his snack. “Oh, bite me” I said rolling my eyes and walking out of the room. “Where?” Loki asked a smirk gracing his face. I laughed and continued to walk to my room, hoping Sam hadn’t found my secret stash of hot cheetos.  


Author: Mikala

Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word Count: 3,350

Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex (please use protection, kiddos). Swearing. I think that’s it. 

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Loki so I hope it’s good! Let me know what you think!

“Good evening, Loki,” you greeted, taking your usual seat on one of the couches in the living room. You were received with silence, just like you had been every day for the past three weeks. Huffing softly but indignantly, you tucked your legs beneath you, curling up against the arm of the otherwise empty couch. You dropped your attention to your book, opening it to where you’d last left off, but you couldn’t help stealing a few glances at the raven-haired trickster. He sat elegantly in an armchair that he’d pulled close to the glass wall, staring pensively into the distance outside.

Thor had brought his brother to the Tower in hope that the “Earth’s mightiest heroes” would be able to keep him under their watchful eyes, and maybe even have a good influence on him. So far, the latter part was futile; Loki hadn’t acted out at all, but he’d done nothing but brood in silence since he’d gotten here. Although, you could somewhat understand why—everyone else in the tower was either treating him with a cold shoulder, or making snide remarks to him in an attempt to rouse him up. You didn’t really understand what the point of provoking him was. You’d even attempted to break the ice with him, to no avail.

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Another short fic based on the Ragnarok trailer. Giving the memory loss prompt a whirl. Enjoy!

Everything was wrong.

There was little Loki knew for certain beyond his name.

Listen to Master. Do not wander alone. Smile when told. Do not speak to anyone unless Master permits it. Never disobey Master. Be good.

Never go near the holding cells below.

Loki learned quickly. Especially how much he hated pain.

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Hate Loving You

Was it requested: Indeed it was, by the glorious @jemin-guay as well! Find it here and be sure to give her a hug!
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Loki/reader
Rating: Your gran might not be okay with this, please be careful with her
Warnings: Unrequited but requited love, love-hate, a lot of swearing
Summary: You have a thing for Loki and don’t want to admit it ~ Shakespeare Play Prompts~

Originally posted by lokitty

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Loki Feels

Requests are open! Send me something from my prompt list or send me something original. Enjoy loves💖

Imagine Loki being the best boyfriend in the world.

Sure he can be a little possessive sometimes.

God help the person who’s eyes linger a moment too long

On your chest, butt, waist, eyes, basically anywhere

Loki tired to fight Steve once because he was “flirting” (you were talking about training)

Thor had to get involved to break up the argument

Trying Asgardian food with him

“(Y/N) I promise this is the best thing you will ever eat”

“Loki, its looking at me”

“Yes darling, thats how you know its fresh”

He’s always touching you in some way

Hand holding when your out in public

Resting his hand on your thigh when you eat

Having his arm around you when your with the team

Resting his head on your chest when you’re laying down together

Choosing him even after all the horrible things he’s done

Reassuring him that he’s not a monster

And that he’s enough for you, no matter how insecure he feels

Loving him unconditionally

For who he is

I always enjoy a good revenge.

Summary: Reader is kidnapped by Moriarty who doesn’t know that she belongs to Loki.


He was yelling. Again. You could not hear what he was saying, but you knew he was coming for you. It is what he had done for the two previous days. He had flung open the door of your cell and brought you to a darkened room where long, sharp knives were displayed on a huge table. He tied you up to a chair and stared at you for a moment. He could not understand your fearlessness and your obvious indifference towards pain.

“Why?! Why do you keep smiling? What’s so funny?” He asked, definitely irritated.

“I told you, Jim, you amuse me.” Even if he was behind you, you could cherish the look of annoyance on his face.

“Yes, you keep repeating that, again and again.” He came closer. “I thought it would pass.” You could feel his warm breath behind your ear. “Do you enjoy being tortured?” He smirked.

“No, but I always enjoy a good revenge.”

“You’re threatening me?!” He chuckled. “Should I remind you who’s about to be skinned alive?” He grinned.

“Skin me?! Oh my God, I might have been a bit too adventurous, but you won’t let him do that to me. Will you?” You whispered.

For the first time, he had managed to frighten you and he seemed satisfied.

“Ah! I knew you were faking strength, you’re a good liar though.”

“She’s had a good master” The voice behind him said.

“Well, well, well. Who are you and how did you get here?” Your kidnapper yelled, turning to the tall, handsome, smirking man in a black, green and golden armor.

“You took your time!” You said, ignoring Jim’s questions.

“Sorry, Love, I had important affairs to deal with in Asgard.” He answered while untying you.

“Shouldn’t your betrothed be your priority?” You asked.

“You are and you always will be my priority. But something told me you were having fun.”

“Can’t deny it.” You replied smiling. Valhalla knew he had missed this smile.

Loki opened his mouth to talk, but the sound of a throat clearing interrupted him.

“See how you distract me,” You rolled your eyes. “I had almost forgotten about him.”

“Don’t make me ask again! Who are you and how did you come here? No one ever gets to me!” Moriarty yelled, fire burning in his eyes.

Before he knew what was happening, he felt his body crashing against the nearby wall, powerful hands strangling and lifting him.

“I did. Now, show me some respect. I am a god and I will not let a feeble mortal — no offense love — talk to me in such a way.” Loki responded.

He was about to break his neck when he heard your voice. “Dove, wait, please don’t kill him. Death isn’t the punishment he deserves. I told him about a revenge, I want him to be my pet.”

“Your pet?!” He mischievously grinned. “As you wish. Now, shall we go?”

Originally posted on AO3.

Thanks for reading! Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome and awaited. Sorry for the mistakes, English isn’t my first language. LLAP

- R.S.

Love Of My Life

Was it requested: Haha, fuck no
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Loki/reader, Avengers/friend!reader
Rating: Your gran will beat me to death with a chocolate eclair 
Warnings: Fuck tone of swearing, bit o’ angst, lots o’ fluff though, mentions of sad things, mentions of a physical fight, etc. 
Summary: Shakespeare prompts: This above all: to thine own self be true,
Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.,
For she had eyes and chose me.,
 But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve,
 They met so near with their lips that their breaths embraced together.,
 How is it that the clouds still hang on you?,
This too shall pass

Rock Song Prompts: System Of A Down + 13, “There is no one here but me” 
Biffy Clyro + 13 + 1 + 2 + 12, “It’s you and me, till the end of time”, “I need somebody to talk to”, “I want to hear both sides”, “You gave me magical, I gave you wonderful”
Good Charlotte + 15, “Your hand on mine”
 Five Finger Death Punch + 5, “I can’t seem to find my way home” 
Steel Panther + 3 + 7 + 13 + 14, “Fucking fuckheads”, “Fuck it”, “It will all be good”, “I’m gonna wind up with that girl”
 Of Mice & Men + 13, “I’ll make you proud”
Alestorm + 2 + 6 + 11, “Shove it inside of his big fucking arse”, “Fuck you, with a fucking anchor”, “I have no need for sleep or rest”
A Day To Remember + 13, “That’s all in my past”
Aerosmith + 14, “You’re my angel” 

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Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

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Beneath a Darkened Sky

Bruce Banner was glad he was an only child.

Throughout his life, Bruce was occasionally envious of the closeness some people had with their siblings. Sometimes he wondered what it would be life to have that kind of unbreakable bond with another person. But other times, like now, he was grateful for his lone child status because it meant Bruce would never know what it was like for your sibling to stab you.

Unlike Thor.

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At the coffee shop

Chapter no/one shot: One Shot

Ship: Loki x reader

Type of fanfic: fluff

Characters: Thor,Loki and you

You worked in your local coffee shop and while you were making coffees and teas and other drinks two guys walked in and came up to join the queue.

One of them had long blonde hair and he was very muscular the other had black hair in a similar style, he was less muscular but had a intriguing look to him although they looked completely opposite they still looked like they could be brothers.

As they are edging closer to the front of the queue you can’t help but notice the man with the black hair keeps staring at you and smirking but you can’t help smiling back (That’s probably why you spelt most of the peoples names wrong on their cups)

When they got to the front of the queue you asked them their names turns out it was Loki and Thor of asgard this time you made sure not to spell Loki’s name wrong!

about ao3 & ships

okay, time to get real here. i know a lot of people have been on an archive of our own before, i know a lot of people write and post to an archive of our own, so i know it’s not a matter of nobody knowing what i’m talking about. i’m going to introduce to you a novel concept tho

ship tag etiquette

1. don’t tag in your secondary and minor ships. if your main ship in the fic is loki x hawkeye, awesome; tag that, and anyone looking for loki x hawkeye will basically know your fic is the place to go. if your main ship in the fic is loki x hawkeye, but you also tag the 4 other ships you mention in like one sentence out of the 50k fic you just wrote, then there are going to be a lot of people out there coming to your fic thinking oh hey, at last a thor x sif fanfic sign me up only to find out fast they’re wrong.

2. don’t tag in your secondary and minor ships. it doesn’t matter if you dedicate those motherfucking sideships one paragraph out of 53, that’s like promising starving fic readers a treat and giving them a fucking pea. one pea. just one. maybe they are looking for fics with the actual ship whose tag they’re searching in, rather than: 

  • fics where their ship is used as a stepping stone to get to the main one
  • fics where their ship is tagged in because the writer thinks one mention makes it a ‘minor ship’ (IT DOESN’T, it’s just A MENTION OF IT)
  • fics where their ship is only tacked on to keep those characters busy and the main character of your fic only thinks about that ship in passing twice
  • fics where their ship is brought apart, by death or break up or infidelity, in any part of the fic just for the sake of the main ship to happen.

3. don’t tag in your secondary and minor ships. it’s just fucking rude. if i wanna get my rocks off reading superhot natasha romanoff x lady sif porn, do you know what i can find by going to their ship tag? DISAPPOINTMENT. because rather than learning that there are three/four fics focusing on their spacewives sex life, i have to sift through the mILLIONTY ONE HUNDRED fics already there, who center around loki. if i wanted to read about loki I’D JUST OPEN THE GODDAMN MCU TAG, IT’S ALL PEOPLE EVER WRITE ABOUT ANYWAY. 

4. don’t tag in your secondary and minor ships. i don’t care if you’ve done it once or twice, i don’t care if you think it’s necessary. it’s not. if you think it’s necessary, you know what you could do? add a note at the beginning. a OH BY THE WAY GUYS THISFIC WILL ALSO INCLUDE SOME SIDE SHIPS SUCH AS […] or you can let the readers figure it out. 

5. don’t tag in your secondary and minor ships. because those of us who go into those tags looking for fics about them where they’re appreciated and portrayed well and are the main focus will be left facing the origin of our supervillain story. every. single. day. 

6. if you’ve tagged in secondary and your minor ships: do us all and yourself a favour and go delete them. do it now. edit them now. you’ll be thanked, and most importantly, you’ll be appreciated twice: once by you readers, once by the people who don’t have to get annoyed anymore at seeing fics promising them an apple and giving them a fucking pea

Appointment With Loki (9)

Okay— you guys I literally didn’t stop smiling once as I wrote this chapter. Like, not once. So I hope it works as well for you too. Shout out to @bethy-sue for giving me a quick read through when I needed a little back up. You’re the best!
If you are new to the story and want to catch up on Loki being romantic, check out the MASTERLIST
Enjoy, lovelies :)

Alyssa leaves with her mother Friday afternoon, handing you a list of everything she needs done now that all of the bridesmaids have showed up. You kiss her and your aunt goodbye, promise to get everything done, and steel yourself for a night surrounded by eight other women who all went to college together, roomed in their sorority house together, and have been in all of each other’s weddings.

And then there’s you, who got bitched at yesterday because you called Bethany-Lynn “Beth” and spelled Aimee’s name incorrectly on a reservation. Yeah, life in the house was fun.
So you spend Friday making sure all the deposits had been received and receipts gathered for reception, making grocery lists for the next week since every single girl needed different foods for their made up intolerances insert an eye roll here and then spend most of the Saturday doing the shopping and making sure that you have the itineraries for the groomsmen were all in order because they would start arriving on Tuesday.
Really you don’t have to do all this work, but it’s easier on everyone if you do, easier as the maid of honor to simply do everything so Alyssa doesn’t pop a blood vessel from the stress. Honestly it’s the least you can do since she is letting you use her car, and live rent free all summer and paying for all the pretty dresses Loki has been designing and making for you.

Like this one.
You look down at the lovely silk wrap dress with a delicate cherry blossom pattern and grin. This is definitely what you were wearing tonight. Wrap dresses equals easy access and that was entirely what you were going for.

<From: My Hot Tailor>
sweetheart I just wanted to double check what time you were going to come over. And to assure you that if you are still feeling indisposed, know that I am content to simply lie next to you all night, and wake up next to you tomorrow morning, I will not be disappointed at all. No pressure at all kitten, I just want to see you.

<To: My Hot Tailor>
–I should be done with everything and heading your way around six thirty, seven at the latest.

<From: My Hot Tailor>
–perfect, that sounds wonderful, I’ll have wine waiting for you

<To: My Hot Tailor>
–also, i’m not ‘indisposed’ anymore. We are good to go

<From: My Hot Tailor>
–oh thank god darling. Can’t wait to see you

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Sweet Talking (Part 7 to Questionable Intentions)

A/n: Ok I’m a horrible person, and I didn’t get this done in time at all. But! I had this idea, and I thought it would be cut so despite it being 20 days after Valentine’s day I have for you a Valentine’s Day fic. I hope you enjoy my attempt at not turning fluff into angst! -G

Warnings: a horrible attempt at fluff 

Questionable Intentions

Splitting Hairs

Splitting Hairs: Extensions

An Open Book

An Open Book: Between the Lines

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside: I Really Can’t Stay

And All That Jazz

And All That Jazz: Razzle Dazzle

For the Love of God

For the Love of God: Kiss the Girl

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid


A week after Valentine’s Day and you were still enjoying the discounted sweets you bought a few days after the holiday. You didn’t do much on the 14th, just stayed in and watched movies with Loki like any other night. Today you were sitting across from each other at breakfast. You had been passing candies back and forth, and you slid Loki a box conversation hearts across the table.

“What are these?” he asked with a smile

“Conversation hearts, they’re little candy hearts with sayings written on them,” you explained. Loki eyed the box of candies suspiciously as he opened it up and poured out a few hearts and examined them.

“Love me” he read “Doesn’t that sound a bit forward?”

“It sounds desperate” you confirmed

“What does yours say?” he asked

“Fax me” you laughed

“Fax?” Loki asked

“It’s like a text, but it’s printed out on paper,,”through,” you tell him

“So a letter” Loki states

“Sorta but you can send to a printer or a fax machine, and it goes to another machine and gets there faster than a letter” you explain

Loki picked up another heart “one kiss” he read

“Hold on,” you said as you dug through your bag of candies. You pulled out a Hershey’s kiss and slid it across the table “One Hershey’s kiss” you smiled

“Be my hero” you read from the next heart as you popped it in your mouth

“Don’t you think that’s a little hard for him?” Tony said as he walked into the kitchen to make some coffee

“This is an A, and B conversation please C your way out” you smiled at Tony

“I’m just saying” Tony continued “he’s kinda here cause it’s his punishment for trying to take over the world.” The scowl on Loki’s face didn’t go unnoticed.

“I’m aware,” you said, “but I wasn’t aware I asked you?”

Tony poured himself a cup of coffee “Just wanted to remind you” he called as he went back to the lab. You noticed Loki was frowning at the scattered hearts on the table in front of him. You slid a couple hearts across the table smiling. Loki looked up at you confused.

“Read them,” you said sliding over more hearts to finish your message for him.

“Hey, babe. Smile. ♥ of gold. Crazy for you. Xoxo” he read quietly. He looked up at you when he finished, no longer frowning but still not smiling

“I know the grammar is horrible,” you said “but I tried”

You noticed a heart slide into your pile with a small smiley face printed on it.

“That doesn’t count as a smile,” you said

“I don’t understand,” he said still not looking at you “How can you love me with my past.”

“I dunno” you shrugged “I guess I was taught that people make mistakes and you’re really not that bad. You’re sassy as hell, and I love it and even if you’ve done stupid things it doesn’t mean you’re inclined to do them again.”

“But I’ve-” he tried to stay

“Stop focusing on the past. If you stay there you’ll never get to enjoy the present and you sure as hell won’t get to join me, and I’d say I’m pretty damn awesome,” you state

“You didn’t know me then, Y/n,” the God started up again

“Exactly, I didn’t know you then so stop worrying about it.” you sighed “I know what you’ve done, and I know you’re at least a little sorry for doing it.” Loki opened his mouth to speak “I swear if you start trying to fight me on this I will find some duct tape or better yet that muzzle thing you wore when the Avengers first captured you. Damn, that thing was sexy” you finished. Loki shook his head and chuckled a smile creeping across your face glad you could bring his spirits back up.

“You know I know exactly where it is,” he said

“Where what is?” you asked slightly confused

“The muzzle” he grinned at you

“You’re a kinky bastard, you know that” you grinned

“Anyways I was wondering if you might want to go out tonight for dinner,” he says “A late Valentine’s date.”

“That sounds wonderful. Besides I heard Steve was cooking and I don’t think I can handle another boiled meal” you chuckle

The rest of the day was spent with the remainder of the Avengers watching tv and hanging out till about 5 when you disappeared to your room with Natasha who you convinced to help you get ready.

“I don’t understand why you’re so worried,” she said

“It’s kinda our first real date” you explained as you curled your hair

“Still you’re both heads over heals” she stated, searching through your closet for a cute dress.

“My mom always used to tell me I wasn’t nervous I was just excited,” you said Natasha as you rolled your hair into an updo.

“Well they do trigger close to the same responses elevated heart rate, jittering or fidgeting. One just has a better connotation.” she pulled out a dress with a white and navy dotted, button up bodice and a high neckline with sleeves just long enough to cover your shoulders. A small belt separated the bodice from a billowing, navy tea length skirt. “What do you think of this?” she asked holding the gown up to you

“Is that formal enough?” you asked

“Are you a formal girl?” Nat mused “It’ll be perfect just try it on” she pressed

You slipped the dress on and buttoned up the top and did a small spin

“You look amazing” she smiled. You put the finishing touches on your makeup and slipped on your white and navy saddle style heels. Your eyes were dusted a light brown with winged eyeliner that took you over half an hour to perfect on its own.
“What if he doesn’t like it?” you turned to Nat after smoothing out your dress.

“Then you dump his ass.” she stated simply opening the door and ushering you out.

You made your way to the living room your nerves being pulled tighter with every step closer. When you reached the doorway, you wanted to run and hide. Instead, you were dragged into the living room by Natasha who had a firm grasp on your wrist. You gazed around the room till your eyes landed on Loki a slight blush crept across your cheeks when you noticed the look on his face.

“You look absolutely stunning,” Loki said smiling

“Thank you” you grinned

“OK we get it you two are in love” Tony chimed in

“Could you keep your mouth shut for more than 2 minutes just once in your life?” Loki glared

“I could, but I might die” Tony smiled

“Who says that’s a bad thing,” Loki said his eyes darkening

“Thor” Tony whined, “Your brother threatened to kill me again.”

“Don’t involve me in this,” Thor scowled, “I’m getting too old for this.”

“I think he should pay for it for taking me out to dinner” Tony smiled “Tonight.”

Loki’s eyes widened at the thought “Only if you sit at a different table” you answered ignoring the incredulous Loki gave you

“I sit with you, and I get to bring a friend,” Tony said

“No,” Loki said sternly

“One friend, minimal talking, same table” you stated

“Deal,” Tony said shaking your hand. Loki just looked at you like you had grown a second head.

“It’ll get him to stop bugging,” you said

“Fine.” Loki muttered

The drive to the restaurant was fairly silent save for the few minutes it took Tony to call his mystery guest. A waitress ushered you to your table where there was already a girl sitting.

“What the hell took you so long I almost thought you stood me up” she smiled

“Leo?” you practically shrieked and turned to Tony “you’re dating Leo?!”

“WOAH no one said we were dating there was free food involved of course I was gonna be here. Not to mention I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to mess with you” Leo answered.

You sighed “Why are we friends?”

“I actually don’t know” Leo patted the seat next to her and Tony sat next to you. You and Loki occupied the other side of the booth. The waiter took your drink orders and left as the four of you chatted.

“So” Tony dragged out “How is everyone?”

“I’d be better if you weren’t here” You heard Loki mutter

“What was that sweetheart?” Tony asked pretending not to hear “The more you insult me the more I buy”

“I was going to hand him your credit card anyways” you shrugged

“That’s theft you know, but because I like you I’ll let it slip just this once” Tony winked at you

“Wait you really didn’t notice?” Leo asked “we spent like 200 bucks last time we went shopping”

“Told you he wouldn’t notice I use his card all the time” you commented

“You what now?” Tony looked at you eyes wide

“I mean what card? I didn’t even know you had a credit card or a social security number for that matter” you smiled innocently

“Why does your girlfriend know my social security number?” Tony asked Loki who replied in a shrug

“It was written on a sticky note in your wallet,” you say
“Why were you in my wallet?” He asked his voice becoming a hushed shout

“I had to get your nonexistent credit card somehow” you explained

“Who let you live in the tower?” Tony asked

“Better question” Leo interrupted “why am I not living in the tower?”
“Because the two of us living together would be a disaster that would end in the end of the world because we’d take control of it” You reminded her

“Don’t ask Loki for advice he tried and failed at that” Tony says

Loki who had been quietly looking over the menu sent a quick glare to the billionaire

“Y/n and I have been planning this for ages.” Leo mentions “We’ll need a king or someone to pretend to be the figurehead so people don’t hate us Loki could come in handy”

“Um, no” you state “We’re not throwing him under the bus why don’t we just use Tony”

“Why Tony”

“Cause he’s totally the kind of person that could get everyone to follow him and then change all the rules so he’s the only leader but really it’s us but Tony is kinda a dick anyway” you paused your rant “no offense, so no one would be surprised”

“It’s a match made in heaven,” Tony says

“And what do you mean by that?” Loki said eyeing him curiously

“I just mean she wants to rule the world and you tried to rule the world,” Tony says then looks to you “how do you plan to get past the Avengers by the way?”
“Easy” you answer “I already live with you I just have to convince you to join me or take you down from the inside. And leave him alone” you warned “you didn’t go through what he went through you don’t know why he made the decisions he did! One day you’re gonna fuck up too and maybe it destroys new york maybe it doesn’t but you have no right to judge him on past mistakes when you have plenty of your own. He has changed and you know it but you’re going to continue to hold one mistake over his head for what? The rest of his life?” you paused realizing you were out of breath. Tony, Loki, and probably half of the restaurant were looking at you.

“I haven’t seen you blow up like that since I told you that Tony was hotter than Steve”

“Ok have you seen Steve I mean come on” you retorted

“Have you seen my date?” Leo asked

“Yeah and he’s an ass”
“Better watch out there Cap might steal your girl” Tony chuckled

“That is not what I said I said he was hot” you confirmed “there is a difference”

“And what’s that” Tony asked as Loki looked at you a tinge of worry in his eyes

“He’s not my type” you state simply “He’s too nice I’d feel bad for being a bitch”
“And you’re ok with being a bitch to Loki”
“He can take it and he can dish it right back out,” you say “Can’t we just go back to a nice awkward double date”

“Please” Leo added
“Just saying I don’t understand why you’d pick Loki when you could have me” Tony chided. You refrained from responding not wanting to go on another rant or start a fight. Loki looked down at his plate of food that had arrived earlier in the night. The table was silent as everyone ate their meals and Loki didn’t look at you once. As you all got up to leave you slid a conversation heart across the table that read “I love you.”


A/n: I hope you enjoyed this fic I enjoyed writing it! As always I love you all send in your requests for more parts because Leo and I only have one more part planned and then we’ll be moving on. The first part to Operation: Save the Fairy should be coming out soon (Read the prologue here) -G



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Fandom: Marvel MCU

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Asgardian reader

Warnings: Injury

Summary: You and Loki are fools not because you love each other but because you don’t see it. 

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Usually you would bow when you entered the room in the presence of a royal, but not this time. This time you were furious. Loki looked up and immediately, fear flooded onto his face, knowing he was in trouble with you. He smiled sheepishly at you and no matter how adorable he was, you were not fucking around.

“My queen…”

“Jotunheim? Really??” You demanded before he had the chance to finish his sentence. You were so damn mad at him right now. His stupidity and recklessness could have gotten himself killed.

Since you were born, you had been betrothed to Thor of Asgard, in order to unite the realms. When you were 12, your world went to war with Vanaheim. And so your family brought you to Asgard to keep you safe thus resulting in you being raised along side Loki and Thor. Overtime, the pair became friends with sif and the warriors three who seemed not to like you very much. It wasn’t a big deal anyway of course because they were always a bit too rowdy for you. Of all of them, it was Loki who you’d end up growing close too. He was much tamer than the others, very intelligent and had always been handsome. Everyone else saw you as a stuck up princess, which makes sense because you were raised a princess, and not a warrior like sif. Everyone seemed to have a prejudice against you. Everyone except Loki. He was also seen sometimes as an outsider. You found comfort in each other and you found yourself falling in love with the trickster.

“I was just trying to help Thor.” He tried to reason, giving you a small smile and those eyes he knew you couldn’t stay mad at.

“Helping Thor would have been stopping him, not provoking him and getting yourself injured.” You stated, trying to keep your composure.

“I tried to stop him. I did not provoke him and I am not injured.” He argued, flinching as he stood. You raised your eyebrow at him. He never did like healers. He sighed in defeat and peeled off his layers, until his toned torso was bare and stained with his blood. He knew the drill, ever since you were younger when Thor would coerce him into trouble you would patch him up at the end of the day, then Thor of course after making sure Loki was okay. But of course when you were younger you didn’t have the desire to run your hands along every inch of his body. You re- entered the room with a wet cloth and a herb mixture to place on his wounds.

“You should have let him go by himself.” You say, gently cleaning his wound with the cloth. “Let him get himself hurt, not you.”

“Father would never forgive me if I let your husband do as he wishes.” He says, with a bitter chuckle. You press the cloth into his side slightly harsher than necessary, always hating when Loki would refer to his brother as your husband. “Have you been in to see him yet?” He asks even though it sounds more like a command, and deep down he really wanted you to stay.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” You joke, looking up at him and smirking. He smiled warmly, that was one of the things he loved about you. No matter the person, you never let anyone look down or up at you, royals or peasants, you wanted everyone to treat you as an equal.

He wasn’t sure weather it was the way the light hit your face at this angle or the way your face contorted in concentration. He grabbed your wrists, causing the bandages fall to the ground. You looked up at him questioningly, and your breath hitched in your throat when you realized how close the two of you were. He felt guilty for his actions and more so for his feelings, you belonged to Thor and no matter how much you argued that you were your own person and you didn’t belong to anyone, fact was that you he could never be with you. And the thought of Thor being with you pissed him off more than the thought of Thor ruling Asgard. Just as you thought the two of you were about to kiss, his grip on your wrists tightened causing you to wince.

“Loki.” You squeaked. “You’re hurting me.” He drops your wrists and turns, walking away from you.

“You should tend to Thor.” He states, trying to convince him that this was better. 

“Loki..” You are unsure about what you did to anger him. Surely he wouldn’t become cold so quickly for no reason.

“Go!” He shouts, clearing his throat as soon as he feels his voice begin to break. “I wish to be alone, woman.” He states. You step back in shock. He knew how much you hated when someone disrespected a woman and so he never did, except now. You were so angry, you had gone speechless. He knew what he had done and he hated himself for it, so much more when you slammed the door closed (which wasn’t easy in the palace). It was easier this way, if you hated him then maybe he could find a way to love you less, even though that wasn’t possible. And the further you went from him, the stronger his urge to pull you close and cuddle you until you fell asleep. 


You were kicking yourself the entire way to Thor’s chambers. How could you be so stupid to think that he might be even slightly interested in you, but to kiss you? You were dangerously in love with him and now it was leading to delusions. You shook the thoughts from your head as you entered Thor’s room. Everyone looked up as you as you entered.

“Lady (Y/N).” Thor greeted happily, standing and walking over to you. You nodded at him and as he lead you to the balcony, and you took note of Volstagg’s arm.

“You friend is injured?” You asked although said as a statement. The two of you look back at his friends who then tried to pretend like they weren’t listening to your conversation.

Our friend was touched by one of the frost giants.” He stated, shrugging knowing his friend was fine although deep down he was quite worried.

“I assume the allfather gave you an earful about your insubordination.” You say turning and walking back towards his friends, taking Thor’s patch up kit to tend to Volstagg’s wound.

“Something like that.” He states, rolling his eyes at the memory of his father chewing him up and all but spitting him out not more than twenty minutes ago.

“You are a fool.” You state, carefully placing some medicine on Volstagg’s arm. “If you are to be king, you cannot keep putting your people in danger.”

“And by people do you mean Loki?” He asks and you stiffen.

“Loki is a jerk.” You state, tightening your grip on Volstagg, causing him to flinch.

“My brother has upset you?” Thor frowns, sensing your sadness. “Tell me what he has done? I shall make him pay!” He demands and you, as well as the others, roll your eyes at his usual antics.

“He has done nothing.” You say, standing. “You may be a fool Odinson but I am the biggest fool of all.” You state sadly, walking to the door.

“Because you love him?” He asks. “You are not a fool for loving my brother but you are a fool for not seeing how much he loves you." You chuckle dryly, waving him off but thanking him for being sweet and trying to make you feel better.

"He’s right you know.” Sif steps in. “It’s obvious to everyone.” She says and you raise your eyebrows.

“They’re right.” Fandral adds. “He calls you his queen for Odins sake!” Loki has always called you his queen. You secretly loved it of course as it was a term of endearment (something he would often be scolded for,)

“And every time someone mentions your engagement to Thor, Loki goes mad.” Hogun points out.

“Yes, not to mention when Thor interacts with you.” Sif agrees.

You’re all traitors.” Loki’s sharp voice could be heard from behind you. He came just in time to hear Sif tell you his deepest secrets. You take Loki’s arm and drag him into the hall.

“Is what they say true?” You demand.

“I’m going to kill them all.” He swears.

“To hel with them!” You say frustrate. “Is it true?” You ask, needing to hear him say it. You take a step forward and gently place a hand on his cheek, “do you love me?”

“Yes-” And that’s all you needed. You slide your hand from his cheek to his neck and bring his lips down to yours, satisfying a kiss you have wanted for years.