“He’s the type of man who would treat you like a queen.”

So I was taking the train to my girlfriend and it was such beautiful weather. I thought, let’s draw something nice, kay? Then this showed up on my paper and.. just fuck me right in the feels alright. ;-; I edited a bit afterwards for extra feels :’) 

After Loki fell, Odin said “No.” He looked like he meant it.  He didn’t want Loki to fall.  

Why then did he not pull them back up? I think that he couldn’t. His arm is wavering, they’re swinging around, and then there’s the simple fact that there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have if he could–or, at the very least, no reason why he wouldn’t have pulled Thor up.

Loki realized the situation, I think, and saw that he was going to fall no matter what happened next. And by this point I think he realizes that Thor isn’t going to let go. Loki’s slipping down Gungnir, but considering how usually he can do complicated physical things, he probably could have gotten a better grip if he’d elected to. 

So his choices are to fall involuntarily, quite possibly taking Thor with him (after all, if Odin can’t pull them up, he can’t hold them forever); or to let go.

He doesn’t want an undignified death, falling because Odin couldn’t hold on. Also, remember when he made an illusion and Thor essayed to rescue it? Remember how after that, Loki called him “brother,” a few minutes after saying that he never was his brother? And now, this situation has happened because Thor did the same thing again. Each time, Loki came a little more out of his madness, and now, he does not want Thor to die.

So when he says,  “I could have done it, Father! I could have done it! For you. For all of us,” it’s his goodbye note.

“No, Loki,”–No, you couldn’t have done it? Or no, don’t let go? Loki thought Odin meant the former, but was he right?

And Loki stares at Odin, weeping, and Thor has foresight–”Loki, no!”

Loki falls.

And Odin can pull Thor up.

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