To Loki...

There are many asking for your rage, and your fire,
But opening a newspaper in these times is akin to striking a flint to kindling.

I ask for your your audacity that called bloated gods to task.
The  indignation that felled a too-favoured son.

I ask to keep a whetstone to sharpen my tongue.
I ask for a borrowed cloak of falcon feathers to speed amends.

I hope that our community is one that would that would stand side by side against a giant, in kirtles and rouge. Armed with both clever explanations and mighty hands.

Of Sigyn I ask for the strength of your arms to hold a bowl aloft over those suffering injustice, to catch the Trumped up Trickle down.

I ask for your empathy, to aid those with us and to better plan for those against us.
I ask for your vision to see beyond my own losses.

I ask for the resoluteness of your posture, and the untiring devotion you give your family.

Offered with ink, blood and determination,



Love is in the air guys. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology couples that I ship!!

  • Hades+Persephone 
  • Loki+Sigyn (Loki is based on the Marvel movie. I need Sigyn in the movie so much!!)

I think I have something with the bad guy in the mythology LOL

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.


Ok. So it starts off (so nobody gets confused for a later detail) that Baldur was having terrible nightmares where he was going to die. Well, Baldur’s mother made everything. EVERYTHING. Promise to not kill Baldur. But she forgot to make mistletoe promise (later detail) because she thought that it was too small and safe of a thing to kill him, and so everybody was like “WOAH THIS IS COOL. HE CANT DIE. LET US THROW A BUNCH OF SHIT AT HIM AND WATCH IT ALL BOUNCE OFF” Well, in comes Loki and he makes a spear of mistletoe. Don’t ask how. God magic. But he makes a spear of mistletoe and gives it to the blind god Hod. Hod, being blind, doesn’t know what it is and throws it at Baldur and KILLS HIM. Everybody freaks out and nobody knows who did it. Then a few weeks later everybody got drunk as fuck and Loki being stupid admits that me made the mistletoe spear that killed Baldur. He then runs off and tries to hide as a fish. But Odin was like “Nah bitch. I know where you are” because Odin is magical and he picks up Loki and so the gods, like, all of them, chain Loki up with the shit (yes poop) of Loki’s son, somehow turning the shit into fucking stone, and chain Loki to a rock. They then place a super venomous snake over his head to like melt the fuck out of his face. But (AND THIS IS WHERE LOKI’S WIFE COMES IN) Loki’s wife Sigyn comes in and is like “No bitches. Come here baby. I’ll keep you protected” and holds a giant bowl over Loki’s face to keep the venom from basically killing him. Only when she has to dump the bowl does the venom hit Loki (which is why earthquakes happen) and she is like super unconditionally loving him and like omfg guys I love it because that shit is the original Beauty and the Beast.

S I G Y N “G O D D E S S   O F   F I D E L I T Y ; from her birth until her death” |Listen|

i. you’ll be queen one day - ramin djawadi | ii. once upon a dream - lana del rey | iii.love is blindness - jack white | iv. young and beautiful - lana del rey | v. bedroom hymns - florence + the machine | vi. if i had a heart - fever ray | vii. the rains of castemer - sigur rós | viii. sending the earl to valhalla - trevor moriss | ix. he is lost - ramin djawadi |


my endless list of plot bunnies: Stephanie Triggs

“Why are you crying, my love?” Sigyn reached out her hand, gently grazing the back of her husband’s knuckles with her own. Loki looked up from his hands to meet her weak eyes. If there was anyone in the entire universe that could always manage to make him smile, it was Sigyn. But smiling became hard when he knew what fate had in store for his precious wife. 

“Because it’s the end, isn’t it?” Loki asked gently, taking her hand into his. He met her soft brown eyes and pursed his lips together. He leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss onto the back of her hand. Sigyn smiled at him, meeting his eyes. “This isn’t the end.” She whispered. “I promise you.” Sigyn told him, squeezing his hand with what strength she had left. His eyes softened as he got up from his chair. Loki leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “You better not break that promise, Sigyn.”

Stephanie Triggs never grew up wanting to be an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, she knew that if she could go back and change things… she would. She doesn’t mind her job completely though, being a good agent and liking her superior officer, Agent Maria Hill. However chaos ensues with the capture of the villainous Loki, a trickster god who seems to have her confused with someone else. No one is certain what to do, especially when Loki’s accusations are confirmed by his adoptive brother, Thor, who seems just as baffled at the sight of Stephanie. The agent isn’t completely sure what these two gods want with her, but all she knows is that she has a job to do and under no circumstances is she going to let the world end on her watch. 

@smol-overlord said: Loki x Sigyn, discovering/trying to figure out midgardian technology?

“Sigyn,” Loki whispered, pulling her behind the nearest of them, “you cannot caress vehicles.”

Sigyn nodded. that  “As you say,” she agreed, keeping her voice quiet. “I think it a pity nobody pets them, though. The one I petted became warm and rumbled when I did.”
Loki’s mouth twitched, remembering the driver’s face when he had seen a young woman in a long yellow frock start petting the hood of the vehicle he was starting. “They aren’t sentient, my love,” he said, managing not to laugh. “Come, we must continue seeking him.”

He gave her his arm, and they walked toward a large store with inflated black cats and pumpkins in the windows; a place where a man with one eye was bruited to buy bread and cheese.

Sigyn waved at a waving inflated ghost before he could stop her. “Also not sentient,” he said wryly.
Inside were too many lights and too many Midgardians, and far too many cheap items. And then there were the elevators.

Loki reached to close the door, but it shut them in of its own will, powerfully sliding.

A white room with no way out…his cell, in Asgard’s dungeon….

“Loki?” Sigyn said softly, slipping her hand into his. He looked at their hands and then at her, and knew that this was simply an elevator.

The door opened and Loki walked out, feeling as if the floor were still going up, past a realistic mannequin with an outstretched hand, its arm holding a rhinestoned purse.

A moment later, he realized–bother. He looked back to see Sigyn shaking hands with the inanimate model.

( @pinkjotunloki)