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Loki stood with a smug smile all the time Odin was talking. He found nothing he said intimidating that was, until he mentioned you. 

“And for your final punishment, you shall never be able to see your wife again.” Loki’s eyes snapped to his, full of anger. “Y/N shall not become corrupt. We will not allow you destroy another life.” Odin almost seemed proud of himself as he watched Loki try to not to break. His eyes began to glaze but he refused to allow any tears to fall: To show any weakness. 

Friffa walked towards her son and put her hand on his shoulder, trying her hardest to console him. 

“It could be worse, Loki.” She said kindly. Loki pushed away his feelings of pain and anger and instead put on a bemused expression. Turning to his mother, he said strongly ‘define worse’, trying hard not to think of you and how he’ll never get to hold you again.

Big Bad Wolf In The City CLOSED RP

“He doesn’t deserve you…” Loki murmured, lips inches from hers. They were at a costume staff party, in one of the back halls where no one would see them. Loki was a business partner of an old friend, Axel, commonly known as “The Axeman” for his ruthlessness. But Loki was just as ruthless, and right now he was after his wife.

She was a classic beauty, lithe, and a perfectly painted face. Loki has lusted after her for a while. His hand came up to caress the bruise on her cheek. She had done a good job at using makeup to hide it, but Loki knew better. He knew she probably had bruises all over her body.


The Throne Room

TITLE OF STORY: The Throne Room


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld


GENRE: Romance, Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Luna could see how stressed out Loki had become since he has taken over the throne. She plans some fun for the two of them that involves the throne. Loki doesn’t realize just how much he is in for when his wife visits him late one night in the throne room.


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: A bit of teasing, but no harm done. This is the fourth installment of my Loki and Luna series. This particular scenario has been playing over and over in my head for a couple of months now, so it was dying to be written. I think throne sex is a kink of mine, because it is not the first time I have written about it. Sorry not sorry, I think it is the hottest scenario honestly. There is a bit of a somber ending.


I smirked as I made my way towards the throne room, Loki would be there bored out of his mind I’m sure. Ever since Thor turned down the throne, Loki has been the one tending to it. Odin had fallen into Odin sleep once again, and this time Loki wasn’t so sure he would wake up. Frigga had given him the throne, knowing Loki would be the best candidate for it. Things were hard ever since Thor decided to move to Midgard with Jane.

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When I start to doubt myself, when life starts to feel like more than I can handle, I remember Sigyn.

She was a mother who lost both of her sons. Although she had never wronged the All Father, he murdered her children to punish her husband. Then, she watched as her husband writhed in agony for centuries, dutifully holding the bowl, no matter how tired her arms got, to spare him as much suffering as she could.

Loki didn’t make her stay. She chose to. And can you blame her? Loki was all she had left. Recently someone suggested that Sigyn, a mother scorned, had the Trickster all to her self all those centuries, and the first thing he did when he was freed was declare war on Asgard. Methinks, while Loki was at his wife’s mercy, Sigyn had some influence on the decision to initiate Ragnarok.

Truth of prophecie is always in your hands

When you heed her words 

And do as she commands

-TYR, “Lord of Lies”

Anyway, Sigyn is tremendous source of strength for me. No matter what I’m going through, Sigyn endured worse. When I want to give up, I feel her presence, and it makes me want to keep going.

The Coronation

TITLE OF STORY: The Coronation


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld


GENRE: Romance, Angst

FIC SUMMARY: Loki is stressed about Odin and his upcoming coronation. He says some hurtful things to Luna, which drives her away from him. Loki tries to find a way to make it up to his wife.  


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Loki seems to be a bit of an ass in the beginning because of the stress. I don’t think he handled it in the best way, and Luna is going to make sure he regrets his actions. This one is really bad, but I tried. Also, sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. I was focused on my finals and the papers and projects I had to do. I am done now, and it is my summer. Time to focus on writing. 


The next couple of days were truly stressful for Loki and Frigga. Odin seemed to be hanging on by a string. I believed he was waiting for Thor to return to Asgard before he truly left us. I hated seeing Loki in that state of unrest. He was so nervous about the impending coronation. He still believed the whole of Asgard hated him for the things he had done in the past. I tried my best to calm Loki down, but it didn’t seem to be working.

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Forgotten (A Loki Imagine)

Odin erases the memories of Loki’s wife, feeling that she would be better off without memories of Loki to torture her during Loki’s imprisonment.


Loki is sentenced to prison for his crimes against the people of Midgard….

His pregnant wife, (Y/N), stands to the side as he is sentenced. Before he is escorted to his cell, he is allowed one last moment with (Y/N). 

“I will wait for you, Loki.”

“Prepare for a long wait (Y/N).”

“I will wait forever, if I must.” she says, tears sliding down her cheeks. Loki’s hand cups (Y/N)’s cheek and his thumb wipes away the tears. His own eyes begin to brim with tears but sucks it up trying to stay strong for (Y/N)’s sake. He places his other hand on her belly, gently rubbing it. He leans down and plants a kiss on their unborn child. The guards bust open the door signifying Loki’s time to go. Loki looks at his wife one last time before walking out the door and never turning back. 

“Odin has requested your presence Lady (Y/N).” says a guard. (Y/N) walks back into the throne room to stand before Odin who sat on his throne. She politely curtsies. “You requested my presence, sir?” 

“Yes (Y/N) I did.” Without another word Odin holds his staff out in front of him and towards Y/N’s direction. A bright blue light comes from the tip of the staff. 

Six years pass. One early morning, Loki is awoken. “Loki Laufeyson, you are hereby granted freedom on account of good behavior. However a strong watch shall still be held over you.” reads a guard off of a scroll. Loki’s eyes light up with excitement at being able to see his beloved (Y/N). Upon being released, he runs as quickly as his legs would allow him to find (Y/N). He eventually finds her walking around the public gardens. “(Y/N)!” he shouts excitedly. (Y/N) turns around to find a strange man running towards her. Loki runs to hug her but she takes several steps back in fear. Loki is confused for a short moment but nonetheless happy to see his lovely (Y/N). 

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid that I don’t know you.” 

“Okay very funny (Y/N).” he laughs, remembering her sense of humor.

“How is it that you know my name, sir?”

“How wouldn’t I? You’re the love of my life.” Loki’s hand reaches out for her but she takes two more steps back. 

“Sir, I really don’t know who you are!” she insists. 

“Alright (Y/N), it’s not funny anymore.”

“I do not kid you, sir, I haven’t the slightest idea who you are!” Loki’s smile disappears and turns into a frown. She sounds very serious and she looks afraid.

“(Y/N) it’s me, Loki. Your husband.”

“You are not my husband. My husband is another.” 

Loki’s brow furrows, confused and slightly afraid. His eyes wander down and for the first time he notices that (Y/N)’s belly is no longer carrying child. 

“Where is our child? Is it a boy or a girl?” 

Our child?” 

“Yes you carried my son or daughter.” 

 At that moment a tiny boy of a young age comes out from behind some bushes. He giggles happily as he runs to (Y/N) with his arms open. (Y/N) kneels down to the boys’ level and picks him up. Loki’s eyes widen slightly with excitement at the sight of his son. Or at least who he thinks is his son. Loki’s eyebrows furrow again but this time with realization. This boy has blue eyes and chestnut colored hair, very unlike his or (Y/N)’s black hair or green eyes. “How old is he?” asks Loki suspiciously. 

“He is three years of age.” Loki knows that that isn’t possible. This isn’t his child. (Y/N) was seven months pregnant at the time of his sentence. Logic dictates that his child should be five or six by now. “And do you have no other children?” 

“He is my only one.”

“Have you had no others?” Upon hearing the question (Y/N)’s expression becomes sad. “There was one before him…but she was lost.” Loki’s eyes brim with tears upon the realization that his child is dead and was never even born. 

“She? So it was a girl?” he asks choking up slightly.

“Yes.” (Y/N) responds sadly. “(Y/H/N (Your Husband’s Name)) and I were devastated.”


“Yes, he is my husband.”

“But he is not and he never was! That child was not his! It was mine!”

“Please sir, you’re frightening me.” 

“(Y/N)! (Y/C/N (Your Child’s Name))!” shouts a voice. A man with curly chestnut colored hair and blue eyes wearing riding attire comes out from the bushes as the little boy had. “Ah there you are!” the man says happily. “Are you prepared to-?” he stops when he notices Loki’s presence. “Oh hello. Are you a friend of (Y/N)’s?”

“I guess you could say that.” says Loki choking back tears.

“Oh okay um (Y/N) I’ve prepared the horses are you ready to go?”

“Um I will be just give me another moment.” says (Y/N) setting (Y/C/N) down.

“Very well, come (Y/C/N).” he says holding his hand out to (Y/C/N). (Y/C/N) takes his father’s hand and walks with him around a corner until they are out of sight. “You really do not remember me?” asks Loki finally letting the tears go. 

“I’m sorry but I must go.” said (Y/N) not answering the question. Loki sadly watches her go off and disappear. After she is gone, Loki falls onto his hands and knees, weeping like an hurt child. He wants to call out to her. He wants to beg her to come back. He wants hold her in his arms and never let her go. But he knows that it’s no use. 

She does not remember him….

He has been forgotten….

So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this, It’s my first fanfiction on this blog (as far as I know) so sorry if it’s crappy. If you’d like another send me a request. 

P.S. Sorry for making this so depressing. 

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I have, of course, compared these two moments before.  As well as it’s been paralleled in this way, the way Odin touches his wife compared to the way Thor touches Loki.  But here’s another one for you.

As Loki is dying on Svartalfheim, Thor tells him to stay with him, while Loki apologizes (“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”) and, for a brief moment, as Thor’s trying to hold him together in that way you do when you can’t hold someone together at all, your hands are everywhere on them, for a moment, Thor’s hand touches the side of Loki’s face.

Not to grip the side or back of his neck, not the usual move that he does with people he cares about, but a true touching to the side of Loki’s face in a way that’s meant to be brotherly but, uh.  Really kind of isn’t.

(p.s.  This scene still makes me cry and fuck this movie for putting it in. It’s not heartbreaking because Loki dies, we all know he lived, it’s not even heartbreaking for fucking up the storyline, because I can work with this, but because goddamn, they both thought he was dying, because it was entirely real for both of them and THIS IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, Loki would be sorry, Thor wouldn’t want him to die, and they both obviously love each other very much.  That’s what really hurts—they do love each other, there’s just so much other shit in the way that they keep tripping over.)

Baby Makes Four - Ch 2

Title: Baby Makes Four

Chapter number/one shot: 2/?

Author: chimaeracabra

Which Tom/character: AU Loki

Genre: Romance/Smut/Fluff

Fic summary: Loki and his wife expect a new child.

Rating: M

Author’s Notes/Warnings: This chapter is much shorter than the first chunk. Fun time starts ;)


            Loki on skates is the funniest sight I’ve ever seen. He gives up trying to stand and leans against the wall, while Logan and Jane are making progress out in the middle of the rink, Thor spotting him as he laughs and slides along as Jane pulls him.

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Loki and Sigyn 

The woman who knew everything. 

She sits down next to him, “I’ll stay married to you, I will be your wife always. No matter what you do, good or bad. A lie or a ton of lies, I am your wife Loki Odinson.” She places a hand on his knee “I will learn to love you.”

“No matter how many years, how many times I’ve lost myself in my madness. Sigyn you have always stood by my side. Why? You should have left me, you could have left me, you can still leave me if that is what you wish.“ 

She gives him that clever smile, ” I always knew you were going to be King, and what is a King without a devoted and loyal Queen?“ 

"Thank You," 

"You’re welcome." 

Imagine Loki coming home to his wife and children after a long mission in another realm and panicking when nobody answers as he calls through the dark house; the children aren’t in their beds and he’s starting to believe that one of his many enemies has taken his family only to have relief flood his chest when he reaches the master bedroom and finds his entire brood snuggling up to his wife in his giant bed. He promptly joins them, holding them all as close as possible and thinking that this is the best homecoming in Asgard.


dearlokigodofmischief Continued from X

♔—- “Yes,” Loki replied, turning to face his wife. “But not with you, nor with anyone else in the house or the HIVE.” Ripping his fingers through his hair far more quickly than he ever dared to, his visage expressed nothing short of agitation, worry, and a great deal of rage. Then again, Eris was probably able to smell his anger without an issue.

    There were very few times where Loki found himself in a setting where his rage completely consumed him, at least not in his new life with Eris. He had freed himself from the restraints that held him back, at least, that’s what he believed. He had his children and he had the love that a family should be prepared to give their loved ones, but his former life had ways of finding him.

    It wasn’t only Thanos that he had to worry about, but he so often forgot that there were other creatures that could touch him, other beings that could harm him.

    “While I was in town today with Eira, someone all too familiar approached me. I’ve spoken of her a few times. Sif, of the Warriors Three was there. Apparently she was sent by Fandral to war me of what Odin has been planning. Word has finally reached the poor bastard that the grandchildren he locked away so many years ago have been freed. He wishes to recollect Fenrir and Sleipnir, but from what Sif told me, I believe he may not wish to simply return them to exile. Sleipnir will probably be returned to his previous occupation as Odin’s warhorse, but the others?

    “I think he wishes to kill Fenrir and Jormungandr.”

║♚║— Eris stared at her husband. Her visage was unphased yet there was a seething river of rather that coursed through her veins when he told her of what Odin had in his old feeble mind to doing to her stepchildren.    The tyrant had grown protective over them. No she did not give birth to them; they were still her children nonetheless.   Like any wolf mother she was ready to kill anyone that even dared to lay a finger on her pack.

“We will have arrangement to have Eira spend time with Rhine.  You, I and the Elite will be going to Asgard.  The day has come to unleash the weapons from level 25.      Did Sif give you a definitive date of his arrival?  I am more than ready to take our leave right now, darling.”  Eris’ words were calm and calculated as she spoke.  She was ready to claim the  lives of those who threatened her family as if it were her sole business.

Imagine you and Loki having a son. Initially you were fearful of birthing a potentially Jotun baby, but for Loki you were more than happy to try. All goes smoothly with the pregnancy and he shows no signs of his father’s true heritage; he grows up as a normal Asgardian child. (He knows of Loki’s true parentage but the conversation rarely comes up)

When he gets over, he decides to move to Midgard where he falls in love with a human and ultimately marries her. You and Loki aren’t that fond of his wife but she makes him happy and you and Loki give them your blessing.

Eventually it’s announced that you and Loki will be grandparents. However, things start to go strangely during the pregnancy and your son calls, desperate for help. Your daughter-in-law complains of constant cold and other cold related issues. As the due date draws nearer, everyone grows increasingly worried.

On the day of the birth, your daughter-in-law gives birth to a beautiful icy blue girl with perfectly ruby red eyes: it seems the Jotun gene skipped a generation. Much to your surprise, your daughter-in-law is overjoyed (after the initial shock and explanation) and even names the child after Frigga.

You and Loki apologize for your initial opinion of the woman and couldn’t be happier for the new parents, also taking great joy in being grandparents.

Who Sigyn Is To Me

Seeing as I have used her in my blog name, I feel I should also add some thoughts on Sigyn to this vein.

Sigyn came to me, you could say. I included her in my worship of Loki as a personal note not to ignore the Norse Goddesses due to long-term association of Goddesses with the many parts of Goddess worship I cannot relate to (motherhood and marriage) but I didn’t intend to become her devotee and yet so I have.

To me, on a personal level, Sigyn is patience. She’s calm, caring, gentle and interested in her devotees. I know many of her devotees view her as being sad, as being the Goddess of self-sacrifice and grief, but I suspect due to my own struggles and personal inclinations, I don’t experience that from her even though I know it’s part of her.

There is very little about Sigyn mentioned in the lore. She is known to be Loki’s wife, and to have stayed with him after his binding to protect him, but that’s basically all that’s mentioned of her. From common UPG I somewhat share, she’s known to grieve both her own children and Loki’s. But that’s not all she does: she’s not just the sad Mother, although if you wish that would be a correct interpretation of her.

The Sigyn I know gives me calm. She listens and she cares. She adores her husband and is always close by when he’s home. She adores her children and gives the all the attention they ask for. And she adores her devotees and is always there when they reach out. She’s quiet, but steadfast. She holds the bowl, yes, but she doesn’t break, she doesn’t consider it a burden and it will never consume her. Sigyn is greater than that.

As a Goddess, Sigyn is a companion. She’s not Loki’s other half – Loki does not need another half, Loki is a whole. Sigyn is company. She’s a friend who is sometimes in his bed; she’s a woman who has carried his children; she’s someone he laughs with and relaxes with and comes home to. If I reach out to one, the other is never far away.

I know I haven’t touched on more than a fraction of who Sigyn is to people, but to me, this is what she is. I don’t think I’ve even managed to put enough of it into words. The last paragraph is so powerful to me and yet I can’t add any more words to it without losing the meaning.

Give Sigyn her due. You won’t be disappointed to know her.