Show Me (Loki x Reader)

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  Based off an Imagine on Tumblr:   Imagine Loki hesitantly showing you his Jotun form for the first time, expecting you to become afraid of him. Imagine his reaction when you start pointing out everything you like about it while looking at him with eyes filled with wonder. (Credit Unknown)

Loki twiddled his thumbs and took a sharp inhale in. You waited for him to say something, anything to break the silence. It was a summer evening in Asgard. There was no wind, but the air was not hot or humid. Just still. Nothing in your shared room with Loki creaked or made a sound. A few of the windows were open to let in the summer air, but it was a quiet night. More silence. More stillness.

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After The Banquet

Title: After The Banquet

Character: Loki

Rating: Very M

Description: Loki, your husband, looks incredibly alluring, and you no less to him. So after enduring an entire dinner of staring and imagining, he whisks you back to your chambers to finish the game that you started.

A/N: Yay! I think this is my first Loki fic on this particular tumblr account, so I thought I’d do one for you guys to say thank you for all the new followers!! xxxx Enjoy :)


“No,” he hisses, pushing you off of him as he fixes his formal uniform of green and black leather, with gold detailing.

You pout. “But darling -” “No buts, we’re already late for dinner.” “Oh, I’m sure they won’t mind.” He turns to you, fixing his armour. “Really? I wonder if the Allfather shares your optimistic mindset.”

You sigh, and watch as Loki combs back his hair. “Can’t we just have five minutes?” He turns, looking at you, repeating himself for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. “No. Come on.”

He takes your hand, and the two of you walk briskly to the palace banquet hall, for a diplomatic dinner with representatives from Alfheim.

Before Loki can push the door open, you pull him aside, grinding your knee into his crotch immediately. Despite trying his best to avoid any sexual contact at present to be even remotely on-time for the dinner, his natural instincts kick in as he groans at your motion.

You can feel him rising slowly beneath your ministrations, and grin triumphantly. He slams you up against the wall as you keep working him, and feel him fully hard as you palm his manhood, not daring to take him out of his black pants, but through them you massage his sizeable bulge.

He begins to thrust against you. “The only reason… I’m giving you…the satisfaction of my reciprocation… right now… is for the sole purpose… ah! Of finishing this little game of yours….before it starts.”

You lean in. “Hmm, you know me too well, dearest.” You rub faster, and he rolls his erection against your hand, desperate now for release. “Just like that… I’m almost ready…” he mumbles. Just then, Thor bursts out of the dining hall.

“Ah, brother!!” Loki’s eyes roll back as he hears his brother call out his name, and you whip your hand away. “Pleasant evening, is it not?” he continues, coming over. “Quite, Thor,” Loki growls, the expression on his face rather murderous. “Well, I came out to look for you two, but it seems I’ve found you!” “Yes,” Loki says in a low voice through gritted teeth, “It seems you have.” As Loki still has his body pressed against you, you can feel his length start to soften again.

You two follow the burly god into the banquet hall, where everyone stands as you enter. “May I present, Prince Loki and his wife, Lady (y/n),” Odin announces to their foreign guests, and they bow in turn as you do.

“We’ll finish this after dinner,” Loki growls in your ear as you sit down, and the promise of later sends shivers of arousal through you.

During dinner, you keep shooting sultry gazes to Loki from the other side of the table, for at formal banquets such as these, one side was for the ladies and one side for the men. Frigga and Sif sat on either side of you. At first, when you and Loki had announced your courtship and you had been introduced, Sif hadn’t taken quite a liking to you, but once she saw how well you could defend yourself, in battle and verbally, she respects you now, and you are good friends.

“How is Loki?” Frigga whispers in your ear, and you nearly sputter your wine. “I-I’m sorry, m’lady?” She looks at you funny. “How is he? Is he well? Is he in good health?” You exhale as you realize her meaning. “Oh… oh, yes, my queen, he is quite well. A very healthy appetite too,” you say, leaving the queen to believe you just meant eating-wise as Sif snickers.

Loki looks at you and meets your gaze from across the large table, watching you closely from his seat between Thor and Fandral. Everything about you seems to get to him tonight, he just can’t explain it. You seemed especially alluring, as did he to you.

“How is she?” Fandral suddenly asks Loki, and he glares. “I beg your pardon?!” Fandral raises his eyebrows. “I was merely wondering, Loki, no need to-” “She is excellent, thank you, ever since the last time you asked, and if you dare ask one more time, I will see to it that you never feel anything again.”

At this, Fandral backed off. Loki knew of his secret crush on you, and while you found it sweet but quite hopeless for him, Loki found it annoying and trying. He had learned to remain calm and tolerant of his occasional asking after you, but tonight, his patience just snapped. It was as if no other man could dream of you- Loki just wouldn’t have it. But then, you didn’t mind. There’s no other man in your life but Loki. Plus, his caring possessiveness pulled at your heartstrings, for you were the first woman in his life he had ever really been devoted to.

The rest of dinner is long and strenuous, full of Odin being diplomatic, Frigga acting hospitable, and them both counting on Loki’s tongue to woo their guests with his abilities of foreign dialect. Loki’s intelligence turns you on beyond belief, and it’s no help tonight with you already aroused beforehand.

“Where’s Jane?” Loki asks Thor, and Thor grumbles through his mouthful of wild boar. “She could not make it. It is most unfortunate.” “Hm, quite,” Loki sympathizes, but inside, he’s grinning, as he knows what’s in store for himself at least.

When it’s over, Loki promptly excuses the two of you, saying his farewells to the guests and everyone else, and you walk back to the room through the vast halls. “What a little tease you are,” Loki growls as you make it to your chambers, grabbing your arm roughly. “Now I’m going to finish what you started, love,” he smirks, a low tone of mischief laced in his voice.

He throws you on the bed, and you wriggle as you grasp the headboards. In the flick of a wrist, your clothes are off, and Loki is eyeing your naked body with a predatory, hungry look.

After a second of him taking you in and licking his lips, you squirm in anticipation. “Fuck me, already,” you whisper, and Loki glowers down at you, dominance swirling around him. “Ask again, sweetling.” You clench your jaw, feeling playfully defiant. “Fuck me, Loki, or I’ll do it myself.”

This ignites something in his gaze, and he opens his mouth a little, eyes clouded with lust. “I’d just love to see that, my love,” he whispers, tracing his finger around your face as he gazes down at your wet sex. “But not tonight. Tonight, my touch shall be the one responsible for your pleasure.”

He lowers onto the bed, capturing your lips in the sweetest kiss you had ever known, and moves lower to stop his mouth at your chest, taking special time to suck gently on each nipple. You arch off the bed, feeling aroused beyond belief, urgent to feel the next level of pleasure you know he can give you.

He moves even lower next, swirling his tongue around your lower belly and stopping at your clit, latching his lips on and sucking roughly. You cry out, a jolt of pleasure shooting through you, and you tangle your fingers into his ink-black hair, tugging on the now messed strands.

His tongue finds your opening, and begins to lap at you. “You taste delicious, love,” he muses. You moan his name loudly, and then, you gulp for proper air. “I… I need you in me,” you manage out, and Loki smirks at you, a devilish smile. “How do you ask, my beauty?” You growl at him, seething at his teasing. “Give me your cock, Loki, I need it, now!”

He flicks his wrist again, and he is naked as well, your eyes running over his glorious body and sending you into another dimension of sheer want.

His erection stands proud and tall against his stomach, twitching in need for you, and no matter how well you know his length, it never ceases to amaze you the sheer size of him. He grabs your shoulders, kissing you again as he positions himself, then thrusts in.

You gasp at the feeling, and wrap yourself around him, clenching tightly. “Love, love, that’s amazing,” he groans, and you grab onto his back, hooking your ankles around his ass and bringing him deeper. “Right there!” you shout, “That’s perfect!” He lets out a long moan as he feels you contract when he hits your g-spot, and you bounce underneath him.

“Harder,” you whisper. “Mmm, feeling commanding, are we?” he asks playfully, and you giggle. He increases the speed of his pounding, and you feel yourself getting closer and closer with every thrust.

“Loki!” you moan, and he pants into your neck. “I can’t hold off for much longer,” he says, his voice wavering, “I need to come. I need to coat you with me, I need you to come for me.” You sigh in pleasure at his words, and he drags his tongue up your middle, stopping at your mouth for another wet, deep kiss. His eyebrows go together, and you feel him, insistent inside of you, hit your spot again and again.

You work yourself around his length, and he moves his hand back down to your clit, massaging perfectly and bringing you to the edge.

“AHH!” you shout as your climax finally hits you, and Loki grips your hips so hard you feel the bruises already form. Despite his ferocious look that he gets when he’s initially horny, you’ve always loved his face during his climax, when his features are so utterly angelic and blissful as he fully joins with you.

He comes inside of you, the force of his seed shooting into you prolonging your orgasm. “You…are… divine…” he murmurs as your head drops back to the pillow.

Loki falls on top of you, the weight of his body creating heat and friction between you two. He finally rolls off after catching his breath, and you turn over. “That was spectacular,” you whisper, nuzzling your head in close to his. “It was, wasn’t it?” he grins deviously. “I bet you were fantasizing about this all through dinner, yes?” You nod with a smile.

He leans in, running a hand up and down your leg. “So was I. Quite a shame Jane couldn’t make it to the banquet- now it’s evident that we had much more fun than Thor will tonight.” You laugh, and kiss him again.

“I don’t think they could ever have as much fun as you and I did tonight,” you grin, and Loki kisses back. 

In the Aftermath

TITLE: In the Aftermath

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1/ ?

AUTHOR: SecurityBreach


Loki gets complete amnesia, and the Avengers have to begrudgingly take him in. But to everyone’s surprise, he’s kind, sweet, soft-spoken, and basically just an absolute delight to be around.

He absolutely ADORES Thor now, he looks up to and admires him so much it’s adorable. Tony records ever second of it for blackmail at a later date.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: frostiron (m/m, non graphic) for later chapters.


Even though his attempt at conquering Earth had gone wildly wrong, Loki didn’t stop to be a problem for SHIELD. He had suffered multiple injuries when the Hulk smashed him into Tony Stark’s floor, but those were healing quickly due to his alien resilience.

Still, Loki seemed to have severe problems with his memory and didn’t have a clue to who or where he was. First everybody thought that he was faking it, because he was known as a trickster and the god of mischief. This could might as well be a strategy to avoid punishment for his crimes.

A couple of tests later, the doctors at the SHIELD-hospital confirmed that Loki had complete amnesia.

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Imagine Loki proposing

Technically it wasn’t a proposal. A proposal is normally a question - Loki doesn’t ask, he takes. You were both in your shared SHIELD suite - you and Loki had officially been a couple for just shy of 6 months, and had requested shared accommodation from Fury. You had agreed to live with him, not because you love him (even though you really do!), but as a sort of compromise - Loki had been asking you to marry him for a few months, but you had repeatedly said no because ‘most couples on Midgard don’t marry so quickly’. The two of you sort of met in the middle and agreed to live together. You were in the kitchen and Loki sat watching TV in the living space on the other side of the counter. 

“Y/N, how does marriage on Midgard work?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! This might be a bit of a generic question, but could you give a quick crash-course in non-Marvel Loki? Personality, fun facts, etc.? I feel like every time I try to do any research on him, it's not entirely accurate because of confusion with pop culture and whatnot... Thanks in advance!

No, not at all: I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me about this before. I tend to wheedle on about Loki and go a little overboard, but I’ll try to cut myself short and stick to basics here. All of this will come from the Eddas, the two foremost books of Norse mythology, and any other sources will be mentioned as possibilities. Let’s start with genealogy, important actions, etc.

  • Loki is a Jotunn, or Giant. Giants are not necessarily big. Loki is whatever size the Æsir like to be, when we meet him (but the gods are anthropomorphic, so it’s all relative).
  • We don’t know that Loki is a Frost-Giant (Hrímþurs) as Marvel likes to call them. (And, the specificity of Jotnar, in terms of their race/species- fire, hill, sound, sea, ice, etc- is not always specific if looked at within the poetry, because eddic poetry requires alliteration, so if you need a ‘b’, you might call a Frost-Giant a Hill-Giant (bergrísi) because you need a b, see)
  • Loki’s mother is named Laufey, not his father. His father is Fárbauti. Loki’s mother is also called Nál, and Loki has two brothers, Helblindi and Byleist. Nothing much to be said about them, but maybe remember Byleist because a) Byleist’s name is used in kennings (poetic allusions to) for Loki, and b) his name probably means ‘bee-lightning’, which I think is funny as hell.
  • The moniker Loki Laufeyjarson is the real deal, though (I’m finishing up a translation of Loki and Svaðilfari, and it’s in that section of prose). Loki is part of a legacy of “fatherless children” with matronymics; this may have been done to signify his difference from the Æsir, who use patronymics, like everyone else.
  • Loki has six (known) children and has claimed a sixth by Tyr’s unknown wife (in Lokasenna). Loki’s famous “monstrous” children are by the giantess Angurboða; Fenrir or Fenris– the name being Fenrisulfr, which literally means “wolf of Fenrir” so just pick a name you like– a massive wolf; Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, an equally massive snake that lives in the sea; and Hel– from whom Marvel gets their Hela– a goddess of the dead, who keeps the dead in Niflhel. She is supposed to be half black or blue, which most take to mean that she’s half person, half zombie. Some believe the black part is an allusion to blood coagulating when you lie dead, so that her back would be black, but I digress. Loki has two sons by his wife, Sigyn; Nari and Vali. Little is known about either son, though one becomes a wolf and the other dies really, really badly. As mentioned above, Loki claims to have sired a son with Tyr’s wife, and Odin says Loki was beneath the earth for many years “bearing babies” (both in Lokasenna). Whether this is an allusion to one or both of Loki’s sons by Sigyn, or whether it means there are other spawn-of-Loki out there, we can’t know. Aaand I forgot the horse; Sleipnir, the eight-legged stallion of Odin, is a son of Loki (as a mare) and the stallion Svaðilfari. I always talk about Sleipnir, but otherwise forget to mention him as one of Loki’s babies. Sorry, Sleipnir. My bad.
  • Loki is Odin’s blood brother, and of no relation to Thor. I still don’t know why Marvel went with the tormented brothers thing: they could’ve gone the gloomy Hamlet route instead! So Loki is direct kin of neither Odin nor Thor, but blood-brothership was supposed to be a very sacred bond, not to be fucked with (Loki whines about it in Lokasenna).
  • So Frigg didn’t raise Loki. We don’t even know if Loki had a childhood. According to Snorri (who wrote the Prose Edda) the first we see of Loki is when he appears to Odin and his companion Hœnir and is like “can I come with you guys”?
  • Loki is not the god of mischief, and may not even be a trickster. The Norse gods all have many attributes, it isn’t at all like the Greek pantheon where everyone has one specific thing. There are Goddesses described this way by Snorri, but it is only because he has no idea what else to say about them. Loki does utilize mischief and tricks, but: Loki is not a god. We have no written evidence that he was ever worshipped. And certain aspects of his actions do not fit the trickster, or folk hero, archetype at all. So he’s not the trickster god, or the god of mischief, or the god of evil– he isn’t a god at all (mean girls voice: he doesn’t even go here!) Of all the Marvel incarnations of Loki and their attributes, I think Loki as the Skald, the god of stories, was nearer to the mark, but still too pigeonholed to reflect the mythos at more than face-value.
  • Loki is a known shapeshifter and a likely user of strong magic. I don’t believe we ever see an instance of Loki changing into another person [edit: I LIED HE DOES APPEAR AS A WOMAN TO FRIGG in Gylfaginning, I’m sorry, I can’t believe I forgot; also he’s theorized to appear as a Jotun woman later on, but we don’t have proof of that] mostly he seems to enjoy animal shapes, though (fish, horse, falcon, fly, etc.). We assume that he uses seiðr, a magic loosely associated with shamanism; there are several moments (in Svipdagsmál, Fjölsvinnsmál) where seemingly seiðr-y practices are attributed to Loki (the carving of runes, the eating of a woman’s heart, and the bearing babies thing mentioned above). Seiðr was seen as a rather… I don’t know if emasculating is the right word, but… low-down, ill-reputed type of magic, practiced mainly by Freyja and Odin. So the Loki of myth doesn’t turn himself into multiple green copies, laughing at Thor, but he does appear to do some kind of rune magic and he is fond of changing his form.
  • Loki doesn’t spend much time being “hated” by the gods. Not only is Marvel!Loki, in most of his forms, a whiny little shit, he also spends a good amount of time being hated on by the Aguardians (I hate that word). In theory, mythological!Loki spends much less time as a hated enemy of the Æsir (better word) than he does as their friend. It’s kind of impossible to make a good, logical timeline of all the events of Norse mythology, but the killing of Baldr is the tipping stone for Ragnarök, which makes it late, and only after Lokasenna is Loki bound, so no stories featuring Loki can have occurred after that. Therefore, on this hodge-podge I-pasted-it-together basis, we can concur that the half-mad, enemy-of-the-gods Loki and his binding are, obviously, at the end of the timeline. Then Ragnarok happens, he breaks free, death, murder, burning, yadda yadda yadda. But the majority of the stories we see that feature Loki feature him as a cunning asshole or fun-fellow who is always around to help or hinder the gods. They do, at some point in the mythos, really seem to love the bastard, and leave a lot up to him (ie: the builder and his horse, and that one time Loki tied his balls to a goat to make Skaði laugh. That was a thing that happened. And it kept her from trying to kill them all too, so there you have it.)
  • Most importantly, Loki is neither evil or good. He is a mess. It is hard to know which version of Loki– because it’s pretty clear that there is some duality going on there when Loki is a fun pal one minute and leading a death army the next– is the real, original Loki. Some signs point to “that evil bound one there”, ie: Saxo Grammaticus, who wrote forty-some years before Snorri, illustrating bound giant Ugardilocus, chained up in a cave full of snakes (Ugardilocus being the latinized form of the name Útgarða-Loki, another version of Loki, seen in Snorri, in Gylfaginning) which mirrors the bound Loki at the end of Lokasenna, snake-and-all. But there is no one true Loki amongst all the eddic stories, he is always different. Sometimes we see a Loki who is keen on playing pranks, seemingly for the hell of it, and who gets punished for them (Skaldskarpamál, Loki cuts off Sif’s hair and makes bad bets with dwarves). Sometimes we see a Loki who accidentally gets into trouble and is forced under duress to act against the gods (Skaldskarpamál, Thjazi makes Loki steal Iðunn and her apples; and still in the same section, Loki is caught by Geirrod while in the form of a bird and forced to lure Thor to Geirrod’s courts.) Sometimes we see a Loki who is duly helpful, (Þrymskviða, where Loki helps in the retrieval of Thor’s hammer, and even in Gylfaginning with Útgarða-Loki’s contests), and sometimes we see a Loki who is just shit out of luck and really got a raw deal (in Gylfaginning, the tale of Loki and Svaðilfari, ie: Loki famously seduces a horse. But it is not as black-and-white as some translations would tell you: in the Old Norse the gods simply ask Loki among them if he thinks it’s a good plan to get the wall built, and Loki says “yeah sure”, and then they threaten to beat him to death when things go south, like it’s somehow his fault). Then finally we have tales of an evil Loki (Ragnarok, in Gylfaginning and Völuspá) and of course, the bizarrity of Baldr’s death (in Gylfaginning (and boasted of in Lokasenna) where Loki is apparently so jealous of Baldr being popular that he… uses Baldr’s brother Hoðr to kill him? It’s a mess. We go from accident-prone sassy Jotun brat who gets into sticky situations, to maniacal, wicked enemy who leads an army against the gods and helps bring about the end of all things. What?? One of my favorite theories on why Loki is such a seemingly accidentally duplicitous figure is that he makes the best impetus for stories. Here is the one character who pals around with the gods, but isn’t one of them. Who better to cause trouble! Something needs to be fixed in a myth, there has to be a charter: Sif has hair of gold, why is that? Must be because Loki chopped it off one time. The gods would grow old for a time without their apples. But who would ever take Iðunn away? Loki would! Hoðr killed his beloved brother Baldr, why is that? Hmm. Must be because Loki made him! Loki is the best way to cause problems, but that’s just one theory.

So those are your main differences between the Loki of Norse myth and the Loki of Marvel comics. If I can think of other things later, I’ll add them, but I suppose the main thing to know is that the Loki of Norse mythology is a very crafty, wily, confusing individual, who even at his worst does not reflect the whiny, blathering actions and ill-conceived notions of Marvel!Loki.

HI EVERYONE I just published the first chapter of my new Logyn fanfiction!

I would love to see this piece of work enjoyed by our already small little fandom, so please check out my blog and look at chapter one! Spread the word please :) I am tagging a few of you because I adore your works and blogs and know you are also Logyn fans, so feel free to take a read. If it’s not to your liking, not your interpretation of the characters, too long, not your style…I get it. Just thought I’d share. Feel free to ignore all of this lol.


Please let me know if you would like to be tagged in further updates or have questions, comments or suggestions for me.

Much love for our Trickster and our Victorious One <3

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Baby Makes Four - Ch 5

Title: Baby Makes Four

Chapter number/one shot: 5 of 5

Author: chimaeracabra

Which Tom/character: AU Loki

Genre: Romance/Smut/Fluff

Fic summary: Loki and his wife expect a new child.

Rating: M

Author’s Notes/Warnings: FINALE! Thanks for reading and commenting. I love reading your reactions. Keep them coming. Special thanks to letyourdreamsoar for editing that inspirational photo :)


“Blargh!” Logan shouts, appearing from under the fort that Loki helped him fashion from two armchairs and a blanket in the den. Logan brandishes a fake stuffed sword and Loki, on his knees, rises with his hands in the air as if to surrender.

            “Nyah!” He cries before blowing a cool breeze of snowflakes in Logan’s face. Logan stops to close his eyes and laugh.

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I Love to Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


NOTE: Remember this story? Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, I could not retrieve it from my old laptop so I had to wait for inspiration to work on it again, here is some, enjoy.  

Alexandra sighed as the warm water surrounded her as her body sank into the bath tub, in the four months since her parents had died and she and Loki had taken the throne, there were very few issues, bar the usual expected teething issues, and the baby continued to grow well and safe.

Mikhail’s accusations and comments were met with open hostility by most every member of the court, some outright asking the new royals if they wanted him whipped and imprisoned for treason. Both agreed the shock of the suggestion, and the banning of him and his sons from the Privy Council was punishment enough, for now. Should he continue to act as he was, perhaps that was an option.

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[Loki - Extended imagine] “Thor’s vengeance”.

Original imagineImagine: Loki finding out that you were murdered by Thor.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Let’s change the story a bit, shall we? / This is not happy at all.

Special tag: @deansbaby67supernatural


Asgard was a dark place.

Since the new king had risen everything seemed to have withered and died. People were enslaved while the king and the queen threw the most opulent celebrations using the realm’s money.

But the Asgardians lived in the shadows, eating the lies they were being fed by them. “Asgard had been at war”, “We will be attacked soon”, “The event is just another charity ball”.

Loki had usurped the throne and banished Thor after he mercilessly killed Jane before him in Midgard.

A few years later the Jötunn creature took a wife and Asgard had a queen; Sigyn.

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Girl, I have no Shame

The group of men entered into the hall, loud cheers and the sound of cups smashed to ground filled to the walls. They all still wore their armor, in varies states, it was clear they were just coming from training. Thor walked among them as they moved to sit at the table as they recalled their sparring match and training. 

Loki sat across from his wife, eating silently as they entered. His eyes lifted to see them but he soon returned to his meal. A young soldier sat not far from Re’, his eyes moved over her body. He leaned closer to her his cup near his lips. 

“Lady Re’ you are looking ravishing as always.” He whispered, a grin on his face before he pulled back away. “Though I fear we’ve never had the honor of meeting formally. I am Einherjar Gannic Ormrson.” He said offering his hand. “I have just joined the palace guard.”

So I’m reading a book called Runemarks by Joanne Harris. There’s Norse gods in it and there’s a list of characters in the very beginning of the book. These are the actual descriptions:

Skadi, of the Ice People, bride of Njord, the huntress; goddess of destruction; principal enemy of Loki

Bragi, god of poetry and song; has no reason to love Loki

Idun, his wife, goddess of youth and plenty; was once kidnapped by Loki and handed over to the Ice People

Freyja, goddess of desire, once mortally insulted by Loki

Frey, the Reaper, her brother; no friend of Loki

Heimdall, golden toothed sentinel of the gods; hates Loki

Njord, sea god, once married to Skadi but now separated due to irreconcilable differences; agrees with her on a single subject - dislike of Loki

Odin, chief of the Aesir, blood brother of - and ultimately betrayed by - Loki

Frigg, his wife; lost her son because of Loki

Thor, the Thunderer, son of Odin; has more than one bone to pick with Loki

Sif, his wife; once went bald because of Loki

Tyr, god of war; lost his hand because of Loki

Baldr, son of Frigg; died because of Loki


Loki gets no description, but while reading all that shit he caused, all I could picture was this:

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

NOTE: In my original story, this is where I finished, but I soon started a second part. I will release that here too over time. 

Cheers erupted from the families of those who arrived home. Most of the men that had come back on the smaller boat first came to the dock to aid in the unloading of the goods. Maebh watched as different families were reunited. She knew she would be expected to act with decorum being she was a princess, but she doubted that she would care for such things when she would finally see Nafi.

She aided with the unloading, pulling a large chest filled with different items many of which were of precious metals and stones. The walk to Odin’s dwelling felt longer than she remembered as she struggled with the weight, though she ensured not to show her effort externally.

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Drunk Lips and Snake Hips

TITLE OF STORY: Drunk Lips and Snake Hips
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: Sigyn returns to Asgard after a month away only to be greeted by a very drunk, and very amorous, Loki.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: I whipped this up this evening after @ladyaudiophile assaulted me with an awful, awful prompt. It’s unbeta’d - you can yell at me later. And the title is… meh, but I was struggling to come up with something. Also… Hello to my new followers and thank you to my existing followers - all 1800 of you - Enjoy! xoxox

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Imagine being Loki’s wife and the beloved Princess of Asgard. One day when Loki wakes up, he tells you that he has a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen. She convinced him that it was just his nerves about her going off to Vanaheim by herself to handle some royal duties. Later on that day, Frigga comes running to Loki to tell him the horrible news of her passing. An enemy of Loki decided to take away the one thing that meant the most to him and succeeded in his terrible plan. At her funeral, Loki is left alone with his wife. With tears streaming down his face, he kisses her forehead one last time and slips off her wedding ring to put on a necklace. Even though the criminal was executed the day before her funeral, no one could ever fill his empty void that she did. Loki still considers himself married to her, even though by Asgardian laws he is not, and does everything to keep her memory alive.

Let Me See...Part 6

Alright, everyone!  I am so glad you have enjoyed this Loki mini-series.  This is the last part, unless you all wish for an epilogue.  I hope you enjoy it, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

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As you look upon yourself in the mirror, your handmaiden finally smiling at the face she had yet to see until this very moment, she places her hands lightly on your shoulders as she squeezes reassuringly.

“You are radiant, Lady Y/N,” she muses.

“Do you think my dress will be to Prince Loki’s standards?” you ask.

“I believe it shall surpass them, ma’am,” she smiles.

Just before she begins to brush through your hair, a light knock at the door causes you to whip your head around.

“Letter for Lady Y/N!” a gentleman calls out from behind the door.

“One second,” your handmaiden says as she shuffles to the door, opening it slowly before grasping the letter.

Bringing it to you as you take it within your hands, your handmaiden resumes her work on your hair as you smile at the handwriting on the front.

Just your name scrawled in the beautiful handwriting told you who the message was from.

Opening the envelope carefully, you hold the pages in between your fingers as you begin to read.

My Dearest Y/N,

While I know that, according to the bylaws of your home planet, we are already married…you ought to know that, according to the traditions of Asgard, we are not.  Not yet.  Consummation is a requirement of any fulfilled marriage, and I hope that I have shown proper restraint in that respected area since we have yet to join our rooms.

I write to you now because it seems appropriate.  Our journey to open up to each other in these past three weeks began with our writings, and it seems only fitting that this part of our journey end just as such.  I want you to know that there has not been a night that has gone by that I have not longed for my wife, because while we may not be married according to Asgard, when I looked upon your face for the first time and said those two sealing words, I meant them wholeheartedly.

I cannot wait to declare my respect and adoration for you in front of those that mean so much to me.

And I would be lying if I did not admit that a part of me is quite looking forward to physically showing you how much I care for you later on.

All I ask of you is this: look how you wish.  If the shroud is something you wish to don down the aisle, I shall not argue.  This is as much your day as it is mine, and you should have as much of a say as you can, even though this was pretty much planned by my mother from the start.

The sentiment made you chuckle as you move onto the next page.

I do not have much more time to write, so forgive the short length of this last letter of mine.  Thor wishes to celebrate my single status one last time with a drink.  I, however, cannot wait to celebrate my dedication to you for the rest of my days.

Forever Yours,



Standing in front of the massive double doors, you clasp your hands in front of you as you lower your gaze to the ground.

You had decided to not wear your shroud, but it was at the expense of your father not walking you down the aisle.

Hearing him retreat around the corner as you swallow heavily, you draw in a deep breath through your nose as you hear someone scurry off behind you.

“Someone should notify Prince Loki,” a voice murmurs behind you.

But all you could do was close your eyes, willing your tears to stay at bay.

It had taken you days to convince your father to still be here.  It had taken conversation after conversation of berating and yelling and anger to convince him that this union was still sanctioned, and good, for the kingdom.

And for you.

But when you had expressed to him your will to not wear your shroud, he stood by his commands as he had so many times before.

And you had watched him walk away from his only daughter on her only wedding day.

“He has been told,” the random voice says as you slowly raise your head, opening your eyes as you take in one last breath deep through your nose.

“I am ready,” you pose as a woman nods in front of you, grasping the doors as she quickly flings them open.

The opening doors were the cue for the musicians to strike up the music.

But as you slowly step into the room, all eyes standing to take you in as your gold and green gown accents every beautiful dip of your body, you stop mid-stride as someone from the corner of your eye steps out in front of you, blocking your way down the aisle.

It only took you a few seconds to realize who it was.

“Loki,” you whisper, looking up at him with confusion upon your face.

“A woman should never walk her marriage aisle alone,” he murmurs lowly, smiling lightly at you as he steps off to your right, offering you his hand as a smile slowly creeps across your face.

You even heard a few sniffles rise from the standing audience.

Placing your hand delicately within his, your fingers folding over as his large, strong hand grasps the crook of your fingers delicately, the two of you begin to walk up the aisle, approaching Odin as he smiles radiantly down upon the two of you.

Hearing the music die down as the two of you turn to each other, your eyes connect with Loki’s as your cheeks begin to lightly flush.

Being the center of attention was not something you were used to.

“Witnesses of Asgard,” Odin begins as his voice bellows across the room, “we gather here today to beckon upon our ancestors, asking them to grant peace and respect upon this forged union between two kingdoms as this couple prepares for their joined lives ahead.”

“Bless them, ancestors,” the crowd resonates.

You watched a large smile bloom over Loki’s face as Odin continues.

“Witnesses of Asgard,” he repeats, “we gather here today to witness the joining of my son…”

As Odin trails off, attempting to keep his own surprising emotions at bay, you watch Thor pat Loki heavily on the back as Thor nods his approval towards his brother.

“…and Lady Y/N,” he croaks as he turns his head, smiling down at you as you flicker your twinkling gaze up to him, “as they attempt to make a beautiful life for themselves.”

“Bless them, ancestors,” the crowd repeats.

“And witnesses of Asgard,” Odin concludes, “we turn our ears to the two standing before us as they make a public declaration of their joining lives.”

“Hear them, ancestors,” the crowd chants.

Watching as Thor hands Loki a ring, you look upon the shining ring, a beautiful emerald set in a shimmering silver, the colors of the rainbow dancing upon the band as two decadent brown stones cradle the emerald on either side.

The sight of it took your breath away.

You had never possessed anything so beautiful before.

“Forgive the short statement I have prepared,” Loki begins as you flicker your gaze back up to him, “but I have always been one to…show…my sentiments rather than speak them.”

The flush in your cheeks radiated down your neck as the crowd begins to chuckle lowly.

“But I hope, with everything that I am,” he begins as he slides the ring onto your finger, covering the beautiful tattoo with its presence as you watch the movement intently, “that my actions, both in the past and to come, will show you the respect, dedication, and love that I have for you.”

The last word he uttered caused you to whip your gaze back up to him.

“I love you, my beautiful Y/N,” he breathes as he grins upon your face, his body taking a step forward as he bends down and presses a long, warm kiss upon your forehead as your eyes flutter closed.

It was then that you felt someone tap you on your shoulder, ripping you from your moment as you slowly turn your head.

“His ring,” Frigga smiles, placing it within your hand as you grasp Loki’s, finding his tattoo’d finger as you slowly begin to inch it up.

“Loki…” you breathe, your hands trembling as everyone leans in, wanting to listen closely to your words as you raise your teary-eyed gaze towards your husband.

“There is so much…” you try again, your head swirling with statements and words as Loki sees your breathing pick up in your chest.

You make me better.

You saved me from my father.

You made me feel worth something.

You showed me my strength within myself.

You’re the reason I smile.

As he watches the overwhelming sensations waft across your face, he grasps your hands in between his as he lowers his forehead to yours, finally revealing the one secret he has kept from you from day one.

I already know, he thinks, his words ricocheting across your mind as his voice fills your ears.

Your head tilts back as his hand rushes to the back of your neck, his large palm cradling it as he supports your tilted head, the shock and surprise evident in your features as Odin and Friggan exchange a pair of looks.

A pair of knowing, smirking looks.

You…you can hear me? you think as your brow furrows lightly.

I have always been able to hear you, he thinks back, his thumb reaching around and caressing the flushed apple of your cheek.

“My Loki…” you whisper as you bring your hand up to cup his cheek in return.

“You are beautiful,” you enunciate, your voice clear and steady as Loki’s gaze locks hard on yours.

“I now announce to you, the newest union of Asgard, Prince Loki and his wife, Lady Y/N!”

Then, as Odin holds out his arms, the crowd bellowing on their feet as they clap and rejoice, you feel Loki’s hand slide down your body as he wraps it around your waist, pulling you into him as his lips slowly dip down onto yours.

And as your hands rush to his beautiful raven mane as his arms cloak your back, the crowd roars and chants your names as the applause reverberates to every corner of Asgard, personifying your union and foreshadowing the beauty of your future.


As equals.

Forgotten (A Loki Imagine)

Odin erases the memories of Loki’s wife, feeling that she would be better off without memories of Loki to torture her during Loki’s imprisonment.


Loki is sentenced to prison for his crimes against the people of Midgard….

His pregnant wife, (Y/N), stands to the side as he is sentenced. Before he is escorted to his cell, he is allowed one last moment with (Y/N). 

“I will wait for you, Loki.”

“Prepare for a long wait (Y/N).”

“I will wait forever, if I must.” she says, tears sliding down her cheeks. Loki’s hand cups (Y/N)’s cheek and his thumb wipes away the tears. His own eyes begin to brim with tears but sucks it up trying to stay strong for (Y/N)’s sake. He places his other hand on her belly, gently rubbing it. He leans down and plants a kiss on their unborn child. The guards bust open the door signifying Loki’s time to go. Loki looks at his wife one last time before walking out the door and never turning back. 

“Odin has requested your presence Lady (Y/N).” says a guard. (Y/N) walks back into the throne room to stand before Odin who sat on his throne. She politely curtsies. “You requested my presence, sir?” 

“Yes (Y/N) I did.” Without another word Odin holds his staff out in front of him and towards Y/N’s direction. A bright blue light comes from the tip of the staff. 

Six years pass. One early morning, Loki is awoken. “Loki Laufeyson, you are hereby granted freedom on account of good behavior. However a strong watch shall still be held over you.” reads a guard off of a scroll. Loki’s eyes light up with excitement at being able to see his beloved (Y/N). Upon being released, he runs as quickly as his legs would allow him to find (Y/N). He eventually finds her walking around the public gardens. “(Y/N)!” he shouts excitedly. (Y/N) turns around to find a strange man running towards her. Loki runs to hug her but she takes several steps back in fear. Loki is confused for a short moment but nonetheless happy to see his lovely (Y/N). 

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid that I don’t know you.” 

“Okay very funny (Y/N).” he laughs, remembering her sense of humor.

“How is it that you know my name, sir?”

“How wouldn’t I? You’re the love of my life.” Loki’s hand reaches out for her but she takes two more steps back. 

“Sir, I really don’t know who you are!” she insists. 

“Alright (Y/N), it’s not funny anymore.”

“I do not kid you, sir, I haven’t the slightest idea who you are!” Loki’s smile disappears and turns into a frown. She sounds very serious and she looks afraid.

“(Y/N) it’s me, Loki. Your husband.”

“You are not my husband. My husband is another.” 

Loki’s brow furrows, confused and slightly afraid. His eyes wander down and for the first time he notices that (Y/N)’s belly is no longer carrying child. 

“Where is our child? Is it a boy or a girl?” 

Our child?” 

“Yes you carried my son or daughter.” 

 At that moment a tiny boy of a young age comes out from behind some bushes. He giggles happily as he runs to (Y/N) with his arms open. (Y/N) kneels down to the boys’ level and picks him up. Loki’s eyes widen slightly with excitement at the sight of his son. Or at least who he thinks is his son. Loki’s eyebrows furrow again but this time with realization. This boy has blue eyes and chestnut colored hair, very unlike his or (Y/N)’s black hair or green eyes. “How old is he?” asks Loki suspiciously. 

“He is three years of age.” Loki knows that that isn’t possible. This isn’t his child. (Y/N) was seven months pregnant at the time of his sentence. Logic dictates that his child should be five or six by now. “And do you have no other children?” 

“He is my only one.”

“Have you had no others?” Upon hearing the question (Y/N)’s expression becomes sad. “There was one before him…but she was lost.” Loki’s eyes brim with tears upon the realization that his child is dead and was never even born. 

“She? So it was a girl?” he asks choking up slightly.

“Yes.” (Y/N) responds sadly. “(Y/H/N (Your Husband’s Name)) and I were devastated.”


“Yes, he is my husband.”

“But he is not and he never was! That child was not his! It was mine!”

“Please sir, you’re frightening me.” 

“(Y/N)! (Y/C/N (Your Child’s Name))!” shouts a voice. A man with curly chestnut colored hair and blue eyes wearing riding attire comes out from the bushes as the little boy had. “Ah there you are!” the man says happily. “Are you prepared to-?” he stops when he notices Loki’s presence. “Oh hello. Are you a friend of (Y/N)’s?”

“I guess you could say that.” says Loki choking back tears.

“Oh okay um (Y/N) I’ve prepared the horses are you ready to go?”

“Um I will be just give me another moment.” says (Y/N) setting (Y/C/N) down.

“Very well, come (Y/C/N).” he says holding his hand out to (Y/C/N). (Y/C/N) takes his father’s hand and walks with him around a corner until they are out of sight. “You really do not remember me?” asks Loki finally letting the tears go. 

“I’m sorry but I must go.” said (Y/N) not answering the question. Loki sadly watches her go off and disappear. After she is gone, Loki falls onto his hands and knees, weeping like an hurt child. He wants to call out to her. He wants to beg her to come back. He wants hold her in his arms and never let her go. But he knows that it’s no use. 

She does not remember him….

He has been forgotten….

So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this, It’s my first fanfiction on this blog (as far as I know) so sorry if it’s crappy. If you’d like another send me a request. 

P.S. Sorry for making this so depressing.