I Love To Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


NOTE: Discussion with reference to miscarriage. 

It apparently only took once, or twice, though technically once, since there had been three weeks between the two times Alexandra and Loki had coupled, so when she was told how far she was, she knew it was from the consummation of her marriage. Immediately, Alexandra started to hyperventilate, terrified of what was now her fate. The healer tried to calm her, tell her what to do to ensure a safe pregnancy, but Alexandra did not hear half of it, her mind focusing on one thing alone. When she went back to her rooms that evening, she said nothing, immediately going to bed and pretending to sleep. Upon entering, Loki looked at his wife confused, not understanding what was causing her behaviour. Saying nothing, he got into the bed and turned away from her, as they usually did and tried to drift off, but the anxiety that was radiating from her was almost palpable. He recalled when she could not sleep on Alfheim, how she had initiated intimacy between them. Though it was awkward, since they did not see eye to eye, it was incredibly pleasurable. If he had a more willing wife, Loki would have wanted to do the act daily, but as it stood, she did not seem to want to. Gritting his teeth, he realised he was after thinking of her naked body under his, causing him to become highly frustrated, wishing to relieve himself, but knowing she was awake, so being unable to. Deciding to see if she would assist his predicament in any manner, he turned in the bed and got closer to her. Confused, and somewhat startled, Alexandra turned around to see what he was doing, when she realised he was close to her, she willed her eyes to focus through the darkness at him, only to realise a moment before he did it that he was trying to kiss her.

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The Light

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader.

Warnings: I don’t know, kinda sad, little comfort… You’ve been warned. Runaway Loki is my bae.

@highchu​  May I request Loki x reader oneshot based on “The Light” by Disturbed? Ps! Luv your writing 😙😙😙😙😙

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A/N: God, it took me so long to get this done, I can’t even begin to say how sorry I am.

When you think all is forsaken,
Listen to me now

Loki observed his surroundings with the guile of a gazelle. In the time he had been wandering around the dullest corners and alleys that the galaxy had to offer he had increased his sense of attention and his furtiveness. He was no longer recognized as one of the sons of Odin, and he no longer felt like one; he had never been one after all. He decided to embrace his trickery and the ice that came with his frost giant heritage and blend it into his new self. His runaway self.

His royal green and golden drapes were replaced by whatever he could find in his way, but he always kept his beloved dagger close to him. It reminded him that even though he seemed to have lost himself in a world that was too big for him, there was still something from Asgard in him: Frigga. The only person who was able to love him unconditionally no matter who he was on the inside. He would never forget her, and he kept the hope that she wouldn’t either.

He saw a ship, a terribly built ship, and saw someone inside. It looked like someone who had weapons; the kind of weapons who could help him get some more resources to live a normal life somewhere in the vast galaxy. No more charity, no more tricking for his own good. Just the life of someone who decided to abandon everything he knew to become somebody else.

(Y/N) cleaned her personal arsenal inside her makeshift ship. It was another rough day of being on her own; not that she wanted someone to keep her company, but she was definitely tired of the figure that had been staring at her for only god knows how long. Perhaps he wanted her ship, or perhaps he had seen she had weapons. Either way, the stranger was not aware that (Y/N) already knew she was being watched.

She left a weapon that could trick anyone, but that in reality it didn’t work, very near the entrance of the ship and walked inside, holding her sword and gun tightly. It didn’t take him long to put one foot on the ship.

“Another step further and you’re a dead man” (Y/N) held up her gun, while in her face a smirk grew wider. “Who are you and what do you want” she demanded.

“That’s something you’re not worthy enough to know” the stranger held up the gun that lied in front of him. His way of speaking was not the same as hers. It had a slight royal tint to it, as if this man wasn’t a regular one, “give me the ship and your pretty face won’t get hurt”

“Don’t worry about my face” (Y/N) giggled, “worry about your life instead”. She narrowed her eyes because that face was known to her. She went through her memories in a split second but he couldn’t place that face, those green eyes or those perfectly sculpted features anywhere in her memory. She stepped closer, not loosening her grip on her gun. “You’re gonna leave that weapon on the floor and you’re gonna leave in silence; you won’t tell anyone you just saw me”

You need never feel broken again

And as time went by, (Y/N) grew fonder of her companion. He wasn’t the man he seemed to be at first; not at all. He was kind, he was sweet and he had the purest heart she had ever seen in a lifetime. But there was still something about him that was rather mysterious; as if he was not telling the truth about himself.

“I don’t mean to question whatever you do” (Y/N) started as she stretched herself after some long hours of driving the ship. They had got to a safe spot of land just recently, “but I do feel the necessity of asking you… Is Ragnar your real name?” she turned to him, “you don’t need to answer if-”

“Well, I have lied” he smiled, “I suppose you’re smarter than the average person”

“Thanks?” she furrowed her brows in a puzzled expression, “and what is that supposed to mean?”

“Dearest (Y/N), if I tell you this, promise me you’ll tell me the truth about yourself too?” she nodded nervously; she hadn’t been honest either, and what she kept so secretly was something that it wasn’t very easy to understand, especially for men. “Well, my name is actually Loki, I am one of Odin’s son. Or was” and then it hit her. “And I’m guessing you are quite surprised”

“Yes, but it’s not what you think” she replied coldly, “I am indeed (Y/N), and I was indeed born in Vanaheim” she calmly spoke, noticing how her previous words came out harsh. “And I am also part of the nobility of my realm.”

“How come I’ve never heard of you?” Loki was the confused now.

“You have. You just don’t remember” she shrugged and headed to a small pond that seemed like a good place to gather water from, but instead she sat on the almost inexistent shore and crossed her legs, resting her elbows on her knees and her head on her hands. She sighed heavily as the memory of what she thought buried came back around.

Loki followed her immediately and sat next to her. He sat with his legs to the front and his hands were supporting him just behind him. He hesitated if to say something; (Y/N) seemed pretty affected and so he decided to make her some silent company. Whenever the two of them ran out of things to say, or just for the sake of avoiding an uncomfortable topic, their silence company was more than enough to calm the waters; Loki hoped with his heart that this was another of those occasions.

“I am the youngest of 9 daughters, but I was the first in line of succession” she confessed, Loki turned his head to look at her again, but she wasn’t looking at him; instead she focused in a distant point on the other side of the pond. “I was- I am” she corrected, “the only legitimate daughter of the king, and for that reason I needed to get married. He put me as a prize that no one wanted to claim. I was a disgrace, and so now he put a price on my head for bringing me back to the kingdom”

“And you say we already knew each other?”

“Yes, and what’s not surprising, you and your brother were the most adequate husbands, but he went missing” she bit her bottom lip still keeping her eyes fixed to the front, “and soon enough, so did you” (Y/N) took a deep breath and carried on, “As I couldn’t get married I ran away, not like I wanted to get married, but at least one of the princes of Asgard weren’t as bad as it sounded… I would have…”          

Sometimes darkness can show you the light.

The two runaways stayed in silence after (Y/N)’s confession. Loki was speechless, he had no memory at all of an arranged marriage, or even a possible fiancée; he wished he could, to comfort her in some way. But then again, the silence surrounded them.

“I found you in a very odd moment of my life, and I swear I wouldn’t have it any other way”(Y/N) sighed and leaned her head on Loki’s shoulder. “All that we’ve been through is in the past now” Loki agreed in silence, feeling a slight smile drew on his lips. “Thank you”.

Loki crossed his arm behind (Y/N)’s back and held her closely, “No, thank you”