Imagine, with Thor off on Earth indefinitely, Odin finally admits that he may have to make Loki king.  It’s a worrying prospect given Loki’s track record, so Odin makes a condition.  Before Loki can ascend to the throne, he must first marry someone suitable.  For Loki, who doesn’t ever want to get married but who wants the throne more than anything, it’s a tough call. And, while many people find Loki attractive, very few want to share the job of ruling Asgard with him for several millennia.

You are the renowned matchmaker he hires to solve his problem. With your database of eligible partners and years of experience in finding “the right one”, it should be simple…only Loki finds all your introductions as boring as each other and they mostly find him obnoxious.  You are both rather cynically amused by the whole situation, which isn’t resolving the issue and is seriously starting to make you doubt the wisdom of your calling. Worse still, you start to find Loki anything but obnoxious… 

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Personally, I disagree with the anon who says the likeness between you and Tom isn't massive. I think you really capture your features and enhance them perfectly! You're a huge role model to me in my Loki cosplaying and pray that you feel as proud of yourself as I feel of you ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!
I think it’s absolutely subjective, to be honest. I CAN’T see it, but others point it out often, and even Tom said that we should make the same expression to freak people out, so I am not sure what to think/see/agree with.

This is an example with my improves make up, compared to Tom. I personally think I only have a similar nose and a very close jaw line and the rest is totally different, but with make up and Loki-hair it’s close enough to look somewhat like him?!

I think I manage to look “Loki”-ish when I want to, and that’s all I really aim for, I don’t really aim for Tom-Loki, but Loki-Loki. If that makes sense?!

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Loki/Sigyn #75

This one kind of got away from me…

Sigyn sighed wearily as she trudged through the royal gardens.

“Is something wrong, Lady Sigyn?” Prince Loki enquired ever so politely.

Sigyn fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Of course not, your highness. Everything’s fine,” she replied, smiling tightly as she thought of a thousand and one ways to kill her mother.

If it weren’t for her social climbing mother Sigyn would still be at her father’s estate in Nidavellir -wearing trousers, riding horses, practising archery and sorcery, and doing a million other things her mother didn’t approve of - not on Asgard, forced into a gown far too tight for her, and thrown at Prince Loki’s feet.

Sigyn couldn’t believe that she was on a date with Prince Loki. She’d heard stories that he was a trickster and wielded seiðr like it was second nature. Sigyn might have been interested to meet that Prince Loki, unfortunately she discovered that he was actually the most boring, uptight man in all of creation.

Sigyn bit back another sigh, turning to glare back at the small army of chaperones who were gossiping amongst themselves a respectable distance behind, thinking of a thousand and two ways to kill her mother.

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