Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen Panel - Ace Comic Con - Midwest, Chicago, Navy Pier, on October 14, 2018.

This kid asked what we all have been waiting to know.

Now, Tom never lies to us. If he is unable to reply to something, he usually prefers to avoid that question, which is exactly what he does here. He doesn’t deny or affirm anything, which he easily could’ve done. So, yes, you guys.. LOKI IS COMING BACK! I mean, just look at his face and that smile.. It’s screaming: “ Yes, Loki is alive but I can not tell you that because I have signed a contract with Marvel and those people will sue me if I leak an information THIS BIG. ”

Here’s the link to the complete panel. Watch it, if you haven’t already.

And lastly, a view of all the fans present at the panel. (:

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Thor: The night is young, we shall have a party.

Loki: *sighs*

Thor: You don’t agree, brother?

Loki: Parties are mere distractions from the relentlessness of entropy. We’re all just corpses who haven’t yet begun to decay.

Thor: *rolling his eyes* Not this again…Your beloved simply went to bathe…

Loki: I know. It’s been years, I miss her terribly.

Thor: It has been five minutes.

Thor: Loki, by Odins beard if you do not get back here-

Loki: No, Thor. I must go, my people need me.

Loki’s Pain

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I’m so sorry this took me this long to get up. I’m getting married on Sunday and have been dealing with all the last minute wedding dramas and details! Please don’t hate me too much. I hope you guys like it. Tag list is open. I’m also overwhelmed by the responses. When I wrote the original piece I didn’t expect it to turn into this! Thank you all.

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*** Loki ***

“Have I made you proud, father?” Loki hisses and pulls against the restraints on his wrists. Odin looks down at him from his throne, a deep frown on his face. Loki’s stomach churns with anger as he looks around the room at all the familiar faces staring down at him from their seats of judgement and power. “I did it all for you,” he sneers venomously.

“Enough, Loki. Stop this foolish game. You are no more than a child. You are not fit to rule anything. You will be punished for your crimes after you stand trial. Until then, you will be kept in the dungeons, like the criminal you are.” Odin’s voice rings out, full of power and authority. The room was silent. No one dared utter a sound after Odin’s decision.

Loki’s eyes dart desperately from Freya to Thor, his mind spinning as his thoughts land on you. How could he get back to you if he was imprisoned on Asgard? Thor shook his head, his eyes flashing with realization. The guards yank Loki forward as they start to walk toward the stairwell to the dungeon. “I’ll see you soon, father,” he sneers the word through clenched teeth, his eyes flashing in the dim firelight. His heart beat uncontrollably fast as the guards toss him into the cell and the door seals itself shut. He lands unceremoniously on his hands and knees. His chest clenches painfully as Loki pictures your face in his mind and realizes that it might be the last memory of you he has.

Movement to the right catches his attention. “Yes, brother?” He asks sweetly, not looking up from his clenched fists.

“I will talk to father. He will work something out to you can get back to y/n. He will understand I’m sure once we explain things to him - “

“Enough, you babbling imbecile, he will not understand. He isn’t my father and he doesn’t care about my happiness,” Loki snaps quietly. “I will await my punishment here. The girl is the least of my concerns right now.” That was a lie, and both he and Thor knew it.

“Maybe father will let her come here to Asgard…” Thor muses to himself as he paces along the glass wall of the dimly lit cell.

“Surely you must be joking. Father would never allow it. Could you see a Midgardian living happily here? No, I didn’t think so. She’ll stay on earth where she belongs and I will remain here…where I belong.” Loki tries to hide the bitterness in his voice, but does a poor job. “Leave me, brother. Go celebrate your victory with the rest of them.” He waves his hand at Thor, still not looking up from where he’s kneeling beside his cot.

“I will not let you brush young y/n aside like she is some harlet. You at least owe her an explanation,” Thor snaps, his fist pounding heavily on the glass.

Loki rolls his eyes and sighs. “Yes, brother, you shall ever be the valiant hero. Now leave,” Loki says again and rises to his feet. His back to Thor but his shoulders tense. Thor turns and strides away without another word. Loki heaves a heavy sigh and sinks back to his knees, his legs shaking and his throat so tight he fears that soon he won’t be able to breath. “y/n,” he whispers softly and closes his eyes once more, willing the image of your smile to resurface.

*** You ***

“It’s been three months. Is your apartment ever going to be ready? The entire floor smells like musty dog,” Tony complains and waves a piece of toast around for emphasis.

“It was 26 story apartment building. They can’t just rebuild those things in a few months. They had to clear everything away first. As soon as it’s done we’ll be out of your hair,” you mutter and drop your forehead to the table.

Nat, Tony, Clint, and Bucky were sitting with you at the table in the kitchen and Tony was standing in front of the toaster, making breakfast. “I don’t smell anything,” Nat says nonchalantly and pops a strawberry into her mouth.

“My dog does not stink, okay? And my dog is very well behaved. No one else is complaining, Tony!” You nearly shout and push away from the table. “I’m not hungry anyway. I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to the gym.” You clench your fists at your sides and nearly sprint to the training room, itching to punch something. It had been three months since you said goodbye to Thor and Loki. Three months since you had heard Loki’s voice. Three whole months since he had given you that mind-numbing kiss.

The hole in your stomach rears its ugly head and your knees almost give out as the pain threats to overwhelm you. Your fingertips tingle with the sudden urge to punch something as tears slide unbidden down your face. “Damn you, Loki,” you whisper softly and sit heavily on the bench against the wall. Taking a deep breath, you try to steady yourself and push the pain and anger back down, far away from your conscious thought.

“I’m sure he’ll be back soon,” a voice from beside you says softly. You look up, startled, and meet Wanda’s kind eyes. “I’m sure he’s fine,” she says and takes your hands in hers, giving them a gentle squeeze.

You smile gratefully and squeeze her fingers back weakly. “I know. I know. Time passes differently there. I’m sure he’s busy with all sorts of royal duties. I just…” your voice dies and you shake your head, fighting another wave of tears. “I don’t know why I miss him so much. I only met him the one day. I feel so silly,” you let out a shaky laugh and wipe the tears from your eyes.

“When you find your soulmate it doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for five minutes or five decades. Your soul just recognizes them and that’s that,” Wanda explains with a shrug. “Don’t feel silly.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate it… I think… I just need to release some frustration.” You stand, eyeing the hanging bag with a purpose. “I’m going to go punch some things now. I’ll see you around?” She nods and leaves the room without another word. Without even bothering to wrap your hands, you start on the bag. Throwing punch after punch and kick after kick, ignoring the sharp pains shooting up your forearms. With each impact you release a loud grunt and swing harder.

“What did that bag ever do to you?” Steve calls from the doorway. You swing one more round house to the bag and then turn to look at him, panting heavily. “I think you’ve killed it.” He points to a ripped seam where sand is slowly starting to leak out.

Your eyes dart from Steve, who is dressed in a tight white t-shirt and jeans, to the long, blonde haired man in the metal armor beside him. “Thor?” you breath out and brush your sweaty hair from your forehead. “Are you alone?” you ask quietly, already knowing the answer deep down.

“Loki is back on Asgard,” Thor confirms quietly. His eyes fall to the bruises already blossoming on your swollen knuckles. “Do you always train this hard?” You shake your head but say nothing, trying to wrap your mind around why Thor would be here and Loki would not be. “We have much to discuss, y/n.”

“Come on, y/n, we can talk in the conference room. Thor has some news from Asgard that we all need to here. Everyone else is already there.”

“I need to feed Fenrir. I haven’t done that this morning and I’m sure he’s starving,” you mutter and blot your face with a white, cotton towel.

“Fenrir?” Thor asks cautiously and raises a blond eyebrow.

“My dog,” you explain with a smile, realizing how that must sound to him. “I minored in Norse mythology in college. You could say I love the Norse myths. Fenrir was always one of my favorites.”

“Of course but there’s no time for that,” Thor mutters, a confused look crosses his face as he follows Steve up the stairs and into the room full of Avengers. “Hello!” he greets everyone enthusiastically. “I’ve news from Asgard!” His deep voice echoes off the walls.

“Yes, Shakespeare, we got that. What is it?” Tony asks and drums his fingers against the wooden conference table. You roll your eyes and sit down beside Nat and Wanda.

“Odin is weak and will not be able to handle the throne much longer. The burden will be passed to me. We have had an attack on the palace from dark elves and my mother is dead,” Thor says solemnly, his voice cracking on the last word. “My father is distraught. We fought them off and defeated them, but we lost many good warriors.”

Your heart stops at his words and all you can imagine is Loki lying lifeless on the battlefield. Your mouth opens, but your brain cannot find the words to speak. Nat gives your arm a gentle squeeze.

“We’re sorry to hear about your mother, Thor,” Steve says and pats the Asgardian on the back. “What is it that you need from us?” He urges gently.

Thor nods and looks at you firmly. “I need y/n.”

“Me?” You yelp and lean back in your rolling chair, nearly toppling backward in the process.

“Yes. Loki… He is not himself. I fear he has lost the will to survive any longer,” Thor explains quietly, his voice full of urgency. “I fear that he will do something rash… and stupid… and possibly get himself killed in the process.”

“But why do you need y/n? Loki hasn’t even tried to contact her. As far as we’re concerned, he should stay on Asgard where he is. Maybe then we can all get some peace,” Tony mutters and folds his arms across his chest. Your cheeks heat up because you know he’s referring to your crying at night.

“My father imprisoned Loki as soon as we arrived in Asgard. He’s been in the dungeons and heavily guarded. There would have been no way for him to contact anyone,” Thor explained, as if that was a reasonable reason.

“You could have contacted us,” you say quietly, not looking up at Thor and picking at a chipped piece of wood on the edge of the table.

“He never asked,” Thor stated simply with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

Your mouth went dry and you felt your chest tighten in anger again. “Of course he wouldn’t ask. Why bother? Why extend the effort. I’m only a stupid Midgardian girl,” you spat and pushed your chair roughly away from the table. “I’m not going anywhere that I’m not wanted.” And with that you turn and stomp out of the room, leaving them gaping after you.

“Stupid Asgardians. Stupid Loki. Stupid Thor. Stupid me. Stupid…. Ugh Stupid stupid stupid,” you mutter under your breath as you stomp up the stairs to your apartment. You couldn’t tell if you felt sick because of the anger or because of the heartache that was threatening to stop your heart from beating altogether. “Why am I so stupid.” Fenrir jumps from his bed as soon as you open the door and greets you with a happy wag and a head tilt. “Hey, Fen,” you whisper and drop to your knees in the living room floor, letting the dog sniff around your face and neck. He sniffed and licked, searching for a wound or the cause of your anxiety. “I’m fine,” you assure him with a gentle scratch behind his big ears.

“Y/n,” Thor says quietly, his head barely peeking through the doorway.

You jump and Fenrir growls viciously, baring his teeth and licking his lips. “Down,” you say sternly and the dog sits, expression blank, and stares directly at Thor as he enters the room. “I didn’t hear you come in. You scared him,” you whisper and keep a firm hand on Fenrir’s collar. “What do you want?”

Thor sighs and holds out his hands in surrender. “I just thought that if Loki were to see you. He might rethink whatever he is plotting. I don’t want another repeat of what’s already happened here,” Thor says quietly and runs his fingers through his long hair. He pauses and looks distracted.

You take a moment to look at him, really look at his face. He looks battle worn and weary, like he’s fought many wars and only won a few. The corners of his eyes are wrinkled from laughing, and his brow is creased as if he’s spent many nights worrying over something. “Alright. I’ll go talk to him. But then I want you to take me home. I don’t think I could bare to stay up there any longer than I need to,” you whisper breathlessly and hug Fenrir’s neck. “Nat will take care of you while I’m gone.”

You pull out your cell phone and type a quick explanation to Nat and instructions for Fenrir. “I’ll be back soon,” you promise your companion and follow Thor out of the apartment. “Lead the way, point break,” you smirk as Thor’s shoulders tense at the nickname, but he doesn’t speak as he leads you out of the tower and into the street.

“You must hold onto me, and remember, don’t let go for any reason.”

“What happens if I let go?” you ask weakly, unsure if you want to know the answer.

“You’ll be hurtled through space and ripped to pieces,” he says simple and wraps his arm around your waist. You gulp and grip his body with both hands as he lifts his hammer into the air. You hear a loud hum and then a flash of light surrounds you, nearly blinding you. You close your eyes tightly and exhale as the feeling of being squeezed through a small pipe overtakes your body, and then, you feel nothing. Not even Thor’s arm around you. “Y/n?” Thor’s voice floats to your ears. “You can open your eyes now.”

Blinking rapidly, you look around and take in the never-ending rainbow bridge just outside the door of the round, golden building you are standing in. “Wow,” you whisper and look over your shoulder at the galaxy and all the stars stretching endlessly behind you. “This is your home?”

“This is the gateway to my home. The palace is there,” he says proudly and points his hammer toward a large, golden building reaching toward the sky in the distance. “Come. There’s no time to waste here. You can have a tour later.” He wraps his arm around you again and starts to spin his hammer. “It’s faster than walking,” he explains when you start to protest.

“Fine. Let’s go,” you mutter and try not to look like a sullen child as his hammer pulls the two of you off the ground and through the air. Your eyes stung and your hair whipped around wildly as you sailed through the sky. “ Oh my god,” you mutter breathlessly when you stop at the palace doors and Thor sets you on your feet. You take an unsteady step forward.

“I’ll take you to Loki before anyone sees you. If my father sees us you will never be permitted to the dungeons,” Thor explains quietly and pulls you down and narrow set of stairs that were hidden from sight by a large statue. “Secret passages,” he mutters and raises his eyebrow mischievously.

“Oh geez,” you mutter at his cheesy sense of humor and try to calm your nerves at the thought of being this close to Loki. Your eyes take a few moments to adjust to the firelight on either side of the narrow corridor. Tracing your fingertips along the cool stone walls, you imagine what it would be like to grow up here like this. Away from earth and all the technology. It seems simpler here.

“Stay behind me. Don’t make a sound,” Thor instructs quickly before stepping out into the open space of the dungeon. You follow quickly behind him, stepping where he steps and trying not to look around at the prisoners. Your eyes dart rapidly from cell to cell and your heart races as some of the creatures take an interest in you. Thor stops suddenly and you run into his back with a quiet ‘oof’.

“Hello, brother,” Loki’s voice is like velvet, soft but with a cutting edge. “To what do I owe this unwelcome visit?” The blood in your veins freezes at the sound of his voice and your breath catches in your throat as you try not to utter the sob of anger and pain that is threatening to explode inside of you.

“I know you are plotting something, Loki, and I’ve come to talk you out of it,” Thor states firmly and folds his arms across his chest.

“Are you?” Loki chuckles. “And what makes you think I’ll listen to anything that you say?”

“Oh I don’t think you’ll listen to me,” he pauses and steps to the side suddenly so that you are in full view of the cell. “But you will listen to her.”

Your eyes rake over Loki’s body, taking in how thin he looks and how unkept and long his hair has gotten. The cell is large and bright with nothing but a table with a lamp and a book and a bed in the far corner. You watch as the color drains from Loki’s face and pain flickers in his eyes. He drops to his knees as if he couldn’t find the strength to keep standing and reaches his hand out to you. His fingertips gently brush the glass wall as a tear slides down his cheek. Your chest constricts at the sight of Loki’s pain.

Without thinking, your legs are carrying you forward. You fall to your knees in front of him and touch your fingers to where his are pressed against the glass. Your heart is beating so hard you fear that it might beat out of your chest as you stare at the man before you. “Hello, Loki,” you whisper softly. In the corner of your eye you can see Thor’s reflection in the glass. He’s smiling.

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Prompt:why are you glaring at me?” “I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust”.

Summary: you, Thor and Loki fall for a trap, with the enemies tying you up. But being trapped for so long isn’t in your plans.

Warning: lots of swearing.

Characters: reader x Loki

a/n: I wasn’t expecting notes on my first piece, to be honest, so i’m crazy happy! Here’s another one, hope you guys enjoy as much as I do. Blah blah don’t be hard on typos, blah blah second time writing in english, you know the rest.

— Nice one, you guys. Really fun.

— That wasn’t my idea.

— Of course it wasn’t. Who’d trick the clever fucking god of mischief and his mighty brother, god of thunder?

           I glared at the two gods tied up like myself, anger burning in my stomach. Loki seemed to be having too much fun with my glares, but Thor seemed really uncomfortable.

— I have a plan, okay? — Loki said, mischief shining through his beautiful eyes. — Anyway, it’s not my fault they had magic-proof handcuffs.

— Ah, nah! A plan of yours is the reason we’re here. Let me deal with the whole plan thing, alright? I’ll think of something much better — I stared at a rock for some time, trying to make my brain work.

           We stayed like this for a few minutes, not completely in silence because of the people being tortured by the giants on the next cell.

— Lady Y/n, no offense, but your head is starting to smell like a barbecue — Thor provoked with a little smile.

— Ha, ha. Fuck you — I answered with a frown — I already thought of something.

— You know, you learned some nasty things back in Midgard — It was time of Loki provoke, an innocent look on his face. I flipped him off — That was Stark’s doing, wasn’t it? Y/n, you weren’t like this. So…

           Loki grimaced.

— Like this? Like what? So now because I decided to not endure some situations like the lady I was raised to be, i’m vulgar? — My voice raised a few tones, making Thor and Loki rise their eyebrows.

— I never said you were vulgar — Loki answered, twitching his lips.

           I knew he didn’t approve the time I spent in Midgard trying to learn their way of life, their technology. They were so fascinating! Thor helped me to settle and I spent about six months at the Stark facility. I might have learned a few things, yes, and one of them was never to endure things like a little lady, always gracious, kind. I always wanted to be more like Lady Sif, a warrior, someone that always knew what to say and what to do. And fuck everyone else. When he saw my training with her, Thor finally agreed on taking me to a battle. He thought I was ready, and I really was. And now… We were here. Trapped like three idiots.

— Yeah, we actually think it’s very appealing, don’t we brother? — Thor asked with a goofy smile.

— Thor, kids must not speak while the adults are talking — Loki hissed, turning his face to him so fast that I could barely see the movement.

           I smiled, biting my lips a little bit.

— You think I’m appealing, Loki? — I blinked my eyes repeatedly in a silly way, laughing — My, my. What a revelation.

— I never said such a thing.

— Don’t be a liar, I heard you muttering to yourself, brother — Thor insisted, hitting him lightly with his shoulder. Loki didn’t answer, just kept glaring at him with glowing eyes — Uh, why are you glaring at me?

I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust — Loki said and I covered my mouth while I laughed.

— Well, that’s not very nice, is it? Thor is just being informative, as a friend must always be — I petted his large shoulder with a smile — Thank you, my friend. That was a very good information.

— Glad I could be useful — Thor smiled back — See how nice you can be while you’re not yelling at us?

           I touched my chest with a false insulted look.

— Well, someone has to, right? Especially when you put a lady like me in a situation like this — My voice was flooded with sarcasm, and that made Loki smile — Now, about that plan…

— Glad we can focus on something important — Loki said in an arrogant tone, probably deciding to ignore all that happened on the last minute.

— I came up with something you’re going to love… — I explained the plan while they heard silently. When I finished, Thor laughed.

— That might work, actually… — He said, looking surprised — Well, if it doesn’t, there is always the get help

— Absolutely not — Loki quickly said — I like Y/n’s plan. It’s quite prudent.

— Let’s do this then! — I said excitedly.

           The plan went just like I thought, and in a few minutes at least two giants were dead, we were free and Thor had Mjolnir.

— That was easy… Almost too much — Thor said with mistrust.

— Agreed. Let’s stay sharp, okay? — I looked around the dungeon, finding my sword.

Thor went by me but, as Loki tried to do the same, I pulled him by the hand and ended the space between our bodies.

— Come here… — I held his face with my hands, standing at the tip of my toes as I touched his lips with my own. Just like that. Without a warning, or anything. Something totally spontaneous.

           We pulled away, and Loki raised his eyebrows, his mouth opening a few times as he was looking for something to say.

— Speechless, uh? We’ll discuss it later — I kissed him again, and this time, he caressed my hair softly, making me smile during the kiss — Are you up to some mischief?

           He smiled with malice as we heard the giants coming closer, and we prepared to battle, with me trying to avoid thinking about what was going to happen when all of that was over.

           That was definitely something to look forward to.

Loki: so you mean there’s a whole day, where I can do anything I want and no one can blame me?

Peter: no, it’s just for pranks and stu-

Loki: what shall I do for this April of the foolish? Release a plague of moths onto New York?

Peter: OH SHIT NO-

Loki x Reader - Runes - Part 8

Ok guys, the last piece before I plan to take a break from this series for a little bit and try some other things (i.e. all the requests I have!) It’s only short, and not brilliant, but hopefully it’ll get you guys excited for the next half??

Set after Ragnarok, though Ragnarok never happened if that makes sense?? (aka those relationships - Thor kinda loves his brother again, Loki begrudgingly loves Thor? haha)

Let me know if you wanted to be tagged in anything!



“This is truly the worst idea you have ever had.” Loki grumbled miserably.

“Why, because it involves [Y/N]?” Thor raised an eyebrow, not bothering to hide the amusement in his eyes as he traipsed back out of the Quinjet where it sat on the helipad.

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Drowning For Your Love

Chapter Eight


Pairing: Loki x Reader

Prompt: Merman! Loki AU

Chapter: 8

Warnings: Fluff, loads of fluff


When you had returned holding a bundle of clothes you’d found in what you could only hope to be Loki’s size, the now human man had managed to teach himself to stand. You were fairly proud of him, considering he’d never used his leg/tail muscles in such manner, and you’d only been gone for ten minutes tops.

Still refusing to look at him, you handed over the clothes, at which Loki simply stared at for a good minute.

A few moments later there was a flash of green and he was in the clothes, without even having to get changed.

“These are awfully constricting.” He murmured distastefully, taking a slightly shaky step or two forward. You took his hand, helping support him.

“You’ll be fine. You got the hang of walking, you can get the hang of clothes.” You smirked a little. The black sweatpants and t-shirt suited him.

“Of course I will, love, that doesn’t make them any less uncomfortable though, does it?” He sighed a little, taking your arm. You helped him clamber out onto the main shore area, heading with him toward your home. He was still damp and shivering, not to mention entirely new to the experience.

Glancing over at Loki, you saw his green gaze flickering from one thing to another, the familiar curiosity and eagerness to learn lighting up in the hues. It was a look you’d seen many times before, and it made you smile a little. He was simply making sense of the new world he’d been thrown into.

“Is it nice?” You eventually asked, noticing his gaze lingering on the sunset. It was particularly beautiful today, you thought. Perhaps it knew of the being entering it’s world and wanted to make a good impression. Or maybe it saw your shared kiss and wished to gift you another moment like that.

Whatever the reason, the sky was beautiful anyway.

Lingering yellows and oranges mixing with fiery, passionate red, and molding with the pink and purple hues higher above, ones which would soon welcome the presence of the moon and her deep blues. Like the bottom of the ocean. All framing the warm yellow sun, still half peeking out over the horizon and reflecting onto the sea water in flawless ripples.

You didn’t know which sight was prettier, the sky or Loki’s expression of awe.

“It’s nice, right?” You said ever so softly. A few moments passed before Loki could reply, so busy with taking the entirety of the sight in.

“Without a doubt, it is breath taking.” He murmured, before his gaze turned to you. “Though, it could never even try competing with the beauty held just within your eyes, nevermind the entirety of your being.”

Your cheeks turned to flush a shade of pink very similar to that of the sunset. That was a nice spin on the whole, ‘not as beautiful as you’ cliche. Loki noticed your expression and laughed a little.

“You do look lovely with all that heat in your cheeks, darling, but I do admit that this human body is not quite as strong as my previous. I’m growing quite tired, if you don’t mind my bluntness.”

You turned to face him and nodded. Of course he’d be tired, he just performed a very taxing spell that altered his entire body.

“Of course not, it’s fine.” You smiled, leading him further toward your home. “C'mon, let’s get you into a nice, warm bed.”

“That does sound quite pleasant.” Loki chuckled, following behind you.

“It is indeed.” You hummed.



…….It is absolutely impossible now for me to rp as Jane with a Loki blog in a hostile manner. If Jane had any idea what he went through in Ragnarok, how much he truly lost, how much he endured, sacrificing himself for Thor’s life, she would give him a hug and he would have earned her respect. I really want to explore what a friendship would be with these two, especially with a redeemed Loki who saved her life twice even before Ragnarok.

2011: Oh Loki is a pretty cool character, Tom is a good looking guy. 

2018: …Well we’re here now might as well roll with it 😜

And in my defense, the shelf above it is all video game merch and Iron Man so everything isn’t Tom xD 

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