Okay, so here’s my theory. Everyone keeps going on about how Tony Stark created Utron. But keep in mind his mental state at the time and the presence of outside interference.

Tony was already confronted by his worst nightmare when Wanda invaded his mind. Then, already vulnerable, he spent days in contact with the Scepter, which has already been established as having the ability to alter peoples emotional state in The Avengers. In a deleted scene in Age of Ultron, Thor clarifies that the Scepter brings out the monsters in a persons mind.

So Tony, already vulnerable from facing the vision of his worst nightmare, spends an extended amount of time with an alien device that brings out the darkest parts of the subconscious, affecting his judgment and fuelling his desperation to protect the world and the people he cares about.


“Oh, my new friends, before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence and the remnants of this system were forged into concentrated ingots… Infinity Stones.” -The Collector

Save Me

Word Count: 3207

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, some violence, kidnapping  

Requesthi i was hoping you could maybe make a part 2 for my first request since it was really good and Ultron would kidnap the Reader and she sees how much Ultron has improved and is terrified of him and Steve rescues her and she is so full of fear that she doesnt recognize him and when she does she cries and it’s like lots of fluff and angst ? :) it’s ultron’s mission to tare the reader apart from the avengers so he can get her to help him

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait but I hope the word count makes up for it! Also thank you so much I’m glad you liked it <3 Enjoy :)


Part 1

The aftermath of Ultron’s attack was a lot more substantial than anyone had realized. Jarvis was gone or well destroyed by Ultron, he had Loki’s scepter, Strucker was dead, and to make matters worse Ultron somehow managed to get the Maximoffs on his side.

To say that everyone was stressed was an understatement. With Jarvis now gone that left you to be the “eye in the sky” for the team as they tried to track Ultron down.

This was a hard task at hand since he managed to make the whole system shut down. Which left everyone with one option, digging through paper files. Sure no one liked it but this was the only option you had.  

“Known associates. Baron Strucker had a lot of friends,” Steve said opening one of the many boxes on Strucker.

“Well, these people are all horrible,” Bruce sighed.

“No kidding,” You added as you scan over a file.

“Wait I know that guy.” You uncle said grabbing the file from your hands. “From back in the day. He operates off of the African Coast. Black Market arms dealer.”

Turning to question your uncle about how he knew this man, you saw Steve shooting him a glare as he put down a file.

“There are conventions, all right?” Your uncle sighed. “You meet people. I didn’t sell him anything. He was talking about finding something new, a game-changer. It was all very Ahab.”

“This,” Thor interrupted while pointing to a picture in the file.

“It’s a tattoo, I don’t think he had it,” Your uncle responded.

“Those are tattoos, this is a brand.”

“Thor’s right. It’s a word in an African dialect meaning thief. In a much less friendly way,” Bruce said typing away on the computer.

“What dialect?” Steve asked.


“Wakanda,” You corrected as your uncle’s eyes went wide.

“If this guy got out of Wakanda with some of their trade goods.”

“I thought your father said he got the last of it,” Steve said.

“I don’t follow. What come out of Wakanda?” Bruce asked.

“The strongest metal on earth,” You answered while looking at Steve’s shield.

Just like that, everyone was scrambling to the jet hoping to reach Wakanda in time. Standing aside, you wished you could help in some way but as of right now your hands were tied. Your uncle gave you direct orders to stay in the tower until the whole Ultron deal was over.  

Everyone agreed with your uncle knowing you would be safe here rather than somewhere else. Ultron was everywhere at this point and there was no telling where he could be. That was a thought that scared you. Whatever Ultron wanted with you, he was going make sure he could get it.

“(Y/N) I know you’re worried,” Steve said snapping you out of your daze. “We’re going to destroy him. I promise.”

“Steve am I really safe here?” You whispered not trusting your voice. “He’s everywhere and there’s no doubt that he’ll return.”

“Hey look at me,” He said lifting your chin up. “Maria is staying here with you and I’m sure as hell that I’m going to kick Ultron’s robot ass.”

“Language Steve there’s children around,” You giggled.

“Tony told everyone didn’t he?”

“He did,” You nodded.

“Steve wheels up in three,” Clint yelled from across the room.

“I guess I have to go now. But after Ultron is gone I’m taking you to dinner.”

“Then you better hurry up and go kick his ass then.”

“Language young lady,” He teased.

“Go,” You laughed giving him a small shove.

Kissing your hand before he left, Steve jogged over to the jet as everyone started to board it. Watching the jet take off you let out a small sigh before walking over to the elevator. Now all you had to do was wait and hope that everything would be ok.

At this point you didn’t know what was more surprising; the fact that somehow Ultron made Bruce have one of his worst Hulk-outs since Harlem or the how you still couldn’t figure out how he jammed your uncle’s whole system.

You could barely get messages through to anyone let alone connect to any of the servers. You were briefly able to get a hold of your uncle for a few minutes to see what actually happened but just as quickly you got it to work it stopped working.

“This is an outrage! Do you see what damage the Hulk has done? And don’t get me started on what Tony Stark did. A whole build collapsed and people think the Avengers are here to protect us? It seems people need-”

“And that’s enough,” You said turning off the TV not wanting to hear what the news was saying about your friends.

You already knew that Bruce felt terrible and from what you heard from your uncle everyone else was hit hard too. Pressing a few buttons on a screen you took and step back as it started to process.

“Hey, Maria can you try and reboot the system again?” You said.

Waiting a few moments you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion when Maria didn’t reply.

“Maria?” You called again poking your head out in the hallway.

Stepping out into the hallway, the door behind you slammed shut. Flinching at the loud noise you grabbed the handle to the door and tried opening it. Confused on why the door locked itself you didn’t notice the lights flickering until they went out completely.

(Y/N),” A familiar chilling voice said.

“Ultron,” You whispered.

“How’d you know?” He laughed wickedly.

Gripping the door handle hard, you heard footsteps coming near you in the darkness. Pulling at the handle again, you let out a shaky breath trying to remain calm.

“I have control of the whole tower for the time being you can get away from me now.”

“W-What do you want?” You stuttered.

“You know what I want (Y/N) and you’re either going to come with me freely or I’ll just have to get creative.”

“Go to hell,” You responded while backing away from glowing red eyes coming near you.

Trying to see in the darkness, you watched Ultron come closer and closer until you backed into something cold. Turning around slowing you were met with the same red eyes that were coming near you.

“You should by now that I’m everywhere. There’s no escaping me (Y/N),” He said.

Before you could react you felt something sharp on the back of your neck. Reaching behind you, you found a small needle that use to have something in it.

As the ground beneath you swayed, you fell into Ultron’s arms as you’re eyes started to droop. The last thing you saw was his glowing red eyes above you as he laughed once more. Then all you saw was blackness.

When you woke up, you slowly lifted your head to only find a dimly lit room. Trying to get up, you notice that your feet and hands were bound to a chair.

“I wouldn’t try to break out of those if I was you,” Someone said with a thick accent. “You would barely make it out of the door.”

Looking around you tried to find whoever was talking to until you notice a figure leaning by the door.

“I don’t know why Ultron wants a Stark here but it must be important. If it wasn’t you would have been dead a long time ago.”

“Y-You’re that Maximoff girl,” You said as she stepped into the light.

“Her name is Wanda,” Someone you assume was her brother said leaning against the door.

“Help me get out of here. Ultron is someone you shouldn’t be trusting. He’s just using you two,” You said.

“(Y/N) I’m hurt. Out of everyone I would have thought you trusted me,” Ultron said stepping into the room. “I mean I’ve been a plan of yours since high school.”

As he walked closer to you, your eyes widen at the improvements he made to himself. Since you last saw him he was now at least a few feet taller and had no wires hanging out of him. His red eyes were just as terrifying as before but this time you could actually see the emotions on his face.

“Not this version,” You snapped.

“Oh (Y/N),” Ultron said lifting your chin up. “I’m better and with your help, I’ll be perfect.”

“I’ll never help you.”

“I figured you say that. Wanda can you help me convince our little friend over here,” He said gesturing for her to walk over.

As she came closer her eyes glowed a similar red to Ultron as she slowly brought her hand to your face. Casting red energy at you, you felt fine until the scene around started to change.

Everything was destroyed.

Nothing was left but piles of rubble and fire. You were calling out for anyone that was still alive and you saw it. All of your friends and your family laying there not moving.

Running over you check to see if anyone was alive but they were gone. Kneeling next to Steve you searched for any signs of life until he grabbed your hand.

“Y-You could have saved us,” He muttered.

“Steve I-”

“All you had to do was listen to Ultron.”

“What Steve no,” You said in disbelief.

“Y-You could have saved us,” He said with a dying breath.

Gasping out of your little nightmare, you found Wanda staring at you as Ultron laughed. Chills ran down your spine as you tried to tell yourself it wasn’t real just Wanda playing with your head.

“Are you going to help me now?” He asked.


“Wanda do it again but this time don’t hold back. Break her mind if you have too.”

“If you want me to help you so badly why then why don’t you use the scepter?” You asked.

“Because where’s the fun in that,” He laughed walking out of the room. “Call me when she actually listens.”

“I’m sorry,” Wanda whispered as she put you back into the nightmare you just witnessed.

You didn’t know how many times you relieved that nightmare but eventually, you broke. You started to believe that something was coming and the only way to help was to aid Ultron in whatever he needed.

When he finally released you from your restraints you were on edge and paranoid. Everything but helping Ultron seemed unimportant. You were running data scans, improving his weapons, and even helping him make a new body.

With all the Vibranium he had collected you had an idea. Vibranium could be molded into basically anything and body wasn’t too far fetched.

You knew Dr. Cho could make human issue and with Vibranium you could make the body Ultron needed. You also figured out that the power source in the scepter could power the body and give it a few enhancements it needed.

“This is brilliant (Y/N) thank you,” He said.

“Would you like me to come with you,” You asked.

“No you stay here and I’ll take the twins. I need you to improve the weapons with the army we’re creating.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s a great day (Y/N), great day,” He said walking away with the twins.

Throwing yourself back into your work you didn’t realize how much time flew by until you heard Ultron call your name. Standing up from your work you were surprised to find him with a familiar red head.

“Is that-”

“Yes it’s your traitor friend there’s been a change of plans. The twins decided to join your little gang of friends trying to stop us,” He said placing Natasha on the ground.

“The body?” You asked.

“They took it and there’s no telling when they’ll come for you. I need you to help me make a better body with what we have.”

“Right away,” You said feeling panicked.

You friends didn’t understand. You needed, no you had to help Ultron or everyone would die. Helping Ultron hook up to his improved body, Natasha started to wake up and when she did she stared right at you.

“(Y/N),” She said.

You didn’t answer her you just kept working on Ultron’s final plan. You couldn’t let him down. Everyone was going to die if you didn’t.

“(Y/N),” She said again. “Look at me (Y/N).”

Stopping what you were doing you turned to your friend before remembering her lifeless face. Letting out a shaky breath, you ignored Natasha once again and continued working.

“I wasn’t sure you would wake up. I hoped you would I wanted to show you. I don’t have anyone else but (Y/N),” Ultron said giving you a smirk.

Natasha was staring at you confused like she expected you to do something. You knew your place and that was with Ultron saving lives even if your friends didn’t understand.

“(Y/N) whatever he has you believing it’s wrong you know that,” She said as Ultron just laughed.

“I think a lot about meteors, the purity in them. Boom! The end. Start again,” He said ignoring Natasha’s comments.

“The world made clean. For the new man to rebuild,” You added uploading Ultron into a new body as he distracted Natasha.

“I was meant to be new. I was meant to be beautiful.”

“The world would have looked to the sky and seen hope, seen mercy. Instead, they’ll look up in horror because of you,” You said feeling the anger boil out of you.

“(Y/N),” She whispered.

“You’ve wounded me. I give you full marks for that. But, like the man said, what doesn’t kill me,” Ultron said leaning closer to Natasha before a hand crushed his head to reveal a new and improved body. “Just makes me stronger.”

“You may not understand now but you will soon enough,” You said as he locked Natasha into a cell.

“Come along (Y/N) we have a lot to prepare for.”

With that, you put down your tools and followed Ultron out of the room as his arm began to be built. Walking passed Natasha you felt a pang of guilt but it soon went away when Ultron grabbed your wrist and pulled you along.

Following Ultron’s orders you didn’t go near Natasha again, instead, you made sure everything was running along smoothly as his robots prepare the meteor. Soon enough everything was completed and all you had to do was wait.  

As robots took off to where Ultron needed them you were left alone with your thoughts. You tried to reason with yourself that you were actually doing the right thing but there was always something in the back of your mind telling you that this was wrong.

Just as the explosions started to happen, the ground shook beneath you as you grabbed onto the wall for support. It was finally happening, you were going to save everyone.

As the explosions became louder and dirt started to fall from the ceiling you decided that it might me a good time to get above ground. The last thing you wanted was to have the ceiling collapse on you.

As the walls shook you followed the remaining robots hoping there was a way out. Picking up the pace, notice some of the robots stopping and turning around. Hearing your name being called you turned around only find a shield flying straight at the robots.

“No!” You said as the robots fell to the ground lifeless.

Now you were angry and you were going to make whoever threw the shield pay. Ripping one of the blasters of the robot’s arm you quickly turned around and began firing.

As the blasts deflected off of the shield you grew anger by the minute. Ripping off another blaster off of a robot you fired again.

“(Y/N) stop!”

Ignoring the familiar man, you continued firing at him until the blasters jammed. Pulling the triggers multiple times you let out an exasperated cry.

“(Y/N),” He said walking slowly to you. “It’s me, Steve, you know me.”

Trying to get the blasters to work again you ignore him once more as he kept talking to you. Everything in your head was jumbled and you could barely figure out who this man was. Whatever Wanda did she definitely did it well.

“You’re ruining the plan!” You fumed.

“Ultron is messing with your head.”

“You’re too blind to see that he’s saving everyone.”


“Don’t come any closer! I won’t hesitate to kill you!” You yelled.

“N-No you won’t (Y/N) I know you,” He walking closer to you. “You know this is wrong.”

As he came closer he put his shield down as you dropped once blaster without even thinking. You tighten your grip on the other gun as you raised it trying to get a good shot. Your hand trembled as he came closer and closer with his hands out to his sides.

“S-Stop,” You choked out.

“(Y/N),” He pleaded as you saw a few tears roll down his face.

Now he was just a few inches away but you couldn’t bring yourself to even try to shoot. Something was holding you back and you didn’t know what it was.

“Drop the gun please.”

“N-No I-” You whispered.

“Look at me (Y/N). Look at me,” He said grabbing your face with his hands.

Dropping your gun, your eyes widen as you finally realize who this man was. It was Steve, someone, you were hopelessly in love with and you almost killed him.

“S-Steve,” You cried. “O-Oh God I almost shot you.”

Letting out a sob, you tightly wrapped your arms around his neck as Steve pulled you closer to him. All the fear and paranoia you were feeling came out in one emotion as you shook in Steve’s arms.  

“I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re okay,” He said kissing your forehead as you continued sobbing.

“I-I’m so sorry. Ultron he’s building-”

“We know already it’s in the air rising as we speak.”

“T-This is all my fault,” You sniffled.

“You had no control of your actions. No one is going to blame you.”

“Is Nat ok? Ultron has her in a cell-”

“Banner already freed her and she’s fine,” Steve said as the ground shook. “We should get out here.”

Nodding your head, Steve picked up his shield before pulling you in for another hug. He could still sense you feeling terrified and confused. Pulling at the collar of his uniform, you crashed your lips onto his.

Deepening the kiss, you put your hands on his face as you smiled for the first time in a while. Breaking the kiss as the ground shook once more, you rested your head against his forehead as Steve smiled at you.

“You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now,” He whispered before taking your hand as you walked to a nearby exit.

Believing in what he said, you sent Steve a small smile and gripped his hand tighter. Sure, you knew that the battle was just beginning but you had no doubt that Steve would protect you. And made you fall for him harder than you ever had.

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Gif Based Preferences (Part 9)

They Read Smut

**i dont own any of these gifs. all credit goes to the respective owners :)**

Your jaw dropped as you scrolled down the story. Your eyes couldn’t get wider as you continued reading. “What are you reading, darling?” You felt a presence behind you and you simply slid the computer to your significant other.

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Imagine during The Avengers, Sigyn, hearing about Loki’s attempts to steal the Tesseract, takes it upon herself to go down to Earth to confront him. She finds him in Stuttgart during his ‘great speech’, and wades through the crowd of kneeling, terrified humans to seize her husband by the ear. She then proceeds to tote him away from the stunned onlookers, ignoring his complaints and threats as she takes his scepter and hands it off to Captain America, who watches in disbelief as she drags Loki away.

anonymous asked:

Reading a story on AO3 reminded me of yet another Steve bashing thing I hate. That he's the only one who needs to apologize about the helicarrier in Avengers. They both went at it. And it goes back to Tony on the quinjet and his quips about pilates and Steve being spry. Oh, and also Steve "blamed" for Howard's behavior to Tony and growing up in Steve's shadow. Ugh. That's another one. How exactly was it Steve's fault?

Yeah, I hate that, too. Especially considering these two facts:

Loki’s scepter was inorganically increasing their hostility, so they weren’t really themselves, they were under the influence of an infinity stone.

As I just mentioned the scepter contained the mind stone, who’s previous owner and the person who gave it to Loki, was Thanos.

…Honestly I’m not one to hold anything said during that altercation against either man considering the two above points.

But yeah the Howard thing is in no way Steve’s fault. And the weird thing is that I never got that Steve and Howard were particularly close during Captain America First Avenger (although they sort of retconned it a bit in the first season of Agent Carter by showing Howard grieve for Steve)? Yes, Howard flew him to save the 107th and yes Howard built the shield, but he kept referring to Steve as ‘kid’ and when Steve brought a piece of the tesseract to Howard, Howard doubted Steve’s claims that it was anything special until he, himself, tested it. In other words he seemed to have little respect for Steve’s intelligence in that scene. 

Steve must be so baffled by the whole Howard/Tony/Steve dynamic, poor guy. During that scene in CW where Tony was talking about how much Howard talked about Steve I was surprised Steve didn’t just blurt out “but your dad didn’t even like me”.

Avenging Angel - Castiel

Part of Harley’s Movie TV Drabble Celebration Castiel x reader Movie: Avengers fluff @attackdogcas

Y/n was a temporary assistant to Tony Stark while Pepper was out of town, she goes with him to the Eastern European country of Sokovia. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton the Avengers. They raid a Hydra facility commanded by Baron Wolfgang von Strucke. They encounter two of Strucker’s test subjects twins, Pietro Maximoff, who has superhuman speed, and Wanda Maximoff, who can manipulate minds and project energy. While the Avengers are working Y/n is in a local cafe and she picked up her phone to call her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Castiel, an Angel of the Lord, more recently a fallen Angel. “Hello Y/n” Cas said. “Hi Castiel, how’s the hunt going” she said. “Slowly I’m afraid, there’s been another victim and Sam, Dean and I are no where close to identifying the creature” Cas said. “What about you, Y/n how are you” he said, “I’m ok, a little nervous since Tony is on a mission to get this ceptar thing and I really miss you Cas” she said. “I miss you too Y/n, I’m afraid I must go Dean has a lead” Cas said, “I’ll talk to you later Cas” she said, “yes, pray to me if you need me Y/n” Cas said. They hung up the phone and Y/n drank her coffee, Cas assisted Dean and Sam with an interrogation. Meanwhile The Avengers had apprehend Strucker, while Stark retrieved Loki’s scepter. The Avengers attack Ultron and the Maximoffs, but Wanda subdues them with haunting visions, causing the Hulk (Banner) to rampage. Hulk is rampaging thru the city destroying everything in its path. From the bus she was on she could hear the commotion and saw a building crumble in the middle. As something came crashing thru the building, Y/n recognized him as The Hulk. She picked up the phone and called Stark but it went straight to voicemail, “hey Tony, it’s Y/n Banner is on a dangerous rampage thru the city” she said. The people on the bus were all screaming and crying, scared to death, the bus driver made a sharp right turn trying to get away from The Hulk. The Hulk flipped the bus over, the passengers including Y/n were thrown about the bus as it rolled. The bus came to a stop when it smashed into a bank building. Y/n hit her head on the window and she thought she had a broken rib or two. She possibly broke her arms, but she couldn’t tell, since one of the bus seat was smashed on top of her arms. She laid their pain and looked around the bus, she saw all the injured people. They all needed help and Hulk had made it impossible for first responders to arrive. So Y/n did the only thing she could think of, she prayed to Castiel, “Cas, on a bus it crashed, people injured in hurt please come Cas” she said. Cas heard her prayers and zapped right to her and he looked around at all the people who needed help. Cas started healing the worse off first, then he ran to Y/n she was passed out under a bus seat. “Y/n I’m here, open your beautiful eyes” he said, she groggily opened her eyes and looked at him. Cas put his index finger on her forehead and healed her, then he zapped them back to the bunker. After Cas got her to the bunker safely he zapped himself back to help Tony defuse the Hulk. Working together Cas and Tony were able to trap Hulk until they were able calm him down, and he changed back into Dr. Banner. “Thanks for helping Cas, and for saving Y/n” Tony said, “you’re welcome, I will always take care of Y/n always” Cas said. Cas zapped himself back to the bunker to Y/n’s room, “are you ok Y/n he said” Cas said. “Yes Cas thanks for coming to help me” she said, he sat down on the bed next to her. He held her against his chest and she rested her head on him, “I’ll always come for you Y/n I love you” Cas said, “I love you too Cas” she said falling asleep wrapped in her Angeles arms.

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I Always Knew You Were Worthy

Part 3 of You’re Beautiful 
(Part 1) (Part 2)

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Prompt:  The one-shot takes place during the Age of Ultron where the Avengers raids a Hydra facility to retrieve Loki’s scepter And later where the party scene takes place, the reader walks in the party wearing a beautiful blue dress in her true form for the first time and Natasha watches her in awe while admiring her beauty. Sometime between the Avengers movie and Age of Ultron, Thor told the reader that she’s a member of a strong, benevolent species known as the Draconian of the planet called, Draconia. I’ll explain her origins later. Oh, the reader is also able to lift Thor’s hammer and she’s able to calm the Hulk down.) It continues to the first Avengers fight scene

Word count: 957

A/n: I think this is the longest I’ve ever done a series haha. I was listening to Dodie Clark’s uploads playlist when I wrote this (I just like disclosing what I was listening too, I don’t know why) and I have this head canon that Natasha really likes this cologne and wears it all the time because she hates flowery perfumes and she hates really musky perfumes and I love this cologne myself so yeaaaaah

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You struggle against you restraints, glaring at the man before you. “Y/n, join me. I promise I can give you everything you desire.”

“I’ll never join you,” you spat.

“Pity,” Loki said bringing his scepter against your chest. “I was really hoping you’d join me willingly.”

Scarlet Witch Headcanon

As Wanda goes through her journey to discover her powers in the wake of Pietro’s death, she convinces Thor to show her Asgard, but once she gets there and is introduced to Odin, she notices that the guy in Odin’s head ain’t Odin. She sneaks into Odin/Loki’s throne room, remembering that it was Loki’s scepter that gave her her powers. She talks to him about how she thinks she has more than just her mental manipulation powers, and asks him to help her figure out how far her powers could go. He turns her down.

Then Wanda starts talking about Pietro. About how he was the only person who understood her, was willing to listen to her, and would love her no matter what. She talks about how she loved him more than anyone, yet wasn’t even there to say goodbye or see him in his last moments of life. She talks about how trapped she felt when she learned he was dead, and how impossible life’s been after.

Loki agrees to help her, because Frigga was his Pietro.


Man at Arms Recreates the Chitauri Scepter AKA Loki’s Staff