Okay, so here’s my theory. Everyone keeps going on about how Tony Stark created Utron. But keep in mind his mental state at the time and the presence of outside interference.

Tony was already confronted by his worst nightmare when Wanda invaded his mind. Then, already vulnerable, he spent days in contact with the Scepter, which has already been established as having the ability to alter peoples emotional state in The Avengers. In a deleted scene in Age of Ultron, Thor clarifies that the Scepter brings out the monsters in a persons mind.

So Tony, already vulnerable from facing the vision of his worst nightmare, spends an extended amount of time with an alien device that brings out the darkest parts of the subconscious, affecting his judgment and fuelling his desperation to protect the world and the people he cares about.


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So, today was my birthday (as many of you know, I haven’t been around at all this week short of my queue because my mom is in town and my birthday is today) and this was my dad’s birthday gift to me. He got me Loki’s fucking scepter, guys. It’s a full-sized replica. The gem lights up. It’s made completely out of metal and it’s pretty heavy. I had to clear off this shelf to make room for it, so I decided to surround it with some of my Loki merch. I know the bottom picture is a little blurry, but that’s what my shelf currently looks like ^^ 

I just really wanted to share this because it was the highlight of my day. I almost cried when I opened it, and I’m just really happy and very blessed to have something this thoughtful and nice <3

guys lets be real if you wan’t to shit on tony you cANNOT use age of ultron as Source™ beCAUSE EVERYONE WAS SO OUT OF CHARACTER I MEAN

1) Steve “I Cant Afford Brooklyn” Rogers who once falsified government documents bc he wanted to serve that badly and clings to the past like its air and he’s asthmatic, as if the stubborn little fuck wouldn’t find a way to reclaim his home someway

2) Bruce and Natasha

3) Natasha’s biggest fear/regret/whatever is being infertile when it…wait seriously?….i really need to explain this one?

4) Steve “Language” Rogers who curses government officials left and right

5) Bruce thinking that creating Ultron in the same room as the Loki Scepter (which, in the first avengers film, manipulated him to Hulk Out and kill his friends) is a great idea

6) Bruce and Nat- wait I already said that right

7) Hawkeye has a family even though in the comics they explore the fact that he has trust issues or something like that i read a post somewhere but believe me hawkeye is too fucked up to settle down like that outta the blue

8) Thor…letting…people…lift…mew mew…as…if…its…a…joke….idk mAn but like??? He was basically gloating in that scene aaaand didn’t he grow up from Thor 1 where he was all macho man im the best and then hes all mature but now you give me a scene where he makes fun of his friends shoving the “youre not worthy” fact in their faces? Nuh-huh thats fckin loki in that red jacket i swear thor is too soft

9) Bruce and Natasha, a reminder

10) Maria Hill being all fckin vague when debriefing Steve of their enemies I am sorry but no….just no….“hes fast and shes weird” my ass that isn’t enough

11) The jewish twins volunteered to work with nazis

12) Bruce. And. Natasha

So, like, all the fucked up things that Tony did in age of ultron is basically an addition to joss whedon fucking up our characters, as always, read his wonder woman script

I rest my case

Good news to frostiron shippers!

So, we all know that Tony is Visions mother, but isn’t Loki the father??

Yes yes, Helen Cho created the physical body, and Thor gave power to complete it, but TONY GAVE JARVIS A PERSONALITY AND VIS DRAINS HIS POWER FROM THE INFINITY STONE.

But how the hell does that make Loki the father you ask?

The infinity stone aka THE MINDGEM is from LOKIS SCEPTER



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Just Can’t Get Enough (One-Shot) (Request) (Loki x Agent!Reader)

Prompt: “Dude Imagine #1 and Sentence #1 would be amazing and it somewhat gives me this chill so if you’re down. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!”‚ ~ Requested by @doctorcelina

Imagine #1: Imagine Loki catching an agent flirting with you.

Sentence #1: Look what you made me do&#157;

Summary: As a new agent of SHIELD, you are assigned to watch the infamous Loki in his jail cell. You can’t seem to fathom that he has a crush on you, but it is blatantly evident. Maybe it will take his awesome superpowers to get you once and for all

“Y/N, I need to see you in my office please.” Dr. Fury’s voice boomed in your earpiece. “Yes sir.” You replied. You sat down on the bench and finished lacing your boots up. Being an official Agent of SHIELD is very different from training. Now you were given your own locker room which contained all of your weapons, clothes, and a shower. Your room was connected to it, which made it very convenient.

You walked out the door to your locker room and began walking to the elevator at the end of the hall. As soon as you got to the elevator, the doors opened, and guards began pouring out. Standing in the middle of the crowd was none other than Loki Laufeyson, cuffed and smirking. He must’ve gotten himself arrested again, you thought. When he was right near you, you both caught eye contact. He smirked and winked at you before looking back in front of him. Calming yourself down, you resumed to the elevator. As the doors closed, you rested your head up against the back.

You and Loki have had many encounters together. Whether it was him being taken to jail or simply when Thor brings him in. Once, Â you attended a party at the Stark Tower because you were a very close friend of Steve’s. Thor had brought his brother to show everyone how much he has changed. That was the time where you and Loki grew close, and you saw that he wasn’t a monster after all. Given the scenario you just experienced, he obviously got into some bad things again.

The elevator ‘dinged’ and you walked out, swiftly to Fury’s office. You stopped in front of his door to put in your password. “Your name, Agent?” The voice on the scanner asked. “Y/L/N, Y/F/N.” You replied. “Identity confirmed.” The door clicked and you walked in, closing the door behind you. Fury was standing in front of his glass windows, looking over the city. “Sir, you needed to see me?” He turned around a smiled. “Good Morning, Agent. Have a seat.”   

You nodded and proceeded to sit in a black, leather chair in front of his desk. He sat down and handed you a file. “Loki has pushed his limits again, y/n.” You chuckled to yourself. “Doesn’t he always? I mean, he is the God of Mischief.” He looked at you sternly. “Are you siding with him, Miss y/l/n?” You cleared your throat and laughed nervously. “Uh, no sir.”

He raised his eyebrow and continued, “Well, we need you to be on duty with him again. You’ll need to be with him 24/7, until further notice. He got out last time, and he won’t get away this time. Is that understood?” You nodded. “Yes sir.” He smiled. “That’s all Miss y/l/n. You are dismissed.”  

You got up quickly from your chair and left his office. Getting into the elevator again, you read over the file. It was the basics, what you needed to do, when he gets fed, etc. But his crime was different. You read the description: Attempting to enter Earth after being suspended from entering. Why was he trying to come here?, you questioned.

The elevator ‘dinged’ on the floor with the jail on it. You adjusted your belt and smoothed out your hair. Even though Loki was a villain, you still found him slightly attractive. You approached the jail room with his isolated cell and saw two guards standing in front. “I’m here to take over, boys.” You said to them with a smile. The two guards exchange looks. “Name?”

“Agent y/l/n. I was sent here to watch prisoner.” The guard with beard spoke up. “On whose orders?” You turned to him, “Director Fury’s.” The guards nodded. You held out your wrist, which had a scanner on it. They scanned it, to make sure it was you, and nodded. They handed you the keys, a gun, and a few other items. “Be careful, Miss. He is dangerous.” You smiled. “Believe me, I know.”  

The other guard held the door open for you, as you walked in. You couldn’t believe how nervous you were It wasn’t like it was the first time seeing Loki. You walked up the steps that led to his cell. There he was sitting on the bed, reading. You tapped on the glass. He looked up from his book and smirked. “Just couldn’t get enough of me darling?” He asked you in his sinister tone.

You rolled your eyes. “Sure, Loki. That’s why I’m here.” He chuckled in his chest. “Well, after our last adventure, I was sure you couldn’t resist me.” You walked right up to the glass. “Such a charmer Loki.” He walked up to the glass as well and crossed his arms. “Just for you darling.” He had that menacing look on his face, but it was also mixed with lust or love. You crossed your arms and walked away.

“So am I to assume that you are my babysitter?” He asked, following his eyes in your direction. You sat down on a bench and clapped. “And the prize goes to the God of Mischief. You guessed correctly son.” Loki chuckled.

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“Was that sarcasm, darling?” You smirked. “Just for you, darling.”  You answered. He smiled and walked back to his bed. “So, what’s new and exciting with y/n?” He asked, fiddling with his armor. 

You shrugged. “Nothing exciting. I work alongside Fury now, that’s about it.” He smiled. “The one-eyed fellow? Ah yes. Him and I go back.” You chuckled. “Yea, after that stunt you pulled off in New York, I’m sure SHIELD got very friendly with you.” He shook his head. “Not a chance sweetheart. I left with my dear brother back to Asgard. There was where I was kept prisoner.” His jaw clenched. 

You fake pouted. “Awe, you poor thing. Having Daddy issues or something?” He got up and pounded his fist on the glass.

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“Y/N!!!! Shut up! You don’t know how hard it is living under a shadow, when all the time you are glanced over like you’re a-a monster.” You heart did clench for him, but you had to stand your ground as an Agent of SHIELD. He lowered his fist and sighed. You got up from the bench and walked over to the cell. “Loki, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off.” He turned around and shrugged. “You’ll never understand. All you Midgardians are so pathetic with your feelings.” 

Now it was your turn to be mad. “Hey! Not all us ‘Midgardians’ are the same. I happen to care a whole lot about you Loki, more than you know. So before you go bashing all of us, open your eyes and look in front of you.” You huffed and walked back to the bench. 

He chuckled softly. “I didn’t know you felt that way darling. But it is I who apologize. You’ve done so much for me. Whenever I was invited to the Metal Man’s parties, being dragged by my annoying brother, it was you who made me feel like a person.” You met his stare and smiled. “Loki, that’s because I care about you.” He smiled. “I love you.” You murmured quietly. He blinked in disbelief. “What was that last part?” 

You nearly choked on your spit. “Um, nothing. I said nothing.” He squinted his eyes. The moment was ruined when an agent walked in. “Hey, y/n. I got you your breakfast.” He looked at his watch. “Well, brunch actually.” You both chuckled. Grabbing the tray, you smiled. “Thanks, Zach. You’re always looking out for me.” 

He blushed and winked. “Well that’s because you’re my best girl. Hey, you wanna maybe hang out sometime? When you’re off duty of course.” You froze and didn’t know what to say. Sure Zach was cute and very hot, but you had strong feelings for Loki. “Uh, sure Zach. I’d love that.” He grinned widely. “Awesome. You–Would you like some company?” 

During this whole thing, Loki was watching you and Zach like a ping-pong match. He couldn’t believe Zach just stole his woman from him, let alone you agreed to go out with him. He cleared his throat. “Eh-hem. I’d hate to intrude on this love session, but y/n and I were in the middle of a conversation.”

Zach stood up from the bench and walked up to Loki. “You, Prisoner. Shut up! I don’t care if you are a god or not. You don’t talk to me like that.” Loki walked right up to the glass and smirked. “Try me. Oh, please…do try.” Zach didn’t take the hint to stop, so he pulled out his gun. “You asked for it, pr—” A flash of green lit up the cell. You covered your eyes to protect them from the brightness, but quickly looked back over to the cell. Loki was no where to be seen. 

You walked carefully over to the cell. “Loki? Zach?“ You hear a groan and then something hard hit the floor. You ran around the other side of the cell and gasped. Zach lied lifeless on the ground and Loki was cleaning off his scepter. “LOKI?!” He smirked. “Oh, darling. Look what you made me do. Look’s like Zach just got himself killed.” He walked right up to you and snaked his arm around your waist. “Now where were we?”

He was about to lean in for a kiss, when you pushed him away. “Loki! You just killed a SHIELD Agent on my watch. Do you know what this means?” He looked at you and thought for a second. “Yes, darling. As a matter of fact I do. It means we need to get out of here.” And with that he grabbed your waist and teleported to who knows where.

You shut your eyes and quickly reopened them, figuring out where he brought you both to. Looking around, you recognized the familiar golden arches and pillars. You were in Asgard….better yet in Loki’s room. 

He was watching you take in the new scenery. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back to his chest. “I’ll have that date now.” Within seconds, you were joined as one with the God of Mischief…lost in his illusions. 


A/N: Can I just say that Loki is actually my husband? Like yes, I am madly in love with Bucky…but Loki omg. And yes I HAD to use those gifs, cause I’m a geek. LIKE, REBLOG, AND LEAVE COMMENTS! Love y’all!


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Of Twisted Emotions - Chapter One: Nothing More

The sounds of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s evacuation are loud and chaotic, but Loki Laufeyson neither cares nor notices the minor distraction. He rises from where he kneels, the tesseract’s energy leaving wisps of smoke that curl and twist around his body.

His travel through space had been easier, much easier than he had anticipated. Almost natural, he would say, with the tesseract’s power.

Loki’s eyes casually sweep the room, a mischievous smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He is on Midgard, just as planned. The room he finds himself in is large, and the prince guesses that it rests deep within the earth. The cavernous area is lined with glowing technologies, equipment working hard to read and understand a power far too great for humanity.

The tesseract.

It sits within the belly of a machine, and he has to force himself to look away from it.

There are mortals in the room, and the agents with guns creep closer with wary caution. However, there are three who watch the God of Mischief in a different manner, whose gazes cut between him and the ornate, golden weapon clasped tightly in his fist.

The man dressed in black, the one with the eyepatch that reminds Loki too much of his family, is the first to speak. “Sir. Please, put down the spear.”

This is not a request, but an order, given in a deep, commanding tone. Loki raises an eyebrow, pausing to look down at his golden scepter with an expression of something akin to amusement.

It’s time.

In less than a second, before Nick Fury has time to blink, Loki thrusts the blade of the weapon towards him. The blue gem nested in the ornate scepter flashes, and a burst of energy flies towards S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director.

Taking out mortals is almost too easy, especially when compared to a lifetime of facing Asgardian foes. Loki is a blur of motion, cutting through the agents as if they were paper rather than flesh and blood. Their weapons cannot break his skin – guns firing lead bullets that rapidly ping off his armor one after the other.

The Asgardian leaps into the air, Earth’s gravity not quite heavy enough to pull him back right away, and he comes down blade first onto a soldier. The man’s breath leaves his lungs in a quiet gasp as he dies, and Loki is disgusted at the weakness.

More guns fire from behind the prince, and he spins around impossibly fast, his hand flashing as his knives fly through the air and meet their targets. Another man attacks from the side, and Loki points his scepter towards the foe. The resulting energy sears through the agent’s chest, killing him before his body hits the ground.

It is quiet now, save for the alarms blaring in the distance, continuing to signal the need for escape. Broken machines spark and hiss, flashing readings to no one. Loki watches those left in the room, carefully wiping blood from his scepter’s golden blade.

The man with the eyepatch lives, as do several other of his agents. They look to their director, as if awaiting orders. Loki notes that they’ve been smart enough to stand down after witnessing his carnage, and he decides he’ll make use of them.

The Asgardian takes a step forward, habitually spinning his weapon, and is surprised when a fiery-eyed agent attempts to block his path. There is hatred in this man’s eyes; an all too familiar burning. No fear lives there.

The man goes for his pistol, but Loki is quicker. He grasps the agent’s arm, studying him carefully as he struggles. “You have heart,” Loki decides, nodding slowly.

He brings the scepter up to rest upon the center of the man’s chest, the sharp blade barely pushing against him.

The effect is instantaneous once the power takes hold. Clint Barton holsters his gun, his sharp gaze overtaken by a mass of starry darkness. And then blue clears the black, leaving irises of bright, piercing cobalt.

The Asgardian notes the quiver strung across the man’s back. An archer. An odd choice of weapon for a Midgardian.

“Keep watch, won’t you?” Loki asks quietly with a smile.

And then it is easy, it is nothing for the prince to move on and do the same to the other nearby agents, the gem within his scepter glowing brightly.

It is a commotion near the side of the room that makes him turn. Someone has entered the room, and they grapple with the archer. At first, Loki does not recognize the intruder. And when he does, he feels nothing but calm curiosity at the reason for her presence.

There is a flash of light, a staff appearing in the girl’s hands as she wards off the agent. Loki twirls his scepter again, pondering over whether to send others to deal with the situation.

“I would suggest something with a little more electricity to it,” Loki comments idly, his gaze already sliding towards another noise.

The director is attempting to escape, with the tesseract in tow.

“Please don’t,” Loki requests, meeting the one good eye of Nick Fury. “I still need that.”

There’s a loud zap followed by a short cry. A body falls to the floor, and Loki knows the girl has been dealt with.

“This doesn’t have to get any messier,” Fury warns.

Loki laughs softly, the quiet noise devoid of any humor. “Oh, but it does. Much messier.”

“Who are you?” Fury asks, and even Loki is not sure what lies within his tone.

Is it anger? Incredulousness? There is something there, an almost exasperation, that hints at something dangerous. It makes the prince smile. “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

Fury snorts derisively. A bold move, in Loki’s opinion. But it is not the director who responds to the Asgardian’s statement.

“Loki? Brother of Thor?”

Loki fights the scowl that threatens to spread across his features. Thor. It is his relation to Thor that defines him to these people. He turns to the man who spoke, and recognizes that he needs this one, too. The scientist. The tip of the golden scepter presses just so against his chest.

Director Fury watches, his eye widening slightly at the sight of Erik Selvig’s gaze being overtaken with an unnatural blackness. He makes himself speak to Loki of Asgard. “We have no quarrel with your people.”

The statement is laughable, and so Loki’s attention is again directed towards the one-eyed man. “An ant has no quarrel with a boot, nor does prey understand the motives of the hunter. Tell me, which do you think you are? Or is it that unclear?”

His last question is more of a statement, a flat coldness seeping from underneath his casual manner.


The girl is awake. The archer has left her alive. Was it a fault of the agent, or had Loki subconsciously willed this? She could be useful, he tells himself to justify this action, to override other possible thoughts of sentiment. It is logical, after all.

“Healer,” he greets your friend, Willow.

“Wait,” Fury demands, a gloved hand rising to point between Loki and Willow, “you two know each other?”

She’s staring at the prince, her eyes wide in disbelief, and Fury’s words do not seem to reach her ears. “What are you doing here?” she whispers, carefully rising to her feet. She holds a hand to her side, where the archer had struck her. “Where have you been?”

He watches her take tentative steps forward, and he turns to keep both the girl and Fury in his sight at all times. “I’ve been on a grand journey,” Loki informs Will, a smile once more twisting across his face. “Seen sights you cannot imagine. Learned things you will never comprehend.”

“But… but what about….” And she says it. The one thing that breaks through his armor, a single word he does not wish to hear, that he cannot hear.

She says it.

She says



He fights within his mind, pushing things down as soon as they arise: a wash of memories, feelings, sentiments, attachments. His jaw clenches, his muscles drawn tight. And in the end, he wins.

Your friend is still watching him, waiting on an answer. But there’s nothing that will make what he has done okay. He is beyond retribution, which is something he feels no need to explain. How can he? The girl has walked to him now, her accusing gaze staring up at him.

“You would not understand, Healer. And you shall not get in my way.”

And he lifts his scepter up, the blue gem glowing brightly. It reflects in her eyes as he brings it closer.

Walking back towards the city of Asgard feels surreal. It’s been a few months since you last returned, and you cringe at the thought of seeing the golden palace appear in the distance. The closer you grow to the bustling city, the more your mood begins to dip. You’re sliding quickly towards apathy, and those who normally keep your side begin to give you space.

All except Bjorn.

He’s told you that his name means ‘bear’, although you think the term a misnomer. The man isn’t a hulking brute like some of the other soldiers you march with. His hair is curly and dark, his skin the warm color of sandy earth. He is stoic, but pleasant to have conversation with. He had been the first to speak to you when you had first set out with the company.

It was nice to hear something other than whispers.

At the thought, words cascade through your mind, bringing with them a flash of heated anger.

… He left her, and right before the wedding, too….

… the Prince of Wickedness and the Bloody Warrior….

… why do you think he ….

… not worthy of a prince, anyway. Even him….

… perhaps he isn’t missing. Maybe she offed him….

You do your best to ignore the echoes of the past. It’s been over a year. No one speaks about it anymore.

Not where you can hear, at least.

“Buck up, now,” Bjorn insists, nudging your shoulder. “It’ll be good to see the city again.”

“I guess,” you reply, your voice holding no real emotion.

It makes your walking companion frown. “At least something will be going on in Asgard. I’m bored of roaming the countryside. Our last battle was ages ago.”

“A week isn’t ‘ages ago’,” you correct, shrugging.

But a year is….

You beat the thought back, but it doesn’t scurry away as fast as you’d like it to. A group of soldiers nearby break out into raucous laughter, and you turn your face away to hide your scowl.

“A dark look at something as bright as laughter,” Bjorn comments, and you cut your eyes to his.

You sigh, a small smile lifting the corner of your mouth. “You can go join them, you know. Sounds like Tormund told a mighty funny joke.”

“A crass joke, I’d imagine,” Bjorn says, chuckling. “By now, we’ve heard them all. He’s not good at making up any new ones.”

You allow yourself a short laugh, and then fall into silence once more.

The sun is slowly disappearing over the horizon, and the captain calls for everyone to set up for the night.

Odin Allfather had offered you such a position, but you had declined. For months, you’d set out on your own, doing the king’s bidding, fighting his chosen battles. Eventually, others joined you. You did not care who you were with, although you always preferred to go alone.

Thor, the god of thunder, and his companions accompanied your battles at times. However, nowadays, the Warriors Three and their prince are kept too busy within the city to travel. You had thought to be alone again, but Odin had instructed you to fight alongside the Asgardian soldiers. And so you had.

You lie on your back, staring up into the night sky. You can hear the fire crackling, hear the conversations of your campmates. You’re tired, but you cannot sleep. You’re worried over what your dreams will bring you tonight.

“So, what are your plans, warrior? Once we reach the city?”

You glance over at your fellow soldier. Bjorn lays on his bedroll, his face also upturned to the starry heavens. The night is clear and cloudless.

“I’ve got a ceremony to attend,” you say, looking to the sky once more. “Meeting a friend, and then we’re both going. It’s a wizard thing.”

“A wizard thing?” Bjorn asks curiously.

You grimace. “Sorcerer thing. Whatever, you get what I mean.”

The man laughs. “Yes, by now I do.”

It helps to have a companion, a friendly voice to listen to. Still, you want to fall silent, to let your mind ease into unconsciousness. But you haven’t shaken your apprehension. Your dreams as of late… they’ve been nothing more than memories, replayed before your closed eyes. You don’t want them tonight.

They hurt too much.

You wake with a choked shout, darkness flaring out as a dagger forms in your palm. You’re staring frantically around the room, your eyes seeking danger. Sweating and shaking, your mind replays your dream, the blood vivid, the pain all too real.

And then a cool hand wraps around your wrist, easing the dagger from your grasp.

“You’re alright, love,” a voice soothes. “It’s fine.”

Only now can you truly take in your surroundings. The familiar, extravagant room, the silky bedsheets beneath your legs. The moonlight filtering in through the emerald curtains highlights the table where you love to draw, your bag sitting in one of the chairs.

The cool hand pulls you back, your dagger disappearing from his pale fingers and into the shadows from whence it came. You sink down to the bed, your warm back pressed against the smooth skin of his chest.

“A dream,” you murmur sleepily, your fingers intertwining with his as he lays an arm across your waist.

You can feel his breath in your hair, his arm hugging you closer to him. “A dream, and nothing more,” Loki whispers.

And then you wake.

OTE HAS BEGUN, I REPEAT, OTE HAS BEGUN!!! I’m so excited to get this ball rolling, you guys!

I’ll be posting updates to this story that can be read on AO3. :) See you guys there!


Not So Bad After All (Loki x reader)

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope your day is going alright. I’m closing requests for now because after I finish “There”, I’ll be investing all my time into writing three new series… Each one are about different characters: Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes. I love doing one shots, but I really want to make these perfect, so I’ll be taking a break from them soon. I hope y’all understand, xoxo

Request: Hey! Any chance you can do a Loki X Reader where the reader works for S.H.I.E.L.D and she’s really adorable, cute, and small but also a badass and she’s working with the avengers and ends up having to fight Loki at some point but since she’s a likeable person, maybe they low key don’t dislike eachother?? Feel free to add stuff haha. Ty!

Warnings: Cursing


Two years. Two years you had been working with S.H.I.E.L.D. for the Avengers. Nobody suspected a small girl like you to be alongside the big, burly men and menacing women of the team, but you were. But that was the good thing about having you there, nobody would blink an eye at you, making it a hundred times easier to slip into places. You stood at a mere 5″4′, and you were cute. You weren’t like Natasha or Wanda who guys probably thought about banging. When people saw you, they wanted to protect you, and not let you do your job and protect them. Yes, it made your missions harder, but you were always nice about it. You were a likable person, and you knew that. Maybe you weren’t seductive like Nat, but you did get your flirting skills on when needed. 

“Shit. F/N, we kind of need you down here!” Tony yelled into the comm system. “Everyone else’s hands are tied, you need to get Loki!” The rest of the team was fighting off his alien robots in the streets. You were perched on a rooftop, waiting for this cue. Going out in the streets would have been a waste of your talents. All of you agreed that it would be best to hold you out till they isolated Loki, and you would sweep in to finish him off, and take him in. 

“Got it. I’m on my way.” You stood up, making a run across the building, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until your eyes finally landed on the god. He was suspended in the air above the streets, cackling at his destruction. You sped up, trying to get as close to him as possible. He saw you out of the corner of his eye. 

“Ah, what do we have here?” He floated in front of you, gently landing on his feet. “Another Avenger? Oh, what fun I’ll have.” He smiled deviously. 

“Yeah, sure, big guy.” You rolled your eyes, then went to the floor, using your leg to sweep him off his feet. He landed on his ass with a grunt. Loki dropped his scepter, took off his helmet, and his jacket. You shrugged, putting your fists up in front of your face. “You wanna dance? Then let’s dance.” Soon it was a fist fight between the two of you, your skill levels matching up almost perfectly. 

“You know, I don’t actually hate you.” He grunted in between punches, landing one in your ribs. 

“What the hell? Was that supposed to be a compliment?” You doubled over, looking up at him. He put his fists down and you took the opportunity to give him a hard kick to the gut. 

“Fuck..” He said under his breath. “And yes, that was supposed to be a compliment.” He coughed, but got back up. 

“Well then, you’re not too bad yourself. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I have to bring you in.” You slipped past him, pinning his arm to his back. You had to lean over to look at him, as you were about a foot smaller than he was. You cuffed him, and commed the rest of the team. “Hey guys, I got him. Can you send for the prison unit? Thanks.” You urged him forward taking him down the stairs, back to the street. 

“I hope I see you again. Maybe not under these circumstances, but one day.” He smirked down at you as you shoved him into the truck with a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. 

“You know, you’re not so bad after all.” 

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