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Steve Rogers

Flame No Flaw (fluff)

Letter (fluff)

Since You’ve Been Gone (fluff)

Still Around (angst, fluff)

Not All Stories Have a Happy Ending (angst)

Romance on the Road (fluff)

The Passion in Our Eyes (fluff)

Admiring the Night (fluff)

Nightmare (angst)

Pregnant (fluff)

Soulmate    (fluff)

Sweet Memories  (fluff)

Love At War (Bucky x Steve) (angst)      

Sparkle In The Light  (fluff)

Twist And Shout  (fluff)  

Countdown       (fluff, angst)    

Bucky Barnes

Burning (angst, fluff)

Misty Tears Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (angst)

This House No Longer Feels Like Home (angst)

A Night to Remember (fluff)

Lovebirds and Heartthrobs (angst)

Events of Time (angst)

All Day Long (fluff)                                                                                               

Moments Like These (fluff)

Destruction Of Love (angst, fluff)

College (fluff)

Back To Black (angst)

Baby (fluff)

Please Don’t Leave (angst, fluff)

Hurt (fluff, angst)

Awakened Destiny, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (fluff, angst)

Pietro Maximoff

Visitor With A Crush (fluff)

This Guardian Of Mine Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6/Final (fluff, angst)

Clint Barton

One More Night (fluff?)

Bruce Banner

Adoring My Man (fluff)

Natasha Romanoff

Stop and Stare (fluff)

Sam Wilson

I Love You (fluff)

Peter Parker

Copycat (fluff)


Tricking The Trickster (fluff)

Charles Xavier

Love In The Ice (angst)


Dean Winchester

Final Moments (angst)

Here Without You (angst)

I Won’t Give Up (angst, little bit of fluff)

I’ll Never Leave You (angst, fluff)

The Power Of Love (angst, fluff)

Heart Without A Beat (whole lot of angst)

Return (angst, fluff-ish)

Heartbreak (angst)

Luck Of Fond Memories (fluff)

Scared (kinda fluffy, kinda angsty)

Wake Up (angst)

Please (angst)

Stand By Me (fluff, angst)

Guilty (angst, fluff)

Heavy In Your Arms (angst)

Sam Winchester

Return (angst, fluff-ish)

Heartbreak (angst)

Nightmare (angst)

Can’t Do This Without You (angst, fluff)

Awakened Destiny, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (fluff, angst)


Peaceful Moonlight (fluff)


Damon Salvatore

Tremble For My Beloved (angst, fluff)


Stiles Stilinski

Romance At The Beach (fluff)

Isaac Lahey

Cuddle (fluff)

THE 100


Lost (??)

The moment, when you really want to read some smuty fanfiction on the train, but the person next to you is looking at your phone…

Loki & Fenrir

I have a head canon that Fenrir was an abandoned wolf pup that Loki brought in to the castle as a child. He managed to raise Fenrir for a while but then Fenrir attacks someone who insults Loki and calls him a bastard son of Odin.This person just happens to be an important member of the court, so Odin orders Fenrir out, much to the dismay of Loki. Cut forward to when Loki is unwelcome to the court and by chance he stumbles upon Fenrir in Joutuunheim or some other cold, snowy place.

When a friend of mine complains about being single and goes on to tell me how she really needs to have a man in her life:

Requests are open again

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Hiya everyone!!! Requests are open again!!! Please request stuff because I love hearin your ideas!!! Now time to answer some possible questions and or thoughts!!

Your new so I won’t ask

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Your stories are short

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You don’t post too frequently so I’m not gonna request

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 Now that that has all been cleared up I hope to hear more requests soon!! Bye luv yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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