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Words: 3166
Warnings: smut

A/N: Request from @lokisgirl5. There is something about having sex in a library. Don’t blame me. Seems like I got a little carried away. ;-)

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“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

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How DARE You? - (Loki x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader)

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Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Loki x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 461

After Loki came to carry out his punishment at the Avengers tower, you slowly started to fall in love with him. Unbeknownst to you, Loki returned your feelings of affection towards him. It wasn’t until a year after Loki’s residence at the tower that he began to court you.

On one lazy Sunday afternoon, you were cuddled up next to Loki on the soft, cushiony velvet sofa, wrapped in fluffy green and white blankets. Loki and you were binge-watching Disney films because… why not?After the fourth film, Sleeping Beauty ended, you rotated your body and kissed Loki on the lips. His arms relaxed around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.

“Are you enjoying that Reindeer Games?”

You jumped from Loki to see a fuming Tony Stark. His eyes burned with the passion of pure hatred towards Loki.

“Dad-“you started, before being cut off by Tony.

“How DARE you even touch my daughter, let alone kiss her!” he screamed at Loki, who was surprisingly calm.

Before either of you could reply to your beetroot-faced father, he pressed the alarm which alerted all the Avengers. Oh, no you thought.

The Avengers burst into the room individually, dressed and equip for battle. Natasha ran in first, followed by Clint, Wanda, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Bucky, and Steve.

“Man of iron, explain why we are here” Thor queried.

Tony, unable to contain his temper, began to scream in Thor’s face “Why? WHY? That is why!” he pointed to Loki “Your brother has been touching (Y/N)!”

“Calm down, Tony” Natasha interrupted your father before he could continue screaming at Thor “At least let him explain first”. Nat gave Tony a cold stare as if she was saying let them explain first otherwise you will seriously regret your decision.

Thor placed the Mjolnir on Loki’s lap, so he couldn’t even attempt escape.

“Is this really necessary?” Loki asked, looking at the Mjolnir.

After taking a deep breath, you began to explain how you and Loki had slowly fallen for each other and had been dating for almost a month. This was proceeded by you adding that Loki has been nothing but gentle and kind to you and that you were planning on telling the Avengers next week during your monthly dinner. Loki confirmed every statement you proclaimed and described his feelings for you. After finishing, you looked at the team and hoped for the best.

“But, but, but…” Tony responded.

“Calm down drama queen” Clint mocked your father.

Tony instantly gave Natasha the puppy eyes look.

“No Tony, no plotting any revenge, your daughter is happy and safe, especially when we are around”.

Loki sighed in relief.

“BUT YOU, don’t think that we like you, we are all watching your every move” Nat threatened.  

Imagine Loki being very much a morning person. You, not so much. One morning, he gets bored of waiting for you to wake up, so he gathers you up from bed with the blanket, and carries you downstairs like a child. He plops you down at the kitchen island in front of your plate of breakfast and hot tea, everything already prepared. Before he seats himself, he smiles at you warmly and lovingly while holding both sides of your face. He says, “Good morning, my darling” and kisses you gently on your forehead.

Imagine you and Loki have been together for years. One day Asgard goes to war and Loki is forced to go. He gets injured badly and is transported back to asgard’s healers.

He is unconscious for a few weeks and you have stayed by his side the whole time. One day he finally wakes up, you hug him tightly and try to kiss him before he shoves you away. Shocked by his reaction you ask him whats wrong. He stares at you and calls for the healers. He informs the healers that there is a woman who tried to assault him, looking at you. The healers are shocked and tell him that you two are lovers.

He looks disgusted and doesnt believe them, thinking they are playing a trick on him. He demands you leave the room and to not bother him again. You are in a daze from his admission and leave the room.

For the next months you try to convince Loki of your mutual love, and he treats you cruelly, saying things you never thought he would say. Unknown to you, Loki is slowly remembering who you are and what you meant to him but he tries to ignore it, thinking he would never love someone like you.

You try one more time to win his heart, but you see him flirting with another woman, his hands all over her. Your heart feels like lead and you give up, resigning yourself to move on from him.

You leave the palace, since there is nothing left for you there. You start working as a barmaid and try to forget about Loki. One day the warriors three and Thor enter your bar and are celebrating their victory from the war. Thor tries to get your attention and explain that his brother is different now,bitter and angry since you disappeared. He asks you to move back to the palace and help Loki find himself again. You refuse, telling Thor that Loki doesnt need you anymore, you are just an annoyance. Thor doesnt believe that and the next night he comes back bringing Loki with him. He and Loki stay there all night and wait for you.

You are closing the bar and demand they leave, not caring what either of them have to say. Loki tries to explain that he remembers now, and that he loves you. You pause what your doing and stare at him, you start yelling at him, reminding him of the cruel things he said to you. How he treated you like trash. Loki tries to apologize but you dont care, in a fit of rage you lie to him that you moved on, you found someone who actually loves you.

Loki is saddened that you moved on but he doesnt care, he grabs you and pulls you towards his body, “I am not letting you go easily, You are the love of my life and I will do whatever it takes to have you back in my arms” He leans in to whisper into your ear “To feel your soft body under mine, screaming my name again”. You shove him away before he can kiss you and head home.

From that day on, Loki does all he can to win your love.

Imagine you have the ability to turn invisible and you do it whenever you feel embarrassed. When Loki first arrives in the tower you feel incredibly flustered around him so whenever he enters the room, you disappear. At first, Loki thinks it’s a sign that you hate him, but when he realises the truth he kisses you. You disappear for a full hour afterwards.

Loki Imagine: Frost Giants Don’t Make Pancakes

Your boyfriend, Loki, hadn’t been on Earth for very long. He struggled to grasp basic mortal concepts. Though he had tasted some of the most delectable foods known to the Gods, he, himself, couldn’t cook to save his own life. You tried to help him which only lead to his frustrations. This morning, Loki seemed to be in a rather superior mood so you thought that he would be interested in trying again.

“Good morning Loki.” you smiled warmly.

“Good morning my dearest.” he responded as he gave you a chaste kiss.

You smiled and gestured to the kitchen.

“I’m feeling a bit peckish, would you like to help me make some breakfast?” you inquire.

“Although I feel that I won’t be much help, per usual, I could assist if you would like.” he smiled at you.

Loki’s genuine smile wasn’t a gift you got very often. You decide to take advantage of his cheerful nature and you grab some pancake mix out of the cupboard. You show him the box and give him a questioning glance to which he nods, agreeing with your choice. You smile and begin to gather the milk and eggs for the instant mix.

“Okay so first we’ll crack the eggs.” You show Loki how to crack an egg and he proceeds to do the second one.

He succeeds and manages to only get one shell in the bowl. He smiles and seems very proud of himself. You remove the shell and dump the eggs into the pancake powder mix. You quickly put in the milk and you let Loki mix the batter. You place a pan on the stove and spray it with cooking oil and turn on the heat. You show Loki how to dump in the batter and wait until the bubbles show up before flipping the pancakes. He nods in understanding.

“Do you think you can handle it from here, Loki?” you ask.

“Of course.” He kisses your forehead.

“Can I go take a quick shower? I’ll be back before you know it.” you ask.

“Yes, breakfast will be ready by the time you get back.” he smiles.

You head to the washroom of your shared apartment. Your common sense should’ve told you to watch Loki and stay with him in the kitchen. You were just finishing up your shower when you heard the smoke alarm go off. You scrambled out of the shower and threw on your robe. Your hair was still sopping wet and water still dripped off of your body. You run out to the kitchen to find Loki. His eyes were crimson and his skin was a pale shade blue. You gasp, you had never witnessed Loki in his frost giant from. He turned away from you and refused to meet your eye. You glanced at the stove to find it covered in a thick sheet of ice. You erupted into a fit of giggles. Loki glanced at you.

“L-Loki, what happened?” you manage to say between giggle fits.

“I burnt the pancake and it burst into flames and I panicked…” he says quiety.

You giggle and wrap your arms around his neck. You watch the blue of his skin fade away and his eyes return to their normal blue state. He gives you a small smile.

“I’m sorry darling.” he says.

“It’s okay Loki. Besides, this gives us an excuse to go out for breakfast instead.” you smile.

“I think I like that idea better.” Loki says and he kisses you softly.

From that point on, you always kept an eye on Loki in the kitchen.


For @supremeoverlordletters…enjoy!

Y/N stared, wide eyed, at Loki. He was holding her by her shoulders. His expression was desperate. He also seemed liked he was holding something back. A tear pricked at the edges of his stunning green eyes.

“Hey,” she cooed, “what’s wrong?”
He swallowed. “Don’t you remember any of it?”
She knit her brows. “Any of what?” she whispered.
“Us,” he replied shakily, “What we used to be.”

Y/N narrowed her gaze, attempting to understand what he was saying. A few images were attempting to blind her, but they needed a push. It was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t articulate it. The concept still seemed foreign.

“When?” she gently inquired, “When was there…an us?”

Loki closed his eyes and placed his forehead against hers.

“A few hundred years ago,” he replied sadly, “A previous incarnation.”
“Your previous incarnation was my first love.”
“How…How can you tell?”
He smiled softly. “I could never forget those eyes.”

Before she could fully understand, Loki brushed his lips softly against hers. Her breath hitched, but she didn’t move away. She didn’t want to. Taking the silent permission, Loki kissed her as he used to: passionately. This was just the push her memory needed. Images, conversations, and moments flooded her psyche. She let out a small gasp as he pulled back. She cupped his face in her hands, tears of her own threatening to leave.

“Loki,” she stated. She pulled him into a desperate embrace. “I remember.”

At those words, Loki tightened the embrace. He allowed himself to release the tears that were threatening to tear him up a few minutes before. Y/N buried her head into his chest.

“I love you, so much Y/N,” he told her.
“I love you too, my King.”

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Anyone, but her

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader.

Summary: Loki made a deal, he would let Thanos in and take possession of the few Infinity Stones that were kept by Odin to destroy Asgard later, with the condition that (Y/N) would remain untouched and unharmed, but joke was on him, Thanos is not the one to trust.

Warnings: Violence? Just a bit of fluff. 

A/N: This was so much better in my head, sorry.

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Thanos was sitting on his throne, waiting patiently for his moment as he looked at the realms rotate at their own speed. He had done it for years and years, and he still dreamed about the day that he’d get to finally raise hell upon each one of them. Patience was a virtue, but he was starting to run out of it.

Loki Laufeyson, Odin’s adopted child appeared in front of him, with an offer that was hard that the mad titan would reject.

“Thanos, I have come to bargain.” Thanos nodded his head once to let the frost giant descendant know that he was paying attention to his words. “I have no interest whatsoever in ruling Asgard, not anymore, so my offering is that I guarantee you and your people the access to the vault and you might take the few stones that lay there, do with Asgard as you please.”

“And why the sudden change of mind, Laufeyson?” Thanos asked.

“None of your business, Thanos.” The titan tried to talk back, but Loki immediately cut him off. “I have a condition, you can harm whoever you want, but there is a maiden, and I want her unharmed.”

“Who shall I spare?”

“Her name is (Y/N).” For a second, Loki’s façade fade out. It was enough time to make Thanos realize the trickster’s true feelings for the woman. “You get close to her and I swear I will terminate you.” He threatened calmly. “No matter how long it takes, you will pay if you dare to do something to her.”

“The maiden will remain untouched.” Thanos promised, but you can’t really trust someone like him.

Odin’s best soldiers, including the Warriors Three, fought bravely against Thanos’s army, but it became pretty obvious that it was a battle the Asgardians wouldn’t win. The palace was exploding from almost everywhere, and Loki was fearing the worst.

He had no idea where (Y/N) could be, and he didn’t have the chance to warn her about what was about to happen and how much he worried about her. If this was the end of their world, he needed to at least let her know about his true feelings.

Ever since childhood, (Y/N) was always around the princes. Her mother had died when she was just a baby, and her father was one of Odin’s greatest soldiers, but he had died too, so both the king and the queen of Asgard received (Y/N) as part of their own family. Thor, Loki and (Y/N) were almost raised together.

In Loki’s teenage years, he became more and more envious of his brother Thor, and the only person he could trust to let out his feelings was (Y/N). She always had a comforting word for him, and even when she didn’t, she was still there to make him feel like he was not alone. And he truly wasn’t.

Loki felt like there was something strange. It took a liar to know a liar, and he knew Thanos was not a trust worthy man, let alone, he was not a man. But Loki realized that a little too late. Thanos was already entering to the main hall of the palace, surrounded by his soldiers who were holding a woman. Loki’s instincts told him to run and save her, but that would surely end up fine.

“WE HAD A DEAL, YOU MONSTER!” Loki growled, and when the mad titan turned to see him, he laughed deeply, almost heartedly. “I didn’t believe you had no honor.”

“You, of all people, should know that you must not trust anyone… God of Mischief.” Thanos grinned, holding (Y/N) by her arm and pushing her to make her fall onto the cracked flooring of the leftovers of the Asgardian palace. “Look at your precious loved one.” Thanos pointed at her with his giant hand. “Look at her for what it could be the last time.”

(Y/N) laid there, terrified to the core and shaking. Her hands had dirtied with the dust that the tiling left and as she looked up at Loki, the words got caught on her lips. She had so many things to say, a lot of places to start from, but she was petrified. Loki ran to kneel next to the love of his long life, and he hurriedly cupped her face in his slim hands.

They tried to hold onto each other with the very last of their strengths. She allowed herself to break down in tears, wetting the collar of his clothing. (Y/N) babbled something she couldn’t even understand, while Loki tried to sooth her a little.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He mumbled, pressing his forehead against hers. “I—I never thought he’d do this.” She held on to his wrists as she tried to keep herself together. “We—we had a deal.”

“Loki—how could you?” She spat out with her voice breaking every passing second. “You brought this misery upon all of us!”

“This misery was not supposed to reach you, we’d be far away by now if this crook hadn’t tricked me.” He explained agitatedly. “I would never put you through this intentionally. Please, love, understand—”

“Love?” She asked in bewilderment. “You called me ‘love’?” She repeated.

Loki didn’t say anything, he was too ashamed of what he had done, but he still had a trick on his sleeve. Thanos wouldn’t win that easy, especially now that he had broken the only promise Loki cared about.

“You are a disgrace to your own name, Loki Laufeyson.” Thanos murmured. “God of Mischief? Let me disagree with that.”

The first explosions inside the palace came from Loki, but as they were too close to (Y/N), she passed out and fell unconscious next to him. It was his first duty to protect her now.

The nurses around the bed started to move quicker now that their patient was waking up. She groaned deeply, and one of them held her hand and caressed her forehead. The nurse signaled the awaiting companion to come closer and replace her hand with his.

He was so eager to see her awake again, but she was taking her time. He signaled the nurses to put the lights down a bit, so her eyes wouldn’t hurt that much when she opened them, and apparently it was what she needed, because it didn’t take long until she opened them again.

When she saw Loki, holding her hand and standing beside her, a soft smile formed on her lips as she weakly tried to speak, but he silenced her right away.

“Don’t talk (Y/N), you don’t need to.” He pressed a soft kiss on her forehead and she sighed in relief; it seemed like everything that happened so fresh in her memory was gone and there was no more Thanos, no more destruction and no more anything. “Do you want me to bring you something?” She shook her head. “Do you want to keep resting?

Weeks went by, and (Y/N) started to feel much better. Even though she still remembered some things, there were a few details she was not aware of, like what had happened to Thanos and why was everything as normal again.

“Loki,” she timidly asked, as he walked her out of the improvised nursery. Asgard was still trying to be rebuilt, and it could take ages, but everyone was trying to do their best, “what happened after Thanos… I just can’t remember a thing.”

“Well, Odin is smarter than I thought, and he knew Thanos was plotting something to get into Asgard, and with Thor’s help and the warriors from other realms they finally defeated him.”

“Did you really…?”

“Yes,” he admitted, “but I have paid the price for it.”

“May I know what that is?” She asked, slowing down and tugging at his arm to make him look at her. “Loki, I’m not stupid… I remember some of the things that happened before I passed out and… I remember you calling me ‘love’” She bit her bottom lip, and Loki smiled fondly. “Is it true or—”

“It is,” he nodded, “you are my love.”

“You have the worst timing,” she chuckled, “getting your home destroyed… Just to admit you like me.”

“I love you.” He slyly replied. “There’s a difference.” His hands sneaked down to hers and he held them tightly; he was not letting her go again. “What do you say, love?”

“You’re the worst, trickster.” She laughed. “The worst of the worst.” She stepped on the tip of her toes to get closer to his lips and lock them in a sweet kiss.