loki's kisses

“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

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Imagine waking up next to Loki in the morning, your head on his chest, his arm around you, his fingers lazily tracing patterns on your arm, hip, anywhere he can reach. He realizes you’re awake and kisses the top of your head. As you look up at him you both smile, but yours falters when you realize you have work/class.

Your eyes widen slightly and you smile mischievously. You quickly kiss him and roll over to reach your phone. Loki shifts to his side, wraps his free arm around your waist, and kisses your neck, wondering what you’re up to. He smirks as he reads over your shoulder that you’re texting your boss/emailing your professor that you can’t quite make it in today (something about being sick, sorry it’s so last minute, let you know if you need to do anything from home). Loki smiles as you turn back around in his arms and nuzzle into his neck. His arms pull you close and you both stay like that long past the time you were supposed to leave.

Imagine that you’re the daughter of the librarian in the palace and because of that are spending lots of time there. You are not allowed to wander off to anywhere else, so you usually just sit somewhere in the corner and read. That’s how you became acquainted with the younger Prince. But when you got older, you went to school and could no longer visit the library your mother worked in. After finishing school you go to college and after that, you finally return home. But to your horror, your mother has fallen ill. You look after her with great care, but after few days, she dies.

Now you’re in need of a job to pay the rent of the house you live in. And the palace needs a new librarian. They hire you immediately when you say who your mother was. After only two days of working there, the younger Prince Loki visits. You almost don’t recognise him. He asks, where the other librarian went and you say that your mother passed away. That’s when he recognises you and after offering his condolences, he smiles at you as his eyes wander over your body. You blush at the way he looks at you. The last time you saw each other, you were toddlers. 

You talk to make up for the lost time; you can see that there are some things bothering Loki that he tries to hide, so you do not push him. He visits the library every day and you chat for hours, and you start suspecting if Loki has taken a liking to you. But you push that thought down; just because you are attracted to him, doesn’t mean he feels the same for you.

One day, when you are helping Loki find a book somewhere back in the library, he proves you wrong by suddenly pushing you up against the shelves and kissing you. Since then you start courting, in secret. Sometimes he sneaks you into his chambers to have his way with you, other times you do it in the library.

During your courting, Loki admits to you that he’s a Jotun and is ready for whatever horrible reaction you might have. But when you hug him and tell him it’s okay and you still love him, he breaks down. Never has he ever felt so accepted like now in your arms. This makes your relationship even stronger. There are no secrets between you anymore.

Imagine giving Loki a surprise kiss on the cheek…

“Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that.” Loki murmurs quietly as he looks over at you, causing your cheeks to flush an even brighter pink.

You struggle for words for a moment. “I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries.” You look down.

“Not at all.” Suddenly, Loki’s standing right in front of you and placing his hands on your waist to pull you in impossibly closer. “Though I’m afraid you set me down a path of no return.” He smiles at you as he leans down to ghost his lips against yours. “I don’t believe it will be possible for me to resist you any longer, darling.”

frostiron masterpost

against regulations

Steve’s face did a weird rippling thing—his eyebrows couldn’t decide if they wanted to be bunched together or up near his hairline and his mouth worked like someone had just mentioned Fury in tights. “Uhm. Your… underthings.”

Tony froze.

“They, uh. They don’t appear to be. Uh. Regulation?”

and everyone knew except them

It started as a stupid joke; Tony smacked a kiss on Loki to freak out a homophobe, except everything went belly up as soon as Loki started kissing back.

blood from a stone

Tony Stark has never seen the point in traditional art—until he laid eyes on a beautiful statue of a fierce, glaring man. Awestruck and wanting to see that statue every day, he spent a small fortune to own it. A few months afterwards, he begins to dream of a man pressed to him, kissing him with desperation.

“Kiss me,” the man begs, “Kiss me!”

I’m trying! Tony wanted to say, but his mouth was wondrously invaded, captured by a man whose long, powerful arms felt familiar as Tony ran his hands down them.

eraser boards

It’s a little too late for Loki to be bribing an A out of Mister Stark with his ass—about ten years too late. That doesn’t stop him from trying, though, with his little brother’s help.

it can’t hurt that bad, right?

Pepper issues Tony the ultimate challenge—prove his manliness by getting a Brazilian wax and not screaming like a little bitch during it. Tony, stupid and bullheaded and completely sure the salon doesn’t wax men, agrees.

He was wrong.

Now he’s staring at a handsome man spreading wax all over his crotch and this… this is feeling way better than it should.

la petite mort

He dreams of a man, beautiful and dangerous. Poison green eyes flutter closed and a pulse dances under his tongue—spider pale hands grip his shoulders tight, tight, and the white starburst burns up his spine and shuts down his mind.

Then Tony wakes up, and remembers that he is dying.

mason jars and mile long halls

Tony has… an overactive imagination. Since Pepper left him to move across the country in pursuit of a better job, Tony has became a shut in convinced that one of his three neighbors is a werewolf and the other a Russian spy.

He’s never seen the guy who lives in 501C, only heard his voice, and Tony is perfectly content to stew in his curiosity about who lives in the apartment across from him, until an incident with the toilet leaves Tony pounding on 501C’s door and begging for mercy. The man who lives in 501C’s beyond strange and probably a serial killer, but Tony finds himself risking life and limb to get to know him a little better.

messenger bird

Loki has been imprisoned again in Asgard, no visitors allowed but his brother. Tony hears about this through the grapevine and decides to shoot ol’ Reindeer Games a letter, just to rub it in a little. To his surprise, Loki actually writes back, just as biting and acidic.

of bubble butts and statuesque gods

Each Avenger had their own version of how Loki came to reside in the Avenger’s Tower—Steve was fond of embarking on a rambling spiel of redemption and triumph in the face of adversity, while Clint and Nat were of the mind that he just wanted to avoid daddy’s belt. Bruce just chalked it up with a mumble of ‘bag of cats,’ and Thor expounded the virtues of fraternal love and devotion.

Tony, on the other hand, enjoyed teasingly betting dimes to donuts that is was all because of his fabulous ass.

And he was completely right.

puppy love

It sounds like something from a lurid Harlequin novel—an alpha and omega, trapped together when the alpha unexpectedly starts to rut. Only, Tony isn’t some fainting, weak kneed omega, and Loki’s just his thirteen year old student that didn’t even know he’s an alpha. Unlike what some sick perverts like to say, there’s other ways of handling a terrified young boy’s first rut that don’t involve anything sexual.

stories inked in skin

Loki could just shift his skin with magic, but there is a visceral satisfaction in carving what matters to him onto his body, inked with sweat and blood. What matters most to him is redrawn over and over as his body devours the ink under his skin, while all the rest clear. Tony wants badly to leave his mark on that body; wants to know if he would be allowed any sort of permanency.

Prove It (4/?) [Ft. Reader x Loki]

Summary: Loki receives a marriage proposal from a young princess and accepts, becoming King of his own realm. However, he gets more than he bargains for as he learns that the kingdom has more than meets the eye and he finds himself in the middle of something sinister. What will he do when he falls in love with his wife and her life is at risk?…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 5  / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

With your head held high you walked towards the door, both the handmaiden and Loki walked out. You recognized Leahtin the handmaiden, she was a new hire to the castle. She began to babble an apology but you honestly didn’t care that she was kissing Loki however as Queen you couldn’t let her know that. You raised your hand in front of her and she hung her head in silence, you were surprised but didn’t show it.

Motioning to Loki with your head, you turned around and began to walk away with Loki following you. He couldn’t understand why you were so silent, perhaps you were jealous of the fact the he was kissing another woman?

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Imagine Loki going weak in the knees after a platonic kiss on the cheek, then grabbing you by the shoulders and turning you to face him and kiss on the lips.
After a moment of being startled, you start to sink into the kiss when Loki pulls away to apologize, worried you don’t feel the same. You shut him up with another longer and deeper kiss.

Darcy/Loki, First kiss

for @valiantlyangryfoxblr

Darcy was the one who initiated it.  She was kissing him before she could stop herself.  And once she had stopped herself, the damage had already been done.  

“Oh my blob…I’m so sorry…” She wiped her mouth and looked around for an escape, an exit.  Didn’t even have to be good or make sense.  She just wanted out of this lab and out of this planet.  

Loki reached up to touch his lips, to touch the place she’d kissed him.  “Why are you apologizing?”  He tilted his head quizzically.  “Was it an accident?”  

“Yes!  Yes, I didn’t mean–”  

“Did you mean for your lips to touch me somewhere else?  My cheek?  My throat, perhaps?”  he asked, his tone silky-smooth and doing things to her.  

She shook her head, “I just meant…I don’t want this to be weird.”   

“The only one who’s making it weird is you…” He took a step towards her, wrapping his arm around her back.  His hand came up to cup her chin as he sealed his mouth on hers.