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Loki: I am Loki of Asgard. Who do you think you are, standing in my presence? 

Y/N: Oh, looks can be quite deceiving. I’m sure you out of all people would know that.

Loki: What are you talking about?

Y/N: I am like you, Loki of Asgard. I am the Goddess of Childhood.


matchgirl42  asked:

Sad Loki headcanon: Loki is so used to getting shit on by life, that when someone says something nice to him or does something nice for him, he doesn't know how to deal. He can't wrap his head around it. You've probably talked about this before but if you have any further thoughts or a fic hiding somewhere I'm sure we'd all love to read them. :)

I don’t know if I’ve written a fic specifically about this but it’s definitely something that’s popped up, where one of the quickest ways to disarm Loki completely is to do or say something genuinely nice. He doesn’t expect it and he’ll immediately start trying to pick it apart and look for the hidden motive or barb or trick. Loki when it comes to nice things is very “sounds fake but okay” about the whole thing.

(This shows up a lot in early installments of RTC especially - there’s the bit I remember off the top of my head where Loki asks sort of mockingly if Steve was worried about him and Steve takes a risk and is like “actually, yes” and Loki just kind of goes blank for a second.)

Loki has a very, very hard time accepting or trusting or believing in kindness. It’s actually…some of this is what I headcanon about the ways in which Thanos fucked with his head, specifically - where it was never clear exactly where he stood or what would earn displeasure, where any minute things could turn around and go bad fast. 

I don’t think that’s where that distrust started - I think to some extent that’s something that was there already and just got further entrenched - but it was definitely a large factor in giving Loki a whole new complex about how Nobody Is Actually Nice or Decent.

It’s funny, too, because I think this is part of Loki’s praise kink - not just the fact that he’s so goddamn thirsty for nice things, and specifically for praise, but because it’s easier for him to accept in a context of sex. 

Basically this.


Tom Hiddleston talks about Thor’s new haircut in upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok


Heath Ledger’s performance in ‘The Dark Knight’ quite simply changed the game. He raised the bar not just for actors in superhero films, but young actors everywhere; for me. His performance was dark, anarchic, dizzying, free, and totally, thrillingly, dangerous. – Tom Hiddleston

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Does Loki come from a culture that changes one of the spouse's last names tho? If not, and since he hates the whole "son of" designation, I don't see why he wouldn't just take the name Rogers. Since, y'know, it'd be important to Steve/part of Steve's culture/would designate him as belonging with Steve, etc.

I have no idea, but probably not? If Asgard uses patronymics, then there’d be no reason to take spouse’s last names - it wouldn’t make sense. The purpose of the name is to designate family lineage, not…marriage connections. 

But yeah, it’s something I could maybe see Loki doing - though there’s a lot of baggage there still that tells him “you can’t get rid of that lineage even if you ditch the name” about both Odin and Laufey. 

Mostly I think a lot about how Loki choses his name situationally and does have a lot of struggle with how to define himself - he doesn’t want to be/doesn’t feel like a Laufeyson, that name has so much wrapped up in it for Loki, but at the same time he doesn’t much feel like an Odinson either - but having no patronymic at all feels a little like not having a limb. It’s an unnerving rootlessness that Loki really doesn’t like.

Marvel Preference- Matching Tattoos

I’m not much of a fan of tattoos, but someone requested this and I lost the request, sorryyyy. Well here it is, a matching tattoos preference!

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