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How DARE You? - (Loki x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader)

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Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Loki x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 461

After Loki came to carry out his punishment at the Avengers tower, you slowly started to fall in love with him. Unbeknownst to you, Loki returned your feelings of affection towards him. It wasn’t until a year after Loki’s residence at the tower that he began to court you.

On one lazy Sunday afternoon, you were cuddled up next to Loki on the soft, cushiony velvet sofa, wrapped in fluffy green and white blankets. Loki and you were binge-watching Disney films because… why not?After the fourth film, Sleeping Beauty ended, you rotated your body and kissed Loki on the lips. His arms relaxed around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.

“Are you enjoying that Reindeer Games?”

You jumped from Loki to see a fuming Tony Stark. His eyes burned with the passion of pure hatred towards Loki.

“Dad-“you started, before being cut off by Tony.

“How DARE you even touch my daughter, let alone kiss her!” he screamed at Loki, who was surprisingly calm.

Before either of you could reply to your beetroot-faced father, he pressed the alarm which alerted all the Avengers. Oh, no you thought.

The Avengers burst into the room individually, dressed and equip for battle. Natasha ran in first, followed by Clint, Wanda, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Bucky, and Steve.

“Man of iron, explain why we are here” Thor queried.

Tony, unable to contain his temper, began to scream in Thor’s face “Why? WHY? That is why!” he pointed to Loki “Your brother has been touching (Y/N)!”

“Calm down, Tony” Natasha interrupted your father before he could continue screaming at Thor “At least let him explain first”. Nat gave Tony a cold stare as if she was saying let them explain first otherwise you will seriously regret your decision.

Thor placed the Mjolnir on Loki’s lap, so he couldn’t even attempt escape.

“Is this really necessary?” Loki asked, looking at the Mjolnir.

After taking a deep breath, you began to explain how you and Loki had slowly fallen for each other and had been dating for almost a month. This was proceeded by you adding that Loki has been nothing but gentle and kind to you and that you were planning on telling the Avengers next week during your monthly dinner. Loki confirmed every statement you proclaimed and described his feelings for you. After finishing, you looked at the team and hoped for the best.

“But, but, but…” Tony responded.

“Calm down drama queen” Clint mocked your father.

Tony instantly gave Natasha the puppy eyes look.

“No Tony, no plotting any revenge, your daughter is happy and safe, especially when we are around”.

Loki sighed in relief.

“BUT YOU, don’t think that we like you, we are all watching your every move” Nat threatened.  

This looks like the beginning of a music video

Kneel Laufeyson By Loki

Featuring the number one hit: You’re not my dad”

Bonus track: I do what I want“

Hela bad influence

Odin: *sees Loki taking a liking to green+black+gold* Well at least he learned not to take Thor’s color

Odin: *sees Loki being accustomed to wearing leather customed Asgardian clothing* Armor doesn’t fit him anyway

Odin: *sees Loki’s interest on sorcery, magic and art* Eh, at least he could find something unique for himself

Odin: *sees Loki summoning/conjuring daggers and sorts of weapons from his hand* Not bad, at least he’s good at something

Odin: *finds out that Loki wants the throne and want to reach greater ambitions* I’m sure he’ll be fine

Loki: *plays “Welcome to the Black Parade” by MCR*

Odin: *gasps* NO!
*slams Gungnir* YOU
*pushes guards out of the way* ARE *flips table* BECOMING
*tells Frigga to get out* LIKE
*opens door to Loki’s room* YOUR *throws Loki’s book* EMO
*holds Loki by his collar* SISTER


I noticed all the hate some people got recently from antis-Tony and I feel so sad for them :/ I want to say to those sweeties who loves Tony as much as me : learn french ! I am fucking serious. Our french side of the Avengers & MCU fandom is so nice like ?! We all love Tony, its like a giant ball full of love for him and yeah, I know some people from my country can be assholes too but I saw none of them spreading hate about Tony or an other character ? Some don’t like him, obviously, but instead of sending hate they write about Stucky, Hawksilver and other ships and we share all of this and everybody is happy ?! So learn french guys XD and last thing, its safe for Tony’s fan here, we love him ! ❤

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30 day OTP Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine: Doing something sweet

Note: Pure fluff :D BABIESSSSS

Words: 1115

You frowned softly as Loki got ready to go to Asgard for a few months and it killed you inside to be away from him. Six months, that’s the longest he’d be gone and especially now that you are married it hurt like a knife in your chest. You held a smile on your face despite the ache in your heart of not being with him as you placed a hand onto your stomach. It was slightly swollen for being now almost three months pregnant and you were more emotional due to the hormones. Loki looked back to see your broken expression before you immediately forced a smile for him.

“My love do you like this dress, or this one?”  He asked offering out two different dresses as you frowned softly. “What does it matter? What does it have to do with you leaving for six months?” You asked crossing your arms. “Because, I want you to look nice and be comfortable when you meet Odin.” He said as you rolled your eyes. “Of course you–Wait… What?” You asked as your eyes widened in shock before looking to Loki who had a grin on his face. “Did you think I was going to leave my love and child alone for six months?” He asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Y-You mean you’re taking me to Asgard?” You asked as your jaw dropped open. “Of course, my love if I left you here by the time I would get back you could possible have our child. And that is a no on my list. I want to be with you every step of the way.” He said cupping your face as you tear up before laugh happily pulling him into a kiss. “You really thought I was going to leave you alone?” He asked softly. “Well I thought maybe you thought I’d be safer on Midgard.” You mumbled when he placed a gentle kiss onto your forehead causing your eyes to flutter close.

“I think you are safest when you are here, but I want to watch this child grow, be a better father than Odin ever was to me. I will give this child all the love and happiness that I can give it.” He whispered as you smiled before hugging him in tears. “You are just a sap.” You giggled as he nips your neck with a playful growl. “Funny.” He comments as you grin before burying her face into his chest. “What will we tell the others about me going with you?” You asked looking at him when he winks before putting his index finger over his lips as he shushes you quietly.

“I shall tell them of your absence, besides you would be suck in this tower all day with nothing to do. They wouldn’t allow you to go on missions while carrying a child, and if they’re smart they won’t considering it’s mine.” He said in a dark voice as he cleared it quickly smiling to you. “And as your prince I cannot allow you to remain trapped in this tower.” He said before picking you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist causing you to squeak. He grins before kissing your cheek as you blushed looking at him when you looked around. “I’m not too heavy?” You asked.

“Of course you aren’t. I can pick up Thor without a problem, you are fine.” He said as you nod biting her lip gently. “I promise my love.” He whispered nuzzling his face into your neck causing you to laugh at the ticklish feeling as he grins holding you closer. “My beautiful wife.” He whispered softly as you smiled before tightening your hold on his leather. “Come we should get ready, we leave tomorrow morning.” He whispered setting her onto the bed. “By the way I like the first dress the best.” You said as he smirks. “I told Thor you would.” He chuckled going to the closet.

It took a few hours, but you were both packed for the six month journey as he looks to you for a moment in silence. “You’re having second thoughts?” You asked as he sighs. “I’ve been having second thoughts before even informing you, but I don’t want to be away from you for that long.” Loki sighs softly when you sat up on the edge of the bed before he walked in front of you. “I’m just worried, but Asgard is a beautiful place. I know you’ve wanted to see it for a long time.” He said as you smiled softly when he makes you lay back before he lays a hand onto your stomach.

“If I had known getting pregnant would get you to touch me more I would have done it soon.” You laugh as he rolls his eyes before gently lifting up your shirt over your swollen bump. “If I had known all you wanted me to do was touch you I wouldn’t have done it.” He countered as you laugh before look down to him when his eyes fell to your stomach. You bit your lips seeing a glimmer in his eyes that you don’t see as often as you would like to. He grinned to the unborn child growing in you when he leaned down pressing a gentle kiss onto it. “Rest.” He said.

He pulled back as you sighed wanting to protest, but the feeling of exhaustion over took your words. He pulled you further onto the bed when he whispered that he’d be right back, going to ask him why sleep claimed you before you had the chance. The morning came while you, Loki, Thor, and Jane set off to the realm of Asgard, your new home for the next six months. You were happy to have Jane with you considering Loki was going to be a little busy with things involving Thor and the council. So it was nice to have someone you considered a friend and someone from the same place as you to top it all off.

Your eyes widened feeling you and Jane both freeze in place at the awestruck beauty that is the realm of Asgard. Thor grins to Loki who chuckles at both of your reactions. “I love it when they do that.” Thor comments as Loki nods agreeing with him before they both lead you towards the palace. “This place is magical.” You gasp looking at Jane who smiles to you nodding. “In more ways than one my darling.” He chuckles softly as he helped you up the steps towards the palace where Odin stood smiling happily to them. “Welcome dear Ladies to the world of Asgard.” He said gesturing.

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Author’s Note: Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is the last day of the OTP Challenge for Loki!! *Screams* Thank you all who has supported me this far! You’ve all been just the best people a writer could have asked for :’) 

Roses Are Red

Pairing: Loki x F!Reader

Requested by @earinafae

Yay your requests are open! Could you do one where the reader is like the parent of the group, is besties with Wade and has just started dating Loki? I’m also in love with your blog 💚  (a/n awwwwww <3 <3 <3)

Wade has created a chatroom.

Wade has added Loki.

Wade: Hello, you beautiful snowman.

Wade: Do you know what time it is?

Loki: Ah, Wade. I was wondering what had befallen you. You’re late for your weekly threats.

Wade: You won’t believe the traffic on the highway.

Loki: You have a car now?

Wade: No.

Loki: That explains the news.  Now, on with the threats. I’ve grown fond of them.

Wade: That defeats the purpose of them, you monster! Now I have to throw away my list and redo them.

Wade: I will KILL YOU.

Wade: With love if you love and support my Y/N.

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I’ll do better for you (Request)

Prompt: Hallo!!!! Can you do me a loki x reader fanfic????? Loki is now with the avengers for a couple of years and an old friend comes back with a five year old daughter that looks exactly like Loki if he was a girl? (Loki is the father) thank you very much!!! ❤❤❤❤ –ereniswifeerenislife


Words: 1065

Requested by: @ereniswifeerenislife

The Avengers had just returned home from a mission, exhausted as everyone was no one spoke a word. Like the others Loki collapsed onto the one recliner while rubbing his aching thighs from running so much. He had joined the Avengers a few years ago after Thor convinced him, everyone was very leery of his presence at first. Soon they had grown accustom to him considering he helped clear Bucky’s mind and give him back his memories. “Sir I want to inform you that there is an Asgardian woman here to see Thor and Loki. She said her name was (Y/N).” Jarvis’ voice suddenly had announced as Loki froze at the name, she was an old friend.

“Where is she?” Loki asked shooting up from his chair wincing at the pain in his body. “She is located in your room Sir.” Jarvis said as Thor stood up with him. “It has been a while since we have seen Lady (Y/N).” Thor said as they walked down the hallway towards his room while everyone looked to each other in confusion. Loki opened the door to see a woman sitting there with a sleeping child in her lap as she sings to the little girl. Thor and Loki both froze, not noticing them (Y/N) sang with her eyes closed while she swayed back and forth. Her little girl safe in her arms while she waited for Loki to return when she heard the door creak open.

She looked over before smiling at them both as she should up cradling the five year old. “Good morrow you two. It has been too long since I have seen you both.” She said as Loki was staring at her child. Her long Raven hair went down to her butt, and her skin was pale much like Loki’s as Thor smiled to her. “What brings you here? Not that we are not overjoyed to see your presence!” Thor said immediately as (Y/N) let’s out a small chuckle. “I actually have a reason to see you both, but mostly it’s for the God of Mischief.” She said standing up as Loki looked to her. “What reason?” He asked when she laid down the small child onto his bed.

“Her. She’s the reason I’m here.” She smiles as they both raised an eyebrow out her. “Loki, she belongs to you. This is your daughter.” She said gesturing to her as Loki froze before looking to her. “You are fooling me right?” Loki asked as (Y/N) frowned. “No, not something like this.” She said very seriously as Loki walked over to her. “She does look a lot like you.” Thor pointed out as Loki looked back to him with a bored expression. “Really? I couldn’t tell.” He snipped as Thor frowned to Loki causing (Y/N) to sigh. “Seems you two haven’t change.” She lets out a chuckle. “Did you really expect anything less?” Loki asked to her a little more calmer than before.

“No, but I wanted you to meet her.” She said softly. “Why not? Why not before this?” He asked a little hurt that she had waited for so long. “Because I was going to be married. They thought it was his, but I knew it was yours. However, if I had told them that it was yours they would have killed her and myself.” She explained. “I had to hide away until I knew it was safe to bring her to you. When I came to Odin he had informed me of your travel to Midgard. I came here and searched with Lady Sif who helped me find this place so that I may show you here.” Her voice grew quieter towards the end, almost to a whisper while they stood in silence listening to her.

“What is her name?” Loki asked looking to her as she smiled running her fingers through her hair. “Anastasia.” She said before looking at him. “I don’t expect you to be with me, but I want you to be in her life. I want you to be her father. I want her to see you as a good man like I did.. Like I do.” She corrected as Loki had a small smile tug his lips. “You always saw the good in me. No matter what.” He whispered quietly. “I still do.” She said when she bent down to Anastasia as she gently shook her when green eyes fluttered opened. “Hi love, sorry to wake you, but look who it is.” She pointed to Loki as Anastasia’s eyes lit up almost immediately when she stood up.

“Daddy!” She exclaims wrapping her arms around his legs as he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. He picked up before she buried her face into his chest as she gripped onto his back, fearing if she let go he’d disappear. “That’s right my little love. I am here.” He whispered as Thor smiles before he pointed towards the door. ‘I’ll let you have your little moment’ He mouthed to (Y/N) before he quietly left the room when Anastasia looked up to him. “Daddy, are you going to stay with us now?” She asked as (Y/N) smiles softly as Loki looks up to (Y/N) before quirking an eyebrow. “Well that is up to your mother. Does she want me back?” He asked as (Y/N) smiles softly.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted you back.” She whispered as tears formed in her eyes when Loki smiles. “Are you willing to stay in Midgard with me?” He asked quietly as Anastasia looked to her mother. “If that is where you are. Yes.” She said with a nod when suddenly Loki pulled her into a kiss causing Anastasia to cover her eyes. “Gross!” She whines as Loki and (Y/N) chuckle looking back to her when they heard the door creak. They glanced over to see the entire team standing there with grins on their faces as Loki placed a hand on his hip. “Funny.” He comments before flicking the door shut with his magic as they all groaned when Loki turned back to Anastasia and (Y/N) before smiling softly. He holds them both close to him unable to imagine that he would ever be a father. “I’ll do good… for both of you.” He whispered.

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Author’s Note: I want to thank @ereniswifeerenislife for waiting for such a long time to get her request! Thank you so much for being patient, I hope you enjoyed!! :D

Yet more proof Nazis are idiots

1. They appropriate ᛏ (the Tiwaz rune) as a symbol, which is named after the god Týr. 

Týr’s biggest claim to fame: He’s disabled. He’s only got one hand because the other was bitten off by Fenrir the Great Wolf (one of Loki’s Monstrous Children).

2. They appropriate Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) as a symbol.

Thor Odinson is mixed-race. His father is Odin, who the Vikings considered to be an Ás, and his mother is Earth, who is a Jötunn.

3. They claim to ascribe to a religion called “Odinism”.

Odin Borson the Allfather is the mixed-race disabled leader of the Æsir and any other deities residing in Asgard (Vanir like Njörd, Jotnar like Loki, etc). 

His father, Bor, was an Ás and his mother was a Jötunn (aka Giant), meaning he’s part Æsir and part Jotnar, or mixed-race. 

Odin gave up one of his eyes as the price for drinking from Mimir’s Well to gain wisdom, making him disabled.

3. a) Asgard is multicultural.

Uneducated people think Asgard is where the Viking gods came from. It’s not. The Viking gods hailed from many worlds, Asgard being just one of them. 

They also hailed from Vanaheim, Helheim, and Jotunheim. There were also extremely powerful beings which came from Alfheim and Svartalfheim. Then there’s the Norns, who live at the Well of Urd by the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. And there are, of course, the many creatures who live on Yggdrasil’s branches (my all-time favourite hands down being Ratatosk, the chipmunk who runs up and down Yggdrasil spreading slanderous gossip).

Slightly more educated people think Asgard is the home of the Æsir. That’s not entirely correct. 

People who have actually read the Eddas and other Viking lore know that Asgard was the homeland of the Æsir, but that it wasn’t just populated by Æsir.

Njörd, Freyja, and Freyr were Vanir. 

Skaði (Njörd’s wife), Járnsaxa (Magni’s mother), and Loki were Jotnar. 

Odin, Thor, Þrúðr, Móði, Magni, and Baldr were mixed-race (Æsir-Jötunn). 

Dark Elves were super good friends with the Æsir and made and cared for their weapons, so it’s not unreasonable to assume some might have settled in Asgard. 

Hel undoubtedly would stop by for visits from Helheim to visit her dad (Loki). 

The Dwarves would presumably be coming and going all the time (the only reason they couldn’t permanently settle there being the whole turns-into-stone-if-touched-by-sunlight thing).

3. b) There were plenty of women in power in Asgard.

Frigg could see the future and was highly respected for her abilities.

Freyja was so badass Loki and Thor once spent a good deal of time arguing about which of them was going to ask her for help because neither wanted to be the one she got mad at when she said no.

Hel ruled one of the lands of the dead and during Ragnarök commanded an army of all the dead souls in Helheim.

Idun was charged with one of the most important jobs in all of Asgard: Guarding the golden apples which granted the gods immortality.

Gefjun created the Danish island of Zealand.

The Valkyries were warriors and were charged with taking the souls of the chosen up to Valhalla, one of the underworlds (it’s possible they’d also take the chosen to Gimlí as well, though there’s very little known about the third underworld).

3. c) Loki was either intersex or nonbinary.

Loki once turned himself into a mare and gave birth to Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir. He’s also known to cross-dress and use seiðr magic (which was considered “unmanly" and was used almost exclusively by women).

3. d) Thor has been known to crossdress convincingly enough to pass as a gorgeous babe.

No, really. He dressed as a bride to steal back Mjölnir when it was stolen from him by Laufey, king of the Jotnar. He was dressed convincingly enough that no one in the wedding party realized he wasn’t Freyja (who’s renown for her beauty) until it was too late.

Oh, and Loki went along as Thor’s serving maid to have his nephew’s back just in case.

Princess of Mischeif

Pairing/Characters: Reader x Loki (Dad/Daughter Relationship), OFC (Candice – Mother) x Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark (mentioned), Romanogers (If you squint),

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, swearing, violence, blood, death,

Summary: During a raid in a HYDRA Base, the team finds a teenage girl beaten up and clearly weak. They bring her back to the facility only to realise that she and Thor, share a certain family member. He comes back to fight the people who caused you pain and he’s not letting down.

Word Count: 2,449

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