loki's burn book


Loki’s Burn Book. 

Where has this been all my life? :) 

Here’s what it says, because the font at times was hard to read (doesn’t make this any less awesome though):

Hulk:  "Bruce Banner. Worse anger management issues than my dear brother. Turns huge and aggressive. COMPENSATING. Clearly compensating.“ 

Hawkeye:  "Clint Barton. Constantly polishing his arrows. That is all. Constantly. Polishing. His. Arrows. (Nobody will do it for him, not even that foul ginger). 

Iron Man:  "Absolute skank…what is this even? The WORST daddy issues (even compared to my own). And damn it, even manages to be endearing about it. Tony Stark. Pretends to be a robot because he is a WORTHLESS MORTAL that nobody loves. No. Just…no." 

Captain America:  Steve Rogers. Captain Angst. Pretends he can get dates. Sure, Golden Boy. Sure. Greatest Achievement:  1st Place Frisbee competition. A medal for you, Rogers (loser)." 

Same cup size? 

Black Widow:  "Natasha Romanoff. Offensively ginger. Therefore, no soul. Who even speaks Latin?" 

Thor:  "This man is the biggest OAF in all the realms. DO NOT TRUST HIM. HE IS A WHINY DADDY’S BOY. Not very bright. Shameless exhibitionist. ATTENTION WHORE.  You do NOT want to know where he puts that hammer. Do NOT touch the handle."