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Could you point me in the direction of any specific posts or other resources you know of (if any) that focus around being non-binary and having a connection with Loki? This is one huge reason why I'm so drawn to Loki and I'd love to read about others' experiences too. Secondly, do you think it's OK to use a variety of pronouns for Loki? I've seen a lot of people use him but I'm wondering if her, zir, etc might also be OK to switch between. Thank you!

While the Norse didn’t view gender the same way as we do today, or have a label equivalent to non-binary or genderqueer, Loki explicitly goes against gender norms quite a bit in the lore. In that sense, it’s not inaccurate to say Loki could be interpreted as non-binary in a modern context. Some examples of Loki transgressing gender norms in the Eddas include:

  • The one everyone knows: Turning into a mare and giving birth to Sleipnir in Gylfaginning
  • Spending eight years under the earth milking cows and bearing children (mentioned in Lokasenna)
  • Eating a witches heart and becoming impregnated, resulting in him becoming the “mother of all monsters” (Hyndluljóð)
  • Cross-dressing to help Thor retrieve Mjolnir (Þrymskviða)
  • The whole incident with tying a goat to his balls to amuse Skadi in Gylfaginning may have been an allusion to or have symbolism related to castration (see Norse Mythology by John Lindow)
  • Shapeshifting was considered a “queer” act (see “Óðinn as Mother: The Old Norse Deviant Patriarch” by Ármann Jakobsson)
  • Loki may be implied to have possibly slept with Odin (Lokasenna) and Thor (Þrymskviða), in a culture where having sexual relations with other men was seen as making a man less “manly”

Note that the Norse would not have seen many of these acts as socially acceptable. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is extensive support for Loki sleeping with people of more than one gender and for not conforming to gender roles. Therefore, Loki is a very popular deity for modern Heathens to consult when struggling with orientation or gender identity, or when facing prejudice because of it. He’s been there, and he provides an opportunity for non-binary and other LGBT+ individuals to see themselves in the divine in a way that many converts were denied in the religion they were raised in.

In terms of pronouns, Loki is grammatically treated as male in the lore. That’s why we typically stick to he/him on this blog, so complete newbies don’t get confused. However, many modern devotees do refer to Loki with gender-neutral pronouns, or alternating pronouns.

Just be careful to avoid attributing certain personality qualities to particular gendered aspects. For example, you shouldn’t paint “female” Loki as more compassionate or nurturing or “male” Loki as more brooding or vengeful or whatever. As a non-binary person, you have probably noticed that your personality doesn’t change based on your gender presentation. And perpetuating the social construct of attributing certain qualities to certain genders is very damaging to everyone.

I don’t know of a masterpost or anything, but a lot of fellow Lokeans are non-binary, myself included. Enough that I don’t even want to start naming people because I know I’m going to inevitably leave a bunch of awesome folks out. While there’s not necessarily a ton of articulating the role of non-binary gender identity in Norse paganism in a formal way. a lot of people mention it here and there in personal posts. Readers, feel free to sound off in the replies or reblogs if you’ve written about this stuff, so the anon can find you!

The nbmysteries roundtable a couple years back, while not Loki-specific, may also be of interest, as a couple of Lokeans participated. 

- Mod E

 “You and your father cast large shadows,” Frigga tells Thor in a deleted scene from the Dark World. Yet it was the first movie that showed this, repeatedly. Second born son to a king, Loki was born into the position of the spare heir. So easily overlooked and disregarded when you have both a strong king and a powerful heir. I unabashedly love the way the director showed how Loki felt about his place in his family, about how he measured up against his father and older brother.

We start with Thor & Loki as children, on equal footing (visually) as they both gaze up at their father.

Then comes the coronation. Loki is below his father and above his brother. But he is miserable. The camera shoots down at him. Then shows him looking up at his father and down at his brother. Thor is below him only symbolically, for he is about to take the steps up - past Loki - to take the throne, where he will forever be above his younger brother. 

Next is my personal fave, sadly a scene that got chopped up even as it perfectly conveys how Loki sees himself. After Thor’s coronation is disrupted and he and Odin argue in the weapons vault (a scene in which Loki is silent, he has no voice in the exchange between Odin & Thor), Loki finds Thor brooding. They sit side by side until Thor rises to make his case for their going to Jotunheim (”no Thor that’s a terrible idea, don’t do that sit down” - me). Loki remains in place, still and silent, again having no voice as Thor cajoles his friends. Up until this - 

“You’re not going to let my brother and me take all the glory, are you?” 


“But you are coming with me, aren’t you?” 

“Yes, of course. I won’t let my brother march into Jotunheim alone.”

And as Loki jumps to his feet to declare his intention to go with Thor, he stands on a lower step. Below his brother. Staring up adoringly at him.

They go to Jotunheim (didn’t i tell  you to stay home??? you never listen), get dragged home by Odin. Odin & Thor argue again, standing on a platform elevated over Loki. Loki tries to speak up this time only to get roared into silence by his father. The look of shock on his face speaks volumes. From then on, he’s again silent, watching, looking up. Left out.

Thor is banished. Loki confronts Odin in the vault. The truth of his origins come out. This is the crucial scene where Loki’s visual position shifts. He is, as always, looking up at his father.

Then, suddenly, Loki’s above him. Loki’s the one looking down at his father. 

Well shit. This was unexpected. With Thor being cast down to Midgard, and Odin fallen at Loki’s feet, Loki has now been elevated higher than both of them. He receives Gungnir and sits on Asgard’s throne. Everyone is below him. He visits Thor on Midgard and stands above him, looking down at him as he informs Thor of his new standing.

But still Loki’s not happy. He can’t lift Mjolnir (duh, you tried to lift it after you told a shit ton of lies, you dumbass), Thor’s friends won’t obey him, Asgard’s watchman still stands above him, looking down. Loki claws and fights dirty to try to hang on to his elevated position just long enough to prove himself in Odin’s eye. Not to keep his position mind you, he’s only fighting to try to raise himself up a notch, trying to gain enough ground so he’s no long standing below Thor & Odin, silent and watching. This is all he wants. Though how he goes about it leaves something to be desired, but I digress.

Thor returns, Odin awakens and here we get to the most dramatic visual representation of how Loki see his place in the scheme of his family - 

You can’t get any lower than this. Loki’s always looking up, with others looking down. In one moment of sheer despair, he chooses to escape this position by falling down so far that he won’t have to see anyone looking down at him again.

I love watching this movie (and crying bitter tears of feels afterward).

The Adventures of Loki and Sigyn in Midgard | Move In Day, Part I Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Or, in which Sigyn makes friends and Loki is distrustful of artificial intelligence

Clint and Phil had been smart enough to pile into the SHIELD SUV with all the other agents, leaving Tony in the back of the other one with the Asgardians in tow. While Loki sat and brooded - swallowed up by the too big hoodie Sigyn had made him buy - Tony found himself answering the incessantly curious questions Sigyn and Thor kept asking. He learned Thor couldn’t understand the concept of toll roads and that Sigyn was perfectly thrilled by the Lincoln Tunnel, comparing it to the ones in her dwarven homelands. As they emerged into Hell’s Kitchen and the Garden District, Sigyn began smacking her husband on the chest repeatedly, excitedly pointing out the buildings she recognized from their previous brief foray into the city.

However, is fellow passengers grew quiet as they headed further and further into Midtown, seeing the destruction left behind by the Chitauri and the faces of the New Yorkers going by, acting as if a giant alien space ship bringing down the skyscraper across the street was no big deal. Tony tried to diffuse the awkwardness by pointing out various landmarks, Thor and Sigyn nodding along. The only thing that seemed to draw Loki’s interest was when he pointed out the main branch of the New York Public Library and its massive stone lions. Finally, they arrived at the remnants of Stark Tower on Park Avenue, sandwiched between Grand Central Terminal and the Helmsley Building. Tony briefly thought about the time he met Leona Helmsley, the old battle ax whose cutthroat business sense had impressed his father. Tony wondered how Howard would feel knowing the old broad had left the bulk of her money to a Maltese.

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Can you make a list of Marvel Cinematic Universe films related to cognitive functions?

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Sure. ;)

Extroverted Sensing (Se): The Iron Man trilogy. Se. So much Se. Action, explosions, fast decisions and visual spectacle. The movies are exciting, they’re thrilling, and they put you at the edge of your seat. The main character, Tony Stark, is a Se-dom, and for fun, he parties hard, surrounds himself with gorgeous women (none of whom he truly loves; the only woman he truly loves is Pepper), drives really fast cars, and spends a lot of the time playing with his toys, even demonstrating the sensually engaging Iron Man suits. This one is inarguable. Tony even has the flaw of alcoholism, and his constant impulsiveness puts him, as well as his loved ones and innocent bystanders, in danger, eventually leading up to his break-up with Pepper, as well as his damaged image in the public eye.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The Avengers movies. The director, Joss Whedon, is an ENTP, so it kinda makes sense. However, it is more visible in the second movie than the first movie. Age of Ultron is crammed with WAY too many sub-plots for its own good: Tony’s angst, Cap’s patriotism, Bruce and Nat’s romance, the introduction of Ulysses Klaw, the quick killing of Baron Strucker, the introduction of Wanda and Pietro, Pietro’s death, Hulk struggling with his anger issues, Ultron’s scheme to perfect the world, the birth of Vision, Thor discovering the Infinity stones, Thanos’ cameo, Hawkeye’s family, and the reassembly of the Avengers, with some new members? They all make it hard to tell WHAT EXACTLY was the movie’s goal. There were so many interesting things that could’ve been done with the plot, but Joss threw away many of those plot-lines simply because he lost interest. The first movie shows Ne as well, with the many plot-lines of each of the Avengers, Loki, and the members of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the death of Agent Phil Coulson, but the plot-lines were all better controlled, leading to a clear idea of what the movie was about (the birth of the Avengers, and the pleasure of comic book fans everywhere), as well as better reception from audiences and critics.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A lot of the movie is filled with espionage: the discovery of a shady organization’s rebirth, talks of how to “improve” the world with some new oversight projects, and the insane amount of planning that Dr. Arnim Zola went through all showcase it very well. It also has many events happen, all of which are meant to progress the plot forward: the introduction of Bucky as the Winter Soldier means new plot-lines for the future. The rebirth of Hydra means exactly the same thing, as does the introduction of Strucker, Wanda and Pietro. The movie also showcases some pretty good planning from the side of Nick Fury; but, most importantly, the scene where Cap reaches out to Bucky allows him to regain his memories, meaning that he will possibly join the Avengers (a team). This all would please comic book fans, but it’s all meant to maximize profit for the later movies yet to come. And, it has a very dark, logical, tough feel to it, where Cap is forced to take swift action at every turn.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): The Incredible Hulk. The entire movie is about the fact that Bruce wants to repress his inner self (the Hulk), because he’s seen what he can do (hurt his loved ones, as well as many innocent bystanders). Throughout the movie, he tries to find ways to “cure” himself, showing a lack of embracement of self, as well as embracing the views of most people around him as his own (if they see him as a monster, he is one). It talks a great deal about “fitting in”, even showcasing people like General Ross (who doesn’t use Fe) constantly trying to contain him, because he’s “a nuisance” to the public. In the overall themes of the movie, this would be Fe, though Ross is actually using Si (the Hulk is something that shouldn’t even have existed; if he goes out, many unforeseen consequences will take place, and if he hurt his daughter once, it may very well happen again). What causes Bruce to stop running away is that his girlfriend, Betty Ross (also a Fe user), assures him that he isn’t all that bad, and encourages him to use his powers for good, even with the doubts in his mind.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Captain America: The First Avenger and Guardians of the Galaxy. The first movie is, at its heart, very classic, which makes sense, considering it took place at the time of the World Wars. It has loads of classical music, parties and whatnot. The main character, Cap, is a Si-dom, and he is very obsessed with patriotism, America, kindness, chivalry, generosity, heroism, bravery, and all the other traits that were championed in the old days. Very controlled action, and tends to play it safe in regards to the plot. It also features many classical views (the Nazi’s being evil, for example), though anyone knows Nazi’s are evil. As for the second movie, it is filled to the brim with pop-culture references, 70′s music, and characters who remind you a lot of sensory archetypes done many times before (the charismatic thief, the detached female assassin, the genocidal maniac, etc.). The main character, Star-Lord, who has inferior Si, keeps his recorder as a reminder of his dead mother, who used to listen to these songs when she was alive. And, in the end, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot get over their past horrors, and join up to form a team that has a very close bond, stopping all intergalactic criminals who dare to cause harm to innocents.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): The Thor movies. Filled with symbolism, which is given, considering that the movies are based on Norse mythology. The characters are more-or-less archetypes, rather than actual characters (Thor is the impulsive hero who learns to be more responsible, Jane Foster is the one who studies him and changes his heart, Loki is the brooding step-brother of Thor who gives into his ambitions and envy to take the throne and rule, etc.). Many events foreshadow the future: the “death” of Loki foretells his takeover in the next Thor movie as the main antagonist, the cameo of the Collector foretells the importance of the Infinity Stones, etc. The movies are pretty hard to understand, being very abstract, complicated, and vague in their storytelling.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Ant-Man. The movie is full of abstract concepts, is very intellectual, and is the movie most focused on science. Its main purpose is to make a show of all the cool new concepts (shrinking technology, the quantum realm, heists in a Marvel movie, the Ant-Man and Yellow-Jacket suits, etc.), but it doesn’t do those without several sarcastic quips on the side. The main character, Scott Lang, is a Ti-dom, very well-known in his universe for being able to think his way around any kind of system. The movie explores every single concept in full detail, breaking them down and showcasing all of the concepts’ intricacies. This movie would undoubtedly send smiles to the faces of every science nerd and geek. Also, the comic relief, Luis, is very unique in his sense of humor, showing creative and original thinking.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Captain America: Civil War. The movie’s main focus is the emotional dynamics of the team, in that the unique emotions they feel towards the increased danger of the Avengers separate them into groups of 6, though each of them have their own reasons for which side they support, and some of them are clearly along just for the ride (Spider-Man and Ant-Man). Tony and T’Challa are both Fi users, and their reasons for supporting government oversight are all very personal (Tony does not want to be seen as a bad guy, whereas T’Challa is out for revenge against the man who killed his father, whom he believes to be Bucky, and supports the government because they are opposed to law-breakers / murderers like Bucky). Tony has emotional angst in the beginning, regarding the last argument he had with his parents, and it explodes with rage when he finds out who killed them (Bucky), and that Cap willingly kept this information from him. The main villain, Baron Helmut Zemo, who also uses Fi, sets out to stage some crimes in order to divide the Avengers from the inside, as revenge for the loss of his family in the Battle of Sokovia. He sympathizes with T’Challa’s loss, because he went through exactly what he did. Team Cap is strongly against the government, and refuses to back down on their beliefs to support the government. Overall, the movie is very dark, gloomy, and full of angst, and will tug on your heart endlessly.

- Nick

Music for Loki

aka Transgender Transplanetary Dysphoria Blues

Calling Loki a villain, despite his many transgressions upon the people of earth, feels much too simple. We all understand Loki so much better than me understand most heroes. Loki is brooding, Loki is vain, Loki is depressed, Loki is flamboyant, Loki is a narcissist, Loki is pitiful, Loki is lonely, Loki is charming, Loki is magical, Loki is untrustworthy, Loki loves his mother, Loki doesn’t feel loved. These are songs about strutting and dancing and dressing for success, they’re also songs about the deep well of sadness that all of us hold inside ourselves and hide with all the tricks we’ve learned along the way. 


  1. The Faint, “Posed To Death” 
  2. Drake, “Know Yourself”
  3. Hot Hot Heat, “Naked In The City Again” 
  4. Against Me!, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”
  5. Sia, “Elastic Heart” 
  6. Ke$ha, “Cannibal”
  7. Lana Del Rey, “Young and Beautiful”
  8. The Smiths, “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” 
  9. Earl Sweatshirt, “Faucet” 
  10. T. Rex, “Cosmic Dancer”

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A Misguided God

Title: A Misguided God

Chapter no./ One shot: Chapter 2

Author: starrynight35

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki finds out that you’re madly in love with him. He watches you from Asgard and falls for you too, but decides he’s not good enough for you, so he sends Tom instead. Suddenly, Loki (Tom dressed as Loki) is

Rating: G for now

Notes/Warnings: None

Warnings: Depression is a major theme in the first chapter

Chapter Two:

Tom Hiddleston was quite enjoying his time away from the bustle of movie sets for the next few weeks. He had spent every waking moment filming Kong and The Night Manager, and these moments alone in his London townhouse were becoming few and far between.
“Ah, Bentley, my pet. I’ve missed you, too, but you definitely can not take a shower with me. I’m certain you wouldn’t enjoy it.” Tom dropped a morsel of ham for his beloved cat and strolled toward the bathroom.
While lathering his long, lean body with body wash, Tom heard a noise.
“Bentley, is that you?”
“What is this ‘Bentley’ you speak of, Hiddleston?”
Tom recognized that voice.
He barely rinsed the soap from his body before jumping out of the shower and flinging his robe on.
When Tom emerged from the bathroom, his robe was halfway open and his hair was dripping wet, standing on end.
“Do you EVER knock, Loki?”

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Fallen Angels, ch. 2

Title: Fallen Angels
Chapter 2: Before – “I struck the board and cry’d, No more.” This chapter is all flashback.
Rating: M for language and cartoon violence (as they say at the movies); there may or may not be salaciousness later, depending on how the story develops.
Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy
External validation and constructive criticism actively and shamelessly encouraged. I have tried to tag everyone that asked, but not all of them are working :( I will keep trying.
Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin​, for your help and encouragement and editing. This story is vastly better for your help.

Ch. 1 – Walking with unblest feet
Ch. 3 

The young woman eyed Loki suspiciously as he stood in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

“I need to see Eir,” came the curt reply.

She rolled her eyes before she bothered to answer, “She’s at the tourney. You’ll have to make due with me.” She waved into the room and directed him to a comfortable exam chair.

He scowled and crossed his arms. “No. I need to see Eir.”

“Too bad. She won’t be back for hours. They need her to tend to all of your friends when they crack open each others’ skulls.”

Loki scanned his obstacle from head to toe — tall, sturdy, pragmatically dressed with an utterly nonplussed, confident stance. Arrogant.

“No. I’m not here to deal with an apprentice.”

She scowled darkly. “Journeyman,” she corrected, turning her back to return to a desk at the far side of the room. “Suit yourself. You can wait here or come back later, but Eir is stuck out on the field for at least another two hours until your brother gets tired of beating everyone up.”

Loki scowled back at her. “Fine. I’ll wait.” And make you as miserable as I can while I do it.

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The weeks of Aradir’s absence went by in a dull haze. Loki trained with weapons with Yaviria and studied magic on his own. He kept the house clean and well kept and wandered about sometimes learning the culture. Then there came the news of victory and the soldiers returning. Despite his weeks of brooding Loki was excited and anxious to see Aradir again. Only he wasn’t with the troops, nor in the casgle. Gone, they said. He hasn’t returned. Trying to quell his panic, Loki went in search of Yaviria to demand an explanation.


My personal headcanon for Norse mythology is that Loki was actually a doting father, and leading the giants at Ragnarok was his way of retaliating against all the misery the other Aesir put his family through.  He loves his children, and for all that the other gods call them monsters, they are his babies, and the one thing he would never willingly put at risk.

Two Sides of the Coin

TITLE: The Two Sides of the Coin

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being brought to Asgard to be married to one of the sons of Odin.

Loki and you fall in love at first sight, but 

RATING: Teen and Up

“Good morning, Sadhbh?” You squinted as you were stirred from your sleep. After another moment, you recognised the voice, which caused you to open your eyes properly and you looked around. “Good morning Princess.”

“Maya!” You exclaimed, jumping out of the bed and to your feet, rushing over to her and embracing her tightly. “Oh Maya, I have missed you so much.”

“And I you, your Highness.” She smiled. She winced and hissed slightly. “Please be careful.” She pleaded.

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you know I can’t actually claim to have any really awesome father figures in the group



Now after looking at my characters in the group you would never in a million years guess this but I kind of have a narrative thing for single fathers and father figures in general?  It’s weird and I don’t get it but it happens a lot

So here’s to some of my favorite dads <3

CAN’T DO FATHER’S DAY WITHOUT LOKI BECAUSE LOKI IS DAD OF ETERNITY.  I mentioned this a LONG time ago now, but I really do see Loki as a doting father who absolutely adores his children.  The binding of Fenrir and banishment of Jormungandr and Hel were severe blows to him, and my headcanon is that a lot of his mischief ties back to his feelings of betrayal after that.  Basically Loki is the best daddy and he loves his babies.

I will also confess that I am a total Ace Attorney dork.  Love the series, love everything about it, love the over-the-top cases and dorky pun names and I never want it to stop.  Ever.  I will admit that I’m not actually a fan of Apollo Justice?  But I do love the idea of Phoenix being a father figure to Trucy and being the best damn dad he can be and as much as I dislike Apollo I do have a set of headcanons that lead to that and basically Phoenix is the best dad ever don’t even get me fucking started.

And HONORABLE MENTION GOES TO ANDY who is not technically a dad but might as well have been one to his niece, Kayala.  His older sister wound up getting pregnant soon after Andy joined the police force, and her boyfriend skipped out on her as soon as he found out.  She’d burned a lot of bridges with her parents by then, and had no one left to turn to but her brother – and Andy stepped up and offered to help.  He helped raise Kayala – he changed her diapers, he read her bedtime stories, he took her to school, he babysat, he helped her with homework, he taught her to handle a gun safely – he was her role model growing up.  And he’s the whole reason she joined the force when she was old enough.  So SHOUT OUT TO ANDY BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME UNOFFICIAL DAD.

Only in my dreams

TITLE: Only in my dreams

CHAPTER NO.: Chapter 6

AUTHOR: Alilmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re an Asgardian warrior with magic. You were raised in the palace with Thor and Loki. Growing up, you realize you’ve always been in love with him, but didn’t 

RATING: Mature (a little angst at the beginning, and then fluffly fluff)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Hi guys :D Sorry for the long wait, i had lots of work to do and this was quite a difficult chapter. The story is getting longer than i expected, and i still have a few chapters to write, i’m afraid. The chapters are getting a bit longer too, i hope you don’t mind :D
I took a risk with Loki’s story in this chapter, for i wanted to do something different from the original marvel story. I hope it’s not too disturbing, and i’d love to hear what you thought about it.
Hope you enjoy ! :D

The green cloud around you slowly disappeared, and you opened your eyes again. You shivered with cold, crossing your arms on your chest. Looking around you, you realized you were on Jötunheim. Snow was falling and the cold wind bit your skin. The dark skies above you looked menacing. You started walking on the icy rocks with difficulty, calling for him, your voice echoing in the distance. Why the hell would he bring you to Jötunheim ? As the path became craggy, and the wind blew harder, you desperately hoped you would find him before freezing to death. The tears appearing in your eyes instantly froze on your eyelashes.

Suddenly, despite the snow storm that blurred your vision, you finally saw him. He was a few meters in front of you, on the top of a cliff, and was looking at the dark skies. You ran to him, trying not to slip on the snowy ground and fall.

« Loki ! » You called, relieved. « Why on… » 

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