loki'd with tom hiddleston

I just thought about this. Thor can’t tell between the real and the illusion. I mean, Thor doesn’t know that it was Loki who is “disguised” as Odin. Thor doesn’t know that the dead body he was holding and he was crying on wasn’t Loki. Nope. Thor can’t see through Loki’s illusions.

I believe the only reason he noticed about Loki putting on the illusion in this scene is, because he knows that Loki loves Frigga, his mother, despite him being mischief, greedy, or whatever they call it. Beside, in the deleted scene, Thor caught Frigga “visiting” Loki in the prison. Thor is sure that Loki will be very sad after he heard about his mother died. Especially when Loki didn’t see Frigga for the very last time to say goodbye.

and now i’m upset because i feel Loki’s pain T^T

My Loki references make my family insane
  • Mom: Honey, you asked me to buy that cereal, now eat it!
  • Me: I never wanted the cereal. All I ever wanted, was to be his equal! *points at brother*
  • Mom: You are your brother's equal-
  • Me: He's not my brother! He never was!
  • Mom: Alright then, you're adopted! Just enough with the Loki references-
  • Me: Does this mean I am no more than another stolen relic, locked up, here until you might have use of me?
  • Mom: Seriously, enough-
  • Mom: Enough! This is insane!
  • Me: Is it madness? Is it? IS IT?
  • Mom: Just eat your cereal-
  • Me: I DO WHAT I WANT *dramatic hair flip* *walks to brother* The burden of the cereal has fallen to you now. Farewell.

The woman who will be in Tom’s heart can be very lucky. How he deals with women,children and with the every human being .Is amazing. He is kind to everybody. He says of himself, he is in love (and in general) ‘old fashioned’ I find that really good. because sometimes how people dealt with us is really out of order! He does not treat us like other men bad (in movies or reality). No, he is a real gentleman! And I wanted show you why the woman who is going to marry Tom may be overjoyed. I say this not only as Fangirl #Loki’d but as a girl (Soon adult woman😜) Because I think it’s wonderful how he is.