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Hiddlesweek Day Two: Favorite Interview

MTV Loki’d

I don’t watch many interviews (my internet is quite slow and very poor when I try to play videos), but I really loved the feature he did with MTV, Loki’d. It is absolutely hilarious, and it makes me smile every time. Really brings out the ‘OH MAH WORD HE’S ADORABLE’!

I also have a habit of quoting it around my family. My mom asked for a can of peanuts and almonds, and I eagerly assured her that there were no snakes in the can. When she looked at me strangely, I simply replied ‘LOKI’D!’ and danced out of the room.

(Courtesy of whoever made these lovely gifs!)


“Why do I feel like he’s the only person on this boat that wants to be here?”- Nick Fury

“The reason he’s still in a prison cell is because he chose to be there.”- Sherlock

(Disclaimer: These gifs aren’t mine)


Could you not you handsome fucker