loki your adopted

one thing about modern au’s is…

Thor. And his family. Like, does norse mythology just not exist? Or is Odin just really, really attatched to norse mythology? Did he adopt a kid just to keep with the theme? 

Does anyone notice that? Is everyone side-eying this dude and his pseudo-god family? 

“All we’re asking is please don’t turn out like your mom.”

“What with the going insane, killing your dad, and rewriting reality. Twice.”


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@ Loki adopt midge pls

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          CONGRATULATIONS  MIDGE  .  her  commitment  to  volunteering  at  his  station  has  EARNED  the  detective’s  RESPECT  ,  and  his  DRIVE  to  keep  her  where  he  can  see  her  .  their  time  spent  together  PROVED  to  loki  that  perhaps  having  a  SIDEKICK  wouldn’t  be  SO  bad  .  he  had  gotten  USED  to  her  FRIDAY  BREAKFAST  TREAT  of  a  coffee  and  a  breakfast  sandwich  anyways  .  it  would  be  a  SHAME  to  throw  that  away  by  REQUESTING  to  his  commissioner  to  find  him  a  new  HIGH  SCHOOL  volunteer  .  TODAY  was  a  friday  ,  and  THIS  TIME  ,  the  detective  had  BEATEN  midge  in  buying  breakfast  .  taking  her  to  his  favourite  breakfast  dinner  was  the  FIRST  step  .  next  ,  he  pulls  her  plate  of  food  away  and  REPLACES  it  with  a  folder  labeled  DAVID  WAYNE  LOKI  .  his  records  ,  reports  ,  and  activity  log  for  the  station  .  it’s  hard  to  contain  the  genuine  smile  forming  on  his  lips  .  DAVID  sits  across  from  her  ,  ANXIOUS  ,  like  a  little  boy  ,  looking  at  the  DARK  HAIRED  girl  with  absolution  .          ❝ you  know  ,  i’m  PRETTY  SURE  you’re  the  YOUNGEST  person  to  learn  my  first  name  MIDGE  . ❞          the  detective  says  standing  from  his  side  of  the  booth  .  he  walks  around  to  sit  down  BESIDE  her  ,  arm  sliding  behind  her  on  top  of  the  back  of  the  booth  ,  DAVID  presses  a  KISS  on  the  top  of  midge’s  head  gently  .          ❝ i’m  GLAD  you  stuck  around  KID  . ❞


By:  chimaeracabra

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Allison slept, or rather, tried to sleep. Going on her second hour awake, she glances at her new alarm clock. 3:41a.m. on a freezing, February, Bostonian night never looked so pitiful. She sits up to zip her best friend’s gray Billabong hoodie up all the way. Yes, she is so cold that she has to resort to wearing a sweatshirt to sleep for warmth, never mind the four sheets, three fleece blankets, large thermal blanket, and Winnie the Pooh quilt from her childhood that she sleeps beneath every night. She sighs, again wishing she weren’t still single at the ripe old age of twenty-four; if she had a boyfriend, his life-saving body heat would prevent her from shivering beneath a mountain of wool every night.

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