loki your adopted

“All we’re asking is please don’t turn out like your mom.”

“What with the going insane, killing your dad, and rewriting reality. Twice.”



By:  chimaeracabra

A/N: I also uploaded this to my AO3 account, in case for some reason people on mobile have issues and would rather read here:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/6000157 Thanks for taking my submission and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Allison slept, or rather, tried to sleep. Going on her second hour awake, she glances at her new alarm clock. 3:41a.m. on a freezing, February, Bostonian night never looked so pitiful. She sits up to zip her best friend’s gray Billabong hoodie up all the way. Yes, she is so cold that she has to resort to wearing a sweatshirt to sleep for warmth, never mind the four sheets, three fleece blankets, large thermal blanket, and Winnie the Pooh quilt from her childhood that she sleeps beneath every night. She sighs, again wishing she weren’t still single at the ripe old age of twenty-four; if she had a boyfriend, his life-saving body heat would prevent her from shivering beneath a mountain of wool every night.

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